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Changed flight and charged baggage

Arrived at the airport to find baggage was not included and we weren't given an option to buy it either. The flight on the way home also was changed a day early leaving me stranded out of pocket 100s of dollars pay the extra for a different airline.

Value for Money
Seat Room
In-Flight Service
In-Flight Entertainment
BookingThird Party

left vital notes on board

I have sent 4 emails to Air France which has been left unanswered and it is very disappointing after being a loyal customer of AF/KLM for more than 20 years!!
On Dec. 07 I left my valuable hand written notebook on the aircraft landed at Pearson Airport in Toronto. (AF 356 seat 28J), but nobody at AF gives a damn to reply to my emails sent to objetstrouvescdg2@adp.fr, let alone locating my lost Item!!!

I Wish I Had Read Reviews on this Airline First

We booked a flight from Munich to France and paid through a direct debit rather than credit card.
It took days to get an answer as to why our tickets weren't issued and finally found out because the international fees got taken out and we owed them 16 euros.
We rang to pay for the Euros with our credit card but they took out our full fare of over 300 Euros unauthorized from our credit card!
Months later and they say they will return it....
Will never fly with them ever again - the service was not delivered with a smile and they only opened the counter 2 hours before the flight left with one attendant, making it a close call to get through customs and actually board the flight.
There were many unhappy people waiting to check in that day.

Never use Air France or book through Webjet

I spoke to 2 different Webjet staff on the online chat. I told them what flights I wanted to book and how I could book and pay for extra leg room seats (my partner is 6'6" and has a knee injury) Was told by both that once I purchased the flights I call the airline and book these seats with them. Webjet sales confirmed that there were plenty of seats available as we are flying at the end of the year. I called the airline (Air France) and they confirmed. I went ahead and booked the flights. First thing the next morning I called to book the extra leg room seats only to be told by Air France they could book us in for their leg of the journey but the other flights with Etihad and China Eastern I had to book with them. I called both of these airlines and they told me that I can't book these seats with them as they were purchased through a third party and had an Air France ticket number.

I called Air France again and told them and they said there was nothing they could do.

I called Webjet to cancel our tickets and they want to charge us $300 each, even though it was less than 24 hours and we were given incorrect information.

I will NEVER use Webjet or fly with Air France again and I will also tell all of my friends and family to book direct with the airlines. (Etihad said if I cancelled my flights with Webjet and we booked direct with them they could book us in with the extra leg room seats)

If I could give Air France a negative score I would

I missed a flight in December, 2016 from Paris to Havana and purchased a single ticket and flew the day after my scheduled flight. However, when I was due to fly from Havana to Paris in January 2017, I had to buy another one way fare. Apparently, according to the booking conditions at the time of purchasing the fare on line and in February, 2016, the ticket 's condition under "“Use of tickets in sequence.
To be accepted for travel, all tickets (including electronic tickets) must be used in full and in the sequential order of the coupons, in accordance with Article III paragraph 3 of Air France´s general conditions of carriage, except with the carrier´s prior consent. “ However, when I booked my ticket in Paris, the "customer service agent" did not bother to explain that I had no return ticket because she had cancelled it. So I was none the wiser and went to Havana believing that I would be returning on the original ticket. I received a confirmation of my flight by email the day before so thought all was good. Imagine my horror at being told when I tried to check in that there was no record of my booking and a new one way ticket was going to cost me $1305 ($USD). Not wanting to argue with Air France in Havana, I paid up and went to the "Customer Service Desk" at CDG where the attendant told me that I would have to put the claim no line as they did not deal with Customer Service issues at the airport. No they just cancel tickets without telling customers! I went on line and, of course, entered into a dialogue with a faceless bot who spouted the company line and ended up with please be advised that no other correspondence will be made in regards to this matter as our decision is final and in accordance with the policies our company abides by. I trust that I have helped to clarify your concerns and our stance in this matter." So no you have not clarified my concerns and your total lack of customer service is appalling. Viva La Air France - I don't think so!!!

