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Acorn Rentals

Poorly managed rental

We asked for a Toyota Camry and then dropped off a Toyota Corolla hatchback. Didn't even bother to inform before bringing the car over.

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Hi John Dohhh. I am very sorry you didn't receive the vehicle you were expecting. I am wondering how this anomaly has occurred? Would you mind replying to a private message I am about to send you so I can identify your file and figure out what happened? Many thanks, Acorn Rentals Team.

Worst process to pick up the car

Beware : they wont come to pick the car , they wont setup a time to pick the car , they wont make a pick up booking a day in advance will just call u without any notice to pick the car, the worst customer care just say that someone will call u back and never get a call back.

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Hi Sunil. I have looked into your file and read the detailed file notes and log of all correspondence between our team and yourself. I can see that you requested we deliver you a replacement vehicle to to your panel shop at the time you were dropping your damaged vehicle off between 8:30 and 8:45 on July 2nd. Our drivers delivered to you one of our Toyota Corolla's to the panel shop which I can see you electronically signed for at 8:36 on that day. On July 10th you rang and asked that we collect the replacement vehicle at between 8:00 and 8:15 the following day or after 17:00. We advised that you were able to leave the car using lock up procedure at any location at any time convenient to you and we would pick up that day, however you were not happy to do so. We advised that we would call you back the following day and schedule a time that we would meet you in person. We attempted to call you to agree to a time suitable for you however could not reach you and we left a voice message that was not returned. We tried you again the following morning and were able to reach you and subsequently our drivers collected the vehicle from your workplace at 9:15 am that same day, as agreed with you. I am sorry that you found our efforts unsatisfactory and apologise for any inconvenience that you experienced. We always try to be as flexible as possible and provide the highest level of convenience for our customers, I am sorry you did not feel that was your experience. Kind regards, Acorn Rentals Team.

Standover and debt Collectors and not car rental

Acorn harass, use scare tactics and continually call chasing payments even after insurance company has agreed to pay (in an attempt to stop them harassing me). They will mail to you a copy of unsigned magistrate court document in an attempt to intimidate and attempt to be paid twice – once by your insurer and for the driver at fault. The rent rate is far in excess of rent rates from any other car rental companies.

Terrible Service

The customer service was disgusting and I would never recommend your company and the extra charges were not explained to me. How can you run a business like this anyway??????????

Scare Tactics by Acorn Rentals

Acorn use scare tactics to the at fault driver to pay for the over priced car rental. I did not agree to pay; was unaware of the not at fault driver getting a car, and had no say at any time. My Lawyers comments" They are taking a chance by sending me a final demand letter. They are taking a chance that some suckers will fall for it.

They should be barred from renting cars and this matter will be referred to the accc. They should be ashamed of this practise... Disgusted.

Make sure you fully check the car yourself.

Nice car on the inside, but check the car for damage not listed on the report as they will charge you for it. Rude management, this is how they make there money! Stay clear.

Do not promise what you can't deliver!!!

At the end of the day it boils down to keeping your promise. If you say it's like for like then deliver accordingly. My car is a Mitsubishi Pajero. It's a 4WD. The like for like equivalent in the Toyota range would be a Prado. What I got was a Camry. I don't see the likeness in that. I had already rang twice on 2 separate occasions (1wks and 2days beforehand) to ensure this was going to be the case but on the day when I was there to pick up the car I was advised once I rang up that no vehicle was available. I was not informed in advance. This has caused me great difficulty and hence I have taken the liberty to advise all my acquaintances not to use your service. I run a business and if I don't deliver on my promises I might as well not be in business. Will not be using you again.

Disgusted at letter received from Acorn' first and final letter of demand"

Acorn use scare tactics to the at fault driver to pay for the over priced car rental. I did not agree to pay ; was unaware of the not at fault driver getting a car , and had no say at any time. My Lawyers comments" They are taking a chance by sending me a final demand letter. They are taking a chance that some suckers will fall for it.

