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Amazing Job! Very organized builder!

It was a great experienced building our first home thru Affordable Living Homes. We’re so glad that we put our trust building our home with them. It was a hassle-free building process. From selecting the floor plan and picking the block that we wanted, including the variations, up to construction and inspection, they have the experienced and friendly staff to always help you with whatever you need. We will definitely recommend them to my friends. It was a pleasure working with you guys.

Construction End DateJun 2018

A good start to build a house with

It was well planned and built with well chosen materials with the help of their very accommodating and supportive team. Adam was all support from the start till the key was handed. He's all ears with all our concerns and always has ways to deal with it. His incomparable professionalism and down to earth personality were the were a huge help for us to have a smooth sailing building.
We will gladly and confidently recommend affordable living to our friends since we had a very satisfying result.

Construction End DateJun 2018

Affordable living homes

Affordable Living Homes has been a great experience and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to build a new home. Adam,Emma,Sue,leane, Brian did a great job in building my house. The finished product was excellent. The build was so well managed, I had very little to follow up on, I was always kept well informed of the progress of the build.

Construction End DateJun 2018

Great first home building experience!

After hearing of so many bad experiences with other builders, naturally we were quite nervous. Being kept informed on how the build was going via the online progress tracker is a great way to be updated without having to drive past the property on a regular basis. Any questions or problems we had were quickly resolved. We were given a definite finish date early on during the build, which we were a bit skeptical about. Before we knew it our PCI meeting came up and there was not a lot to fault. Our home was complete and looked amazing. After having our final inspection, handover was done a week ahead of schedule! We can’t thank our team, Haydn, Emma, Andy and Cathy, enough for providing us with exceptional service and making the whole building process go as smoothly as it did.
For us, building with Affordable Living Homes has been a great experience and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to build a new home!!

Construction End DateMar 2018

Affordable Living Homes

I am quite pleased with the build of Affordable Living Homes. From start to finish, they were really supportive and explained a lot of the process in a manner that I could wrap my head around. Kudos to Todd, Cathy, and Michael who handled my project. They are also receptive to the suggestions of my independent building inspector. All in all, even with minor hiccups, I am satisfied with Affordable Living Homes.

Construction End DateJan 2018

An awesome new home

The finished product was excellent. The build was so well managed, I had very little to follow up on, I was always kept well informed of the progress of the build. Customer service from all staff that I was involved with was very good. All aspects of the process were managed exceptionally well, from sales, to product selection and construction.

Construction End DateDec 2017

Smooth Process and Beautiful Home

We love our home and thoroughly enjoyed the build process. Had heard many scary stories from others about how stressful building a house was before we started on this journey, but we were proved wrong! We spoke to many companies and found Affordable Living to be the first to not push you into signing up on the first meeting. Jai was super helpful and guided us through the process very well and with great knowledge. You have to expect a few small hiccups, but they were fixed straight away with no worries. Took a little over 5 months from slab down to keys, couldn't have been happier with how little time it took and how fast it went. Would happily recommend anyone to definitely think about speaking to Affordable Living if you are wanting to build an affordable but gorgeous home. Thanks again to everyone involved.

Construction End DateAug 2017

Affordable Living is awesome!

We are absolutely thankful we found this company through Dean. All my friends had negative experiences with other builders and would never recommend them to anyone, we on the other hand have nothing but good words with ours.
We had a lot of selections to chose from for our home and we are very satisfied with the materials.
Staff are amazing and they guide you through everything. Much thanks to Kimberly, Cathy Jessica of Finance 365, and especially to Adam for making the overall process smooth and pleasant.
I would absolutely recommend anyone to build their dream home with Affordable Living.

We are excited to move to our new home!

Construction End DateDec 2019

A dream come true

I can't gloat enough about how smooth my entire building process was with Affordable and how gorgeous my brand new home is! Every single person I dealt with was incredibly helpful. From Carlo as my consultant, Ian as my broker at Finance 364, to the office girls Leanne & Sue, Emma as my Prestart consultant, and Jarrad as my Site Supervisor- I couldn't have escaped the rent trap without any of them, but especially Carlo. He went above and beyond to get me into my own home.

