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Accu-Chek Performa

Accu-Chek Performa

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Avoid acc-check performa II as well

I bought accu-check performa II at chemist warehouse because I was told that I could get $40 cash back from the manufacture. The promote was ended at the end of march and I was simply conned by the shop. Anyways I started using the machine and had the error code for the battery many times and lost 30 strips. I went back to the shop and they tested the blood sugar monitor but I was told that it was not battery. I had two different errors many times and lost another 30 strips. I was sick of the errors and upset, so I called help line and was told that my battery was faulty. I replaced a battery with my own cost (Panasonic battery) and I had no battery errors. I checked my blood sugar three times on the same finger within 2 minutes many times different times and days and the results were significant different and varies. They were my fasting tests and difference was nearly 1.7! I called help line again and was told 1.7 difference is acceptable. If my lowest result was 5.5 with the three tests on the same finger, I could be normal range, but If the highest was 7.2, I could be diabetic. If the lowest result was 5.5 and the 1.7 test result of variation is acceptable, my true reading could be 3.8. This is so scary!! This product just gave me more stress and made me confused. I should not have bought this product.

Additional info, with the battery issue in this list, accu-check uses a poor quality of battery originally (Duracell but made in China) and the manufacture sent to me a free high quality battery Maxcell Hitachi made in Japan. That could be one of causes of the battery issues in this listing.

Purchased in April 2019 at Chemist Warehouse.

Accurate check performa wrong results

I had the same experience just now I tested three times one after an other and every time there was different results. I bought this machine few days back it's like I burnt may money.

Purchased in March 2019 for $2,900.00.

Very poor battery life.

Frustrating to say least, chews up batteries something horrendous. Lucky to get 40 tests on new battery. No wonder it was free on promotion they can have it back. Not worth the hassle.

Purchased in November 2018 at Chemist Warehouse.

Same finger, different results each time

I had an inexplicably high reading one time and I thought it could be because I didn’t wash my hands properly, so I retested and my blood sugar level went to the normal ranges.

Today I decided to see if the problem could be the machine itself, so I did 3 readings in a row, all from the same pricked finger. I got 6.8, 7.2 & 8.1. I’m now stressing out because I have gestational diabetes and I’m not sure if all my readings throughout the past month have been inaccurate.

Purchased in February 2019.

What a disgrace, hang your heads in shame. DON'T PURCHASE

Purchased to replace another, what a mistake, batteries flat first test, new batteries in at my expense, flat after 5 tests. Called help line, still waiting. Sent them an email, they sent me one back to call helpline, after I put down step by step what the problem was. Call help line still waiting. Load of garbage.

Not reliable!!!

The machine was working fine at first than after a few weeks, my readings hit really high and I went into panic mode! Not to mention, I'm pregnant! So before I had to do a mandatory blood glucose test (2 point test) at my local hospital, I tested before each blood draw and the first which was the fasting result was 5.6mmol/l (at 7am) and the second which was after breakfast was 6.4mmol/l (at 10am) - these were my accu check performs results!!

To my surprise, when I went for clinic the next day both my readings from the lab test were actually 5.1 mmol/l (for the 7am and 10am blood draws)

I don't trust the results from the meter! They cause unnecessary pressure!!

Dangerous results

I totally agree with the previous reviews. When I was getting results that varied a lot, I decided to contact them but was told the results varying by 10% is acceptable. No wonder you get a cash back on the product. Otherwise it would not sell.

Inaccurate readings..

I have gestational diabetes and for the first 3 weeks the device was perfect, now it gives so many different readings which are unrealistically high and inaccurate. Today I had to do the test four times to get a proper reading. It went from 12.8 to 5.8 in less than two minutes...total rubbish and battery goes flat very quickly.

Complete garbage

As testified by others here, the readings are wildly variable, so you can't trust it's accuracy. 6 months later the unit just kept generating errors for about two days before finally dying completely. It's now an expensive paperweight! DO NOT BUY!!

