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Taste Good


They taste good for a healthy alternative to potato chips however after reading some studies online about Cassava (the root used to make these chips) I felt a bit worried about having my child eating them and decided to not buy them anymore.

Sarzie Mac

Sarzie MacSydney

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Really good


I bought a mixed box of these and they are really good. I personally prefer the plain flavour, but the others are alright too. Only thing is that if you are a fan of regular potato chips and are craving them, these probably won't be a good substitute as the flavour and texture are very different. As noted below, the texture is the same as for Prawn Chips. Worth a try.



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Very healthy


They are really healthy and taste light when I eat them they make me feel healthy when i shop I buy at least one packet,


Sarah_1991Victoria, Australia

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amazing, taste like prawn crackers. my favorite is the natural flavor. taste light and healthy. yum deliciously good. A plus



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As an older person,interested in health I was delighted to see Vege chips with Turmeric and Chia, that is until I took the first bite when I said Oh NO SURELY NOT SUGAR IN CHIPS . Why do you put sugar in chips when millions of Australians are suffering from sugar Diabetes When most people eat chips they are looking for a cheesy salty, savoury product. Sorry you have lost me I won't be buying any more of your products
Sandra Haes

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Just yum


I have never been a big chip eater. But I was offered a taste of the vege chips sweet & a sour I'm hooked. My family cannot believe that I look for them when I shop, and no I don't like to share.


PenPerth Western Australia

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Better alternative to potato crisps


The natural flavoured ones are delicately flavoured which I really like and don't taste overly salty. The sweet and sour vege chips are so flavourful and so unlike any other crisp on the market. The only ones I don't like are the chicken flavoured ones.



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I really like these. Very moreish. Normally open a big bag and once I start I cannot stop. I always now choose them over regular crisps / chips. I try and stick to the plain ones though. Since the sweet and sour ones are the most "dangerous" for overeating :)


PaulineSydney, NSW

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Delicious and appear to be much healthier


I've just discovered your Swet & Sour Vege chips. I was looking for healthier options for my kids and, much to my surprise, we all actually now chose them over regular chips.

Delicious! Thanks for a healthier option without all the rubbish usually in chips.

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Ooops .... 'Sweet' and 'choose'. Never write a review without reviewing your text!

Sweet & Sour is awesome


SO GOOD, SO SO SO GOOD. Sweet and sour flavour is the best chip out there IN MY OPINION, give it a crack



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vege chips what do you expect


Healthier alternative to chips. You feel much lighter after eating them. Growing up on weird health foods I'm used to bland snacks. They're not too bad if you try the flavored ones. Nothing wrong with them they're just vege chips.



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It is SO refreshing to have a snack with such a simple ingredients list. The plain ones are my favourite (not sure about the flavoured ones) but the ingredients only include: cassava/tapioca, sunflower oil, salt/sugar, sesame seeds and shallots. IMO these are the only things you need in a chip - veggies/tubers, oil and salt! Not MSG, artificial flavours, an array of scary numbers (621), mineral stuffs? (511, 512), acidity regulator etc.

I'm very glad these don't have anything unnecessary but are also affordable (unlike most products in the health food section).



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A healthier alternative for a guilty indulgence


I enjoy potato chips but find as I get older, they can cause heartburn and the cholesterol is also a bit of a worry. I enjoy Ajitas Vege chips which are made from tapioca and made just in QLD. I prefer the original flavour. The chips are tasty, easy to digest and go very well with a home made avocado dip or gaucamole. I find they are slightly more expensive than ordinary chips but that is always the norm when you buy local or with unusual ingredients.

Terrible, all taste the same


Awful. Tastes stale right out of the bag, they all taste the same aside from the sweet potato. Boring, bland, and taste absolutely nothing like a vegetable. Multi colored card board. I tried it, then had 3 others taste it. Everyone hated them. Threw them out.

Love them! Can't stop eating just one ..


My friend put me on to these and they are so yummy.....love the BBQ flavour..I eat them all the time, a great snack to eat while watching tv, or at the movies, any where . I don't feel as bad eating these as I would eating normal chips.Would be great if you made them in bigger packs..
Taste..size & crunch..

Poor customer service


I took a bite out of an inedible object from a vege chip packet and made a complaint on the website. Vege chips have poor customer service. It's been 2 months and I have not heard a single word. Where is the accountability? I used to eat vege chips often but I'm not going to buy their products anymore.

Inedible object found in chip packet, terrible customer service.

Elna Rosiana

Elna RosianaMelbourne

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Taste good but high in sodium


This is definitely my go to .its pricey and comes in small bags only.it has no msg and no other added nasties which is a plus.its readily available at supermarkets.they are even cheaper at a health store.made from cassava which is widely used in Asia and Africa.available in different flavors.
crunchy,tasty,no msg.
really high sodium contect.so eat in moderation.


KrisramanaQueensland, 4051

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No MSGs, All Naturals, 40 % less Fat, Cooked in Sunflower Oil, Crunchy, Very Healthy and Delicious!


Rare combination of being Crunchy and Delicious, often we dont find that in chips, i am a vegetarian and i dont have to check for flavour numbers, or msgs or cheese which contains renet or cochneals insects colour which some other brands contains..

i would really recommend for all vegetarians, kids and everyone , coz very healthy and new flavours are just awesome..

loves the Deli Styles and the twisties.. i hope new authentic flavours keeps coming and may be i would love to see the packets size increase a bit...

barbeque flavour and the rosemary garlic is my pick..
Organic, Crunchy, Healthy, Authetic Flavours, Sunflower oil,
would love to see big packets

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I love the the purple and orange sweet potatoes and Taro they yummy.



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yum yum


Ilike these alot. Lower in fat ,calories, and dont lack flavour. My favourite are the sea salt and vinegar. My toddler likes the natural ones.
sometimes expensive



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Vege chips


I just love these chips. They are more expensive than other brands but are a much healthier option for you. They are so light and crunchy and I love the flavour.
Very tasty, healthy for you.

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How do chicken vege chips taste like chicken without using artificial flavouring?

2 answers

I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure chicken stock is dried out into a powder. Then used to season.

Woodford gal
Woodford gal

Hello Jack. Sorry I cannot really answer this question as I usually purchase the Salt and Vinegar or Sweet and Sour flavoured Vege Chips .I have a pretty debilitating Potato allergy (pain) and finding this product has been great for me, When everyone else is munching on potato products, these have really changed my social interaction at pre dinner drinks etc. I even substitute with these when the rest of the family are having fish and chips (Potato). I must go looking for the chicken variety. Are they just as yummy? I have even been known to arrive at a restaurant with a pkt of Vegie Chips in my handbag, just in case!

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