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Series 2 (2016-2019), Series 1 (2014-2016) and Series 0 (2011-2014)
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Great car

Bought new as a work car mid 2014 as I wanted a compact safe car with some pep. I used it for a year driving around metro Sydney and all over country NSW. I found the car to be extremely fuel efficient, comfortable, quiet and generally a great environment to be in for at times several hours. I was particularly impressed with how the car handled appalling country road surface conditions considering it probably hadnt been fine tuned for our road conditions. Equally impressive was the engine and transmission responsiveness overtaking and keeping up with far larger cars on the road. I have since taken a different role and have a company car. That said I decided to keep my Alfa for satisfaction reasons alone.

The only let down is the service department. But that said it's not too dissimilar to the experience of other marques. Advice is shop around for a service department you are happy with. Alfa Australia need to invest in more technician training otherwise there's no point in taking your car to an Alfa dealer for service. NRMA will do the manufacturer log book service cheaper.

Engine Size1.4L Turbo Petrol

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4 multi air petrol 6 speed manual

24,000klms on the clock and 2 years ownership. Bought brand new 'Progression' model. Fun to drive. Completely reliable. Fantastic service costs ( last annual service was AU$360.00. It's a ripper and a great town car. Have also driven long distance and felt fresh after 10 hours driving. For the price, it's unbreaten. Get the manual 6 speed and use the motor the way Alfa Romeo wanted you to! it will put a smile on your face every time and the 1.4 litre Multiair punches well above its weight....especially around town, but just keep the RPMs above 2600 to find the power band. Seriously, you don't need the QV. The 1.4 is absolutely adequate for city driving and the fuel efficiency of the 1.4 is great. I've owned and driven a variety of BMWs and Porsches as the Giulietta is the most fun to be had within 'legal limits'. 10/10 car...sorry, it's not a car, it's an Alfa! :)


Love my Guiiletta, I love driving it

I bought my Guiletta brand new after trading in my Ford Focus which was a lemon.
What a difference I have had no problems I have had it for one year and I love driving it the feel that I get from the power that it's got is amazing especially if you drive it in dynamic. Best car ever.

Engine Size1.4L Turbo Petrol

A joy to drive !

Purchased new in 2013, now 25k on clock, half a dozen Brisbane - Sydney return runs included.. hasn't missed a beat, and its a joy to drive. The TCT auto does its job as it should... the Dynamic setting provides extra excitement to the driving experience.. the diesel engine gives me a fuel consumption of 4.5 lts/100km on the long trips...
Internal trim is as it should and no problems.

BadgeDistinctive JTD-M
Engine Size2.0L Turbo-Diesel

So good

I bought my gulietta in 2013 as a demo with 2000k she's a 2012 2lt turbo diesel distinctive model with a sport upgrade which adds the QV model 18" wheels and brakes and leather bolstered seats, she's black and gorgeous.
I've driven her on daily 150km round trip commutes over the last two years racking up over 70000km average speed 110kmph fuel economy around 6.2lt per 100km and a range of about 990km per 60lt tank. I've had no problems except for a leaking windscreen washer hose that was sucking air instead of water.The dealer has failed to reset the mileage after oil changes which has resulted in a red oil warning light scaring the life out of me but just indicating a service is due, service intervals are 15000 km which seems way to long to me but I've had no problems. Mine has the twin clutch auto which is great, I have the option of shifting manually with paddles or the stick but I can't better the auto for sporty driving. I have had three tires delaminate on me, I think that may be an issue with low profile tyres as they where two different brands. I find the car handles best on the Pirelli zeros. After 70000km all the fittings have held up perfectly there is an annoying resonance in the dash when coming of throttle that's started just recently though I'll get the dealer to take a look.
I had to write this in response to the review above on the diesel with transmission problems may be an issue with manuals. My car has been completely reliable, fun to drive(the diesel has awesome torque) and I love looking at her curves.