Highly inaccurate.

Accu-check performa is so inaccurate that I do not use it anymore. I bought this product with 50 strips on a promo sales in July 2017.I was surprised with the low result of the 1st test. I tried 2 more tests to check the repeatability but there is none. The 1st result was 101 mg/dl followed by 130 and 125. Several succeeding days using 3 strips showed also highly dubious results.

Waste of money!!!

Inaccurate readings!!! Always had to test 3x with this machine to know apprx sugar level, thing is it shows 3 diff readings too!!! Not to mention their poor working strips that usually shows Error or "E-6". 7 out of 10 strips are not working, such a waste of money at $46 if you dont have NDSS card.

Easy to use and accurate

I have had no issues with reading accuracy. After reading some of the comments on this monitor I did 3 blood glucose on different fingers and each hand with a .5 discrepancy.

The only downfall would be that you cannot download details of your readings onto an app. that may be helpful to show BG trends over time.

Was good but in recent days been giving to many up and down readings

I am another that has seen the unit go from being ok then the sugar levels go from 4.0 to 8.5 in 4 mins. Tonight it went from 6.0 to 16.9 in 4 mins. Can't trust the unit now. They were never this bad,

Wish I had of read the reviews in here as I've just ordered another unit. Chemistwarehouse has a sale on them. Could be why they are clearing them.

I get low blood sugar so need a reliable device to tell me when I need to eat something to get my sugar levels up.

What other sugar testing devices are out there please ?

Waste of money

The unit is user unfriendly. The instructions are bewilderingly long. There should be a warning that the needle cassette is one use only even if it fails to draw blood. It seems to be designed to be wasteful.

Inaccurate batches as well.

I found that not only do you get different readings from different fingers but if you use a strip from a different batch, the variation can be ridiculous. i.e. 4.9 from one batch and 8.3 from another drawing blood from the same finger one after the other. I can pig out on sweet stuff and get a low reading and abstain from sugars for a week and have high readings. Go figure.

Very concerned about accuracy

Until this morning I had no reason to doubt my Accuchek Performa (new late 2014). All the following readings are fasting levels. I was expecting a reading in the range 6 to 7 when I got up this morning, but it was 9.1. So I performed the check again. Second time it was 8.5. Then I did another check and it was 7.5. Then I went for a walk and it was 8.5 when I got back. This is not good enough. I have not been diagnosed diabetic and so I have adopted a vegan diet to try and control my blood sugar levels. I need accurate results. Having read other comments and watched a youtube clip of somebody having the identical experience to me. I would say this machine is not fit for purpose.

Accu check performa - terrible performance - avoid

I have bought 2 performa's and have received ongoing criticism from my Doctor for not getting my sugar levels down below 7.0 I was getting fluctuating readings as high as 12 to as low as 9. Finally I did three checks in a row on the same day from the same finger and got a 19.0 7.5 and 12.6. no wonder I cant get them down the machine was crook. I bought another because it easier to do that than argue with the supplier. Guess what - same result - wildly fluctuating results - today it was 7.4, 9.8 and 8.6 from the same finger at same time of day. Avoid this product its a waste of time and money.

Terribble customer service

We bought an Accu-check performa only to find out the CHIP in the performa was not COMBATIBLE with the strips (to test blood).
Rang 1800 on Thursday 16 October. They said they would send a UNIVERSAL chip as well as a new battery. The new battery arrived on Tuesday 21st but the packet did NOT contain chip. I rang and they said the chip was sent separately - it would come.
Thursday 23 October I rang to say CHIP had not arrived. They said I had missed the mail and it would be sent on Friday and would arrive Tuesday.
Tuesday 28. IT DID NOT.
Rang Tuesday 28 and said chip had been sent and I should AGAIN WAIT.
I said I want to speak to manager - was told she/he would ring back.
I said I would prefer to wait. After a while was told she was not available and would ring back. I am still waiting for phone call.

