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Make sure you understand what is on offer

I was a member for approximately three years. The company offers six opportunities/dinners per year but this includes group meetings for example New Years Eve, cocktail nights, Christmas party etc. Therefore if four such functions are offered each year then two dinners make up the contractual six opportunities.

Not everybody enjoys group events for various reasons and feel more comfortable attending dinners. This will then make your yearly membership expensive.

At one stage I booked in for twelve dinners over a six week period and received no dinners. After contacting the company I was told I had meet the diners before. I found this difficult to believe as I had not attended a large number of dinners as they were so difficult to get a seat at. I found a number of men attended the dinners for the social contact with other men and had no intention to request phone numbers of the female diners. A little disappointing as the service is touted as an opportunity for singles to meet other singles.

Would I recommend them - no as I do not believe they deliver what they advertise.

Pay them NOTHING as that is EXACTLY what you will get with this company - nothing

$400 down the drain. I have not even had an invitation on a dinner since I joined up five months ago. Yes, five months and I've got nothing. I have called and called and emailed and written letters stating my dissatisfaction. They say, I'll look into it and call you back. They have never replied to even one of my calls. The whole thing is a sham. Save your money and stay away. I am now going to Fair Trading and/or small claims to get my money back from these people. I've given them one star, only because it wont let me give them minus one star.

It fulfills all my hopes.

Table 6 was the best thing I did as I wanted to meet my new soul mate and make new friends. I didn't want to go on the internet, I preferred face to face. The dinners are fantastic and you meet lots of different people and find out about them, the dinners are in your age group. I always have a big laugh. Just recently Table 6 started some new activities a perfume workshop for ladies and dinner, winery tour in the Hunter Valley, Theatre shows in the city, Sydney Harbour Kayaking and lunch. I attended the perfume workshop and a fantastic time making two bottles of perfume, I also did the winery tour and bought some nice wines and lovely lunch, I am going to do the kayaking next, so I look forward to having a great time paddling in between ferries etc.
All I can say is don't miss your chance of meeting people.

Ripoff stay away

They make promises they can’t deliver on. It’s supposed to be a table for 6 but you often get 4 or 5 which messes everything up. They lie to get people in, take your money and will refuse to refund. Stay away from this operation.

Dreams really do come true

Yes a terrible cliché I know! However after being divorced and single for a number of years I decided to give Table for Six a go. I found the team to be approachable & professional. All the dinners I attended were friendly and the people like minded & genuine. The format is non-threatening and safe, unlike internet dating. I met a wonderful man after only three dinners, and we have just celebrated 12 months together. Yes, dreams really do come true, & I am so glad I made the leap of faith.

Table for Six and ME

As an intermittent Member for approx 10 years, this organization ticks all the boxes for dating singles of various ages and lifestyles and I have made valuable lasting friendships of both men and women during that time. Unfortunately some people have unrealistic expectations of meeting Mr or Ms Right at the first few dinners. Good if that happens, however finding the right person is not easy and a positive attitude is one of life's requirements. When single it is essential as well to go to a nice restaurant to dine with like minded people in a safe environment. Congrats to Margaret and Rhyllie for their empathy and outstanding professionalism on running this outstanding organization.

Enjoying going out again

My first dinner with these guys was a nervy affair as I’d not been out on a date since my divorce. The other ladies seemed to have a bit of baggage that the gentlemen picked up on. So, not a great start. My second and third dinners could not have been any different. The other guests were there to enjoy themselves and have a great night and that’s exactly what happened. No fireworks yet but i’m Very much enjoying going out again.

Let Life Surprise You!

I have found Table For Six to be a safe, non-threatening way to meet other people in my City, whilst enjoying local cafe and restaurant hospitality. It offers the opportunity to meet a cross section of personalities in a relaxed setting, with the bonus of some familiar faces when attending the parties. It’s a great way to polish your social skills, and let life surprise you!

Waste of money!

