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Hello If you are a BUPA registered business, we can claim from our Pvt Health Care insurance. Can you please advise..? Thank You
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Does the machine have a clip to attach it to a belt or pants in case you don't have a pocket e.g. When you are walking around at home in pj's etc?
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No it doesn't

Hi would a tens machine help I fell an have major fractures to my knee been in a brace for 5 weeks now with minimum of 4 to go, I have screws inserted and scarring. Can the machine be used for the muscles on my leg and the pain or would it be too soon to use it?
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It would probably best to check with a dr or a physio or acupuncturist as if uve had surgery and pins m stuff. Good luckHi Penny You can certainly use it to strengthen the muscles in your leg as well as relieve the pain in your leg. It is worth discussing this with your doctor as he/she will most likely be developing your pain management plan. Look into the SportsMed product as it is suitable for both pain relief and muscle strengthening.Thank you for your advise Jarrod I will check with my doctor.

It says in information, you can even use it overnight. So how long does the battery last before it needs recharging, if you started with a fully charged battery. The battery itself, what is its lifespan, how many times can you recharge? Is it a battery that can be recharged anytime, or do you need to wait for it to be flat to recharge? The Activbody Tens Machine sounds terrific, but want to know more about the battery, before I buy.
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Yes our TENS machines can be used overnight. We suggest low intensity for several hours provides best benefit for most people. The battery is designed to shut off after 8 hours of continual use. It takes approximately 3-4 hours to fully charge, then it lasts approximately 20-24 hours depending on the intensity you have it on, so the battery will not run flat overnight. You can recharge it as often as you like and you don't need to wait for the unit to go flat. The battery manufacturers suggest the battery life is 3 years, however most of our customers find they last on average around 4-5 years. We can replace the battery and service the machine when it is needed for $25 (current as at April 2014). We have many happy customers who use the ActivBody TENS machine daily.

Do I have a trial period, how does one use it and how much does it cost?
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Hi Jan, thanks for your question. We don't provide a "trial period" as such – but we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee. (Very few are ever returned to us). ActivBody is $220 but if you have private health insurance (with extras cover) most funds will provide a rebate (eg. BUPA provides up to $175 back). ActivBody is simple to use. Simply stick the adhesive pads to your skin either side of the pain (for example, your lower back), connect the lead from the pads to the control unit and press the button a few times. See here for more details:– www.activlifetech.com.au/managing-your-pain/more-info/back/ www.activlifetech.com.au/how-tens-works/ I hope this is of help to you Jan.

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