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AbaSouth East Queensland, QLD

Disgusting do not deal with them


Do not buy or do business with this site, got ripped off, a business name that never got registered from them!!!!
They took $347, thats right $347 for a name they said it was $57
And they took money from my family that could help my kids.
I tried to print evidence and its blank, scammers.
Crap them and burn in hell!!!

ABNs are free via abr.gov.au - This company (aka Honcho) is nothing but a Scam.


ElGemSouth East Queensland, QLD

Is there a place for ZERO star reviews?


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Got me once can’t fool me again


First time we registered our business name we were clueless but when the time
Came around again we thought hmm looks suspicious!! Stear clear!!!!! Rip off! How dare you take money from innocent people!


nell67Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 5 reviews

Please do not use this service!!


Charge you $99 for a service which is free through the ATO. You haven't even completed your application and you start getting phone calls to pay the amount, yet when you call them for help, your on hold for ages, get passed around, don't even speak to someone in Australia & generally get terrible service. I wish i hadn't rushed it and looked into it more.

Not a tyre kicker

Not a tyre kickerGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 4 reviews

Warning, warning, do not use!!!!!


This company, also called Honcho, is charging and exorbitant amount for an ABN which is available FREE from the ato.
Taking advantage of customers is not good business practices,how ever it seems it is very common with this company!
Deceitful, misleading and once stung you are in for a fight for a refund!
But preserve - contact your back, block the payment!
It better still DO NOT USE THEIR SERVIVES!!!!!

Great service on a Sunday!


I was not expecting to be connected during a weekend, but the lovely Nadya was there immediately and answered all my questions quickly and professionally. Then connected me to a follow up phone service. I was very impressed.

Petra R

Petra RPerth, WA

Rip off!


Like everone else here says: ABN numbers are free from the government and although you can get your ABN faster from them than from the actual government there is the fee of $99 to be paid.
Also I looked on Google for ABN number and this is the first site that pops up and you automatically think this is the proper government website. I have been asked if I had read all the terms and conditions - no I haven't - I mean who does? - well you think this is a government website, right? - and dang they have you by the balls. Very deceitful. And you don't get your money back. I wonder how this is legal?



we are doing airlines charter service, also I need to registration ABN number so I keep going to set up processing E ticket airline in the world system & signature cost share with another aircraft company...


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Misleading branch of ANZ


michealSydney, NSW

  • 6 reviews

The company says its not a scam what a load of sh*t


If thats the case why dont they tell you Before anyone pays that you can get an ABN & business name for free on the ATO website. They wont tell you because they are here to make money from all the stupid people in Aust & scam people out of money for something they can get for free. Ignore any reviews with 3 or more stars they are fake & written by either themselves or they pay someone to write them to make themselves look good & make out they are doing you a favour when in fact they are just lining their pockets with your cash.



  • 7 reviews

They got me too....


Amazed how they got my money, I'm usually quite careful about these things. After umming and ahhing about using this service I did, $99 out for an abn, when its free.
The website is misleading as it comes up as the top suggestion on google and I assumed it was the government website.
Dont use this service, tis free to use on the actual government website.

I've reported them to the ACCC and I encourage everyone else too as well seeing as how many have been mislead

Don't Pay for a service that's supposed to be FREE


Furious over my carelessness for not thinking twice before proceeding to make payment. Have no idea that they were the "service provider" and not the actual ABR (Australian Business Register) body. $99 is a lot for someone who is just starting.

Dodgy site - DO NOT USE


Comes across mistakenly as ATO, takes ur personal details and you pay for an ABN that is free on our Australian government website- please don’t use!! I doubt it is in Australia and they are linked to Honcho.com *DONT USE*

How to sort it out


Hey everyone
I had exact same issue - this company is a scam, using the same logo and making it difficult for you to fight for your money back. However after much hunting and finally accessing a mobile phone number to contact them on I was able to fight for a full refund which they have now issued.
Don't let them get away with it ey!


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Absolute scam, they called me before I even finished filling out the application which was a red flag, and then wants 150 bucks. Its free on the government website take 2 mins.





I unwittingly set up my ABN through this tax agent thinking it was a Government Online Form / website and without notification was debited $99. Feel robbed both financially and of my personal information and am furious.

You’ll be paying for a free service. Don’t do it.


I was ripped off. Don’t use these scammers. Go to the legitimate government website abr.com.au. Save your money, do not use these guys, they will unapologetically take your money and do nothing, claiming to be an easier or more helpful way of registering your business. Read the fine print, the way this business operates should be illegal.



  • 4 reviews
  • Verified customer

Legitimate service - just not really worth the money.

Geoff C

Geoff CSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 9 reviews
  • Verified customer

Complain to accc and asic about this rip off. They will get closed down!!!


Yep, along with most others here I was sucked into the business.gov.au look of this site and thought that's who I was applying to. This crowd is an absolute rip-off. I paid $99 but didn't go through with the application. I immediately asked for a refund and was only returned $65. Naturally there was "administration fees". What administration fees when I didn't submit the application?

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Ashwin C.

Ashwin C.asked

I do not believe I fell for it. :(
ABN is free but these websites are charging more $99 and do not refund it, even if you ask within an hour. Payment from the card seems to be authorized straight away.

No answers
Alison L.

Alison L.asked

When will I get my money back? I paid 299 today thinking you were ASIC. Alison Lockwood

4 answers
Elena L.
Elena L.

Alison, if you have evidence that money should be given back, send them an email clearly stating your evidence.
If you believe (like I do in my case) that the service wasn’t delivered, or was partially delivered, or customer service failed - contact your bank, they will be happy in most cases to investigate it for you (if this Agency will refuse the refund).
I’m still fighting for my refund but my bank did tell me that if I won’t succeed they will investigate it and will give me the refund

Alison L.
Alison L.

Did you go to fair trading?

Elena L.
Elena L.

Hi Alison,
I've got my full refund today. But it costed me about 10 hours of my personal time (spent on chatting with them as well as emailing). The last part of the refund (30% of the initial fee that they were trying not to return because I have to pay them to process my return - what a joke!) was given back only when I stated that I will be involving AU Customer Protection and Current Affair.
I'm researching Customer Protection website to find out the best way to inform them. Seeing how many people suffered here, I'm speechless. I'd recommend everyone to lodge claims

Tilo N.

Tilo N.asked

I got an application I did online on Saturday but I'm still waiting pls

1 answer

You will probably never get it this company is a scam its not The government site

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