BadgeProgression JTD-M
Engine Size2.0L Turbo-Diesel

Still enjoying it

I did an initial review not long after we bought the Guilietta in 2013 and was very happy with it then. It is now coming up to two years of ownership and 30,000km and I have to say that I am still very happy with it and look forward each day to getting into the driver's seat and giving it a spin. It's the lowest spec model - 1.4l turbo manual with hubcaps - but it doesn't want for much in terms of creature comforts. Everything works well and the DNA system (which I thought may be a bit of a gimmick) is effective. I keep it in 'N' (the economy setting) almost all the time and gives it more than enough power with good economy (averaging 6.2km/100litres which is quite reasonable given that it is used a fair bit in the city and gets driven energetically a lot) .

The 'D' setting really affects the performance in a positive way. However, I use the 'D' setting probably less than 10% of the time and mainly when I feel like a rap up a hilly twisty road as it makes it quite nervous around the city. The 'A' setting has been used rarely (it's for slippery wet conditions) so can't make any substantive comments there. The motor is a ripper, it has a great gearbox (although the throws are fairly long - longer than my daughters Mazda 3) and the handling brakes and ride are excellent. I have had no problems with it apart from one rear hatch strut which needed replacing. The bluetooth works well. Servicing costs have been reasonable in terms of cost and execution.

What things aren't so good? (1) The interior/ dash layout is fairly uninspiring (and the overall interior presentation is one area where the Golf really has it over the Alfa (2) the front and rear of the car disappear from sight making parking judgements challenging (parking sensors are advisable). My wife has issues with this and dislikes driving it in shopping centres and the like.
All in all, a great little car.

Engine Size1.4L Turbo Petrol

Best car I've driven!

We bought the 2013 1.4 litre turbo petrol and have had no problems at all except that the stop/start engine function sometimes doesn't stop when the car is stationary. Everything else is perfect. Wonderful handling, fantastic acceleration, beautiful engine note, unbelievable economy and wrapped up in a stylish package with a bit of Italian flair. Couldn't be happier with this car and, so far, the TCT transmission has not missed a beat.

Engine Size1.4L Turbo Petrol

Alfa Romeo Giulietta - It's better than a car!

I traded in a great condition 147 for my new 2013 Giulietta Distinctive 1.4 MultiAir and couldn't be happier. Great outside styling, and interior, superb handling and 100% reliable. The TCT is the best on the market, really good that can't be matched by an old fashioned manual. I have now owned her 14 months from new and I have only one issue, the Stop/Start does need high battery charge to operate but this is normal on Giulietta's. I am not a fan of Start/Stop anyway, especially on turbo engines so it doesn't bother me at all.

You should try and buy a European brand product that's made in Europe e.g. Alfa made in Italy, unlike bmw and vw's made in South Africa. Lower labour cost doesn't mean you get the car cheaper, it means more profit for the fat cats.

Engine Size1.4L Turbo Petrol

Alfa Romeo Giulietta - It's not a car it's rubbish!

Hi Car Buyers,

At the end of June this year I bought my wife for her 50th birthday a new Alfa Romeo Giulietta Diesel Auto from Alfa'a Parramatta Motor Group dealer.

What a dissappointment!

Within a week of taking it home the transmission failed with the car only driveable in 2nd gear. Three days later after having it towed to the dealer the car came back allegedly fixed. Two weeks later the transmission has failed again with the car unable to reverse up an incline, without MAJOR 'kangaroo hopping'. The dealer could only repair the car on the 12th of August making us have to live with the issue for weeks. The car has since developed issues with the forward gears.

Add to that problems the auto stop-start has completely failed; the dashboard multi screen has issues displaying information; the driver's sun visor mounting has broken and this morning the car's Bluetooth functions have failed.

We've had two, second hand, Alfas before and both put together had less issues during our ownership than this car has had in a month.

