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We love it!

Sorry to hear all the problems some of you are having. We bought a new Cruiseliner in 2006, and must have got a good one. We've done a lot of kms and have never had a problem, even the original battery shows no sign of giving up soon. It's garaged and given a top to toe clean only once a year and it's still like new.

Concept? Good. Result? Poor.

Aliner is the budget version of Cruiseliner. Good concept but poorly executed. My Trade skills are applied often to keep the van on the road.
A'van provide no advise or assistance, never responded to my queries. Fortunately I have close friends who are mechanics and one is a practicing automotive certification engineer so I have no difficulties in sorting out any issues of repair or compliance.
Fixing grounds and fixings are insufficient, things detach, electrical system prone to breakdowns, no jack or wheel brace supplied as standard. Unit easy to tow and manoeuver.
A'van claim to be members of The Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers Association of Australia; if they set down any manufacturing standards or code of ethics it seems to me the RVMAA isn't worth two bob if the standard of A'van's product is anything to go by. Overall an unsatisfactory product and I would not buy their product again.

5th March @015 Update:
Further to my original post of 26 Jan 15: Since that posting I have taken the van on a few trips in the local region (SE NSW) by way of "shakedown trials". As previously stated the van tows easily, behind a 2014 Land Rover 110 Defender. All of the trips have been on bitumen, the only gravel navigated have been approaches and internal roads of caravan parks and camping grounds. I do not take the van on gravel roads, fire trails or off-road, it is not the upgraded, off-road version.

In touring trim, fully loaded, the van weighs in at 826 kg. I travel light. Setup and establishing ready for occupancy at a site is easy. Live-in comfort is adequate and comfortable. I have replaced the internal 21 watt incandescent globes with 18 watt output LED strip general lighting and installed an additional strip light to improve illumination over the cooker and sink bench. Bedding cushions comfortable, not cheap and thin, I sleep well on them. No complaints about storage. Striking camp and man-handling the little van is easy. I replaced the original issue safety chains with current specification, rated chains and shackles.

My criticisms of A'van are to do with the manner of construction of the van and the A'van company policy (?) of not responding to queries made by email or placed on their "contact us" page.

The vans are of sandwich panel construction; a core of styrene (?) bonded internally with kitchen-type laminate and vinyl. The exterior is bonded with embossed aluminium, perhaps .25 thick (?). The thin aluminium does not provide adequate fixing of self-tapper screws to fix things, like, say, the registration plate and light on the rear panel thus it is easy to overtighten a screw and lose fixing purchase.

Lack of hard points within the carcass may be influenced by economy, poor design concept, weight reduction or mere "compliance" considerations. This is why I criticize the so-called RVMAA; if they set any construction standards and A'van and other manufacturers build to those standards it seems to me the standards are too low, too self-serving. Same situation as Australian food labeling "laws".

A'van are like many companies. They won't respond to enquiries from we punters. Why have a "contact us" window on their web site? Queries made to their local agents/distributors can be confused, lost or misinterpreted. Once I have the information I want from the manufacturer I will then be well informed and confident in placing an order with their local agent. Anyone ignoring me gains an enemy. A'van are not the first, nor are they likely to be the last firm I will bag if they won't respond to my enquiry.

In the latter half of last year I called in to the A'van sales centre at Penrith. Impressive place, lots of stock, lots of potential customers roaming the site. Two sales types, looking harried, bustling about tending to enquiries. I was in the show room looking at the racks of accessories. One of the sales types, virtually running, came into the sales office, grabbed a hurried bite from a dry sandwich, took a fast gulp from an obviously cold and horrible-looking takeaway coffee on his desk and bolted back out into the yard. Dedicated man, hope he got a good bonus for '14.

The mechanic type and his offsider from the wksp chatted with me, showed me the stuff I was interested in and went back to work. I was appreciative of their brief help. Wish I could say the same about head office.

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2nd update, 5 Mar 16: My particular van has three roof vents, they are opened and closed by way of a large plastic wing nut which is fitted over a splined shaft and secured with a screw closing into and aligned along the axis of the shaft. Due to wear and vibration the screws fell out a long time ago before I bought the van, the wing nuts were only holding thanks only to friction but I couldn't open the vents. Earlier this week I sought replacement screws or identification of them from A'van. They don't have them available as spares, they come fitted with the vents. Me: "Are the screws Imperial or Metric, what size are they please?". A'van: "Ray they are Imperial, 19 mm". D'uh! For those who may be interested I have identified the correct type, it is a round head, Imperial dimension, 1" X 5/32" machine. Readily available from any hardware store. Acquire a vernier for yourself, don't rely on the company to advise you correctly.

