ALDI Noise Cancelling Headphones (Nov 2014)

ALDI Noise Cancelling Headphones (Nov 2014)

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So far, so good.

Purchased them today, they are working great. The noise cancelling works really well and they have great sound! The only problem I have is that they're almost too big for my head. We shall see if they continue to work great or not.

Noise cancelling issues

I got these for $14 at Aldi so I can't complain a lot, but I have noticed a very low range bass rumble that occurs in the right ear speaker whenever I turn my head to the left. It feels like I have water in my ear when it happens. It's annoying enough that I turned off the sound cancellation completely and now the sound quality is even more bassy and muddy than before. There is literally no high or mid range sound. Clarity is nil..Like listening to a movie with only the subwoofer. But at least no rumble. i guess that's what you get for $14.

Well Thought Out Product!

One hell of a good value for $29.95. Super case and accessories too!. Well above average sound.Love the bright blue light...high tech. Like good wine...one should have more than one kind of headphones. It's like making love to different women...each is unique. Have fun...no rap crap allowed!

The Aldi headphones are heaps better than Sony MDRNC8

I travelled with The Aldi Bauhn Head phones and a pair of Sony MDRNC8. The Aldi ones definitely work well whilst the Sony is only earmuffs- more comfortable but don't work.
The biggest problem with the Aldi headphones is that the LED light is far too bright and disturbs other travellers when the aircraft cabin lights are dimmed. Also a little Heavy and difficult to sleep with tem on.
I have found the cable supplied with the headphones has badly made plugs (poor machining) and often disconnects of crackles. I had to buy separate chord which now works well.
Of all the non grocery JUNK that Aldi sells these headphones are not Junk.

Great value. Excellent airplane noise canceling

I have used these on two flights now and the noise canceling function is really quite amazing for the price. I am more than satisfied and would highly recommend them for travellers who don't want to spend three times (or much more) the amount for branded earphones. They are probably a little more bulky than the expensive brands but they fold down adequately and have a nice carrying case. I am not a music connoisseur, all I want is to listen to music and watch films on flights without the engine hum. This product does indeed serve that purpose more than adequately. Moreover, given the price, I don't need to be paranoid about losing them or leaving them on the plane. ALDI, you've done a great job on this product ! I must admit, I was skeptical at first but having tested them in real flight conditions am a convert.

Good noise canceling

I own a Bose noise cancelling headphones. These are fairly good compared to those. Music sounds wonderful in both sets of earphones. I like these because the stay on my head.

Best Bass-Blasters on the Market!

Seriously, For $30, I haven't heard anything like it! Being a fan of bass and the like, these bad-boys handled my 15db 63Hz Boost without skipping a beat, I actually prefer them over my Sennheisers. They are a little heavy, but as headphones go, they're just fine. They're a little tight, but I like this because they won't fall off like SOME headphones *cough* Dre *cough. They have a large expandable range to suit most heads, so that isn't an issue, however, if you have large ears, they may be uncomfortable for you. The noise cancelling is top-notch, even WITHOUT the batteries. Having the detachable cord is one of my favourite features of these headphones, as I always seem to have trouble with cords breaking, so being able t just buy another 3.5ml to 3.5ml cable and use it instead is just glorious! While yes, there are some reports of the headphones having a short lifespan, I can inform you that this is TRUE. I've had 2 pairs in a 1.5 years now, but I believe the issue with my first pair may have had something to do with me using them in heavy rain.
Hey, for $30-$40, you can't go wrong. These headphones have, in my opinion, great sound quality, and yes, while there are probably better sounding headphones, they aren't under $50, are they?
Seriously, if you like like BASS, BUY THESE HEADPHONES. The amount of bass these bad-boys pump out is PHENOMENAL, SERIOUSLY! I have gotten goosebumps lord knows how many times because of these headphones.

If you want an astounding pair of bass-blasters that can melt faces, you cannot beat these, and for $30, who's complaining? They have a 1 year warranty so just take them back if they break, and the case is nice and sturdy too, which is nice for keeping them safe and sound.

Rubbish Product

Simply does not work. Awful, Awful product. On the second one now. Being brought back today. Utter rubbish. Why Aldi, are you selling products, clearly belong in a dollar shop.

Seems to work ok but time will tell appears good value for money

Why cant you get the manual instructions right ? it says that when the head phones are charged the indicater light will turn green this dose not happen and your web support notes this but dose not aknowledge that the manual is wrong

still working ok after nearly 12 monthsI bought another set for the caravan and so far I am happy with these

Good sound, too small

It has amazing sound and bass but the size of the headphones are of a size that they are pressing against my earlobes, causing bruising. Unfortunately this makes them uncomfortable to wear.

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It's been two weeks now and headphone have died. Terrible headphones.

Cheap and Effective

The noise cancelling works a charm and for $40 the sound quality is superb.

I now use these headphones instead of Earmuffs when operating machinery on the farm.

No troubles at all, worthy purchase.

You get what you pay.

It's good to get more or better than you pay for than the other way around. A bit too much bass. For older ears they are quite good. A bit daggy design, not for trend followers for sure.

Wouldn't Buy Them

Haha I have a pair of Sony MDR1R headphones and these Brauhn ones would be good for someone who just wants music and noise cancelling... But for someone who truly wants to enjoy their music I suggest you buy a good pair of high resolution headphones.

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ALDI Noise Cancelling Headphones (Nov 2014)
Price (RRP) $39.99
FeaturesNoise Cancelling
Release dateNov 2014
Discontinuation dateNov 2014
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