Absolute rip off and not at all how it was pitched. Amazing women, men who seemed like they didn’t want to be there. The dinner was an absolute waste of make up and the two other women on it told me it was one of the better nights they had been on. Do not waste your time or money.

Don’t waste your time or money!

DON’T DO IT! I only wish I had read some of these reviews before joining and wasting my money.
I’ve been a member for 6 months, registered for at least 20 dinners. The only 2 I was offered was one on a day I didn’t register for in an area I didn’t want and the second one she offered me she said was for all women which she then claimed was a typo!
I’ve emailed to discuss my concerns and she doesn’t really answer my questions to my satisfaction, I called and asked her to call me back which she has not done. Any call rings out and goes to a message.
I got the department of fair trading involved, who were useless by the way, only then did she email back addressing one of my concerns that I had expressed. She refused to give me a refund or even a partial refund.
The whole experience has been frustrating and a little humiliating as I’m now out $500 with nothing to show for it.

Big WASTE of money

A Table for Six is a great place to meet WOMEN, but NOT MEN. At one dinner I attended, the 2 males present (with a group of 4 women) actually TOLD ME the organiser had invited them to attend and meet ladies for FREE, i.e. the organiser paid for their dinner. One of these men was in his early fifties, extremely obese and had lived at home with his mother all his life. The 4 women at the table could not believe this was happening. I made it clear to the organiser on paying the fee at sign-up that as a professional woman, I would like to meet professional men. At one dinner, one of the two male participants told me his job was digging ditches for the council. Now that's good honest work, but did the organiser honestly think we would be compatible? This man indicated an interest in seeing me again - yeah right. On another occasion, I asked for clarification about the location details for an event, but the organiser didn't get back to me. This CONCEPT is great - but there are simply not enough men to make it work. And when asked specific questions, the organiser simply dodges them. Save your money!!!

Enjoying the Interaction

A Table for Six, has given me the ability to get out and about, meeting new people and forming friendships not only within the AT46 but in my personal and work life. Friends and family have commented on how I have changed for the better.
I was shy after being married for14 years, my life was about home and family, I hadn't been to a dinner or cocktail party for many many years. I was introduced to AT46 through a friend who had met her partner at a dinner they now have a home together and are very happy.
My time at AT46 has been the best thing that has happened to me after many years of insecurity about myself, I did some soul searching and came to the conclusion there are other people like me out there that just need a helping hand to interact and enjoy the better things in life.
My contact is Rhyllie and she has been very accommodating and friendly in her approach she has explained that I will get out of it what I put in. I have been to 2 dinners and 3 cocktail funtcions and even though I haven't met the love of my life I have met some very friendly and interesting men and women, this puts me in stead when meeting people in my working life I can interact with everyone and I love catching up with the people I have met at both dinners at the cocktail evenings. The food that is provided at the cocktail parties is delicious and plentiful, each dinner has been at a different venue and wow the food and service can not be faulted.
I love getting dressed up and have regained a interest in my appearence, I look forward to the outings and try to always purchase a new item of clothing or accessory to make up my outfit. As the saying goes "dress to impress." I truly believe the money I have invested in AT46 is money well spent, I would recommend AT46 to anyone who is by themselves wheather looking for companionship, friendship or possibly finding your soul mate.
Thank you AT46 for helping me to take my life back.

A Table for Six – No male members, bad value for money

The concept seems ok at first however they have little to no male members. I was looking to join so that I could meet new people in an age group bracket that were at a similar age and stage in life to me.

I spoke to a representative and they said they weren’t going to sign me up and that I would be better off going to the open age group cocktail parties

I then asked the representative is that because AT46 don’t have sufficient male members in my age demographic for the dinners that are age group bracket based. The representative completely side stepped the question and didn’t answer it.

AT46 have an online newsletter that you can subscribe to which keeps inviting new membership inquiries but they don’t tell you which age group and gender is being targeted

It was really disappointing when the representative wasn’t at all transparent with their response

The representative went on to say that attending the open age cocktail parties would be better because members and non-members attend these.

