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Adria Altea 402PH

Adria Altea 402PH

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Very pleased with our little 402PH!

Great use of space. Everything works well. Love the large 3 way fridge. Very easy to tow. Although positioned above the fridge, the microwave is really useful.
The awning could be a bit longer, but winds out and in easily. The struts can be attached in clips on the side of the van, or anchored vertically to the ground.
Very happy so far.

Floor PlanStandard

Lovely light van with a few niggly problems

This is a well finished van it has what we wanted onboard toilet, shower, good size double bed, air conditioning with heaps of storage space.
It’s easy to tow lightweight we tow with a Hyundia ix35 and it has no problems doing it.
I have done some modifications like shortened the dining table by 300mm to give is some more space then added a fold down work bench extension.
Like it has been mentioned before we are having power issues which we have started to manage by not having the hot water heater on all the time and if we are on a site which has extra power outlets we run a second lead to use out side. The blinds are at best crap we have complains but the fix lasted up to the next bump when the blind just rattled down never to rise again. We are thinking of removing the blind and replacing with curtains. -update - We have replaced the blinds as Sydney RV at Penrith does not return calls and we did not wish to continue with the stress it was causing us. This of course does make us think twice about having our van serviced by this dealer - will we get the service we pay for when we don’t get the product we bought from them fixed - We did have the hose on the hand basin split and drain water into the under bed storage area until discovered by my daughter camped next to us, must admit the dealer fixed it very quickly but the blinds no such luck.
We added an annex which has given us extra out side space and a private storage space at night.
Generally when towing this van has behaved as expected, braking is not an issue with the overriding brakes working well going down Bulli Pass and down Cunningham Gap.
We changed the antenna as it was hopeless, we also added a rear view camera and it has made backing and towing much easier.
Overall it’s a nice van clean looking well insulated and warm on cold nights with a great air conditioner for hot summer days

Floor Plan402PH

Great van but beware of after sales support or lack thereof

Love my 402PH Sport - it is well built, has great space and plenty of storage, perfect for a couple with separate shower and toilet. Light weight and easy to tow with a small SUV without electric brakes.

Plenty of storage and very light and airy. The build quality and finish is excellent so on all fronts a great caravan at a reasonable price.

The Adria comes with a 24 month Warranty for the van, 7 years Water Ingress Warranty provided it is serviced by an Adria agent every 12 months and manufacturer warranty in fittings such as stove, fridge, air conditioning etc.

Now the bad news !! My van is only 2 months old and I have some warranty issues, not major problems but annoying enough to warrant correction.

On contacting Apollo in Brisbane (the Australian Importers and Agents) where I purchased the van, I was surprised to be referred to third parties to undertake the warranty work required. This was the start of a frustrating ordeal.

I had to book the van with two third party companies to cover body warranty by one and inclusions (water heater, fridge etc) by the other. I had to wait 3 weeks to have my hot water heater attended to and 5 weeks to have the van issues looked at.

After speaking with the Water Heater supplier when making the booking for service, I fully explained the problem to one of their service technicians and he indicated he knew exactly what the problem was 3 weeks before I delivered the van to be fixed. On arriving at the service centre I again spoke to a device technician and explained my problem. His answer - “oh that’s the valve after the water heater and we can’t cover that under warranty” and I was directed to speak to Apollo.

On confirming my appointment to have the other issues rectified I was informed by the third party that they would have quote on the work required and have it approved by Apollo before any work could commence. Therefore I would have to make another appointment to have the work done. I assume I will have to wait another 5 weeks before any work can start.

On contacting Apollo to see if I could get some priority support I was simply informed by them that this was the norm. Effectively like it or lump it!!

At this stage I have had my van for 6 weeks and have not been able to have a hot shower because the system does not work. I cannot leave my van door open as the catch is insufficient to hold it open in a wind, I have doors that swing open when travelling spilling contents everywhere, I have broken fittings (present when the van was delivered), lights that don’t work and numerous other (small but annoying) items that need addressing. At this rate of delay my warranty will expire before I get anything fixed.

My jubilation in buying and taking delivery of my brand new van and spending many happy days travelling this great country have unfortunately soured due to Adria’s Australian Agent being unable (or unwilling ?) to provide good after sales support.

In summary, a great product, well built and optioned but let down by poor after sales customer service.

Floor Plan402 PH Sport

I've had a summer with this van now and still very pleased with it...

Have come back to update this review as I'm now six months in and as many trips, and the Altea 402PH continues to impress. I must say the best thing about this van is it's compact size and low weight. It has all the features of a larger van, but is small enough to fit in the tightest sites, tows easily and economically with a medium sized SUV, and stores under my car port. I tow it with a 2.2 litre diesel Landrover Discovery Sport and at gross weight of 1600kgs I can cruise effortlessly at 100km/h for hours on end and get an average of 12 L/100kms fuel consumption.

I've used it both at caravan parks where I'm plugged into power and water, and also 'free' camping relying on gas/battery and the built-in water tank. The Altea performs well in both situations, although it's small size and limited water capacity means that showering, cooking, and doing the washing up is a bit of a compromise when free camping - but still heaps better than a tent/camper trailer! It comes with all the essentials already included, and good European and Australian brands too such as Dometic, Camec, and Thetford, and is still about 10K cheaper than similar locally made vans where lots of things cost extra. This is definitely not an off-road van though, no matter what the salesman may tell you about being "semi-offroad" and being "designed for Australia". It's a touring caravan with a few mods for Australia, consisting of a slightly heavier gauge chassis, larger wheels to give it a bit more clearance, and slap on a bit of checker plate down the sides. However, many Oz built vans that claim to be off-road are no better, and the Altea seems to be built very well and so should handle our roads and the occasional gravel track as well or better than a lot of them!

