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I have been with this company now for 5 months and was recently rushed to hospital via ambulance. i was told that Noosa Hospital had a vacancy and if i had private health insurance they could take me up there, which i advised that i did have. I was admitted to the hospital and given immediate treatment to assist me breath. The administration team at the hospital then advised me that my health insurance company AHM had declined my acceptance into Noosa Hospital. After several weeks in hospital i called my ahm medical cover and asked why my claim was declined but was told that they had insufficient information to process my claim at the time and that i should have called prior to going to hospital to check with them first!!!! i was barely breathing at the time i was taken by ambulance - AHM advised that there was no reason that my admittance should have been declined and that i was covered to go to a private hospital - what have i been paying for all this time!!! i have since cancelled my cover and have told lots of people i know how poorly my matter was treated by AHM!!!!!!!!!!!

Insurance claim madeYes

Incompetent customer service

Never in my life have I received customer service as poor as I have from AHM. After a failed direct debit, I was notified via email explaining this, followed up via a phone call. Upon receiving the phone call I was in a position where I was unable to provide my card details to which I was told the outstanding amount would be taken out of my next direct debit, which I was fine about. Fast forward 2 months, I received a phone call stating that the future transactions had been cancelled and had 2 months of premiums owing and my cover was no longer "financially current". This was quite distressing to hear, knowing in case of an emergency or accident I wouldn't be covered. I was told i'd still be accepted into the public system. If I wanted to use the problematic public health system I wouldn't waste my money on private. Apart from phone calls, no other line of communication was expressed i.e. letters, emails, SMS or voice messages stating this issue or the urgency of the matter. Customer service didn't care about the lack of communication and were only interested in the payment. After being hung up on and speaking to various service members I was told a different story each time and no one could explain why I wasn't notified. I pay top premiums with 1/3 of payments essentially accounting for 'customer service/account management', what a waste of money and time. Never have I had a problem with other financial institutions/automatic direct debits where a payment had been missed leading to future payments been cancelled. Do not bother with this company, go elsewhere. Absolutely shocking.

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Worst Health Insurance Provider in the World!

If I could leave negative stars then I would. This firm is just like it's parent company (Medibank) - Profit oriented and don't pay attention to their customers' needs. They use enticing marketing tactics and promotions that they could not live up to. I wasted a lot of time following up on their 1 month free promo. Month after month, they charged me the full amount when I should have gotten the 2nd month free. Took them until 4th or 5th month before they were able to resolve this. They also could not deliver to any other promotional promises they make such as bonus flybuys points. Such scammers!

Insurance claim madeYes

Don’t buy their Travel Insurance!! Terrible service and can never speak to an actual person

We had two claims denied for ‘not being covered’ which is incorrect. Have tried to call for three weeks to speak to someone and call never gets answered (on hold for 30 mins or more) Called to today and selected purchase insurance option and call picked up in less than 1 minute. Absolutely hopeless!!! Never purchasing again

Insurance claim madeYes

First Insurance for me and no stress

I've been having this product and claim automatically for dentist sometimes already. This is my first health insurance, easy to clime no stress at all.

Insurance claim madeYes

Excellent customer service!

In my 67 years, I have dealt with a myriad of insurance companies over policies for Houses, Contents, Cars, Life, Pets and, of course, Health. In all that time I had never, until yesterday, received a call designed to ensure that I had the best cover to suit me, other than when upselling was involved.

Yesterday I received a call from an AHM customer service consultant, which, quite frankly, shocked me! She spent the best part of an hour discussing the best options for me, and explaining the various choices in detail, and with obviously thorough knowledge of what she was talking about. As I was already on the maximum level of cover, there was no prospect of putting me onto a more expensive policy.The result was that I ended up with options better designed to suit me, and with a far greater understanding of my entitlements than before, and paying over $50 a month LESS.

To me, that shows a commitment to service before immediate profit, which surprised and pleased me!

Insurance claim madeNo

Horrible customer service, either a crappy company or a company that hires crappy people

My experience with AHM completely fit the insurance company stereotype of profits over the person. They aggressively pushed a product on me that they knew was not going to meet my greatest need in an insurance product, despite me telling them multiple times what I was looking for. They were just interested in closing the transaction and deliberately withheld information on the coverage of the package while exaggerating the benefits of the package, which turned out to be empty promises or flat out lies. Further, when I called back to withdraw my consent to signing onto the product, the woman on the other end of the line was condescending, passive aggressive, and patronising to me. This made her hypocrisy so clear because she started out the conversation syrupy sweet and friendly but flipped to the complete opposite in an instant.