Also, the representative said that attending the cocktail parties would provide opportunities for attendees to possibly introduce you to their daughter/s, son/s, friend/s

I’m afraid that the likelihood of that opportunity becoming reality (attendee introducing you to someone they know) is few and far between. This is because no one knows the specific reasons about why the other attendees are at the event. They could well be attending just to have a social night out so as not to be stuck at home. Additionally, you can’t tell if the attendees are members or non-members.

Given that the representative side stepped my question about having sufficient male members in my demographic, I can only conclude that they don’t have sufficient male members.

I’ve now attended 2 of the open age cocktail parties 6 months apart from each other just to give it a go. Even though I have never joined as a member, I was offered and paid the member price for both events. Maybe they are offering discount price to get people to attend?

As for the attendees, majority of them were all in the 45+ bracket which makes them at least 12 years older than me. At the 2nd cocktail party I attended, I counted 30 attendees, 20 female and 10 male.

The open age cocktail parties are only of some value if you’re looking for a generalist social night out and age of attendees or ratio of men and women isn’t important or relevant for you.

Finger food provided was tasty and good variety but that is not the subject of this review

Although there is a representative from A Table for Six that has responded to some of the posts on this forum, they don’t seem to be all that active in monitoring posts and following up customer concerns. The representative uses the alias “a table for six official” and / or “maggie may”

Waste of money

I joined A Table for Six 11 months ago. I have registered for dozens of dinners but only been offered places 4 times. I attended 3 of them. Excellent restaurants and enjoyable conversation but it is clear there are very few men on the books and too many women. Hence it is so hard for women to get a place at a dinner. I was always the oldest person at the table (I’m 44) and the only person with a child. I wouldn’t recommend A Table for Six. It is a complete waste of money.

First dinner - a great experience

Table for Six is a great concept. It was very well organised and six of us met in a nice restaurant with good food. It can be quite daunting considering dating again, but this felt natural and easy. Everyone was chatty and inclusive, and it was a thoroughly fun night - what more could I ask. Looking forward to more Tables for Six!

Enjoyable as positive first experience

I really enjoyed my first dinner with A Table for Six. Nice restaurant, good food and really enjoyable company. The conversation was comfortable and easy. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. I am looking forward to the next one. For those of us diving into uncharted waters and for whom the idea of online dating just isn't appealing, this is a mature, refreshing, safe way to meet new people. Having a number of men and women in a group at dinner makes it comfortable and non-threatening. A Table for Six is based on a great concept and the fees are reasonable and transparent.

A Table for Six Sunshine Coast, what a scam!

I joined a table for six on the Sunshine Coast 6 months ago. [name removed] was very quick to take my $400 membership fee and for the first couple of months I attended a couple of decent dinners with good attendance and got all the email notifications and future events info, but after that, it has been a string of no responses or emails confirming or cancelling dinners. I have registered for at least 3 dinners and heard absolutely nothing! I emailed [name removed] with my complaints and I have still not received any response. One dinner had only myself and one other person there! It is a lot of money to pay for such a disappointing experience. I think this is the latest scam and urge people to think twice before joining. I have asked for a refund and again had absolutely no acknowledgement of my emails. Disgusting!!!

July 7th 2018 Update: Table for six will screw you

For those of you out there posting how happy you are with a Table for six, it is probably because you are in that early honeymoon phase where [name removed] has only just fleeced you of your $400 and invited you to 2-3 dinners and all seems to be going well. I was one of those but just wait until you get to the 4+ dinners mark, you register for dinners long in advance so there can be no overbooking and never hear a thing. You email a complaint and you never hear back, you pose as a new customer and surprise surprise, [name removed] will ring you back asap. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, [name removed] DESERVES TO BE BLACKLISTED!!! I know as soon as I post this there will be 3-5 totally fake reviews or people saying how wonderful it is, I wonder how much you are paying them [name removed] or are you yourself posting the reviews?

