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Adria Altea 552UP

Adria Altea 552UP

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No Spare Parts

Warning do not buy and overseas import as parts are not available, not even a rim for a tyre. Adria has a shocking reputation for supplying parts. Apollo who are the dealers in Brisbane are totally useless. If you buy one of these brands such as Adria be prepared to have no backup at all.

Purchased in May 2008.

Love our Adria Altea 552 UP Sport

We have had a Adria for just over 12 months and find it excellent. We tow it with a Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit. It now has about 10,000Km on the clock. Initially we took it on a number of shorter trips from home in Canberra to Queensland, through NSW and Eastern Victoria. We are currenty 8 weeks into a trip through the top end and the west coast. So far, so good - not a problem. While we mainly stick to sealed roads we have driven a number of gravel roads and taken it through some shallow (~50cm) water crossings. When going off the hard stuff, we do drop the tyre pressures. Being a lightweight, it is easy to tow and we find sitting on 100km/h we are getting 13 to 14 litres per 100km. Encountering roads trains has not been an issue as we find no wind effect when overtaking or being passed. We have only had one instance of needing to stop quickly and on that occasion it stopped in a straight line with no sway. If we do have a criticism, it is that the window struts often jam.

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Off Road Company Claim

I have just taken my new Atria 552UP Sport onto a gravel road recommended by local tourism advisers to view wildflowers in WA. I purchased the van on the suppliers assurance the Sport was suitable for gravel roads. The actual experience was shattered glass doors in bathroom, toilet door coming off hinges, drawers jumping security catchers, toilet cassette trying to force its way through side door, failed window blind and catches.

5 Star Caravan for Families or Retirees – Perfect!

It took us months of caravan researching to fine our perfect van, we purchased the Adria Altea 552 UP Sport in March 2018 from Apollo in Brisbane. The service and support at purchase was excellent, we have yet to need after sales service but will review this when we do. Ours is a late 2017 model with a layout that would suit a family of 4 or a couple, meeting our requirement of a van with the flexibility to transition from family holidays to retirement.

We are writing this review after our first trip and could not be happier. This van has a high clearance (300mm), is super light (Tare 1440kg ATM 1920 Payload 480kg) and very easy to tow (AL-KO hot dipped galvanised chassis). The quality, fit & finish are outstanding, the storage is excellent. The windows are large and really well positioned around the club lounge and island bed which means comfortable airy sleeping. The windows are very easy to open and close from inside or outside once unlocked. The two skylights are well designed so when opened there is protection from all but the heaviest rain. It is well serviced with battery monitor, power points and USB charging points.

All the heavy weight is positioned over the axle, the kitchen, bathroom and 130 litre water tank. Packing the van was so easy with the under-van storage accessible right through the van to both sides. You can also access all this storage inside from under the club lounge seats. We weighed our tow ball weight fully laden at 110kg. Empty it is around 90kg and the maximum allowable tow ball weight is 120kg.

The large club table is fantastic for preparing meals, it can be taken outside if needed and can easily be dropped down to make a very large bed for two adults or three small people. Our two teenagers rated this bed as super comfy. The storage around the club lounge area is plentiful, the open shelf is very handy for books, games, torches, sunglasses etc. The overhead cupboards are large as is the switchboard cupboard. The TV (both 12 & 240 volt) is on an extendable arm so it can be viewed from either end or removed and attached to a fitting under the awning.

The Kitchen is practical and very easy to use, a good size sink and three gas hotplates both have covers extending the bench space. The oven/grill works well and the draws and cupboards are spacious and easy to access. The 3 way fridge is huge and you can even remove the freezer if you want. We used a max/min thermometer to monitor the fridge which remained steady on 3 degrees and the freezer on -18 degrees.
The bathroom is a combo shower toilet with amazing storage, large mirror and double power point. The sink pulls down and is nice and large, the hot water works within minutes of switching on. Spacious enough to use as a change room and the opaque window perfect for ventilation. There is no water level monitor however it is very easy to see the water level from the rear of the van and with 130 litres this is not an issue at all.

The extra-large island bed is really comfy and the under bed storage is especially well designed with each side lifting separately, making access a breeze. The bedroom is separated from the rest of the van by a pull across concertina blind, great when travelling with four. The door side under bed area stores a compact reverse cycle air-conditioner which is very quiet. The side and overhead bed storage is ample, we put in an additional shelf on both sides just below the power point block height, this was for convenience as we really don’t hang much up and it makes the cupboards even more easy to use.

A few other additions we made to further improve our van: We installed a plug for our solar panels (Apollo arranged this for us before pick up @ $190). We also put removable sticker hooks on either side of the bed to hang a couple of small knitted baskets from K Mart ($7) that hold tissues, phones, glasses etc. We changed the large cutlery insert for a smaller one making the top draw easily able to store cutlery, tea towels, coffee mugs, tea/coffee/sugar, serviettes and more.

In summary the Adria Altea 552 UP Sport is perfect, we hope this review is helpful with your van searching!

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ADRIA: Good product, Bad service & support

Our Altea 552UP has served us very well over 2.5 years & travelled around 35,000kms.
Design & build quality is good & is holding up very well to Australian conditions.
As with many other reviews, service availability & standard is extremely poor; at Dealer & Distributor level.
I would necessarily qualify recommending this product due to very poor customer support.
It should be noted that Apollo’s sales centre in Melbourne does not have a service facility!

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Questions & Answers

We have a brand new 552up and the water stops working when hooked up on town water and we keep losing hot water
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I would like to use my solar panel to charge the battery through the 12 pin plug. Is this a good idea? What's the usual set up for solar on these caravans. My solar is a portable panel. Regards, Don.
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Hi Don, I haven’t set up a solar panel system yet, as it hasn’t been necessary. I think the most common method is through an Anderson plug. However, using your 12 pin plug is worth considering. Make sure you have a proper charge controller though. I suggest you put the question ot there on some other caravan forums, for example, Everything Caravan and Camping. Regards, BuppaHi Don, although it can be done, I would not recommend using the twelve pin plug to attach your solar for two reasons:- 1. The wires from your 12 pin trailer plug do not go direct to the van battery, they go thorough some smarts in the caravan (called a habitation relay) which automatically disconnects all the 12V loads in the van when there's power to the trailer plug, and only lets the car charge the van battery and run the fridge. This is a requirement so that any problems with the electrics in the van won't affect electronic safety features in the car. When you plug your solar into the 12 pin plug instead of the car it doesn't know the difference so the same thing happens, the battery will charge but you can't use any of the 12V electrics in the caravan such as lights! 2. The wires from the 12 pin plug are quite long and quite small (2.5mm2), which increases resistance and the losses from your solar. To get the best performance from your solar the wire run should be as short as possible, and using as heavy gauge wire as practical (I use 6mm2 external to the van and 10mm2 inside). For these two reasons it is better to connect your solar direct to the battery terminals rather than through the 12 pin trailer socket. You can use an Anderson plug to easily plug and unplug, and will also need a suitable fuse in the circuit, and a solar charge controller as unregulated solar from anything but the smallest of panels will overcharge the battery and kill it pretty quickly.

Hi, on my 552up the corrugated hose from the fold down sink is cracked and leaking. Any thoughts on how to repair it? Is it possible to remove the panel below the sink to gain access to the pipe. Mike H
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