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What a surprise.

Purchased this blower in combo with the line trimmer which was a great saving. It was still a lot of money for us and at the time we were considering cheaper alternatives as well as corded. So pleased we didn't. I would recommend this blower for its ease of use. The variable speed is indispensable. It can blow the smallest amount of air for tight corners when you don't want everything to just blow everywhere or it can move a great volume of debris very quickly on full air. It's easy to use. No messing with cords. Has great battery life. I haven't timed it but we have used the charge in one battery for the line trimmer and then swapping to the blower to clean up. Maybe 40 minutes or more. We have a 600m2 house block with extensive paving and lawn areas (inc large council verge area). We have small format pavers and gave up on using a broom. That's why we purchased this blower and it hasn't disappointed us.

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