Bad service at airport

I am Goldcard member, it is allowed to take 2 luggage with 23 kg, but NOT one luggage with 26 kg, I had to pay 100.- USD. other airlines accept 29 kg, with no comment. Is that a goog service to a frequent traveller? I use a lot airlines, but this never happened before. That's my last booking with Air France.

Don't Care If They Call Themselves Air France of KLM... Be Careful How Much They Withdraw

OK... Two Air France Flights booked. One from Spain to France (we'll pretend that cost $500 for the ease of understanding) and one from France to Italy (We'll pretend that cost $1000 for the ease of understanding).

instead of the $500, $620 is withdrawn from my account for the first airfare, and instead of $1000, there is a $1120 withdrawal for the second. There is also another amount of $1000 waiting to come out for Air France. Confused about the difference in prices and the extra flight we hadn't booked, I rang them.

They told me there was a $30 service fee per passenger (there are 4 of us flying) which was added to the cost of both fares. I ask where that was mentioned in their booking and they cannot tell me. They then offered to refund the $250. Wow! Wonder how many times they charge that fee and get away with it!

I then asked what the $1000 waiting to be withdrawn was for and they tried to tell me it was for the same flight that they have debited the $1120!!! I asked why this phantom booking did not incur a $120 booking fee and they cannot explain it. My guess is that they already think they are getting a bonus $1000. They don't need the extra $120 bonus on this debit! I asked them to release the $1000, which they did, and it was returned to me in about 3 days.

In order to get the $240 back, I have to wait 4-6 weeks apparently. They are quick to take it out, but will not return it easily. They emailed me telling me of my refund and sending a link to click on to reply. Of course the link DOESN"T WORK! . They will not refund this money to me any sooner, even though I never authorised them to take this money in the first place. Had I not telephoned them, I would probably have a further fight on my hands and be waiting 4-6 weeks for $1240 instead of $240. It will be interesting to see if it is paid back in Euro and I am paid less due to the exchange rate!!

BE AWARE of EXACTLY HOW MUCH AF and KLM WITHDRAW if you ever intend to fly with them. We haven't got on the plane yet and after reading all the other reviews, we are even nervous about that. Wish I'd read them before we booked. We definitely won't be flying with them again.

Viva La Arrogance!

Appalling customer service, never again

The staff at AirFrance are literally do not give a sh*t about their customers...they are appalling. I was brought to tears by the way the ground staff were treating me and even worse they made me miss my flight due to their incompetence. I am very well travelled and i've never come across an airline before who have complete disregard for their customer. NEVER AGAIN. Don't do it...if something goes wrong, if you've packed too much, if you've missed a flight, anything minor, they will literally spit in your face.

Airfrance is a disgrace!

I flew on AF Flight from Paris to Ho Chi Minh City on December 14, and I never felt humiliated as the AF staffs did to me.
I find the service of the AirFrance ground staffs as well as the air crews are appaling - to say it kindly.. I felt that as a full paying customer, I was treated with no respect, humiliated in front of all other passengers on board as they're trying to get me off board from the plane due to they're not honouring my ticket.

I understand that issues with tickets are unavoidable and i dont buy my ticket through AirFrance directly -and that it's a codeshare, but there is no procedure in place to handle this in more pleasant way as i believe this wouldnt be the first time it ever happens in AirFrance history. I dont know why they bother to be in alliance with Southern China Airlines and Air Vietnam airlines; if they dont treat the codeshare customer as their own customer.

I came checked in four hours before the flight and therefore there have been plenty time to communicate the issues with me and trying to resolve it ( and provide options/ assistance) before i went on board to the flight. But no, they did not do this, instead , once i am on board the plane, they embarrass me in front of everyone on the plane - treaten me and to have me to come off the plane as if im a terrorist caught to sneak into the plane, and at last second decided to let me stay anyway after causing a big scene and a lot of embarrassment.

The worst thing is none of the staffs came with apologies, instead they treating it like they have given me a huge favour by allowing me to board the flight... They dont get it that i have paid full just like any other passenger and have been issued a ticket and boarding pass just like anyone else and IT IS WITHIN MY RIGHT to get on board on the plane - they just dont care about people schedules and time, or that they caused me a huge emotional distress and humiliation because their action.

