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Abe's Bagel Crisp

Abe's Bagel Crisp

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Vegemite Bagel Crisps

Usually their products are fantastic but I recently had a bad batch (flavourless) vegemite bagel crisps. I contacted them via email and they verified via batch number that they were in fact below their usual standard and issued a voucher that more than covered the cost.

Support was fantastic, attentive and I felt like they genuinely cared. Love the company, love the product. Highly recommended!

Purchased in April 2019 at Coles for $2.50.

sorry the packaging is very flimsy

change your packaging, the product is very good but half has to be thrown out as they are mostly bits and pieces, perhaps a box might be appropriate. love the roasted garlic

Purchased in March 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $3.99.

Just a pack of crumbs and dust, not even a single whole bagel crisp in the pack. Terrible.

Purchased these twice and basically all I got was a pile of crumbs each time. I Actually wrote to the company and sent a picture, they said they would send me a voucher to make good on email. They never sent me the voucher. Talk about a useless company.

Edit: Company made good on the voucher, but it seems they have a manufacturing problem for the bagel crisps.

Purchased in January 2019 at Woolworths for $4.99.


Love this product but wont purchase again. Always in bits and crumbs. So sick of it. They need to be in a stronger container. Will buy another brand next time.

Purchased in February 2019 at Coles for $3.00.

Spoonfuls of crumbs

Having purchased a beautiful Tassie blue brie cheese and then a packet of Abe's Bagel Crisps, to eat in remote part of West Coast, I am so disappointed to find I got a packet (half full at that) of varying sized crumbs. I am eating the crumbs using a spoon, with the brie on top. A total waste of money and a big disappointment.

Purchased in February 2019 at IGA for $3.69.


As others have mentioned, the flavor and texture of these crisps is very pleasant. However, I think I have had maybe a quarter of the pack useable as “crisps”. The rest were a mangled crumble. I tried to contact the company before this review, but had no luck. I’m sorry to post this but really the product does not fit the description at all. I’m a private caterer and this product has disappointed too often. Can’t afford to use them again.

Purchased in December 2018 at Woolworths Physical store for $3.49.

disappointing crispy crumbs

I have enjoyed these crisps in the past - never had a problem. But recently have been very disappointed. One bag filled with crumbs is an unfortunate accident, Twice is very annoying and the third time will be my last ... I'll not be buying this product any more ! The bags were not damaged so I can only conclude that they have been filled with the crumbs to start with. I am eating them but could not use them to place on a cheese platter for my guests ! Very disappointing indeed. I've read the comments and note that I am not the only one who is disappointed.


Really tasty snack. Salty with a definite vegemite taste, not overpowering though. Yes some bits were broken so might not look good on a cheese platter but still good. Would taste amazing with some dips but i just ate them straight from the pack.


tried for 1st time and great taste and product so what if some yes some are broken they all go in one way and come out another great product

Don't waste your money

I am so disappointed with this product.
I have been buying these Roasted Garlic Bagel Crisps for awhile with the last 3 bags just broken bits.
I have decided that enough is enough NO MORE BUYING THIS BRAND.
The whole of the last bag was all broken and I take great care when I was buying them to have them separated in the shopping to the point of holding them carefully through checkout then placing them in an open bag so they would not be crushed.
I have worked out that they are broken to start with and no amount of careful handling makes them whole.
Those bought yesterday are the last ones I will ever buy and will now change brands.
Your company should do better and apologise to all the customer wasting their money as you are making money from false advertising.

what Bagels... you mean crumbs.

it's such a pity.. you have a great tasting product, however, you cant use it for what its meant to be. We brought 4 packs and all packets had smashed up bagels in it... we couldn't even use it for a cheese board. So disappointed.
Don't waste your money guys.

Vegemite Used to be Good

Usually I love these on the side with homemade soups. And I like the Vegemite ones as a snack. But the last few bags I have bought have no vegemite flavour anymore. They are just hard stale tasting bread. Usually in my house they disappear before I can get a look in. Now they are sitting in the cupboard because no-one wants them anymore.
What a shame. Please fix these back up.

Please don't buy these.

Tonight I purchased 2 packets of the Marlborough Salt, and 2 packets of The Caramelised onion and Balsamic. The contents were nothing but broken biscuits, tiny pieces that are virtually inedible. Both packets were extremely salty, and the caramelised onion tasted like salt and vinegar. I will never purchase these bagels again, and wonder if companies packaging rubbish like this, are ever held accountable to any 'authorised' body, other than the consumer who pays good money for a disgraceful product.

Waste mobey on crumbles

I usually buy the bruschette and today I bought the bagel crisps are they were on sale and thought it would be a similar product. What a disappointment when i open the packet, i got mostly crumbles and few pieces too big and too hard to eat, and way too salty.

Garlic Flavour

The first time I tried the garlic flavour was really nice, so I bought 3 more packs from Woolworth. Tonight when I ate the first bagel chips , I got a shock, it taste so bitter, the garlic was so toasted that all the chips taste bitter even when I tried to remove and shake off the garlic. What happened ? No quality control. This batch should have been tested first before being packed and sold. I just wasted money. Will never buy this product.

Taste great but too hard

I love these crisps but they are unevenly cut and about 50 % are thick and so hard I'm scared my teeth will break. Also hurts my gums if I eat more than 1/4 packet. The thinner ones are great crispy and tasty.

Vegemite good, plain way too salty

I enjoyed the vegemite flavour which is very good with a bit of cheese on top, luckily the lot I got were mostly intact. My wife bought the plain & it proved inedible due to excessive salt content. I will certainly buy the Vegemite flavour again

Ripped off!

I purchased the 8 pack vegemite bagel snack pack, thought they would be good for lunch boxes. I opened mine today to find there were one and a half biscuits in the pack with a few crumbs. Wish I could post a photo as it is an absolute joke!
My family love these biscuits but will re consider purchasing them again.......
Very disappointed
Absolute Rip Off


Hi. Recent purchase of garlic flavour. Bitter. Tastes burnt. Not nice. Previously bought these also sea salt and really enjoyed them, but these ones, bitter and very unpleasant. Thanks!

Almost half broken and crumbs every time

I have brought these a few times and there are a lot broken, there are a lot of crumbs and just a few are whole. Cannot continue to buy if they are always going to be like this. Just awful.

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