Love my Avan Cruiseliner

We bought our Cruiseliner 2nd hand through a dealer and we had extras that I would probably not have bothered with if we had bought new. Saying that we have used the microwave and the air-conditioning.
We love it, mostly it is used for weekends away, and it serves us very well, very quick to put up and light to tow. I did a trip to Canarvon Gorge for 7 days which has a pretty rough corrogated road in and it shook the van around a bit so we had to repair the water system but honestly that was a really poor road. We were two woman traveling together and we managed fine, I don't think we would have managed a camper trailer or a full size van as easily.
Other than that we have had problems with the vents melting, and we are still trying to come up with an answer to that, We bought other brands (generic) and they did the same. The van fittings are not top class but then we are not paying $50K for the van either. When you are used to a tent, the fittings are luxury!!
The Annex goes on really well if you use graphite along the ditch of the metal casing before you pull the canvas along.
My husband is an electrician and has not complained about the electrics but we will change to LED lights.
We don't see ourselves moving up to a Caravan, and a trailer tent is too much trouble. I could see us buying another Avan or at least something with a similar design with no canvas.

Avan Cruiseliner: disappointed

Update November 2014.
We have had the van on the road for about 5 months, and the concept and basic design has worked well for us over the past 20 months. We stick to sealed roads and drive conservatively.

The small roof vents both buckled over summer. They were replaced easily under warranty, but with the comment "These will probably buckle too. Just bring them back when they do."

The side wall hinges all cracked with metal fatigue. These were also replaced under warrantly after 18 months.
.. another recognised on-going issue with the vans.

Our side door continues to pop open almost every day. The dealer says he can't see anything wrong. Looks like a job for me.

The roof has bowed in a little on one side, and so does not seal totally when folded up.

We purchased our Avan Cruiseliner February 2013, and have had it away for two weekends and an extended trip.

We have been 4x4 and tent travellers for many years, and this our first caravan. The concept and basic operation of our Avan Cruiseliner has been what we wanted and so far are we have been happy with that.

But we have been appalled at some of the low quality components and often poor workmanship in our A Van.

Talking to other van owners in caravan parks, it seems accepted that if you buy a van, expect to carry out more than normal maintenance, and don't expect much from some dealers once they have your money.

Before our first trip:
1. It rained on the first night after we took delivery, and the next morning I found large amounts of water inside the boot. It was missing a seal around the lid that we had seen on other Cruiseliners.

2. When I filled and flushed the water tank, I found a pool of water under the bed around the electrics. There was no sealing around the water intake fitting.

3. Water hoses are attached with a self-tapper screw through the hose and attachment, and copious silicone.

4. The removable table was impossible for us to remove. It was fitted out of alignment, and the centre pole jammed hard into the fittings.

5. The window at the kitchen sink had the front side exterior weather seal missing.

6. The sliding window "locks" don't lock. Just a gentle sliding effort and they pop.

7. Laminate on the cupboard door just inside the main door fell off.

8. The same cupboard door just inside the main door would not open properly. One of the floor bolts into the chassis was stripped and not completely driven home. They covered this up with a piece of beading, preventing the door opening completely.

9. The water pump plumbing leaks.

10. The hot water service pressure release outlet was kinked, and so leaked into the van.

11. We spent time smoothing off rough and sharp ends where the annex and wall guides had been cut to length. We could not easily slide the roof/walls without catching.

12. I have also needed to smooth splintered plywood where a router was used to cut holes etc.

13. Copious wood shavings and wire off-cuts needed to be cleaned up from under the bed and seats.

14. We have a small solar panel fitted. The Avan Owner's Manual says to refer to the "manufacturer's handbook where fitted". We were not given one in the information package.

15. Lighting: why on earth do A Van still use incandescent bulbs when good LEDs are readily available, cheaply.

16. The Geelong Avan dealer did not responded to emails we sent with questions or concerns, and has not returned phone calls.

17. Emails to Avan in Melbourne were not acknowledged, although I did eventually get a phone call from customer service.

Since then:
18. One of the bed air strut attachments broke off: short self tapping screws into thin chipboard, a common theme with this van.