Maybe even after an official letter of complaint, instead of apologising, AF will defend that their service is still number one and they dont do anything wrong.... Maybe they should learn from other airlines like Singapore Airlines and Emirates on how to handle the customer in a delicate way.

No Baggage and a complete lack of care

My partner and i flew from CDG to Montpellier. On arriving in Montpellier at about 1pm we were told our baggage was still in Paris.
We were told that it might arrive later or the next day and we would get a call later that day to confirm. Anyway we got no call so i called first thing the next day with the number i was given. No one knew anything and i was told someone would call me later.
We basically wasted the whole day waiting for our bags as we had to sign for them when they arrived which was 6pm otherwise they wouldnt leave them at our hotel.. I can understand bags can get lost but the lack of care and a day and a half that it took to get them back was a joke. We had nothing apart from what we were wearing and we couldnt be too far from the hotel as we had to sign for the bags.

That ruined our first day as we were supposed to go out on a boat with my family who i hadnt seen for a few years.
I sent an email of complaint to Air France, but no response.
We are and still are flabbergasted at Air Frances lack of caring
This is the first time i have flown Air France and the first time i have lost my baggage but needless to say we will keep as far away from them as possible in future, and i know if i treated my customers like they have with us i would not have a business.

You should be ashamed of your terrible service

We booked our flight thru flightcentre had to cancel due to high risk pregnancy
We just asked to change the dates to next year but no that is not possible you either travel or lose your money. I called them over 100 times them and flightcentre and no one would do anything about it just so cold and rude. I wasn't going to risk my pregnancy so we have lost $4000.00 and you air france guess what we fly to europe every year we will never fly with you nor will my friends or family you havent just lost me as a customer but a lot of people due to your ruddnes and coldness towards a pregnant woman
and kept my money you should be ashamed.


We flew Premium Economy to Singapore 6 weeks ago the plane was old, the seats uncomfortable and
Certainly not worth extra money, on our return trip we assumed we would be fine as the plane was an
A380 but oh no arriving at the check in counter we were told we were to be downgraded to Economy
As they had overbooked the flight, this'd is after we had paid for our premium economy seats nearly 12
Months previous, as my Husband has a heart condition and needs to have his feet up on a long flight
We would never ever fly Air France again.We were so disappointed as we had looked forward to this trip for so long.

Colleen kidd

Uncomfortable, downgraded without notice

Abysmal service

My daughter mistakenly booked a ticket twice online within half hour in one name instead of mr and mrs by mistake. She called to rectify immediately but airfrance wished to charge $100 for typo of mrs to mr. She is more than willing to pay for mistake but $100???? Customer service right through to management rude and uncooperative.

Air france are unwilling to cancel or change name without a full fee. But they have blocked this same paid for ticket so its now not even unusable. They say she is unable to have two tickets but yes they sold them to her...hang on!!!!!. It gets better, they found an error in their admin of their booking number themselves but withdrew that.

Yes an opportunity they said to maybe change it for her. But no, why do that??? We can still fix our mistake and still charge her!!! In other words they are keeping her money for both tickets and my daughters ticket. How dare you air france. Thank goodness for budget airlines who seem much more approachable and flexible. Your companies ethics are deplorable.

Mature traveller

Two recent Business Class flights, Singapore/Paris, Paris/Hong Kong.

The service on both flights was excellent, the food, especially from Singapore as good as I've had on any flight. Well chosen wines freely poured. France's outfitting of the A380 of a high standard. Contrary to various reports, the new seat was very comfortable.

The availability of an arrival lounge at CDG is a plus.

All in all a very acceptable experience. I would certainly fly Air France again.
Good service, high quality catering, good wine selection.

Never again.

