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Hi guys,

We were recently robbed ALL my jewellery was stolen including costume and expensive items. Luckily I made sure I specified my jewellery when I first signed up. I had to prove I had purchased some items and some were gifts so photos were adequate. I printed all! my bankstatements from 2006-2014 current and went through called jewellery stores gave them the dates and amount and found out what each transaction was for this has made it easier. but they have not accepted my claim just yet.. They are referring me to Phenix Jewellers in North Perth and I want to go to City of gold where I bought alot of jewellery recently... does anyone know if they will let me? or do I absolutely!! have to go through AAMI's jeweller??

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Nicole Cooke
Nicole Cooke

Hi Beth089 this is probably a long shot but I found your question about Phenix Jewellers today (a yr after your comment lol) I have just had to claim my wedding and Engagement bridal set thru another insurance company and was made to go to Phenix also. I found it very annoying concidering the Jeweller we bought my original rings from could replace them for a lower cost. I couldnt afford to get a new one designed and made by phenix so I chose a completly new ring and now I feel sick about it! I want my old ring back and wish I had have fought harder. What was your experience with Phenix??? Did they help you out and do you think your new jewellery was the same value??


Hi no I refused to go to Phoenix jewellers I went to look at the jewellery they offered it wasn't very good at all!! So I refused my insurance company to make me go there and they were great about it all and gave me cash into my bank account


I would like to make a list of items on my insurance should I ever need to make a claim.
Is there a template you can use going from room to room so I can save for future reference.

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G. Matheson
G. Matheson

I'm not sure of a stand-alone template but I DO know that Quicken financial software has something similar included in their personal finance program. I would assume that others might do the same. Make sure you take photos as well, as my experience with AAMI treating ME like a criminal makes proof of ownership a worthwhile thing. Regards. Graeme.

Brenton Jones
Brenton Jones

Firstly I would agree with Matheson, take photos of your possessions and preferably with a date stamp on the photo so there is no way any insurance company can dispute you owned it and possesed it. I would even send the company coppies when you insure them so they cannot dispute your description and value. Insurance companies are so nice when taking your premimum money but will treat you like a criminal in order to not to pay out on a claim. I think they do this as a mater of course to deter people from even pursuing what they are entited to. So you must treat them like a criminal organisation and cover yourself from any potential dispute. The more the detail the better coverage you will have. It takes time but only needs to be done once and occassionly updated as you change your possessions. It is good for you to realise what you have and what it is really worth. Not just the valuable items but also the worthless. Why pay premimums on things that loosing would be a plus in life.


Thank you Graeme and Brenton for your input. We are also with AAMI and have been for several years. We have not yet needed to make a claim but as I watch the premiums increase every year I do wonder how they would respond should we ever need them. We don't want to pay sky high rates for insurance but neither do we want to go the cheap and nasty route which lets you down. I am checking Products Review today in the hope of gaining some clues before renewing our annual policy.....it is proving more difficult and time consuming than expected!!!! With every company there are dastardly reviews and a lesser number of excellent reviews. It is hard to know whether the staff at most centres are inefficient, rude and incompetent or whether the delays are due to claim forms being filled in wrongly in the initial stages of the claim. If staff are too lazy to advise what you have done wrong in these instances then delays are bound to follow. It is probably a mixture of both! All I want is to pay a reasonable rate for insurance cover and be confident in the knowledge that were we to make a claim in the future, the insurance company would honour it's commitment to me as the customer. It doesn't help that I have to plough through two booklets to read the cans and can'ts of the policies!! Sadly judging by this page, there are many more unhappy customers with AAMI than happy ones. Now I am more confused than ever!!


if i lose personal items at home or outside the home can i claim for a replacement?

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Linda Harris
Linda Harris

You need to take out extra cover for portable valuables which incurs an extra premium.
Might be a good idea to ask AAMI for a Product Disclosure Statement booklet as it is all listed in there.
Good luck.

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