19. The side door often pops open while travelling (sealed bitumen roads well under speed limit).

20. The rear bumper end-opening catch fell off while driving in for a service

It is not acceptable to say these items are probably warranty issues. Why should we run around back and forth to have warranty items such as these seen too. Their Quality Control needs to be more rigorous, and workers apparently need more skills.

Adventure Pack .
If you choose to include the Adventure Pack with your Avan Cruiseliner, be aware that the overall body build is not stronger or improved, and that the warranty makes it clear they really don't want you on rough or corrugated roads. I'm guessing that might even include many sealed Queensland roads.
The concept.
Poor workmanship and customer service.

Thanks for the advice. I'll keep a copy of it when I'm looking at vans.They are using poorer quality fittings than they used in earlier vans. I think quality control has always been an issue with A'van. The concept works well for us but the quality has gone.

Time of writing October 2014 - A'van Cruiseliner 2010 model

We puchased a used 2010 A'van Cruiseline in excellent condition with full annex. Spent 10 weeks Qld, NT, WA, Vic and back to NSW 10,000 Klm's mostly on bitumen and some corrugated roads. A treat to tow and so quick and easy up and down. No condensation problems but we always as at home sleep with at the least one or both roof vents open. We installed outside cold water shower and 12 volt plug outside door. It already had a mirror and two Led lights. We sleep really well. We mostly just do five day trips and live the ease of it all. Even these small trips we have taken on a few rough roads. Lost our rear stabilizer pads on cattle grid at Neurum creek. Roof vents we have had to add elastic cords to keep down while traveling, the previous owner advised about this issue.. Apart from those items so far so good. Ours has reverse cycle air con and microwave. The air con was great in Darwin and heating great for Coober Pedy, for the most though we camp on free or unpowered sites and find the solar is great and we always seem to manage with water, caring extra bottle if thought needed. We did buy water filter as advised by friends. We r really happy with our van and seem to be gathering friends who have also bought used and new A'Vans. Heading off soon for gentle five day camp and next year to Longreach for our first A'van club meet..

I see a query re storage, whilst it is a little difficult accessing clothing one can come up with ideas with stick on hooks etc to hook on box for undies in compartments etc. I find I keep our jackets out for nighttime either in car or on seat in van and I have a shoe bag under bed or in car as that suits our use. For cooking I have access to my pots and pans both from inside and out and we can stop and make tea on little Korean stove without opening van which if preferred is only a two minute event. We have everything we need stored in van. I roll up spare blanket behind pillows on bed. Keep veggies or extras in cooler bags under bed (ours is the one that makes into sofa so there is easy access) as the trip goes on these items deplete. We always have more than we ever need. The freezer can take a good six or so meals plus ice if packed well.
Enjoy your A'Vans.


We bought a 2006 Aliner from Pakenham Victoria. They were very helpful. A couple of things have gone wrong, only small issued, they have dealt with them promptly and have always followed up any queries we have had. I would recommend them and the Aliner. A great little van, best for two. Take a small tent for your kids!

2 years 10 months, 12 trips and 134 nights with a Cruiseliner - Ongoing review

We seem to have this unit sorted now.

Repairs since May 2012

Element in gas/electric hot water system replaced as it had shorted out due to corrosion. Not expected in a unit that was then just 2 and half years old. Given the track record of Avan, I wondered about the age of the unit when it was installed.

Second set of Jensen roof vents (the small ones) replaced as they too melted under a caravan cover - not a tarpaulin. So the Avan is now just stored under shade cloth and the caravan cover has been stored away.

Finally had to replace the supplied water pump as it would not cycle off despite there being no leaks in the system. Replacement pumps works perfectly.

Sidewall bottom re-attached to the boot bottom as the screws had come loose where they were screwed into the edge of the MDF boot flooring. I expect more problems in this area due to the way the boot is constructed.

Lid for the pole storage in the rear bumper came off whist in travel. Thankfully no poles escaped. Since repaired and modified so it is unlikely to happen again. Just another example of crude manufacturing processes.

Modifications since May 2012 include.

Trumatic E2400 gas heater fitted so we can use the van in winter. Great investment. Fitted myself with a gas fitter to complete the gas work.

Purple Line eco mover caravan movers fitted so I can turn the van around in our driveway

posted this on May 29, 2012

This unit is now performing well after the modifications discussed in the June 2011 review which is located at the bottom of this current review.

Additional modifications include.

