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When did Avan sell the company/change ownership ??
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The Plastic coating is coming off the frames around the dome windows is there a product we can use to cover them back up?
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How do you keep front dome window locked. Keeps opening in transit. Driving me crazy!
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I replaced knobs on top dome windows handles. Purchased directly from Avan. inexpensive.Hi Julie, that's an easy fix just use a small door stopper jam it in between the handle and the side of the dome base then the handle won't come down when your travelling along. regards brett.Thanks Brett

I have 2007 cruise liner can’t find drain for air con. Help? Cliff
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Hi I have a leak in my criuseliner in the corners of the apex in heavy rain. Is this typical or do I have a problem? the van is a 2017 model. Paul
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Paul I haven’t been caught in heavy rain in my 2013 model but it has been dry in moderate falls. I got caught in an east coast low on the beach at Byron Bay in my previous 2003 model ( which had insect size gaps at the corners and it didn’t leak at all. it must have dropped 50 mil that night with at least 20 knot winds. I packed up in the storm and dropped my van off at a friend’s house next day. I didn’t pick it up for two months expecting mould would be everywhere and I would be cleaning it for a day but I was surprised to find it dry and ready to use.Hi Paul, I can only speak from what I've read and experience from our 2004 model. We had leaks front and back. Our front leaks were boot related and eventually I put a vinyl "stone guard" cover starting (underneath an Al. strip) reusing the screw holes just below the window and the vinyl going down below the boot. It resolved most of the front issue. As John has mentioned the roof can cause leaking. 2 ways I've seen are; 1. the foam is not sealed so water can soak down to the lowest area and then drip/seep out. 2. in reading some people had water ingress from water running along the lower edge of the roof Al. vertical edge, again at the lowest area. If foam is suspected then redoing it (app $80 from Avan) and attaching it further up the inside the Al. and a block of rebated wood should make it a pretty simple exercise. I was tempted to go with non open foam but the compression requirements are to great for a single thickness. Pinched seals (automotive) might have worked. For the dripping some people ground a 1/2 circle to raise the dripping point. Unfortunately with replacing my disintegrating foam I didn't realise the need to fit the foam up away from the edge. To remedy my mistake I just ran a piece of sealed foam at a 90deg angle (to the ground with roof raised) cutting through the open foam and created a dripping point for the Al. edge as well. Re the rear, the leaks I've had have been from poor seals on tail lights, running lights and the hatch door. I feared the corners might be leaking but after satisfactory seals and hardware no more leaks in the rear. Also the front running lights were also done just to be thorough. If you do have a leak in the corners then you will be one of the few and given it's a 2017 van to my mind it could be a shoddy construction issue that you will need to rectified. And probably it will be you rectifying it! Mind you I've found the sales staff at Pakenham (F2F) excellent for information around working on the van. Hope this is of some assistance Paul.Thanks for the information Glenn and Sam. The amount of water that came in was a lot more than dripping so I feel it is a construction issue of some sort. The van was a demo and I have used it only twice. Unfortunately I had had a few issues with it and have shoddy repairs done at the point of sale so I will not be taking it back to them again. As suggested I will ring Pakenham and see if they have a solution. Thanks again Paul

How can I clean the curtains in my 2005 cruiser with out removing them?
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Well, that's a difficult one. So may start with a small handheld steam cleaner I myself would not wash them as they as they will never be any good to put back not because of the material its the silly plastic strips that sewing on the curtain washing will destroy it and u will won't able to hang them up again. So if you won't clean curtain again buy new ones .hope this was helpful

Having trouble making curtains slide on existing tracks , very stiff to move. Real pain , any clues please?
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Hi yes they are a dam pain to move them U need to grab top and bottom at the same time to move . and try a bit of silicone spray with a straw tube in the end of it otherwise you will get it all over the curtains what they need is a solid edge like a rod from top to bottom that way you can pull them from the middle I had mentioned this to the Avan manufacturers but my biggest problem is lousy suspension otherwise I love the van

We lost our spare weel from the cruise liner adventure+ 2017 mod. Anyone experienceed this? Purchessed brand new.
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Sorry your loss of the spare wheel the best thing you can do is padlock it Next time. it's like lossing your wallet as it's another cost of traveling .We have a 2013 cruiseliner with 4WD chassis. We haven’t done any off-road work and haven’t had any problems except for vent winder caps. Were you off-road when it happened?Hi ,Jonh we had a big padlock on it, but fel of with the bracket. The welding gave way.