My recommendation...buy a car NOT an Alfa Romeo. Their quality control is still as rubbish as it used to be.
Styling, Drives well when it works.
Gearbox, engine management system, information display, jnterior issues

2013 Alfa Romeo Giulietta

I absolutely love this car. It provides great power, efficiency and handling for a true driver on a budget. I only paid 24K and it proves how the brand has changed in the market. In my opinion, it has styling reserved for 60K cars with LED day lights, slick coupe looking side profile, emotive design and elegance. I have mine in dark grey and it really looks amazing for a sub 25K car. The turbo gives it some real kick and the DNA settings that can be played with work a treat, especially in Dynamic mode. The dealer gave me an extra 3 years protection which effectively provides me with 6 years warranty protection. It is noteworthy that the car has so far been flawless. I recommend it to anyone looking for a hatch.
Great driving dynamics, handling, sharp ride, price, warranty and style
base model only gets steel wheels

Engine Size1.4L Turbo Petrol

Great car, Great to drive

We bought our 2013 Giulietta second hand with only 10,000ks so it was basically brand new. we've had it now for 4 months with both around town and highway use. So far we've had no trouble and it feels as well made as any Japanese or Korean car. The turbo 1.4L engine seems rather small but is actually nippy and feels more like a 1.8L. Fuel economy is really good at about 5.5 L/100k. The stop/start system takes a bit of getting used to(I could see why reviewers who have the car for only a couple of hours don't like it) but after a while its ok, you start thinking of the money your saving in fuel. The DNA system works fine and is just like a sports mode button, we just leave it in neutral but sometimes I change to dynamic when in traffic. The only criticism is in Dynamic the steering has an artificially heavy feel about it. The steering in Normal mode is about right.
One thing I notice is the centre consul restricts your leg and there's nowhere to rest your left foot when not using the clutch.
I concealed rear door handles add a great touch but I feel you wouldn't want to pull on the handle to hard. May break? In all despite the quality reputation(or lack of!) of Alfa Romeo this car seems really well made and so we have no reason to think other wise and its also a real pleasure to drive.
Reliable, Design, The driving experience.
Key remote lock doesn't work well,No room for left foot.

Engine Size1.4L Turbo Petrol

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Questions & Answers

I like my Giulietta but I’ve been informed I have to pay over $300 to get my Uconnect gps system updated. It keeps taking me to all the dead end streets. Other manufacturers don’t charge their clients for an update. Why do I need to pay this extravagant amount for an update?
2 answers
I didn't want their gps and i use google maps on bluetooth. I certainly wouldn't pay them one cent, $300 that's laughable. The company is by no means a generous one, with every new car I bought I got free car mats, they wanted money - pft, cheap skates!!! Glad you like your GiuliettaThank you

Hi Alfa’s Just been told that it could be the inlet manifold, does that make any sense? Just for the record it’s a giulietta 2014 November jtd progression 2ltr turbo diesel Thanks Bruno
No answers

Hi Alfas I bought my 2ltr turbo diesel new has 68000kms on it and has now broken down . does anyone know what problems they have and how to fix them ? Mine has been fantastic but on my last trip it made a fast buzzing noise then gradually over a distance of 50kms it lost power till it could go no more,any ideas thanks
2 answers
They are a beautiful car to look at but full of problems. I was same as you, bought it brand new didn’t even have 10kms on the clock, custom ordered from Italy. mine started to play up at around 45000kms the turbo decided to just stopped working which what your talking about sounds pretty much what happened to me. Fast buzzing noise, I got it home as I was literally 5 seconds away then it didn’t want to start the next day when I got it all booked in at my Alfa dealership. I got it towed there instead and it sat there for 4 weeks before the part made its way from Italy.... at a cost of 6k and some change. I then had it back from that incident for 3 weeks before water pump decided to just stop working, not that it was old or anything just to the poor workmanship on the car Alfa mechanic said that this is a very common issue that they haven’t tried to fix at all in production, that cost me $1200 and 4 days luckily they had this part on hand because it’s a known issue, the electrics stopped working my power lumbar stopped and my indicators only worked when they wanted to and that was a rare occurrence not to mention the radio decided to work on the odd occasion too, had that rectified costing $2200 and 7 days, again all parts they needed were on hand again because it’s a common problem, the day I jumped in my car and it decided to not want to have power steering was when I gave up, I got it down to the dealership and was told again it was a common problem and they could have it all fixed, that was the last $4500 I spent on that car! I pick it up and drove it straight to a Mercedes dealership traded it in on a c63 and have never looked back..... Alfa’s are beautiful cars and still I would love to own one again in particular a 4C but they will always be a lemon. Everything goes wrong with them when they are still relatively new... now let me also put in there that I always took it to the dealership for services ect and they apparently check for all these common problems in their checks but it was always “ok”. Never again.... at least I can say I was a proud owner of an Alfa Romeo for 2 and a bit years.Also resale value on them is shocking.... so don’t get your hopes up for a good sale if you do trade in, I got 8.5k for mine.