Installed a rear view camera that is on all the time providing a view of the road behind the van. Great addition.

Replaced the 240 volt power supply cable with one that now has a useful length - 20 meters.

Replaced the incandescent bulbs with LEDs to provide much better interior lighting.

Replaced the seat inserts with heavier ply after both broke on the second trip.

Fitted child proof straps to keep the fridge door closed while traveling.

Fitted battery operated motion sensor lights (from Bunnings) in all cabinets and fridge so contents can be seen as interior lighting is inadequate for this task.

Manufactured props to hold open the front storage lids when accessing these areas. The concept of the front hanging space is great, but totally unusable without something to hold the lid open.

Issues to appear since June 2011 include.

The two small vents (Jensen Vents) in the front panel over the table melted when the Cruiseliner was stored under a Tarpaulin. Replaced them easily enough and purchased a caravan cover. Had no problems since. This is not AVan's fault, but mine for using a Tarp instead of a caravan cover. However, there is no warning about the vents melting in any of the AVan literature. So, beware how you cover a unit with those plastic vents.

The same small vents have a tendency to open whilst traveling. This was an issue both before and after they melted and were replaced. I will need to arrange a fastener of some sort.

The large full width front vent also tends to open during travel and this will have to be fixed as well.

The small half hatches on the rear roof panel stuck to the rubber seal and had to be cut loose on the last trip. Will need to clean up the melted/stuck rubber and apply something like Vaseline to prevent sticking before next trip.

The water tank overflow outlet was ABOVE the water tank inlet. This meant that when filling the tank, the overflow came back up the inlet pipe. This was inadequately sealed for such a back flow and so leaked copious quantities of water inside the area where the electrics, including the 240 volt battery charger, are located. Interesting stuff indeed,

How such a simple error can occur baffles me, but confirms that assembly of this product is done by the cheapest possible labour available. The filling fitting was obviously installed upside down. I drilled another hole in the filling fitting and re-routed the the overflow tube to below the inlet pipe. Then resealed the inlet pipe fully. Have had no more problems when filling the water tank. The overflow now goes where it should and not back up the inlet pipe. No more overflow water finding its way into the area with the electrics.

The fitted battery, a Delco, died right on 12 months. The battery had no indication of age as the indicators had not been set. ie the month and year scratched out. Have had identical batteries last a number of years in a camper. Without the age indicators it was impossible to determine the age of the battery. However, I was not expecting to have to replace the battery after a year.


Would we buy another one? Probably not but would depend on what else is available and the level of compromise needed to justify a purchase.

June 2011 review

A Van Review after 6 months ownership

Have now had this unit for 6 months. This review covers experience from two extended trips covering both Caravan Parks and "Bush Camping".

Yes, it does rain inside from condensation. I had to purchase a curved sponge mop to mop down the insides of the apex. The condensation is caused by using Aluminum surrounds for the window fittings and elsewhere. A result of building to a price.

It also pours water into the annex area when it rains if you have an annex roof fitted. The annex roof provides a shade area only, definitely not weather protection.

If the intended usage of a Cruiseliner is Caravan Park camping only, then the Cruiseliner could be considered adequate. If usage is to include "Bush Camping" IE. camping in a Non Powered situation, say National Parks, then the Cruiseliner has serious deficiencies that need fixing if you want to camp comfortably.

Major issues we found are as follows:

The power supply cord is hard wired into the unit and is pulled out to plug into the Caravan Park power supply. This means lifting the bed to extend the cord and replace it if you do not want to cause damage to the plumbing, especially if you have a hot water system installed. The power supply cord is way too short as well. Need to carry an extension or replace the cord entirely. This approach to power supply is definitely not industry standard, but it saves on fitting an expensive standard fitting on the side of the unit.

The 12 volt system is woeful. Cabling is undersized. The single 12 volt outlet is under sized for any decent load, say a laptop, but is Ok for the intended use as a power outlet for a TV set.

The battery charger is undersized for a 95 ah battery and is the wrong type. This is confirmed by the documentation that comes with the charger. This documentation clearly states that the charger supplied is undersized for the battery installed. Another example of building to a price.

A 4 amp two stage charger is the incorrect charger for a 95 amp hr deep cycle battery. Charger needs to be around 10 amp capacity and a multistage charger as well. Preferably 4 stage charger, but 3 stage will do, for this type and size of battery.