They should be barred from renting cars and this matter will be referred to the accc .They should be ashamed of this practise... Disgusted

Wasn't treated nice. Car was dilivered to me at 8:30 pm

Very deceiving staff and not happy with the way I was treated in terms of privacy and disclosing my personal information. Asking for my personal information from my panel beater by deceiving them as well.
Car was delivered to me at 8:30 when it meant to be at 1:00pm. Missed my appointments.


This business is the worst, customer service non existent, spoke to Rob in Melbourne and was an arrogant person with no respect, staff member who dropped off the car had a shaved head, tattoos and rude aggressive attitude, car was late and dirty, damaged, scratches all over it and smelt of body odour, even though it only had 4000 km on it, try another company with proper staff who respect the customer.

Terrible service

Service's been good until car delivery. I missed a call from them due to work and called back in about 10 mins at about 1 PM on the agreed delivery date. Nobody picked the phone. So I left message but nobody replied in an hour. I called again and left message again. Finally, someone picked up the phone when I called them the third time. Then he said since I didn't pick up their phone, so they can't confirm I still needed the car that day, which resulted they're not able to send me a car on the agreed day and only to be the next day instead. How ridiculous! They're not listening to my explanation at all and said there're two things I could do. One, wait for the car tomorrow. Second, cancel the application. I chose the later option and went for another company.

If I could, I would rate no star, instead of one.

Horrible service go elsewhere

I asked to speak to manager and I was told she was sick. So I spoke to someone whom told me I was lying about the service? and she was just as rude......
There are plenty more of these hire car places to go... And I am!
My advice... Go elsewhere....


I was involved in a car accident that wasn't my fault and referred to Acorn by my panel beater. Once my online application was submitted I recieved a phone call from Acorn informing me that as RAA was the insurance company of the "party at fault" if I wished to proceed I should be prepared to go to court as Acorn and RAA had an ongoing dispute over past payments. I was also informed that if I did not appear in court then I would be liable for the payment of the rental costs. My question is :- if there is a dispute between Acorn and RAA why bring any prospective customer, who has nothing to offer, into a possible court case. Not good business or marketing practice.


We were in a collision, not at fault. Having used Acorn before, the next day I phoned to make an application. After 2 days of constantly calling and them telling me they'd call me back straight away, I lodged an online application. Still no response. A day later I rang and was told I should have an email (I didn't). Over the course of the next several days I rang a multitude of times, I was given varying excuses from 'you're next in line to be called', or 'we'll call you in the next 10 mins' to 'we're waiting to hear back from your insurance company' (they shouldn't have even HAD to ring my company. I was never once called back. I also attempted email contact. By the time 9 days had passed, and I had been fobbed off yet again (this time they were blaming AAMI, the at fault drivers insurance for having long call waiting periods) I wrote a very scathing complaint. Finally, I got a call back. Only to tell me despite their advertising that they will provide the car for all insurance companies, that AAMI haven't been paying ACorn back their car hire costs, so they couldn't do anything for me. It took them NINE DAYS to explain that. Quite simply the most frustrating and incompetent customer service experience I think I've ever had!!

Poor customer service, poor response times, inaccurate information, uninformed staff.

Dont listen to their customers, dont seem to be bothered if you want something thats a diversion fro

3rd party hits our car whilst we are stationary at junction. My insurance company says no fault claim and one of their agents suggests Acorn. I look at their website and like the concept as its low risk to me having to pay car rental fees whilst mine is being fixed. Fill out the form. No issues. Then I contact them a couple of days later and talk to an agent about the fact that we need a 6 seater ( I have 4 kids). They say they dont have one at that time but could we compromise. I agree we could get away with a 5 seater in the short term. A few days later a date is agreed and they suggest a Corolla ( please......, my wife a 17r old, a 15 yr old a 12 yr old and 10 yrs old) is not going to cut it for these 5. I say I'll talk to my wife who calls them back and she says no we need a bigger car as a corolla is too small and considering recent events does not feel safe in such a small car . Wife turns up at repair shop and a corolla is there which she rejects. We call Acorn back and explain again why a corolla is no good and they say a 7 seater will be avaialble next week. Next week comes and goes . We call Acorn again and ask where the 7 seater is. " still not available". Agent then proceeeds to try and get her accept a.... Yes you've guessed it.. Corolla. She explains (again) why its too small (and why). Agent then tries to get her to accept a ... YARIS!!!! ,thats smaller than a Corolla - Jeez what planet are these people on,!!!. She asks after the 7 seater and is told it might be available next week. We wait another couple of days, no phone call from Acorn, no update no nothing, we give up. Book a hire car through Thrifty and cancel the Acorn order. What a waste of time and effort. We did all the chasing, talk about make you feel your custom isn't valued. Whoever started this company should be crying into their beer , a fantastic concept and opportunity destroyed by naff service.
liked the concept of it taking the hassle away from the customer
Rubbish customer experience, they did'nt deliver. It was a total hassle - major Fail