I flew Premium Economy a few weeks ago from Tokyo to Paris and was extremely disappointed. Not only was the seat uncomfortable with limited recline but the food was a disgrace. For one thing there was a period of over eight hours on a day-time flight when we received nothing to eat (unless you consider a slender bar of ice cream a meal) and no offer of drinks. The one substantial meal was a travesty of French cooking with an overdone chicken with unappetising skin hanging off it in strips.The return journey was worse: a ninety minute delay in take-off meant that we were in the plane for almost an extra two hours. The apology was extremely perfunctory and the cause attributed to a number of passengers whose train had been in an accident thus delaying them, resulting in their baggage having to be taken off. (Yes, a strange tale.) No service of drinks (even of water) while we sat there was offered and the very few crew in evidence simply ignored the passengers. Later the food served was derisory:'Fried pork...simmered shitaki mushrooms with rice' consisted of three little knobs of pork and one half of one shitake mushroom. Once again the seating was below standard for this class. The one star I have awarded was almost solely due to one charming and helpful attendant.
The next leg of my journey to Sydney was with Qantas - which, rather against expectations, was brilliant in every category as had been the outward journey - from the welcoming champagne to the excellent food and the superb shell-seats (on the outward trip). The crew were attentive and sociable making the journey totally enjoyable.

Cancellation fee thieves.

Warning, if you need to cancel a flight with Air France, don't expect any kind of written cancellation/refund confirmation. And you'll have to hope that the amount is credited sometime in the future, Air France says should be in 6 - 8 weeks. Plus you'll be expected to check out yourself online. And if you do want email confirmation of cancellation/refund, you'll have to make a special request via their website.

Air France; 10 years behind, and unjustified in taking a $75 cancellation fee.

Don't bother

My husband and I booked 7 months in advance, and were asked to select seats. We arrived for the first leg of the journey, 10.5 hours before the Air France leg of the journey (Singapore to Paris) and were told we couldn't have seats together. We tried in Sungapore to get seats together and were told no. On boarding the flight, my husband was sitting next to 2 solo travellers, and I was next to 3 solo travellers, plus an additional two sitting across the aisle. The food was ordinary but we got nothing at all for the middle 8 hours of the 12+ hour flight, and no drinks. The seats were cramped and uncomfortable and the Tv did not work. On the upside, we arrived alive, despite a seriously dodgy landing. When we arrived in Paris, we sent a message to Air France via their website and three weeks later have still not had a reply. Not impressed. Will never fly with them again.
As per others, arrived alive.... Just.
Not worth the money, non-existent customer service. Air France are adding to that old misconception of French people being arrogant.


Not recommended unless there is no alternative, or there are really cheap flight, in which case we could say 'you get what you pay for'.
It made it to the destination!
If I had paid for a budget, no-frills, cheap flight airline I would have been happy. Unfortunately the flights were ridiculously expensive, made worse by the terrible food, old, shabby planes and the flight attendants were seemed resentful that they had to speak English to some passengers. The French speaking customers got long chats and we got one word answers and lots of eye rolling.


My friends and I booked Air France for our Europe Trip and will never fly with them again. Instead of providing meals like most airlines, an announcement came over the loudspeaker saying there were trays of food at the end of the plane. A stampede of passengers flocked to the end to grab whatever they could. The first time this happened we thought we’d wait until the crowd subsided, and we missed out on lunch. During the flight the stewards were surly and scoffed at our requests for food, but you can’t blame them – they probably had tonnes of hungry passengers asking them the same thing. Everything else was average – not amazing, not terrible – but it’s not nice being hungry and having staff roll their eyes at you on a 15 hour flight.
Nice bread
Poor service, limited food


If my experience with KLM/Air France represents the quality of their training, this is one Aussie that will not go anywhere near this company in the future. There are many other choices especially within the European airline network.
That I did not fly the return journey from Paris and Amsterdam with Air France. That the plane got me safely back to ground! Nothing else.
Last week, I flew from Amsterdam to Paris on Air France. Well, this airline seems in the same category as Lufthansa - poor food and uncaring service. I was allocated to a seat in row 14 which had very very little legroom - to the extent, my back was really hurting being a tall man. I raised the problem with the French stewardess who literally rolled her eyes and bluntly responded there was nothing she could do (I am sure there was a spare seat somewhere). She immediately engaged in some french conversation with a man sitting next to me. Wow that's great service KLM/Air France!

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