I have replaced the entire 12 volt system. Pulled out the old wiring - except that to the lights - and fitted new battery charger, re-cabled the 12 volt outlets and fitted extra ones where needed ie near the table and near the bed to supplement the single one already installed there.

Similarly there has been an extra 240 volt outlet added near the table.

Interior lighting is incandescent bulbs. They need replacing with LED to provide decent lighting.

The seat inserts are OK for child sized adults but not for a 100kg adult. Ours broke in half on the second trip. Seat inserts need to be replaced.

The Dometic fridge has no locking device and child proof cupboard straps need to be fitted or the fridge door opens with the least bit of rough bitumen or a decent bump. Ours opened despite bring properly closed after a trip wholly on sealed roads.

The interior cabinetry is woeful. I have never seen such awful work passed off in a finished product. I used to manage a Kitchen Manufacturing facility, so I know what can and can not be done with MDF board. AVan seem to have used unskilled and untrained labour on the cabinet work.

The water tank delivers only 40 litres when the unit is sitting level on concrete - not the claimed 65 litres. This is a major issue in "Bush Camping".

The water pump is the cheapest self priming pressure regulated pump available and the pressure switch failed on the second trip. Had to do repairs in Camp. Did not even bother to submit a warranty claim based on my post delivery experience with both the local dealer and with AVan in Melbourne.

Purchased a new pressure switch for $11 and fitted myself. Pump will be replaced with a better unit before next trip.

The sullage drain outlet has a non standard thread so finding a fitting for the sullage hose is more difficult than it should be.

Locks on the front boot and water flap are cheap and nasty in the extreme. Difficult to open and shut with the key.

Bought in components are of a good standard although the jockey wheel seems undersized for the task and needs to be supplemented or changed for a more robust unit before the supplied one collapses. It bends alarmingly in use clearly indicating it is struggling to cope.

Internal cabinet hardware is cheap looking, but seems to be functional and do the job. And that is what counts.

In summary, it is a good starting unit for a competent DIY person. It needs substantial work to make it comfortable to actually use in a camping situation. ie "Bush Camping" not Caravan Park camping. And some money expenditure as well if you have to buy in some of the gear like a correctly sized and type battery charger.

If you are upgrading from a tent based camper trailer and have handyman skills then this is a good step upwards in terms of comfort.

If you do not have basic handyman skills then give the Cruiseliner a miss and look for another camper.
Good base unit for a handy DIY person that can be made acceptable with a bit of effort and relatively small cost.
Appalling manufacturing, non existent customer service, overall a bad quality product.

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I bought my Avan second hand and have had it about five years (2001 model). It had been well looked after but I still had to fix up many areas where manufacturer had used bad work practices. After spending time and $ on van, it has been great and has been from NSW to Queensland and NSW to WA. I recently had a full annex designed in Newcastle (not cheap) that makes the (latest) Avan annex look second rate - new annex gives more headroom and is much wider and better ventilated. You need to investigate improvements on the Avan club sites - do not expect dealers to come up with anything that Avan builders cannot supply.

Avan Cruiseliner Very Disappopinted.

We bought our Avan in January 2013. Since then we have had a myriad of problems with it. Trim around inside front and back has fallen off. Door stop has fallen off. Had to replace the small vent windows 3 times so far. Avan Melbourne has been totally unhelpful, calls not returned, when they answered the phone I was told to send an e mail. No reply after 8 months. Would not recommend the purchase of this Van to anyone.
Great concept.
Poor workmanship and after sales service, wont be buying another one.

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I am still having problems with our A Van Cruiseliner. Dealer has now ceased as a rep for the Company. Small windows still buckling after 7 replacements. Now the side wheel well covering is parting company with the Van body. Wish I had never bought the thing.

avan cruiseliner adventure pack

we purchased a new cruiseliner adventure pack in oct 2011 it wasn't delivered until easter 2013. The van is great in concept. The execution of the build is very poor and not to the standard we expected. But once you've got it, there is not much you can do, as the manufacturer pushes everything back to the retailer. In the end we could rely on the retailer to fix or replace warranty items to a standard that we were happy with so we spent countless hours tracing problems and bying replacement items and fixing things ourselves.
great concept
Roof panels leaked like sieves. Annex track rattled loose. Alpine Annex which was included was like a bag leaked and they wouldn't fix it Water filler when filling leaked and broke. Indicater stopped working within a month. Front boot leaked like a sieve, everything had to be removed and dryed out if it rained. furniture had gaps in joins that i could push my finger through. Employees of the retailer blamed Avan for the poor quality of workmanship, and Avan hand passed the problems back to the retailer for things that should have been sorted in the factory.

