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4.8 from 150 reviews

Really helpful, I'm glad I found it!

Casey from Agent Select was invaluable in helping me find the best agent in the Merrylands area. She was very knowledgeable and was available to give advice throughout the process.

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Hi Fea, We are also glad you found us at Agent Select. We love to hear how we have helped vendors. Thank you for your review.

Skeptical at first but proved me wrong.

At first I thought this was yet another scam but after speaking with Casey over time I realized she had a vested interest in getting the best agent for me to sell my house. She followed our progress all the way and gave us good advice and even negotiated some of the conditions we placed on the successful agent. I would recommend Agent Select to anyone looking for the best agent in their area, and the best thing is, for the seller, it is a free service.

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Hi Marc, We find many vendors feel the same way as you did, we are so pleased you gave us the opportunity to show you how great we are. Thank you for the review.

Can't fault Casey from Agent Select

I really can't fault Casey from Agent Select, she was friendly informative and considerate of our needs. I would 100% recommend this service to anyone looking to sell their home

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Hi MichaelC, What a fantastic title to your review, we sure do appreciate it. We are so pleased that we impressed you with our service. Thank you for your review.

Thanks Agent Select for your excellent service

Casey was open and honest and very informative about the product and service they offered.
I believe that they have referred me to the best real estate for the Hillarys area.

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Hi Phil, Honesty and transparency are very important to all team members here, at Agent Select. So we are very pleased you recognized these qualities in our staff. Thank you for your review.

Professional and excellent communication

Agent select took the pressure off with the initial stages of selling a house. Their communication was second to none and they talked me through all the steps. When dealing with agents they were on top of it and made sure that it was all going smoothly. With the data and the knowledge they have I couldn't recommend them enough to someone looking to sell.

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Hi JonathonS, We are so pleased that we were able to assist you, with excellent service. Thank you for the review.

Excellent Service and advice

I am so glad to have found this service available. It removed the guess work when trying to decide who is best placed to sell your hard earned investment and home. Thanks Casey for looking after us, your industry advice was invaluable and allowed us to conduct our agent interviews easily and within our tight time frame. Will definitely use your service again.

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Hi PaulaB, Thats fantastic news that you found our service and staff to be so excellent. Thank you for your review.

Service Well Above Par

EXCELLENT SERVICE, friendly, knowledgeable & very helpful. I received appraisals from three real estate agents and Jessica contacted the two I short-listed to negotiate fees and charges and contacting me. Thank you so much Jessica. You saved me so much time.

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Hi Natalie, We really are so pleased that you found our service to be Excellent. Thank you for your review.

?? ????

Agent select were excellent can't say the same for Sally from professionals. $100,000 different than Ray white appraisal, it took weeks for chalk to actually contact me but once she actually came here she was very honest so I took her advice

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Hi Margaret, We are gad you found our service to be excellent. We are not so happy that you had some issues along the way, Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance. Thank you for your review.

Great customer service

Reviewed my property and looked through my form 6’s from all real estate agents and advised me to change agents due to the property being on the market for 5 years.

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Hi Derek, We are pleased you found our Customer service to be great, Thank you for your review.

Great Service

Jessica provided great advice on best performing agent in the area we were selling and was able to negotiate a more competitive agent fee on our behalf. Really helpful service.

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Hi RobynG, We are so pleased that you found our service to be so helpful. Thank you for your review.

Room for improvement.

With giving 4 stars , there is always room for improvement. Your company's help and advise has been a great help. Then with the follow up phone calls to see if there been any movement with the house. I thank you.

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Hi ColinW, We agree, that there is always room for improvement, please do not hesitate to contact us with any suggestions. We value our vendors feedback. Thank you for your review.

Fantastic Service

I was contacted promptly after my web based enquiry. A very helpful operator talked me through my needs and proposed solutions. I expected not to hear from them again but folllow up was fantastic.

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Hi RayL, We are pleased that you appreciated our follow ups, we do pride ourselves on our service. Thank you for your review.

sale of my property.

The advice given me lead me to engaging a Real Estate Agent who was very professional and gave me confidence of an eminent result for the sale of my property.

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Hi DonM, we are so pleased that we were able to help you through this process. Thank you for your review.

So very efficient and helpful

My house is one of a kind so I didn't want to trust it just any agent. Jessica helped me find the perfect agent with no fuss. I highly recommend the service to anyone wishing to sell their home.

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Hi Jennie, We are so pleased that we were able to assist you with sourcing the perfect agent for your needs. Thank you for your review.


Very good customer service from the time of contact for prospective agents. Painless process to get the most qualified and competitive agent to sell your property within the locality. Definitely recommend Agent Select to do the hard work. Thank you for the great work Jessica!

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Hi ManoW, We do appreciate your title "Exceptional " we do strive for this every single time. Thank you for your review.

What a Great Service!

Jessica was so helpful and understanding as my situation wasn't straightforward. Very happy with the service Agent Select provided me. Saved me a lot of leg work. Highly recommended if you're time poor & need to know who the best agents are in your area.

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Hi Donna, We are so pleased that you found us to such a great and helpful service. Thank you for your review.

Great service, very helpful would definitely recommend

Very helpful information and fantastic customer service. We didn’t have the time to shop around for a new agent and agent select made the process so easy and they delivered the results really quickly! Customer service were so helpful and very informative. Would definitely use this service again!

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Hi TessyT, we are pleased that you found the service from Agent Select to be so helpful and we look forward to helping you again in the future if required. Thank you for your review

Fantastic service!

Having not sold a property for many years, I was feeling daunted by the process, but after discovering Agent select it was made so much easier. They do all the research and present a report with the top agents in the area and their fees etc and you receive calls from the agents. The staff are friendly and helpful through the process. Highly recommend using this service.

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Hi Workshopper, We are glad we could help you with what can be a daunting time. Thank you for your review.

Wonderful service

I was initially contacted promptly. Agent select emsured a Real Estate agent had made contact with me. They then followed up the next day. I could not recommend them more highly

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Hi Dianne, we are pleased that you found us to be a wonderful service. Thank you for your review.

Amazing service, really happy

They were quick, pleasant to deal with and made it an easy task. Very happy, always knew the next step. Never left in the dark. Great service, would recommend them to my family and friends

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Hi Nicole, we do like to keep our vendors in the loop the entire time. Glad you are happy with the service. Thank you for your review.

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