Insurance claim madeNo

Super Extras is everything I never knew I needed.

I have been a member on and off over the last few years and only take it out when me and my partner need to get some dental work at short notice. The perks far outweigh what you pay in premiums.

My partner had bad dental health and I'm pregnant but fully intend on having my birth in my public hospital (was amazing last pregnancy). Claims are done within a day and almost everything has no wait periods. I have claimed extensive dental work, designer optical frames, gym membership, birthing classes and some pharmaceutical reciepts. I have no regrets and would recommend a friend or family member join 100 percent. If you don't like it, simply cancel it and move on.

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AHM turned their back on me - no loyalty no support.

Avoid at all cost. This is your cliche insurance company that happily takes fees for years, returning nothing in the instance you wish to claim. After 10 years + of contributing to a "family policy" which includes a $150 per person per annum eyeglass cover, my first opportunity of claiming for glasses I was refused due to a fine print LIMIT of $300. There are three persons mentioned in the policy and my wife and daughter claimed 150 each this year. It was sold to us as a family policy, three mentioned and among other items $150 each for glasses. In summary, decidedly sold in my mind. Looking at other reviews here, we are not alone. Fine print is fine print and we will be going elsewhere. Don't make the same mistake!

Insurance claim madeYes

Worst customer service

I left AHM to go to another and they responded by harassing me calling up to 3 times a day. Whenever I answered the call the representative would hang up. Not to mentioned the service I received while on the fund was poor. Stay away from AHM!

Insurance claim madeYes

Through my time of Financial Hardship they have no solution other than to cancel and loose everythin

I have been with AHM for 5+ years. 7 weeks ago my partner was in an accident that almost killed him. He is no longer working and we are down to just my income. I work 3 days a week and 6 weeks before his accident we bought our first home. Working 3 days a week is not covering it and we are having to cut costs. I tried to ask to have my policy put on hold for 6 months or even less because we are in financial hardship at the moment and was told that it is not financial hardship and nothing could be done. I tried to resolve with their complaints department and was told the same thing. I was advised to lower or cancel my policy, but both options means the waiting periods reset and they can't help me. I am disgusted, in the 8 minute conversation, no assessment was made on my circumstances, it was just a no. I will be telling everyone my experience, health care is expensive, people need to pick one with some empathy. I have paid them for over 5 years, I ask for help for a few months to pause the policy and nothing.

Insurance claim madeNo

No loyalty whatsoever!

After 30 years with AHM with hospital/extras cover, I found myself in the premature situation of requiring a knee replacement (I'm only 57). AHM refuse to waiver or reduce the 12 month waiting period stating 'Some members join up, get the procedure done, then cancel'. Does 30 years of loyalty count - NOPE!! I will painfully await the procedure and curse them every day, then move cover.

Insurance claim madeNo

So far so good - I should have switched ages ago!

I had been with my previous provider for over 6+ years - premium had almost doubled in that time, and inclusions had shrunk. So glad I shopped around because AHM provides excellent value for both Hosp & Extras, so far so good - But lesson learnt, compare your policies every 12-24 months!

Insurance claim madeNo

Good value insurance for singles

Really good value on dental and optometry. I just had a minor shoulder surgery and I was out of pocket only $2,000 which is pretty reasonable although most of this was due to a generous surgeon.

Insurance claim madeYes

No care for loyal customers

- Asked for pharmacy receipts weeks after making a claim
- Suspended my policy until I provided receipts
- Explained that I was unable to locate receipts as I use several pharmacies and am chronically ill and at home with a newborn
- Was told situation would be resolved: It wasn’t
- Was forced to repay money from claim refund
- Facts in emails largely ignored
- No attempt to rectify the situation
- Cancelled my policy without even a phonecall

Insurance claim madeNo

Really great insurance so far - highly recommend

My experience with AHM so far has been excellent. The online information is very clear and straightforward - it’s really important to read the product guides with all insurers before signing up (which seems to be what’s gone wrong with a lot of the negative reviews).

PROCESS FOR GETTING INSURANCE: very simple, just need to find the right cover for you, pop in details and you’re done in 15 mins. A welcome call will come in the next few days to answer any questions you might have.