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TransmissionManualDual-Clutch (DCT)Dual-Clutch (DCT)Dual-Clutch (DCT) and ManualDual-Clutch (DCT) and ManualDual-Clutch (DCT)Dual-Clutch (DCT)Dual-Clutch (DCT) and ManualDual-Clutch (DCT)ManualDual-Clutch (DCT) and ManualManualManualDual-Clutch (DCT) and Manual
Drive TypeFront Wheel Drive (FWD)Front Wheel Drive (FWD)Front Wheel Drive (FWD)Front Wheel Drive (FWD)Front Wheel Drive (FWD)Front Wheel Drive (FWD)Front Wheel Drive (FWD)Front Wheel Drive (FWD)Front Wheel Drive (FWD)Front Wheel Drive (FWD)Front Wheel Drive (FWD)Front Wheel Drive (FWD)Front Wheel Drive (FWD)Front Wheel Drive (FWD)
Fuel TypePetrolPetrolPetrolPetrolPetrolDieselDieselPetrolDieselPetrolPetrolPetrolPetrolPetrol
Wheels16" Alloy17" Alloy18" Alloy17" Alloy17" Alloy17" Alloy17" Alloy16" Alloy16" Alloy18" Alloy16" Alloy16" Alloy17" Alloy18" Alloy
ANCAP Safety Rating5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Fuel Consumption5.5 L/100km4.9 L/100km6.8 L/100km6.4 L/100km5.9 L/100km4.5 L/100km4.5 L/100km5.7 L/100km4.5 L/100km7.6 L/100km5.7 L/100km6.4 L/100km5.7 L/100km7.6 L/100km
Fuel Tank Capacity 60 L60 L60 L60 L60 L60 L60 L60 L60 L60 L60 L60 L60 L60 L
Engine4 Cylinder 1.4L4 Cylinder 1.4L4 Cylinder 1.75L4 Cylinder 1.4L4 Cylinder 1.4L4 Cylinder 2.0L4 Cylinder 2.0L4 Cylinder 1.4L4 Cylinder 2.0L4 Cylinder 1.7L4 Cylinder 1.4L4 Cylinder 1.4L4 Cylinder 1.4L4 Cylinder 1.8L
Max Power110kW @ 5500rpm125kW @ 5500rpm177kW @ 5750rpm88kW @ 5000rpm125kW @ 5500rpm125kW @ 4000rpm125kW @ 4000rpm125kW @ 5500rpm125kW @ 4000rpm173kW @ 5500rpm125kW @ 5500rpm88kW @ 5000rpm110kW @ 5500rpm177kW @ 5750rpm
Max Torque250Nm @ 2500rpm250Nm @ 2500rpm340Nm @ 2000rpm206Nm @ 1750rpm250Nm @ 2500rpm350Nm @ 1750rpm320Nm @ 1500rpm250Nm @ 2500rpm350Nm @ 1750rpm340Nm @ 1900rpm250Nm @ 2500rpm215Nm @ 2500rpm250Nm @ 2500rpm340Nm @ 1900rpm
Country of ManufactureItalyItalyItalyItalyItalyItalyItalyItalyItalyItalyItalyItalyItalyItaly
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)
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