First dinner - met an amazing man!

As a professional female business owner (53 years) in Brisbane who hadn't dated for quite a while I thought I would try AT46 as the concept seemed perfect, what did I have to lose? It took a few months to work up the courage to join but I am so very happy I took this big step. I went to dinner with a group of 5 other lovely people in March, we had lots in common and it was a fun night - good food, wine and conversation. This night, my only dinner, I met a man (3rd dinner) who is absolutely amazing, we have so much in common it seems like we have known each other all our lives. He is just perfect! Thank you so much Rhyllie for your patience as I asked so many questions, your empathy and support and your ability to put like minded people around the same table. It really does work! My man and I have been on a wonderful holiday and have lots more planned. It is so great to spend time with a special someone doing all those things I had been dreaming of on those many lonely nights by myself. Thanks again we are over the moon and so very happy.

October 2nd 2018 Update: Update to - "First Dinner- met an amazing man!"

7 months on and things are still going perfectly! We are both so glad that we took the step to join AT46 as the happiness we are experiencing is priceless. How our lives have changed for the better, just by stepping outside our comfort zones and taking a chance. We spend lots of time together despite both being busy business owners and having 5 young adult children between us. We have been on many lovely holidays so far with our first overseas trip planned for early 2019.

Neither of us had any expectations going to dinner (my first, his third) we just had a great night with good food and good company. We often talk about why it is so easy between us - not an argument yet - and we put it down to our similar values, work lives and interests coupled with open minds and positive attitudes. Thank you so much Rhyllie for sitting us around the same dinner table to enable our conversation to start which has led us to this very special place together. We are still over the moon and very happy.

A Refreshing Approach!

Table for Six may be that silver lining for those seeking a genuine relationship.
Having attended four dinners to date, I have been struck by the friendliness, openness and honesty of my fellow diners. How refreshing to get to know potential dating partners without the need to upload that photo (you know the one – certain angle and certain light!) or the need to sift through manufactured profiles. Table for Six provides the opportunity to meet the ‘genuine article’ for whom a desired connection with another is the order of the day!

Happy Table for Sixer (Brisbane - Joined January 2018)

Not worth the money!

Margaret is keen and friendly when she is trying to persuade you into joining, but once she has your money, NO effort is put into having you out to dinner!
After 3 weeks I finally was offered a seat at a table (of only 4)... and with people who had nothing in common with each other!
What a joke this service is!

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Questions & Answers

I have been to a few events with A Table for Six so far I have enjoyed myself and have met some lovely members. Question (1) What is your selection process for dinner membership? (2) How does everyone avoid the trolls who write such awful reviews? .
2 answers
The trolls wouldn’t write such awful reviews if they got the opportunity to go out for dinner which is what they pay their membership for. Dinner with other diners is lovely, that is not the issue. The issue is paying membership to be included in dinners, which often doesn’t happen.Totally agree with you Lois. I find it impossible to get invites to dinners and it’s frustrating and I feel ripped off. Constantly being overlooked when I know others are successful is soul destroying and it was a lot of money I spent for virtually zilch. The excuses are always the same. If there is a shortage of men stop taking innocent women’s money.

Table for six do you think you have met your monthly contractual obligation if a person applies for two dinners per week and gets invited to no dinners that month which is my experience with you.
1 answer
Hi Bel: In general I get into most dinner in my age group, but that seems to be with males as there do not seem to be many males compared with females. Don't know what age group you are in. But I do like the meet ups I have had with Table for six but not like the new web page Ian

When are you going to reply to all my emails and telephone calls, Table for Six? I've paid you hundreds of dollars but you have never, ever bothered to (1) return my phone calls, or (2) book me onto even one dinner. Warning to others, don't pay them a cent!
1 answer
I have had the same issues. I would suggest making a complaint with the ACCC

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