Hi I have a 2005 cruiser with water leak in the corners, I assume I'm not the only one, any suggestions to fix cheers Paul
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Hi Paul well I my self had water in side my van but I had found that the main reason was condensation on the aluminium . But you have to keep a cloth to exorbed water in the corners with the cold weather and body heat and cooking . But if you have water leakage you may have to redo the whole roof as I did all around the air vents and windows based on the roof it did take some time but if you don't have the skills I could do it but I'm in Qld and I don't know if U are .but this all is all I can say to help kind regards john Dwyer

Our Avan which we purchased 2nd hand. On our first trip the foam seal in the roof has rotted and needs replacing. The foam Was all over the bed when we got to our destination. Where can we purchase this foam to replace it?
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Hi Marie and Geoff, I have got plenty of that foam in stock there is 4 different sizes of foam on your van 6mm, 12mm, 18mm and 25mm. I have got all those sizes in stock, I replace that foam pretty well every day on aliners, sportliners, cruisers and cruiseliners. My mobile no is 0431127966. regards brett.

I have a 2018 Cruislner and checked the tyres before leaving - 24 psi on both. This seems low but are as purchased?
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We recently did 17,250km with our Aliner, fully loaded, with light truck tyres fitted. I found it hard to believe 24psi was correct, and used 36psi. Checking the pressures after 100km confirmed a rise of 4psi. "Experts" say if pressures rise by more than that, your initial pressure was too low, the tyre heating up by flexing too much. It the pressure doesn't increase by 4psi, the initial pressure was too high, not enough flex in the tyre. Higher road temperatures up north, resulted in a 6psi increase. There was never any sign that our contents had been suffering a rough ride. Hope this helps.Thanks Rod, My Cruiser is very new and I have raised the body to 600mm my Hilux 4x4 is only about 350mm high I have been off road with no problems and I feel that with careful driving it should be ok for the Peninsula highway to Cape York, I would appreciate if anyone could elaborate on this . John K

Entry door on A’van cruiselner is jamming. Why might this be?
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I have purchased a 2003 cruiseliner and just took it for its first weekend away. When I went to hand pump water I could here dripping. I looked under the microwave and found water dripping on the mudguard. Can anyone tell me if this is a simple fix or does the pump need replacing.
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Hi Dee, we don't don't have a hand pump and when we did the model on the Swan was replaced several times. Would recommend a new 12v 'Whisper Quite' pump with a dampener base and a decent outlet/tap. But your leak could be a simple as a loosening connection requiring a 'little' tightening or a leak requiring a pipe or connection replacement (if not a the hand pump). Dry everything off and trace back to where the leak is. I'd use tissues anywhere it could be suss and with us I'd leave the pump on pressurizing the line and checking periodically for dampness but you might need to pump away merrily to achieve the same outcome. CheersHi sorry for being so slow to responding the water leak can be that the connector need to be push in more but with out seeing it I like to help as I do all the work my self the only way it get done properly do you live far from Beenleigh 4207Thanks for the response. I'll now look at repairing the problem, taking your thoughts into consideration.