In short I don't trust a word they say!!!!!!

Easy to use and accurate

I have had no issues with this meter. It is quick, accurate and good value for money. Also very easy to use. I did not have the issues of getting differet readings from different fingers. Small compact case and esy to tansport around. Tip, buy from a chemist not a diabetees educator, I paid $80 for mine when they are only $40 at the chemist
So easy to use and reliable.
The only issue was the battery it came with went flat within the first week. Possibly it had just been sitting around for a while before it was sold.


I have the Accucheck Go and just bought the performa; the performa has results that are greatly inflated if I get an 8.0 on the Go I get up to a 12.0 on the performa I even get widely different results from differenet fingers. On 2 adjacent fingers I just had 11.8 and 10.4 whereas I got an 8.6 on my Go. I love the meter but had the differences. I contacted Roche who then went on to re-define what accuracy meant. I can get a vast difference between Performa meters, I should not compare Performa to Go, I can get vast differences between fingers and hands. SO MUCH FOR ACCURACY!!!

My treatment regimes are also so different for an 8.0 reading and a 12.0 reading.

Inshort I hate it, waste of money

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Qutub Abro: I agree with Brasso. Performa was given to me free by my GP. I have used it for for a year. Recently I became suspesion about its accuracy. I went to pathology for full blood test. I tested with Performa, then asked the nurse to take my blood for test. When the results came back, performa was way out. Therefore, later I tested on three fingers, the reading came in the range of 6.5 to 8.9. Then I used fingers from both hands. Same level of inaccuracy. Then I used three strips on sames finger. All three strips show same inaccuracy. Conclusion: I am going to throw away the meter, by Exceed, but keep the lansing device, as the lensing device that comes with Exceded is not that robust (Although, if it breaks down, they replace it).

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My accocheck performa showing very wrong result as high sugar levels. same time it shows lower result at hospital machine. What to do? i bought it within 6 months?
2 answers
Hi Ben, you need to go purchase another brand. I had no luck with these people all they want is to fob you off. Get yourself a freestyle optimum as I have had these for years and tried the accucheck but have gone back they will replace if anything is wrong and bend over backwards to help. Hope this helps.Thank you Morton. Your advise is valuable and thanks again.

I have the Accu-chek performance nano. One morning I was shocked to find my fasting reading at 6.8. I washed my hands and repeated with another finger, this time 6.0. Repeating it the third time gave a 6.3 reading. I spoke to Accu-chek on the phone and was told that it is acceptable if the reading varies by 2.0mmol/l. In other words, when my reading is normally 6.0, I should not panic if I get a reading of 8.0! Had anyone else had this experience? What is the use of testing when you can get such a big variance?
2 answers
That is exactly the information I have received as well and is my experience to boot. I find that the accucheck system is so varied in its readings as to be both unreliable and pointless. On any given day 3 blood tests can vary as much as 2.1mmol/l (which is my record variance) Why would we spend money undertaking checks with a blood metering system which has such extreme variations. It makes little to no sense at all and seems totally pointless to me. I am very anti this system (all systems actually) at the moment as at present I cannot find a system on the market that will provide a blood reading with a modicum of accuracy. I'm very disappointed I have wasted so much time and money on this.I have come to the conclusion that a single reading shouldn't be relied upon, however a series of readings that are in a range probably gives you a reasonable idea of where you are. I was around 7.5 and became vegan as a way of reducing my BGL and reversing my diabetes. I am now at around 5.5. I measure the fasting level every morning, so you can imagine how interested in this topic I am. After my experience above my initial objectives was to get "into the 6's". Once there I wanted to be "in the 5's", which is where I am now. Now I want to get into the 4's". I seem to be in the low 5's so I want better accuracy too. Anyway I would consider in individual readings as one only in a trend. Hope this helps.


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