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A'van Cruiseliner 1D

A'van Cruiseliner 1D

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Van for a quick escape

Easy to tow and extremely fast in erection. No canvas and very watertight. Caught in an eastern coast blow in Byron (in my earlier 2003 model) and had to pack up in rain. Didn’t open up van for six weeks expecting mould and a big cleanup but clean as a whistle.

Bought a newer model this year (2013) with a/c heating and microwave.

Very very happy!

Floor PlanDouble with breakfast nook that converts to single

A great compromise - excellent for it's purpose

After having a an Swan OB we bought a second hand 2004 Cruseliner 1D and have used it for hard top, dirt roads and tracks. No canvas, exceedingly quick to set up, lots of daylight, a light, easy and economical tow. It has been excellent for our bush and free camping purposes, but it did require a fair bit of adjustment to overcome some of the design or construction limitations. For me though that is part of the pleasure and fun of personalizing the van. Unfortunately there were 3 things that could not be easily over come. The practice of minimizing a van tare weight by excluding much of what would be considered (by the purchaser) as part of the van set up is common to most van builders and meant that of the 1210k ATM we have about 120ks for all 'extras' such as water, gas food, etc. The suspension is excellent for good hard top roads but only rates a 'careful' adequate for the dirt roads and tracks. And lastly the height/clearance can be improved by replacement of the van wind down stays, and the axle can be lifted (50mm spacer) on some vans (not ours unfortunately). All three could be resolved for us by going through an engineer but for us the estimated $4-5k cost does not merit it (well at the moment).

For any one considering the the concept we would strongly recommend it and then personalizing or improving the van to suit the intended purposes.

We've found the complaint about condensation valid, but keeping a roof vent slightly open addresses most of it. Doing this means that even when it's really cold and the condensation freezes, there is only a small quantity that is quickly and simply dispatched with a face washer on a hair brush (to reach it). Well after a cuppa and it thaws :)

As an incidental, we have not had any 'Avan' work done, but the staff at Pakenham Avan have been excellent when I've called in to buy spare parts or to ask about repairing something.

Floor Plan1D

After Sales Service Lacking

We have a door lock problem with our Cruiseliner . Right from day one the lock was hard to operate,took it back to avan.They said no problem they are all like that.My partner cant operate the lock with the key.It also comes unlocked during transit.After recently having the first $280 service they still refuse to replace this lock. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Terry

Floor PlanID

Early problems ...hoping this won't continue

Bought a brand new ex show Cruiseliner recently .We had a Cub Drifter years ago and it was tough as old boots , but too much hassle with canvas etc.
So far, the quality control is notably poor. Next time I buy a van I will be going over it with a fine tooth comb.!
We set it up at home for the first time have left it set up while we pack it with essentials . We found one large curtain missing, a light cover plate missing, and one drawer jamming up(inside slider had come adrift). This was all fixed by the one staff member at our local dealership who has been helpful. This week, I closed the top door latch, and it came off on my hand...it will need to be re screwed with glue as well as there is no substance there in the door for it to bind to. Door is slightly out of alignment so there is a lot of pressure on this flimsy bolt. we then found the mattress, bedding and wood underneath at foot end was really wet. Did the garden hose test on the roof and no leaks evident, suspect it may be condensation after some very cold nights.,but we have not been sleeping in so can't see how? Any advice welcome.We still have no copies of the warranty cover, or manuals which we were assured were in a drawer in the van. These are now .on order apparently ? We now plan to keep trialling the van in our driveway before taking it our in the road ..it's too cold anyway to be out 'camping ' Need to trial the hot water system fridge and air con .no manuals to help us but they ran through all this when we purchased. Fingers crossed that this van will be OK,reading the reviews I am wondering if an older van might have been built better and a better buy . Verdict is out .

Now one of the side roof anchor catches has broken .We are now enjoying our van for short breaks away . The ease and speed of pack up is amazing . Fingers crossed for no more issues

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Questions & Answers

How do you keep front dome window locked. Keeps opening in transit. Driving me crazy!
3 answers
I replaced knobs on top dome windows handles. Purchased directly from Avan. inexpensive.Hi Julie, that's an easy fix just use a small door stopper jam it in between the handle and the side of the dome base then the handle won't come down when your travelling along. regards brett.Thanks Brett

We lost our spare weel from the cruise liner adventure+ 2017 mod. Anyone experienceed this? Purchessed brand new.
4 answers
Sorry your loss of the spare wheel the best thing you can do is padlock it Next time. it's like lossing your wallet as it's another cost of traveling .We have a 2013 cruiseliner with 4WD chassis. We haven’t done any off-road work and haven’t had any problems except for vent winder caps. Were you off-road when it happened?Hi ,Jonh we had a big padlock on it, but fel of with the bracket. The welding gave way.

Entry door on A’van cruiselner is jamming. Why might this be?
No answers


Cruiseliner 1D
Release dateSep 2007
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