Most unprofessional and difficult to deal with company ever!

I submitted an online application, by the afternoon I had not heard anything, so I called them. They asked me what the receipt number is, I said I did not get one. She said I should have an email, I said I didnt have one. Then, she could not find my application by my name or my registration. When I advised that I definately did it and the website gave me a message to say it went through, she then asked me my suburb, and was then able to find it. She then did something and sent me the email reciept. Which just says the application is in progress and they will get back to me and did not give a timeframe. I think it is important that when you have no transport, you know when you might be getting transport!

Anyway, she then repeated to me the exact same information that was in the email, that it was in progress and they would get back to me. I said that I really needed to know what that meant, whether it was that day, in a couple of days or in a week, etc, because I had a current rental car and needed to know whether to extend that rental or not. Preferring, of course, not to be out of pocket if possible. She said she didnt know, that they didnt have any cars and didnt know when any cars would come in. She would not budge from this.

I eventually asked to speak to a supervisor, as I was completely incredulous by this time, and was put onto another lady. I advised that all I wanted was to be given some sort of indication of how long I would be waiting, whether it would be a day, a few days, a week, etc. I was advised that there was no way that they could give me that information, that I could be waiting a couple of days, I could be waiting a month. That they didnt want to make any promises in case it came back on them if it didnt work out. She also said that the insurance companies were really hard to work with, and that, particularly with GIO (the insurer of the person who hit me), it could get really complicated. So, interesting handball of responsibility to a business partner! Wonder if the insurers realise that Acorn staff are speaking about them like this!

At this point, my head is reeling, and I tell her that I have no idea how they run a business this way! She advised that they are not a business, they are a service. I advise that I do not feel that it is very professional and to please delete my application because I need something a bit more concrete, and could not work with them (note, I was in an open plan office at the time, my place of work, so I was certainly not being inappropriate). She got nasty with me, said they didnt want to work with me either, and hung up on me.

I honestly do not know how they can expect people to just be okay with not knowing whether they will get a car or not, for periods of up to one month! Much easier to go to the traditional car rental places and pay up front. At least you will know you will get a car and professional service.
I like the concept.
Utterly impractical and unprofessional

Questions & Answers

My husbands car was ran into while it was parked, out insurance has advised us not to drive it until it is assessed which is the 4th jan due to being christmas. They have paid excess to their insurance but thweir insurance is telling us we have to pay for the hire car first then they will reimburse me, which is so wrong when we arent at fault. What is the process on getting a car through you please? my isnurance company has forwared your detaisl on, cheers, Kirby
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Good Morning Kirby, I can either send you an application form to your email, you can apply on our website http://acornrentals.com.au/not-at-fault-application-form/ or please contact our head office on 1300 22 6767. Kind regards, Acorn Rentals

Do you have an office at the Gold Coast?
1 answer
Hi Joan, we do not have an office at the Gold Coast however we deliver vehicles there from our Brisbane branch. Hope this answers your question. Regards, Aaron

Hi, have just been reading through some of your shining reviews. However I am interested in hiring a campervan, do you hire campers at all?
1 answer
Good Morning Joe, Unfortunately we do not have camper vans. We apologize for any inconvenience. Kind Regards, Acorn Rentals

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