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A'van Cruiseliner 2B

A'van Cruiseliner 2B

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Comment on A'van locks

Agree with you - the locks are bad. The locks on our Cruiseliner 2016 model, especially on the baggage compartments, are unreliable. Belongings fell out - flagged down by passing motorist. Main door lock very poor. Also, recently, after only 5 weeks of use the sink mixer broke just into the first week of a 2 week stay - had no water for the rest of the stay. Because of this, tried to fix it there and then but to no avail. Won't be bothering with A'van and warranty (voided probably) because it will be more inconvenient and costly to travel there and back (and, of course, they well know this, don't they!) Will get it fixed locally (country Vic). Having had an original A'van from new (1998 til 2016) - can say we half expected the quality to be much poorer because of the growth of Chinese imports, etc, and it is turning out to be the case: general across the industry I would think. This current A'van will never reach the age of our previous one.

Floor PlanSingle beds - at either end, with tabel in middle

Gave up too hard

In the end too small alone and too hard to put the annex up. Traded on a 16 foot pop top Jayco. Will report. The A-van dealer was hopelessly unhelpful so went Jayco. Sorry. I meant she was a miserable cow.

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I have a 2018 Cruislner and checked the tyres before leaving - 24 psi on both. This seems low but are as purchased?
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We recently did 17,250km with our Aliner, fully loaded, with light truck tyres fitted. I found it hard to believe 24psi was correct, and used 36psi. Checking the pressures after 100km confirmed a rise of 4psi. "Experts" say if pressures rise by more than that, your initial pressure was too low, the tyre heating up by flexing too much. It the pressure doesn't increase by 4psi, the initial pressure was too high, not enough flex in the tyre. Higher road temperatures up north, resulted in a 6psi increase. There was never any sign that our contents had been suffering a rough ride. Hope this helps.Thanks Rod, My Cruiser is very new and I have raised the body to 600mm my Hilux 4x4 is only about 350mm high I have been off road with no problems and I feel that with careful driving it should be ok for the Peninsula highway to Cape York, I would appreciate if anyone could elaborate on this . John K

Suitable air conditioners for two bed cruiser model?
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Sorry, can't help, don't have AC in my van.I've put in a/c and it's great. But over capitalizing for an older A'van. get a $20 fan. Grin and like it. Buy a hundred nice lunches for you and her.


Cruiseliner 2B
Release dateSep 2007
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