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Infant, Toddler, Follow-On, Junior
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  • Hassle-free preparation

  • Gentle on your child's tummy

  • Tastes good


  • More expensive than most formulas


  • Value for Money
    4.7 (14)
  • Breastfed Child Yes (4) · No (9)
  • Easy to PrepareYes (13) · No (0)
  • Caused Unease / Sickness Yes (0) · No (13)


  • 4 reviews

My kid loves it


The a2 formula is not too sweet but tasty. Easy to prepare, easy to dissolve.
My little kid enjoys it.
My kid tried other formula brands such as bellamy organic baby formula, karicare goat milk, S26, mead Johnson formula. I would say a2 is the best choice for my kid.

Henry. N

Henry. NAdelaide

  • 4 reviews

This is a great product, but quite expensive.


My daughter and my wife love this product. It tastes wonderful and contains several nutritions compared to other baby formulas. My daughter drinks as an addition to the breastmilk and she does not encounter any problems. However, it is quite expensive and hard to find any stocks available in the supermarkets such as Coles, Woolworths or Chemist Warehouse.



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Best formula


My baby loves this compared to other formulas like s26, it is extremely easy to prepare and is one of the best formulas on the market for kids. They go extremely fast in stores and serves to show how demanded it is. I see no side effects in my baby and is a great product

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good quality but hard to buy


A2 is relatively light milk powder, the quality of milk powder is very soft without cracking,
it's easy to mix with water, the baby has been drinking this brand for a long time, easier to digest, pop is also quite normal.
But it's too hard to get one. Can the company produce more?



Easy to prepare
Baby enjoy it
Did not notice side effects yet
Will buy it more if possible
Hope the price to drop
But there is limited stock, sometimes need to buy more incase the stock is gone
May recommend to others to buy i
Overall it is a good experience

The nice one


My nephew have it since he starts to drink milk powder, now he is strong and a happy baby. He is very healthy and learn some thing very fast, now, he is going to use stage 2 , His mum asked me to post 3 tin a month, l help everything good



  • 4 reviews

baby loves it


The formula is easy to dissolve and prepare. My baby always looks forward to her feed and normally drinks the whole bottle without hesitation. It is more expensive than the other brands and often runs out of stock. I am still prepare to go through the hassles of getting them as my baby is developing very well and stays healthy and fit.


AileenMascot, NSW

  • 4 reviews

Cost more than other products but still worth it


The powder is fine, smooth, dry and never stick together. It dissovles very easily and leaves no clot in water. The taste is a bit more milky but less sweet compared to products of other brands. It has a slightly fishy taste too. The residual on the wall of baby bottle is average.



it is very easy to prepare for my baby, she is 2 months and she loves it very much. we give it to her every day. This brand is very porpular in the world. All of my friends buy this furmular. But it is very difficualt to buy evry time.

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We can't live without it.


The formula is full of all kinds of nutrition,we have to buy it one by one endlessly,but sometimes you have to search one store after one store,cause they're so rare.The popularity oneself definitely proved its quality.I think we wiil purchase in future.The product easy to digest and I never find there any side effects.

This is best formula!


This is formula is real popular! My friend is recommend me this formula! She said the A2 is the best fomula! So I feed it for my son. And my son is real love this A2 formula!from his born untill his over 1 years old!He only love the A2,don't like other formula!



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This is really good


this formula is easy to prepare since 4 months baby began to drink it and very like it. I think it also easy to digest. As a new mother this is really helpful for me. I will keep use it on my little baby and follow up reviews about it

Ying W

Ying W

  • 2 reviews

This is the best baby formula


Easy to prepare and my baby loves it.
And easy to digest and I never find there are any side effects on my baby. I have bought other brands like Aptimil gold when the A2 is on low stock supply, but I think my baby didn’t like the smell. Then I will buy more tins of A2 when I see the stock.



  • 4 reviews

Perfecr formula for my baby


Formula is easily digestible.baby loves it.no constipation whatsoever.however,i believe this is a formula that is hard to get in the market.i hope coles would ensure that all australian moms can get this product for our babies as Ive seens in the news that chinese people are bulk buying this.anyway love this product!

