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dont bother buying

overheats and just had replacement sent and doing the same, crappy useless product it’s going back , tried to put in 5 psi into tyre and it struggled to reach 32 then cut out

Excellent, works great for small jobs

Good little machine, small and compact, works fine.

I can't believe how it is to use

We keep in the boat for the wheels on the boat trailer. One of the tyres went flat on the trailer and we were able to quickly inflate and get repaired, otherwise there could have been massive damage to the boat and we wouldn't have been unable to go anywhere until someone came out with a spare tyre. We still managed to get in a fishing day that day.


Arrived in good time. Nice & compact. It's easy to handle & use. The cordless air dragon is great to take anywhere & use in various situations. Charged easily. Nice carry case.


I purchased my airdragon on line .After opening it up to see how it would go ,it wouldn't power up no power at all to the unit .Where is the quality control on this product.an absolute joke.

Works really well

It does what it is meant to and as the add said it would.
Easy to use.
Compact and easy to take anywhere
easy to recharge either at home or on the go

very good

very easy to use very well priced just keep in the boot of the car ready for when you need it any were any time easy to charge very power full lite to use tough if you drop it pumps up anything in minets

Very disappointed

Because I am concerned about the accuracy of petrol stations air machines - I thought this was a good idea. Global shop delivered the item in time - I have no beef with them, but unfortunately the Air Dragon has turned out to be a bad investment. I cannot understand why, when it is connected to a Tyre which already has air in it, it starts of at 3 and then works it way up so slowly whilst getting hotter and hotter in the process. I was worried about the heat and stopped it before it had given me any kind of reading. Another item for the council cleanup.

Not if you are a beach driver

Not good if you're a beach goer. If you pump up one tyre you have to wait for it to cool of too long. It begins to smoke and over heat. Sorry 1 out 10.


Not to bad, a little loud though, the only bad thing i have to say about it.... but it is light weight and easy to use. So recomend for all, and have in the car


Perfect for all the things I need to use it for especially the top ups for the grandkids footballs and soccer balls.Also for the car tyres so much easier to use .


Absolute rubbish. Bought the pro model with battery. Battery doesn’t stay charged, and nozzle is impossible to get on and off the tyre. Definitely let’s more air out removing the nozzle then the air put into it. If trialling this device on a vehicle tyre MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN A SERVO WITH COMPRESSED AUR NEARBY. Don’t make the same mistake I did and try to pump motorbike tyre from 30-34psi. Couldn’t get the pressure greater than 10 after trying to connect shorty nozzle. Had to get manual pushbike pump to inflate tyre to safe level. Absolute waste of money. Goes in the bin for me.

It was faulty had to send it back for refund

I am sorry but it was for a present and it did not work so i sent it back for a refund. I was very upset with the product maybe i would have had a better response if i got to used it.

Air Dragon

I think the air dragon is good the only reason I didn't give it a 5 star was the air tube for pumping up the tyres extra, I found this to be a bit short.

A Good Idea, But Poor Execution

I was given one of the plug-in models for Christmas. It lasted 90 seconds until the on/off trigger switch broke, leaving it permanently in the On position - not a good idea as the machine sucks power from the car battery at a rapid rate. I exchanged it for another one. I found that it was noisy to use and vibrated a lot, but I could have put up with this. However the connection hose to the bike or car tyre is a screw-on fitting at the tyre end. By the time I had unscrewed the hose from the tyre the pressure had fallen so far I had to use my hand pump to restore tyre pressure. Another thing I found was that, after topping up two bike tyres to 60 psi, my car gave me a "low battery" warning, so if you're using one and have it connected to your car, you must have the car's engine running. It went back to the shop. It's a good idea, but I will wait until Bunning's have one with better execution before I try again.

Just Junk

Highly inaccurate pressure reading. Uselessly slow for car tires. I have only the cigarette lighter plug in model.
Would flatten car battery before inflating a tire to any acceptable level. Try and find anywhere a power rating . It's not on box, unit or instruction leaflet.
I prefer a manual pump. At least they work & are reliable.
I'm sure a LOT of people return these & you then end up with someones return. All part of the scene with this sort of junk.

This is a very handy peace of equipment to have.

Once you start using air dragon ,you don’t need that weekly trip to the servo to check on your tyre pressure,because you can do it all with air dragon and this will save you time .

Waste of time and a lot of money.

Bought the upgraded version and used it after its return date so couldn’t send it back. What is demonstrated on the TV ad is nowhere near accurate in terms of performance. Took for ages to pump up a tyre. It over heated and stopped. The connections were very poor quality like a toy. I used it on a further occasion to blow up an inflatable chair but it made no difference what so ever after 10 mins. I took to my leaf blower which did the trick in 5 seconds.

Battery goes flat even when not used

Works well when fully charged but the battery goes flat even if put in storage fully charged! Is this normal or do i have a faulty battery? Not a product fault just the battery.


We were appalled that we could not link the device to the small hose just by following the inadequate instructions. Nowhere did it say that the rubber part was to be pushed into the device. After many struggles and a lot of wasted time we figured it out for ourselves, but the next obstacle was the inadequate directions about how to obtain the correct pressure reading. The tv commercials make it look easy but it is not so we returned the air dragon requesting a refund.

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Questions & Answers

Used our air dragon pro for pumping up soccer balls .after4-5 balls battery will not charge .purched date 21 june 2018 . I would like a replacement battery .how to get this as I brought 2 1 standard x 1 pro .
2 answers
what lockHi John, please send an email to escalations@globalshopdirect.com.au, we'll see what we can do

What is the lock for?
2 answers
Not sure if I am right I think it is just to hold the button in save holding it in yourself. I haven't used it for a little bit now and in fact, don't use it anymoreIt’s rubbish. My tyre went from @24psi to completely flat.

How long does the battery stay charged :operation - non-operational
1 answer
Hi Bob, It varies on the charge and use. Please call us on 1300 137 598 and we can assist you further. Thanks.

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