We have a lemon

We purchased our Avan Cruiseliner in August 2012 and have only been away on a few short trips. Firstly, before we even took actual delivery, no elect. brakes. Electrical earthing problem. The two small windows cracked, roof has now bowed and replacement windows warped. Were intending to do a trip to SA Mid March and another trip Darwin to Broome in July/Aug. Not sure what we are going to do now.
Great concept
Poor quality workmanship, too many things going wrong with a the new van

Well we have taken our van to Penrith to have the windows fixed and a few other minor things. The staff very helpful, nothing was a problem. the roof was not bowed (thankfully). The saga now continues....when we get the van back home I give it a wash only to find one of the dome windows has a loose hinge. Luckily the 'pin' for the hinge was still 'floating' around the roof and we were able (with difficulty) to push this back into place. We notice that one of the large hinges that hinge the wall to the body of the camper is broken at the back end of the van. I just wonder what else could possibly go wrong and as the van is only 6 months old, travelled approx 4,000 kms, how long will it be before the windows need replacing etc. etc. etc. Doesn't look good for long term use of the van.We have purchased an aspire 402 and are yet to take delivery. This will be our first van and have our fingers crossed that all will be OK. Our aspire 402 is a hard top and has adv pack ......the tyres are rubbing on the inside of the wheel cavity and have to be replaced, the indicator is not working, our antenna was not wired up so we had no tv, sometimes the cupboard doors wont close, the little buttons on the blinds have snapped off and the sink leaks we are hoping that all these problems will be fixed soon....... but we feel a bit like whats next !!!! the good points are the aircon works very well the van is cool in no time and the beds are confortable , the sink is big enough to wash a big frying pan and the awning is easy to put up just have to wind it up if its windy. we love our little van just dissappointed with the fact that it was delivered without being checked. all these problems caused us alot of worry and inconvienince and spoilt our holiday.

Very happy with our Avan Cruiseliner

We bought a 2004 model Cruiseliner used from Sydney RV. The dealer service was most unsatisfactory and I'd never deal with Sydney RV again, but that shouldn't reflect on the product. Overall, we've been very happy with our van. We used it on the return journey from Sydney, then took it on a 9 week trip to far north Qld. We haven't experienced very cold weather in it, but thus far have had no condensation problems and certainly no leaks. Everything in it seems to work fine.
We plan some minor modifications to make the layout suit our needs better (We chose a model 5 with large front kitchen and twin beds), but these are just to satisfy personal preferences.
The only minor issue we've had is that the lifting mechanism has worn over the years and it's a little harder than it should be to put it up, but we still do it one-handed in less than a minute.

We recently sustained hail damage and our repairer phoned Avan service and was told a new roof would be needed. He had no complaints about their service.
Light and easy to tow with good vision out the back due to it being low. Quick and easy to put up and fold down. All solid sides - no canvas. Very spacious.

I have to refute the comment about good vision out the back. Towing with a Nissan Ex-trail you cannot see out the back past the van. It is quite high. Also our 12 volt wiring burnt out because it was too thin. The window over the bed leaked in torrential rain. The wiring and window were fixed under warranty no problems here. We tow with a Mercedes Sprinter, so our rear vision is good. Your comment about wiring is valid though. We replaced all the wiring soon after purchase. We haven't yet found a caravan or campervan of any brand that isn't wired with excessively thin wiiring. It seems almost all manufacturers cut corners in this area to save a small extra cost. If we were ever to buy a new van again, we would demand that it be wired to our specifications before delivery. Fortunately, my husband was able to rewire our van so the cost was minimal. And we are still very happy with the van.Recently had to have the roof repaired after hail damage. It took a year to get it fixed. The service company (people I have dealt with before and who always give excellent service) struggled to get parts from Avan and said that while the product is great, the service in Australia is appalling and they would warn people to be very wary of Avans for that reason. Sad, because we really do love the van!

A bit wet inside..

We recently purchased a new Cruiseliner and were suprised at the amount of condensation inside the van after a heavy dew. All of the internal aluminium trims were dripping water at a constant rate. Is this a common problem??. Otherwise all is pretty good.

