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Very bad very crap


ACN nbn phone internet service is one of the most crap service. Do not get this otherwise you will only suffer no surfing.



They want to sell Franchise's not phone and internet!


These Guys are all franchisees or agents who run there "telephone company" from a laptop at home!....there website even tries to sell you a business partnership before they sell you internet or phone!? Be very sceptical of what back end services they can provide as they usually have NON and are at the mercy of the supplier there dealing with toget a problem fixed......now dont start me on the NBN pass the parcle shmarkle.....ISP has to go to NBN for all faults....NBN then sends a third party contractor.....contractor then fails to fix the issue and leaves, so you call back....ISP BLAMES NBN, NBN BLAMES CONTRACTOR FFS!...There is no accountability on anyone while we all keep paying for a service? NUFF SAID, OUT.



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Don't waste your time & $495


Hello folks,
please be careful before you signup for this so called financial freedom model. I joined because one of my close friend asked me. But I was very hard for me to convince myself that I can get better deals through ACN.
you might save $5 /month and to recover your $495 ...you can calculate your self. in addition to get good discount you need to spend more for eg: I was happy with My NBN #60 plan......through ACN it was costing around $90
so, don't get into this crap.

Effective Company


All Telco's and most corporate organisations have their ups and downs. ACN has partnered with many reputable companies around the world to deliver cost effective and efficient services. ACN's business model is designed for customers and independent business operators to win.

Fantastic Organisation


ACN is an organisation that was built on integrity and has stood the test of time in delivering competitive services. ACN has given many people from all races and religion the opportunity succeed and many have done through sheer hard work and dedication.



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welcome to the planet hell


I am having an absolute nightmare with these people. They think once you give them direct debit authority that can take any amount of money at anytime. Thinking about giving them a call and asking for refund? Good luck I have been doing this for more than 3 months now, it took me more than 10 hours, a so called manager, couple of supervisors and dozens of CS representatives to come to this point. I am still getting charged every now and then without receiving any invoices or notices for the extra money they take out of my bank account. I have contacted my bank and stopped direct debit already.

Very very unhelpful people. Stay away from this internet provider or experience the hell on earth.

Very bad service


Hi, I live in Bungarribee on second floor and nbn in first floor very bad connection and very bad customer service ones you take 1 year contract they don't care about you



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worst experience with a telecommunication company ever, absolutely no support, no getting back to you when they say they will... internet speed really bad, actually hardly any speed...talk about a mismanaged company, shall never recommend them to anyone.



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Happy with the service



Internet NBN working great


Billing has no issues, on direct debit! Service of great speed and no very satisfied to support Foodbank everytime we pay a bill.



Terrible, untrustworthy. Buyer beware.


We had an absolute terrible time with this company. Against our better judgement we signed up as a 'friend ' had become an independent business owner and peddled a lot of convincing sale jargon about savings etc.
Worst decision ever. We now have removed ourselves from this corporation (still licking our wounds) and sadly, our friendship will never be the same.
I believe all positive reviews here are from sellers. Buyer beware.

Very bad service and lot of lie.


Very bad service and they are lying lot , one my friend so call friend bring me in there , they charged me $499 for IBO, and phone service is very bad , i have business connection and i am suffering lot mostly i have issue Eftpos because net

Happy acn customer


All the services I have are fantastic ...electricity through click.... iPad with vodaphone..... and merchant services .... all great
Thankyou acn

worst Company ever


they say its Telstra broadband but its not its they have their own. they just lying to the people. worst customer service ever. ripping people off.


NickFraser Coast

  • Verified customer

cannot comprehend the bad reviews 2.0


I feel the same. I have the best service yet, and will NEVER deal with IINET, TELSTRA, DODO or IPrimus AGAIN.
I have unlimited and used 90+ Gig just YESTERDAY, and I'm VERY rural - No NBN here. I def dont work for them and am genuinely shocked of bad reviews... it MUST have something to do with the ppl, as opposed to the system. I'm in Fraser Coast Qld region and I have the mobile phone number of the technician.
Try getting that with a multi-national
I paid $80 connection - THAT"S IT. FREE HARDWARE. Unlimited net & Phone $110... Are u KIDDING? BARGAIN

Acn has ruined my life forever


Up yours acn you are crap, you suck in lots of people day after day. Crap house scammers and promise people but deliver only high achievers that bring their communities in people who actually work too hard and try get business you don't care about and still charge up yours, you have caused dramas and soon if the other half doesn't wake up you would have caused worst now you can offer money back instead of incentives to progress because then you take back and demote bull, end of review hopefully people take note, cause we don't need this scam in Australia our country.



Don't even try this company it's nonsense


It's a rip off they charged me 320$ for line connection even the service never worked, Internet is as slow as a slug, this company is a scam so stay away from it.


TeddyCoffs harbour

Excellent reliable service


I have ACN energy, ADSL and NBN services. Excellent and reliable. Highly recommended for everyone. Plus it is supporting local people.

October 5th 2017 Update: Cheap reliable. Great service

Totally satisfied. Great followup service and no issues to date. Notified when new pricing came out and easy to switch.

Do not sign with ACN




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Be warned...acn is A complete scam..


I am an acn ibo and I refuse to promote acn... I have received so many complaints from families and friends who signed up for essential services through me that I am embarrassed to promote this company. ..some complaints are..
..Getting billed repeatedly for months by acn although bill has been paid...
. To lodge a complaint with acn you have to pay
..getting billed by acn but no service has been provided is very common
...Adsl services are always pathetically slow and network failure common...
All in all acn grows through network marketing and trust...after you have entered into a contract then you see the reality...

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Questions & Answers

Chris Lako

Chris Lakoasked

Will get refund of my $500.00 if registered with acn?

1 answer

Don't understand what you mean? For the electricity?



Is this a legal company or a pyramid (illegal) company?

8 answers

Absolutely legitimate. www.acnpacific.com.au They provide great services with NBN, Click energy and Vodafone


I am not affiliated with ACN - only as a customer to support a friend who is an IBO.
I have NEVER had any issues with their services.
But seriously do you think Vodafone, Click Energy, Energy Australia and ADT Home Security (MAJOR providers) would partner with a company if it was an illegal scheme? I don't think so. ACN is a legit business. Before even becoming a customer I even researched it all...

Stewie G
Stewie G

I'm thinking you are correct.. they only on sell everything else...



I have just received a letter from Lock & Co. saying ACN Pacific owe me $231 from 2008. They are a holding co. and are insuring me the refund. I must of been an ACN customer? Can't remember back that far.

2 answers

I would say it is a Scam from another party.

1: Search Lock and Co in Google. Only in the UK i could find.
2: Unless it was very late in 2008 it is past the 7 year deadline for the refund
3: If you have moved, or otherwise changed details since you thought you were a customer they would have to invest to try and find you, which for $231 of free money for them would not be in there interests.


Yeah this will be a scam, if you did sign up with ACN there not the ones that bill you it is your service provider when/who ever you signed with.

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