Basic need for my toddler! Without A2 can't start my day


Yes easy to prepare and i have tried other brands also but this one is best and i used this formula in everything ex making smoothies, along with veggies or while making pasta for my toddler. He loves to drink and no side effects.. Happy child happy mum thank you u A2!!

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highly recommended.


this is a great product as my baby was constipated on s 26 and then i tryed karicare which stopped the constipation but she has bad wind and throwing up all the time after every feed power chucks and very unsettled. since i changed too a2 platinum now she is perfect very content and drinks all her bottle and no throwing highly recommend this product only down fall is the price and availability



  • 5 reviews

Good taste, Good quality


Good absorption, milk powder has a light milk fragrance, no smell, in general, it is very good. A 70 degree of water should be used to shake well. This milk powder is very easy to prepare, without adding fast solvent, the taste close to breast milk, I am highly recommend.



  • 10 reviews

Excellent formula


Besides being the hardest formula on the market to get your hands on it really is fantastic. My baby had absolutely no side effects and has always kept him satisfied he is now up to stage 3 and thriving. Very easy to prepare and A2 customer service is absolutely fantastic they answer all your questions and are so helpful when trying to track down a2 stock. Fantastic formula and company


DanielleSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 6 reviews

This is the best formula.


A2 is the best formula. My daughter has been on it since 12 weeks and has been a picture of health ever since! Highly recommend. The A2 protein is easy to digest which helps the little ones in their day to day life. She has not had any problems with constipation that no ally comes along with a formula fed baby.



  • 7 reviews

Best baby formula. Very hard to find, however.


Bought this for my nephew since my brother's wife lack breasted milk, it is easy to prepare and my nephew seems to love the milk. Very expensive compare to other formulas, but well worth the money. However, it is very hard to find them in the supermarkets, as most of the time I can't find it on the shelves, which is very disappointing. But overall, the formula is perfect for my niece and I will try to buy whenever it avalables.

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A2 Platinum Premium

Baby was doing well and gained weight , now he is gradually developing lots of gas/wind and crying, I think it’s colic, crying so hard when he pushes poo, constantly for hours, we’ve just changed to a formula specific for colic but will only be temporary, still looking for a good formula in the long term

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A2 Platinum Premium

Is it possible to get a sample pack to see if my baby will like this formula? She is 16 months old.

No answers


A2 Platinum Premium

My baby is on a2 and her poo is very runny. She goes once a day or every other day. I thought formula fed babies’ poos have pasty consistency? Is my baby’s poo normal. She has had this runny poo for a month now.

1 answer

We have had the same problem, with a heap of gas/wind that we have been able to relive 30-40% via infocol. Our child is also on Losec for reflux

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  • Made from cow’s milk, which is the most popular pick for parents.
  • As the name suggests, A2 Platinum Premium is made with A2 milk, which is thought to be healthier and easier for your child to digest.
  • Includes formulas for Stages 1 through to 4, enabling a smooth transition for your baby between formulas as they grow.
  • An 800g tin will set you back $35.60 for Stage 1 and Stage 2 formula, and $30 for Stage 3 and Stage 4 formula.

Points of praise:

  • Many reviewers said that their children enjoyed the formula and liked the taste.
  • Parents noted that the formula was easy to prepare and dissolved well in water without needing to excessively shake the bottle, which saved them time and any extra hassle.
  • For many reviewers, this formula was gentle on their child’s stomach and in most cases, didn’t cause any unease or sickness.

A pain point for A2 Platinum Premium:

  • The price point of A2 Platinum Premium makes it one of the more expensive formulas on the market.

Something to consider:

  • Although A2 Platinum Premium is available at chemists and major supermarkets, many reviewers found it difficult to find stores which had them in stock.
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Price (RRP) $35.60$35.60$30.00$30.00
AgeInfant (0-6 months)Follow-On (6-12 Months)Toddler (1+ year)
Contains Cow's MilkYesYesYesYes
Contains Goat's MilkNoNoNoNo
Contains SoyNoNoNoNo
Dominant Protein WheyCaseinCaseinCasein
Contains GOS prebioticsYesYesYesYes
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