I'm extremely happy with the workmanship on the house. Jarrad was very helpful throughout the build process and anything he wasn't happy with got redone. I knew the whole build process that my house was in good hands, which was a relief because it wasn't easy for me to visit site too often.

I still need to pinch myself- it is still hard to believe this beautiful house is actually now my home! A huge heartfelt thankyou to Carlo & Affordable Living Homes. You've changed my life!

Construction End DateOct 2017

Excellent Service-I would recommend to a friend

Very good workmanship. Me and my family are very happy with the finished building-our home. The quality is great- just to the same standard as one of they display houses they showed us. We wanted the same quality for our house and we got that -Great quality.

I was never at any time worried about the building progress because I was always kept informed of the progress. Once the building process started it was easy to follow the progress through the Affordable Living Home Progress Tracker.

Very impressive customer service and support throughout from the Affordable Living Homes and personnel that we had to deal with but I would like to specifically acknowledge Carlo Coelho. I was very impressed by the constant communication he maintained with us throughout the whole building process. I was always kept informed of next stages and any queries We had were attended to in a timely manner.

Construction End DateOct 2017

Nick has been excellent!

Overall everything has been excellent, helpful and informative. Where we had questions they were answered promptly either by Nick or Julie.
We thank you once again. The range we had to choose from for flooring, blinds, and tiling were amazing. We thought it wouldn’t be good quality materials used but it was.
We are extremely excited and happy and will highly recommend to friends and family.

Construction End DateMay 2018


So glad I went with affordable living they went above and beyond to help you out, ten out of ten for customer service great people to deal with couldn’t be more happier with the house I’m running out of things to say so I’ll just say go with affordable living I’m sure it’s the best decision you will make And once again thanks.

Construction End DateOct 2017

Amazing company

Affordable living is a very professional company and we could not be happier with our new house. For the first time we spoke with Jai Thomas, he was professional and took time to listen to what we wanted in our first house, he was flexible and was able to work around our busy schedule. All the staff we encountered were friendly and knowledgeable. Affordable living kept us informed at every stage and let us know what to expect, would recommend them to anybody looking to build a house.

Construction End DateSep 2017

Great quality homes! Great Price! Great Service!

I have built with Affordable Living Homes on a couple of occasions now, the service is always great. The house finishes are of a high standard and I couldn't be happier. They have a great range of designs for all budgets. People always say building is stressful, the only thing I found stressful in the process was picking from a great range of products. I would definitely build with them again.

Construction End DateMay 2017

Dream came true because of Affordable Living!!

Our journey was so easy we never expected that we will be home after 5 months of construction
Special mention to Carlo Coelho who made everything possible! Carlo helped us every step of the way.
Thanks to affordable living!
For giving us our dream home without causing us too much!
You guys are the best!
Good job!
Thank you every one

Construction End DateJun 2017

Great little House Built

The quality of the built house is top notch, almost cant find any faults in the build quality and anything I was worried about during the build was quickly rectified.
I had Cathy W manage my building and liaise with myself. She helped with all my questions (which was a lot) and was always willing to help me out.
The support of the builder and customer service was great from start to finish almost couldn't fault. Nick helped a ton with getting me into my first home and explained everything extremely well to myself.

Construction End DateJul 2017

Great Build

My building has just commenced but all the prior steps to the build was handled very professionally, my Sales Representative was extremely helpful with giving expert advise and going the extra mile to get me into the right home and price range I wanted. The online progress tracker is a great bonus as well as it is regularly updated. The only reason I’ve given Affordale Living 4 stars is because I haven’t seen my finished house yet.

Construction End DateJul 2018

Our brand new HOME! - amazing experience!

Affordable Living helped us plan and build our wonderful new home right from the beginning and also helped us find our block of land. Our consultant sat with us and reviewed all different plans that would fit on our block of land and then let us make any changes that we wanted, even letting us pick one house design with another house frontage, construction started in the middle of October 2016 and we moved in to the house April 2017. During construction we met with our site supervision at different stages and done a walk around during this time any questions we had were answered and the next stage was explained to us. The tradies who we met were wonderful and we often took them a carton of beer to say thanks for their hard work! When we collected the keys the staff at the main office were lovely and we also got a beautiful hamper
We can't thank you guys enough for the hard work you put into building our home, and helping us escape the rent trap.