Condensation problems in heavy dew

Yes, we had condensation problems. We travelled around Aust.(refer 21000klm review. The van is well insulated and the warm inside air condensates on the aluminium because the aluminium frame is of course a channel shape that is funnelling cold in from the outside of the van.When we were ast Ilfracomb in the central west it was abour 2 degrees, this where we experienced it first on our travels.We found that it formed acroos the top of the 'A' and low down at the double bed end. A towel on a broom dries it up and it dries on internal surfaces. Some people during our travels said that these vans leak. Old ones may, I can't comment on that, but from our experience not with new ones. Yes as soon as the temp gets near zero at night you get condensation

A'Van Cruseliner a no go!

We bought a new A'Van (2009) two and a half years ago, and have had nothing but problems.

These include:

1) Side lights not sealed with silicon and water leakage into area under the forward table.
2) Back external seal under window not sealed, led to water leakage in back locker
3) Sink Tap failed, leading to water leakage into cupboards.
4) Piano hinge for wall fold near front of van cracked.
5) Beading coming off the edge of cupboards.
6) Floor appeared not to be sealed.
7) Water pump ceased.
8) Lock on fridge useless. When travelling the door will open.
9) Rubbing if the hold down latch on the side against the roof.

These problems seem to me to fall into two categories. The first being the use of cheap or inferior products and secondly the lack of strict quality control and build supervision. When we first viewed the van we were impressed with the size, the low weight and towability and the apparent build quality.

As we live over a hundred kilometers from the service centre, and most problems occured out of warantee, I have fixed. I must add with the excellent help of the technical people at the service and sales office. Whenever I ring I am quickly and politly advised of the fix, since they seem to be a regular occurance.

Having read a number of reviews where the reviewer has fixed the problems and now enjoys their A'Van, I hope to join them. But why have all the reviewers had to fix problems that should never have arisen.

If you are having similar problems please write a review. It might just stir someone into action.

In retrospect we would never buy an A'Van again and would recommend all potential buyers to beware.
Light weight, Easy to tow, Great Concept and livability and no canvas.
Poor quality control and build. (see review)

We have had an A van cruiseliner for a couple of years now and just love it. We have had no problems at all with it and love the convenience of being so early to put up and not towing any great weight.Love the size and lightweight towing, but have been disappointed with severe water leakage in the front boot (A'Van say they do not guarantee this area waterproof!!) and the three front lockers. Using silicon, we hope this time the van is waterptoof, as we love travelling and camping with it, especially with the A'Van Club.We have just returned home (Victoria Point,just south of Brisbane) after 21,000 Klms towing a Cruiseliner around Australia. Our van has a large front dome(full width) 2 dome vents, 2 rear dome windows with a solar panel between. Off road chassis and tyres,3way fridge,HW system, double bed configuration,some other extras, with boot. We did have a couple of minor build issues,however,all in all no problems. We bought the van new, had a HW and fridge problem only minor again,early before our big trip. Great to tow,low ball weight. I am a large person,but I had no issues with the tightness of this type of van. The van's being cleaned,serviced etc and we'll be selling it as it's served it's purpose. If doing the same thing again? Would we choose an A Van Cruiseliner ? I would say yes ! If you're interested,John on 0408 152 167, offers over $26K.

main window blow out on highway

We were just last weekend traveling on the Bruce highway when our back window just blew off the back of the van. The windows are apparently just glued to the panels, and the glue came unstuck!! Window was retrieved, and now it's an insurance job to fix. This seems poor fixation and quality control on the part of the manufacturers

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Fortunately we've got one of the early A'vans (1998) which we've had since new - its been great and we are only now having the bungy ropes changed (14 years!). It seems that like a good number of companies - when the original owner sells the business on - lookout quality, etc. Its a real shame such a good design and reputation is being trashed.


We traded in our Jayco 16ft poptop( perfect van but we wanted a smaller van due to health reasons) for a new cruiseliner from Kratzann at Burpengary. Their predelivery was non existant, when we arrived home some 300 klms distance & opened the van to show it off the drawers were on the floor, the hatch hinges had fallen apart, edging to the cupboards were falling, off when I emailed photos & complained & asked them to fix up the defects I got the runaround. Was told to bring it back to their depot(we have a agent In our town). I sent fax to Aline in Melbourne about the quality of finish & was told it was the dealers fault. After numerous emails, I told the I would do my own fix ups & charge them the costs. As a retired builder/carpenter I was shocked with the substandard quality of the Avan. Concept is great, & after fixing up the defects I now have a great van. I now wonder whats going to happen if I ever have to do a major warranty claim as I took out an extended service which supposedly covers Australia wide
Concept & ease of manouvering & the ability to use a smaller tow vehicle & is rugged enough to take to the bush/beach
Yes it was expensive but not the issue, poor quality finish, substandard parts sloppy tradework, non existant predelivery, & manufacturer playing the blame game when I notified them of the defects

