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909 BL2400

909 BL2400

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A real time saver

The blower/vacuum was bought two years ago to clean up dead leaves that were congregating around the bottom of fences that become a fire risk. It still works fine. It came in sections in the box so a little bit of assembly was required but nothing difficult. The upper tube is the vacuum and the smaller, lower tube is the blower. The machine is quite large but well balanced with the switch and handles comfortably positioned. The housing is made from tough plastic that seems to be quite strong rather than thinner brittle plastic which was one reason for my buying it.

Switching from blower to vacuum is just a simple turn of a lever. The 2400 watt motor gives plenty of suction, sometimes too much, but the power is easily adjusted with a small wheel switch. It vacuumed up the leaves along the bottom of the fence much better and faster than any rake. The lower speed picked up leaves but left the dirt and stones however I found the mulching function is less efficient at lower speeds but this was not a problem.

The mulcher is made of a tough plastic that is obviously designed for light work such as leaves and tiny twigs; anything larger would damage the plastic blades as it says in the instructions. It chops up the leaves larger than I expected but it does the job and the reduced sizes makes it easier to empty the vacuum bag into the bin or bags.

The blower is great; quite powerful and eye protection must be worn. It blows away grass clippings after mowing from paths in just seconds; much faster and cleaner than a broom and cleans right into corners easily. I used it to dust off steps, verandah, windows and the mower as well. I watched a professional using a petrol leaf blower/ vacuum who used the blower to blow the leaves up into a corner of a fence and then used the vacuum to mulch them up into the collection bag so I did the same and it took one quarter of the time to clear the yard of leaves.

This machine is a huge time saver for me and it does what it says on the box. With proper care, like anything else, it should last a long time. If the vacuum collection bag is allowed to fill more than half way, dust seems to escape and settle around the motor and over the housing so emptying the bag more regularly is important. Dust over the motor section would probably happen to any leaf blower with a vacuum function and dust is not good for any motor.

I used a household vacuum cleaner with a blower function that blew the dust out of the motor and around the switches really well and then a wipe over with a damp cloth and it came up like new. I found the removed vacuum bag could be unzipped and turned inside out to gently wash away the dust with the garden hose. After it dried on the clothesline it was like new again too. A little bit of silicon spray on the zip made it easier for me to open and prevent it sticking.

The machine cost a little less than $40 with a 909-day warranty and it has exceeded my expectations. Good value for money.

A Real Time Saver. After two years of operation it still works perfectly, but it has been properly cared for.

Good while it lasted

Bought for $39, with an extra 10% off from Masters.

Can't fault the item for the price. Plug it in and it sucks stuff up - basically an outdoor vacuum cleaner. It does what I bought it for.

It's not flashy, build quality is slightly cheap but still well above what I expected for the money.

**Edit** Rating changed to 2 stars... The motor died today after only 9 months of occasional use. Don't have the receipt now and anyway I guess with the demise of Masters I won't get any joy in store. Still only $39 won't lose sleep over it.

Same product, different brand

I found the Ozito version of this blower vac at Bunnings for $39.00, although it doesn't have variable speeds. I am immensely satisfied with it and find it easy to use and totally effective for blowing or picking up all kinds of leaves. The best thing about it is being able to flick a lever to go from blowing to vacuuming, rather than having to swap nozzles/pipes as I had to with my old Black and Decker (which just died after 15 years of use). I hope the Ozito lasts even half as long but for just $39.00 with a 2 year replacement warranty, what does it matter?

leaf blower/vacuum

I purchased it for my 86 year old mother who was very impressed with it except that the hole at the end of the pipe is not wide enough to suck up leaves which was the whole reason she wanted one.

Great item

I used this product twice and had no issues. Very simply to operate and quiet. Cannot fault it for the price, cheaper than my GMC product I procured 7 years ago, which I had to throw out, due the bag failing.

Questions & Answers

i have an 909 blower vac electric where can i get a bag for it
1 answer
I am not aware the 909 electric blower vacs are manufactured any more. The company Kogan www.kogan.com/au/909/ is selling 909 products so you may be able to get some help there otherwise you may be able to find a similar bag from another brand of machine.

where can I get a replacement collection bag? Don.
3 answers
I can only suggest asking Bunnings if they can order one in for you as a replacement Ozito part.You might like to try their website at www.909.com or contacting their office PO Box 413, Mooroolbark, Vic 3138, phone 1800 909 909, or email them to info@909.comThank you, I actually bought a similar bag from China but have to remake the securing tie as the opening was too small. Cost $10.00. Neen.

where can I buy replacement bag for 909 Blower Vac? Thanks in advance
2 answers
My mother who I bought the vacuum for has only used it once in years, total waste of money.You could try contacting 909 Australia at this site http://909.com/site/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=109&Itemid=101 as they may be able to help you.


Price (RRP)45
Maximum Air Velocity216
Vacuum FunctionYes
Bag Size45L

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