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A'van Cruiseliner 3C

A'van Cruiseliner 3C

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Shoddy finish

Sealant looks like an 8 year's old work.
Battery is starting to smell.
Small top vent cracked.
Lock on lugs on jack wheel don't line up.
awning is a nightmare.

Currently three thousands kms from home and all of these issues have surfaced.
We purchased this van second hand but it had not done 900kms so was virtually brand new.

ok but not suited to my life style.

liked it for its light weight and easy to tow with my 2010 mazda bt 50 very easy to put up and down .it did not like rough roads or dusty roads and the seal on the door kept coming unstuck .the fridge and microwave do not work anymore and the replacement cost was expensive.Had a blow out which ripped off mud guard ,stability of van was excellent after blow out.sold van for good price.I plan to buy off road version.

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Questions & Answers

Hi I have a leak in my criuseliner in the corners of the apex in heavy rain. Is this typical or do I have a problem? the van is a 2017 model. Paul
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Paul I haven’t been caught in heavy rain in my 2013 model but it has been dry in moderate falls. I got caught in an east coast low on the beach at Byron Bay in my previous 2003 model ( which had insect size gaps at the corners and it didn’t leak at all. it must have dropped 50 mil that night with at least 20 knot winds. I packed up in the storm and dropped my van off at a friend’s house next day. I didn’t pick it up for two months expecting mould would be everywhere and I would be cleaning it for a day but I was surprised to find it dry and ready to use.Hi Paul, I can only speak from what I've read and experience from our 2004 model. We had leaks front and back. Our front leaks were boot related and eventually I put a vinyl "stone guard" cover starting (underneath an Al. strip) reusing the screw holes just below the window and the vinyl going down below the boot. It resolved most of the front issue. As John has mentioned the roof can cause leaking. 2 ways I've seen are; 1. the foam is not sealed so water can soak down to the lowest area and then drip/seep out. 2. in reading some people had water ingress from water running along the lower edge of the roof Al. vertical edge, again at the lowest area. If foam is suspected then redoing it (app $80 from Avan) and attaching it further up the inside the Al. and a block of rebated wood should make it a pretty simple exercise. I was tempted to go with non open foam but the compression requirements are to great for a single thickness. Pinched seals (automotive) might have worked. For the dripping some people ground a 1/2 circle to raise the dripping point. Unfortunately with replacing my disintegrating foam I didn't realise the need to fit the foam up away from the edge. To remedy my mistake I just ran a piece of sealed foam at a 90deg angle (to the ground with roof raised) cutting through the open foam and created a dripping point for the Al. edge as well. Re the rear, the leaks I've had have been from poor seals on tail lights, running lights and the hatch door. I feared the corners might be leaking but after satisfactory seals and hardware no more leaks in the rear. Also the front running lights were also done just to be thorough. If you do have a leak in the corners then you will be one of the few and given it's a 2017 van to my mind it could be a shoddy construction issue that you will need to rectified. And probably it will be you rectifying it! Mind you I've found the sales staff at Pakenham (F2F) excellent for information around working on the van. Hope this is of some assistance Paul.Thanks for the information Glenn and Sam. The amount of water that came in was a lot more than dripping so I feel it is a construction issue of some sort. The van was a demo and I have used it only twice. Unfortunately I had had a few issues with it and have shoddy repairs done at the point of sale so I will not be taking it back to them again. As suggested I will ring Pakenham and see if they have a solution. Thanks again Paul

Mel - 2011 Cruiseliner 3c Hi guys, Just back from 7500 klms trip around Queensland and it went very well and had a great time. But at the end of the journey my rear roof section was rubbing the roof vents (mainly the one nearest the door). Have changed bungee cords (one was broken). Any ideas??
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Did you have your foam sponge pads correctly placed when folding down?Thanks wonnie80 Yes I do fit the foam pads.My problem is the front edge of rear roof contacts the plastic surround of the vent when raising or lowering.We have the same problem,used foam pads .Mis use of the van, I was told by the dealer. Plus lost our spare weel on sealed rd.

Hi, about to buy a second hand Cruiseliner. Can anyone comment on the efficiency, or not, of the air-conditioning? Also, anything I should look for. Cheers. Chris
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Hi Chris. Look for water damage in the corners front and rear. Condensation and leaks left in these tight to get to places can cause rot in the floor and wooden framing in the walls. Also, join the Alan Club: the membership can often help with previous issues advice and good tips. Have fun: they're a great little van as long as your handy and tend to it's foibles. ScottIts too cold ! Easy to clean aswell, unlike roof mounted units


Cruiseliner 3C
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