Things I particularly like - well built and well insulated; quality branded equipment; the under bed reverse cycle aircon instead of a roof mounted one; clever fold-away wash basin in the toilet; dinette converts to full size bed; large three way fridge; Alko hitch with built in stabiliser and override brakes instead of electric ones, so don't need an electric brake controller; clever use of space and lots of storage in such a small van; simple but elegant interior design. In fact - if Ikea made caravans this is what it'd be like!

Things not so good - no range hood coupled to cheap smoke alarm means lots of false alarms; awning and window blinds a bit flimsy; stereo speakers small and tinny; no water tank gauge or internal USB outlets (though strangely there are two on the outside); door catch doesn't hold it open in strong winds, no pre-wiring for solar. [Update: I've now solved most of the above issues by making modifications myself, but it would have been nice not to have to!] But the worst thing about it is nothing to do with the caravan itself, but the Australian distributor - Apollo RV. Even before you've bought it they aren't interested in offering any options - wouldn't even consider adding a solar system or an annex. Then once you've purchased it gets worse - slow and unhelpful responses to my queries, unable/unwilling to source spare parts from the factory - seems they just don't care, which is a shame because otherwise it's a very good caravan and I would have given it five stars.

3rd caravan and easily the best

Good quality
Good value
Easy to tow
Has all the features of a much larger caravan . Plenty of storage and excellent fridge. 130 litre fresh water tank and 80 litre grey tank makes good for freedom camping

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Questions & Answers

Anyone towing an Adria (mine is a 402PH Sport) with a BMW X3 ? I am having all sorts of issues with my onboard computer which BMW can’t seem to solve. They have replaced the wiring loom but I still get error messages indicating all sorts of faults eg airbags failed, pedestrian safety failed, seat belts failed, cruise control stops working etc Any help much appreciated.
2 answers
Hi Does this happen when towing- maybe you need to get your wiring check on the car plug or just get rid of the Bemmer and get a real car.Easy, you're most likely don't have a caravan wiring plug MODULE fitted to your car, the module draws very little current through the car computer thus stopping errors appearing and causing havoc to the car Inside a module box is basically approximately 4 miniature relays (brakes, lights, blinkers and reverse lights) the relays divert the power draw directly to the battery and not through your computer...a module is approximately 200 bucks

A member recently posted that they thought that it would be a good idea to fit an Anderson plug to run the fridge from the car when travelling. Is the 12 pin plug good for charging the battery but all so run the fridge, therefor eliminating the Anderson plug except for charging the battery from a solar panel.
3 answers
Hi I have had my van for about 10 months and the 12 pin plug works a treat in the older system 7 pin plug was used to just run the fridge and not the battery but the 12 pin has a thicker wire on the wire for the fridge so it does not overload the smaller wire and if wired correctly they should use an isolation solenoid so when you switch off your engine the van is isolated and does not drain your car battery. I hope this helps. I would use the 12 pin. I have.Great Joe, thank you for this information.The short answer is that it will work with the standard 12 pin trailer plug and wiring, but not very well. If you only use the caravan for short trips and/or stay in caravan parks plugged into 240V power then it should be fine and you can stop reading here. But, if you're planning to use it for extended tours and camp off-grid then there's more you need to consider... The 12 pin trailer plug has an always live wire (pin 8) and an ignition switched live (pin 9) from your car, which should be connected to the caravan battery (orange wire) and fridge (grey wire) respectively. However, the standard wiring fitted by the car and caravan manufacturers is pretty small (usually only 2.5mm2), as it's all about saving weight and money for them. The downside to this is a phenomenon called voltage drop, which is inversely proportional to the size of wire, and causes the 14.4 volts your alternator puts out to drop to more like 11.5 to 12V by the time it gets to the caravan (the rest is lost as heat in the wiring and any points of resistance like the trailer plug). Worse still, many recent cars have so-called "smart' alternators, which can reduce output to as low as 12.5v to save fuel and reduce emissions, which after voltage drop only leaves you with about 10.5V at your caravan. The reason this matters is because the battery in your caravan needs more than 14v to charge properly, so the result is that it charges very slowly and/or never reaches full. That may not be a problem if your style of caravanning means you've fully charged it off the mains before you left, and plug straight back into mains at a caravan park when you arrive. But, if you travel off grid and leave one bush camp site with an already low battery and turn up at the next expecting your battery to have re-charged during the journey, you'll be in for a nasty surprise. That's why experienced tourers run a much thicker wire (about 16mm2 is best) between the car battery and the caravan, and through Anderson plugs because the standard 12 pin plug can't take wire that thick. This reduces voltage drop to a negligible amount and ensures their battery is receiving the full voltage from the alternator, and therefore is getting a good charge while on the road. But, if you have a smart alternator then the voltage at your battery can still be too low to charge the battery properly even with the larger wire, so you may need both the larger wire and a DC/DC charger, which can boost the voltage to the level needed by the battery. Voltage drop also affects the other wire feeding the fridge, but luckily the fridge isn't as sensitive to voltage as it's just a dumb resistive heating element (yes - absorption type fridges heat to cool!) so it's performance can be adequate. However, it would certainly cool better if it too could get around 14v, so people who install a larger wire and Anderson plugs for charging the battery can also use it for the fridge - so it replaces both the original wires. Sorry for the long answer, but as you can see it's not a straightforward yes or no, and really depends on the way you are going to use your caravan, and your willingness to install new wiring.

Do owners run fridge 12v when on the move?
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Hi We always run on 12v when towing but you need to have your 12 pin plug wire to do this. You should have it so that when you plug the van in it will not start on 12 v until the engine is running so you don’t flatten the battery. Don’t ever run your fridge on gas whilst driving it against the law to do so. Just in case you have an accident so you don’t have an ignition source.


Altea 402PH
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