SERVICE: I have spoken to 3 of their customer assistance people on the phone - they were really fantastic at answering all of my questions, were really thorough in making sure I understood my insurance and how to claim etc. Above and beyond what I expected of an insurance company, they actually seemed human.

HOSPITAL: have not used this yet. I have white classics, it covers most conditions. The conditions it does not cover, I’d probably go through the public system anyway. Their product guide was really clear on what they cover. They also have a hospital team you can & should talk to before you need to go into hospital. They have a fantastic accident override clause in all their hospital policies it seems - even if you didn’t sign up for something, if it’s the result of an accident, they cover it. They also explained that they cover 9/10 things with this policy but doctors/surgeons may have an additional gap - which is normal with any insurance, you need to talk to your doctor prior to going in about out of pockets (but there is something called GapCover which if agreed to by the doctor will make sure out of pocket is no more than $500).

EXTRAS: best extras I’ve found so far. I have Black60 - so AHM covers 60% of the bill. Again, please have a look at the very straightforward product guide to see what and how much you can claim. I signed up when they had waived 2&6 months waiting periods - but you should check if this deal is available. I have used the optical, physio, remedial massage, dental and Pilates.

There are 2 ways to claim extras, I’ve done both. (1) Take your card and they swipe it in their Hicaps machine - claim on the spot.
(2) Either download the app or go online - pop the amount and codes in (the dentist/physio whatever) will give these to you - money will deposited into your account in 2-5 business days.

I’d highly recommend AHM. They were easy to sign up with, great service over the phone, really quick and easy claims process and excellent limits for extras. If you’re ok to read 3-4 pages of their product guides, you will understand exactly what you’re covered for and really like this insurer.

P.s. don’t listen to the grumpkins who haven’t read their policy and are outraged that they weren’t covered for something they didn’t sign up for. Good luck :-)

Insurance claim madeYes

AHMmm, not a big fan, ... but

There are several things that I dislike which include high tax rates, car salesman, real estate agents and insurance companies. But, AHM's Super Extra cover is worth every dollar. The hospital cover I can't make a claim to as I believe private cover in these areas is just a money wrought. The extra's cover, however, is great. Whether it's for your teeth, gums, falses, glasses, remedial massage or feet, this particular cover eliminates several of the holes in Australia's Medicare system. Making a claim is easy and the money is either in your bank the next day or your bill was automatically reduced by the covered amount while still at the EFTPOS machine. Just one other thing, check your services provider is an approved supplier first before going gung-ho with spending hundreds on services. Now Laser eye surgery is next for me, what is next for you?

Insurance claim madeYes

Great Super Extras cover and worth the price.

I have the super extras cover only and the way it's structured is really useful. Many extras included, most worthwhile. Always had excellent service when I've needed to contact them as well. Claiming is also seamless and simple.

Insurance claim madeYes

Excellent excellent service

I wish I can give them more than 5

Insurance claim madeYes
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Very happy with the decision to join AHM. Very professional and helpful staff. Spot on service, fast and easy claim payment. Best Insurance company so far We have used. AHM deserves more than 5 stars.


I am having a procedure tomorrow 30/05/18 my doctor rang me this afternoon and said I had to pay $500 excess when my policy says NO Excess rang ahm and they say my waiting period is not up, yet it was up on the 24/05/2018, so why didn't ahm let me know beforehand, bad service and they could not give a damn about you even when your paying $101 a fortnight out of your Pension. when I have had this procedure I will be changing.

Insurance claim madeYes

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What to do when you’ve been asked for an audit? I cant find most of my receipts, does this mean I have to pay them back? Just because I’ve been with them for almost 3 years and never made a claim. Had recent claims, but now they requested for my receipts.
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Hello i am with oshc ahm i need to do mri head so does it cover bu ahm?
1 answer
Hospital cover yes, extras no

How long I need to claim the form online since I got the receipt?
1 answer
Hi most funds try and get you to have made the claims within 12 months of you paying for a service, but it can vary depending on your provider. I have only had a couple of small "extras" claims which were made within 3 months, so did not experience that problem. The providers terms and conditions which should have been provided to you on sign up should have some detail on time frames relating to making claims.


AHM (Australian Health Management)
Contact Number 13 42 46
Email Address info@ahm.com.au
24-Hour Phone Contact No
Online Live Chat Yes
Other Insurance Types Offered Life and Travel

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