Looking at a 2002 Cruiseliner 3 which has 14 inch tyres and std on road suspension. Does anyone know if & how the suspension can be upgraded so as it can have better clearance and better able on corrugated gravel roads?
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Don't know about changing the chassis, but even if you have the "off road" version/s they are not truly off road. Depends how much damage and inconvenience you are prepared to accept. Corrugations are murder. Check back over reviews on this site - that will give you a broad overview of their capabilities. (We had an "off road" one from new for 18 yrs and now on 2nd (2 years old). The older versions were/are sturdier.My understanding is that the Cruiseliner and Cruiser of this vintage already came with the Aliner off road upgrade. It would be worth checking your axle hubs to see if that is true for your Cruiseliner. We found off road stickers on the inside of our 2004 Cruiseliner hubs. It's reasonable on tracks and short 'challenging' sections and extra care will be required in those sections. As Wonnie warned (RE the new OR) and certainly in the older configurations, they're certainly not a 4x4 trailer, but are a great bush camp. Apparently there are two types of axle chassis attachment and one can have a 50mm packer inserted (unfortunately not ours). To improve our clearances, we took the wind down stays off (110mm) and put new stays on the bumper and one the opposite side to the jockey wheel (also upgraded) that swung down. With larger profiled tyres and the change in stays, we found this satisfactory for most of our situations. So traveling to the conditions with the usual considerations of tyre pressures and speed has meant that gravel and corrugations haven't been a major concern. The next step of replacing the suspension is too many $$$ for a limited return.Hope this is of assistance.Recently just completed a trip with my 2006 Avan Cruiseliner E across toW from Townsville , Western Qld , across the Plenty Highway ,across the Tanami track through Halls Creek . Kunanurra Savannah Way . Borooloola , back down to Barkley Homestead. Flinders Highway to Townsville . No mods etc no problems at all , towed with my Triton , drove to conditions . Secret is preparation and planning prevents poor performance .

How do I take my curtains off for washing there mouldy it is a second hand 2002 Avan cruise liner thank you if any one can help ?
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Hi Bernadette, You just need to unscrew the pastic clip at the end of the tracks and slide off the curtains. Wash on a very gentle hand wash no soaking as it will affect the backing. When drying the curtains either lay flat on towels fabric side down, or clip on a pants hanger. You need to be careful the backing doesnt stick together as it will peel off, I washed all my curtains with no mishaps, with a quick iron they all look like new!

Looking for an effective off grid heating idea for our 2014cruiselinet. We don’t Have or want aircon.
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We are looking at putting in a small diesel heater. Unfortunately I could only find one product review which mentioned a Webasco, without saying if it were a diesel heater. I think it is though and have asked for comments , help this morning etc if it is. I could keep you posted if you like. If you have installed a diesel heater since your quespionage, could you let me know how you got on. Many thanks

Hi, we just purchased a avan aliner 2005, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the ropes on top of the roof running down the sides are for, one is broken, Thankyou
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They are the bungee cords that assist with raising and lowering of the roof. You will need to get them replaced by an Avan dealer.Thankyou wonnie80Thankyou wonnie80

Hello I just brought the Avan Aliner 2005 . I find that on my own it is hard for me to lift the roof I want to be able to do it on my own as I find it embarrassing to ask for help Is there a cheap system I would use ???
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Presume you are a female (apologies if you are not). Get a set of steps - there are now plastic folding steps ( from discount shop/s) that are approx twice the height of the small ones. You may have to look around or try online. They are about 40cm. The more height you can get the better leverage obtained for the lift. (I'm 162cm (5.4in) and find that this helps a lot. Also do the weights for your shoulders and arms. Good lifting!Thank yes I am female . Will try steps as I am not tall. I am not the strongest person and average build however at 65 I do not forsee me doing weights Never too late to start the weights! I'm 72, so you've got 7 years on me. We've had an Avan since 1998 (on our second) so a lot of lifts have been done. Good luck.

Our A van is now 12 yrs old and has done a good job but now needs a mid life refit! The question is how do I stop the side wall at its apex rubbing on the roof panel when it is in the collapsed travelling position.
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We use the thick sponges so it doesn't scratchWe use the thick sponges so it doesn't scratch

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