Construction End DateApr 2017

Good quality for the right price

Stuart my liaison was so amazing at making the whole process run smoothly. He was always available to contact and he made everything simple as the first home buying process can seem pretty daunting! The quality of the build is really good for the price and I am so impressed with the time frame that they got it done in. Slab down was around Christmas and I was in by May which is really great!

Construction End DateMay 2017

Great First Home Build Experience!

This was our first buy/build experience the whole experience was great! Jai Thomas our sales consultant was amazing! Nothing seemed to be a problem and genuinely felt he had our best interests at heart! We were able to amend our plan to suit what what wanted and were very happy with the overall product. The progress tracker is great so we can monitor the process ourselves and questions asked were replied to in a timely manner. Would recommend this company for sure! Thanks for everything :)

Construction End DateAug 2017

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Questions & Answers

Hi guys, how much deposit you gave to affordable living? Is it 2,500? 1,500 for house and 1,000 for land? And if ever the loan didn't approved will we able to refund the deposit that we gave?
4 answers
Hi. Yes $1500 for plans. $1000 for land deposit. Pretty sure that if finance fell that we would only get the $1000 from land back but not the building plan deposit.$1500 for home deposit, $2000 land you cant get refund on the home deposit but the land you can!My question is why would you want to get a refund for the building plan?

can anyone tell me the rough build time for affordable living? saw some recent coments of a year from when titles are released i was hoping around 9 months?
2 answers
been told 27 weeks give or take so whatever that works out to in monthsNo chance. My house, they said 9 months. Their contract is 260 working days, which is 12 months. That is after taking the building permit, which they keep right to 45 working days. At the moment, I am stuck without being able to get council approval. Because, they did not refer to DAP before signing my building contract. They are not honest or reliable. If you have not sign a contract with them, stay away from them

Hi guys, this is my first time building and I just can't decide who to go with. I've done the rounds but I can't decide between Homestart and Affordable Living. Now I've read reviews on all of them and I can see both has their fair share of negative feedback, however I also understand that most people who have had a good experience tend not to share it, you know the old sales anecdote when you make a customer happy they tell one person, piss them off they tell 10. I know there are potentially better companies out there however they are not able to offer me as much due to my budget. To be honest with you both the reps at these companies have gone above and beyond to help me, I know they want the commission but they seem to be very upfront (one even talking me out of spending more money!). I already have a block, I just need to work out who to build with.. The designs themselves are pretty similar and around the same price. Any advise?
5 answers
Hi, I think most poor reviews and experiences are because expectations are not set properly. The first thing people need to realise is that when you visit a display home, it includes all the trimming - the most you can pay for the house. When you sign up, you're paying for the bare minimum, so make sure you are aware of this. The second thing I will tell you is that the process of building a home involves many different people - the sales person will promise you the World, but usually can't deliver on a few of those things - make sure you have any promises written down. Then you meet your pre-start (or start-up) person to discuss your furnishings and any additions - make sure you do your homework on what extras you may want beforehand because these meetings are long and overwhelming. It is the only opportunity you get to customize your house without having to pay for the 'change'. Any other changes you need to pay a fee. ...tbc...Then you have your account manager who sits in an office all day and has no idea about the building process and is generally useless or unhelpful - their job is to maximise the money they make on your house and minimise your contact with the site supervisor - I've heard of some building companies who refuse to let you meet your site supervisor (Celebrations, for example) - this is not good. Then you finish up with your site supervisor - this is the person you want to be your best friend. Most good ones will do what they can for you, but in the end they can only do what is on the house plans - they are your 'bible'. If they do something extra for you, get them a carton of beer - they'll look after you all the time from that point on! …tbc…We built with Affordable Living and were happy with the process - our expectations had to be adjusted a few times, and you learn a lot when you build for the first time. Remember - these building companies are the entry-level builders, you're buying a Chery branded house, not a Rolls Royce!

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