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Have to agree with you about the sub standard quality, especially of the cabinets. I also had the run around about a delivery issue. Best of luck if you have a warrant issue.


purchased 2D model in march 2009, traded it in on another make in october 2009. we had problems with just about everything in the unit; faulty brakes, water ingress if it rained, insect ingress at night, electrical problems (poor electrical conections everywhere).even the rims were faulty! Would never, ever in our wildest dreams, buy another avan
easy to tow. easy to assemble
shocking build quality. after sales service virtually non existent when interstate.

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I have the early model - before Avan sold out. Have been from Sydney to WA and back with only a tyre blowout and a small hatch stolen whilst parked in a country shopping centre (hatch lid was only secured with two phillips screws!) I replaced hatch and used pop rivets to secure - no further problems yet.


All up ,I feel we have made the correct choice a camper.We optioned our van with everything except air conditioning and it has turned out very comfortable indeed. The adventure pack handles dirt roads better than our tow vechile.
Light weight,ease of towing,insulation,
sliding light switches,After sales service a bit ordinary


We bought new in 09 and have been to Lawn Hill national park and Adeles Grove. The road from Adeles to Gregory downs was probably one of the most corrugated and rough piece of road in Australia but the Cruiseliner proved tough and robust.

We have a few modifications planned and will extend the drawbar this year before going to the cape in June [if it stops raining].
Quick to set up, easy to tow. Seems to have enough storage for 2 plus we have the back of the Pajero.
Need a longer drawbar/A frame so that we can fit stone guard. Pre delivery and after sales service non existant.

Best stone guard on the market is the Stone Stomper. It is a horizontal design that stops all stones from hitting the van as well nas protecting the car. Best of all, it does not require any modifications to the van. I fitted one recently and it has performed beyond my hopeful expectations. BeeTee33Have to agree. I also have a Stone Stomper made for the Cruiseliner. Great product and works like it is supposed. Now if only the A Van worked like it was supposed to!


We have just come back from a 6000 KM trip and our 2006 cruiseliner did a great job had no problems wht so ever,it tows that well that a lot of the time i forgot it was on the back of our pajero.
While most campers were struggling with their canvas rigs we were set up in a couple of minutes and enjoying a cold beer.
It is strong well designed and built, we are very happy campers thanks A'van!


Well thought out, well built design that gives most of the comfort of a pop top in a compact, lightweight unit and is warmer/cooler/quieter than a pop top. Lighting, ventilation and storage are maximised and this is a camper van that is larger inside than outside! This van is perfect for short stays and comfortable for longer stays if you use the optional annex.

Very comfortable for a couple to live in, economical and stress free to tow at highway speeds.
Erects in less than 30 seconds so you can stop for lunch and eat in comfort.
Tows easily and with excellent stability
It's light and airy inside with all round views through tinted windows.
Very well insulated acoustically and thermally
Well fitted out, inbuilt battery and charger, lifting jack
Has a built in robe for hanging coats/shirts/trousers
Vents create good airflow and windows all screened
Large forward boot with drainage
Locking water hose inlet and mains cable retracts into hatch from outside the van
Roof locks don't always close cleanly over anti friction pads
Air conditioner is noisy and vents create a draft - don't bother, buy a small portable unit and sit under the table. For heating get a small oil filled unit.
Bed cushions separate leaving a small gap when sleeping (we have the 3C)
Don't like the slider switches on the dual lights. Extra LED lights are needed (optional extra) over the kitchen.
When seated on the sofa with the curtains drawn, the (tall) occupants head will touch the curtain.

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When did Avan sell the company/change ownership ??
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The Plastic coating is coming off the frames around the dome windows is there a product we can use to cover them back up?
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How do you keep front dome window locked. Keeps opening in transit. Driving me crazy!
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I replaced knobs on top dome windows handles. Purchased directly from Avan. inexpensive.Hi Julie, that's an easy fix just use a small door stopper jam it in between the handle and the side of the dome base then the handle won't come down when your travelling along. regards brett.Thanks Brett

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