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I signed up for Alinta from 9Saver during the Big Switch. I have been with them for a while. Last year I received my bill from Alinta it was about $1,000.00/quarter. Installed a 7.92Kw solar system the next bill became $1,400.00/quater. The electrician who installed the solar panel accepted that their installer had not installed the smart meter and gave me a credit. After reading all these negative comments I have rechecked my last bill that is due for payments. Well for a start we have one 50 inch TV less than last year, secondly, 1 person less for 5 weeks during that reporting period and our daily usage for the same period last year has ballooned from to 2.98kWh/day to 13.23kWh. More than 4 times the daily usage as same time last year. Alinta I don't think so. You might be one of the cheapest per kWh. But your accounting is erroneous. This is copied and pasted from the bill When you'll receive your next bill For quarterly bills: your electricity meter will be next read on approximately 26 Sep 2018. Ha Ha Ha Is your company joking? 2018??? Why the increase in usage? Why 2018????? Thanks Marco
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Hi Marco, we are concerned to hear this. We would like to investigate this urgently for you. I have sent you a private message. If you'd like to respond I'd be happy to help. Thanks, Emilia.

How much does it cost to move home?
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Hi Cate, this depends on which state you are in. I will send you a PM now to get some more details. Thanks, Rose.

My account is in credit ,can I ask for part refund from the amount I have in credit?
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Hi Brent, this is depending on why the credit is on your account. There can be a credit on the account for a Solar Feedin rebate or an over payment of funds to your bill. I will send you a PM now to discuss further. Thanks, Rose.I pay money every fortnight onto my account, so I'm wondering if I can take some money back to myselfHi Brent, you can call 13 37 02 and request the refund. I can also help you with it, I would need to get your account details and email the correct team so if it is urgent I would suggest giving our Customer Service centre a call. If you'd like me to help please send me a PM with your details and how much you'd like refunded. Thanks, Rose.

Why does the number to call not even ring when i try to call it? 13 37 02 is what I am calling from NSW and it just says call ended every time. This is ridiculous. The website says 8am-9pm Monday to Friday so it should be working.
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Hi Grace, the number that you are calling is correct and you also have the correct opening times. I do apologise but I'm not sure why this is happening for you. I can get someone to call you if you'd like, please feel free to send me a private message with your details so I can organise this for you. Thanks, Rose.

Reading from the above regarding Section 6, So the $800 + dollars that we have in credit. We are not going to receive at all.
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Hi Lyn, thank you for your question. We do apply the $800+ dollars to your bills. However, in our Terms and conditions for Queensland, we would be unable to refund the solar credit if you were to leave Alinta Energy. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks, Emilia.

I have a Commonwealth Seniors Health card and I am registered with Synergy and getting a rebate from Synergy. I am not getting the rebate from Alinta. The Alinta documents says i have to register with Synergy but Synergy tell me to register with Alinta! I appear to have missed out on 6 years Health card rebate. What can I do.
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Hi Derek, Alinta Energy does not have an energy rebate, but if you're an eligible concession cardholder, you should register your details with Synergy. This may sound confusing, but as the State Government-funded energy rebate is for gas and electricity usage, the rebate is administered by Synergy through your Synergy account. You're eligible for this rebate if you hold a government concession card such as a Health Care Card, a Seniors' Card (State Government), a Pensioner Concession Card or a Department of Veterans' Affairs Card. For more information, visit the Synergy website. Hope this helps, this information can also be found on our website please click onto the attached link. https://www.alintaenergy.com.au/wa/faqs Kind Regards, Rose

How come when our daily consumption is 22 kwh charged out at $5.64 per day & the total days charged was 89 days you multiply that = $501.96 and your charge before the discount is $658.88 how do you come up with a $157.35 Discount or is it just ADDED ON. This according to our Current Invoice - Thanking you Terry - Account No 1572 6948
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Hi Terry, I will send you a PM to get some more detail so I can look into this for you. Thanks, RoseIt is like these pay before discounts are just made up figures, I just got a similar bill $588 before and $452 after discount almost 140 difference avg daily charge $4.82 @19kw =$453 over 94 day period, shouldn't power companies be displaying the before discount figure as a late charge rather then before discount seems to be very misleadingAlinta have yet to respond to this Question ?? If the Discount Figure was consumed as well, then taken off - But I don't think that is the Case !!!

Why was I changed over to origin without my consent I have been a loyal customer to ALINTA and I have always played my gas bills .
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Hi Guy, this is very concerning to hear. We'd like to help, I have responded to your private message. If you could please respond, Thanks, Emilia.Its ok Emilia I'm back with ALINTA rang up ALINTA the other day and got it all fixed up thank you :)No worries Guy, Glad to hear everything is now sorted. If you do need help in the future please doesn't hesitate to reach out as we are happy to help. Thanks, Emilia.

How can it be that Alinta Cust service keeps me on the phone for 8 hours no this is for real, 8 hours and still no resolution to a ridiculously high bill suddenly?
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Hi Aunty Nik, I have sent you a Private Message requesting more information. I will be able to help you once I receive this from you. Thanks, Rosebetter to send me an emailI have responded to your private message. Thanks, Rose

Is there a discount for electricity for Pensioners?
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Only QLD Gov Electricity RebateHi Wes, you would receive the discount that we provide and your State Pension discount would be given to you. If you need anymore help let know. Thanks, Lou

I am an Alinta Customer for Electricity and Gas and am looking at Solar Panels. My question is, what is the cost of the new smart meter which you will need to install and what is your feed-in Tarif? Thanks
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Hi Annie, thanks for reaching out. The cost of a smart meter and the feed in tariff does differ between states. Are you able to send me a PM and I can help you further. Thanks, Lou.

Hi Alinta, I'm currently with Alinta for both electricity and gas and going to move to a new address. How can I keep my same contract for the new place? Appreciate your quick reply Thanks Nandi
2 answers
Hi Nandi! Thank you for getting in touch with us. If you call our customer service agents, they will be able to transfer your account onto the new property. You can contact them on 13 37 02. Otherwise if you would like to send a private review message to us with your contact details, I can organise someone to call you :) Thanks, TigiHi Alinta, I am moving the house and I want to continue the same contract deal 43 as it is more beneficial for me than the current offers. I have one more year to continue deal 43 benefits as I took it in 2018. I checked your website and it says when moving houses I can continue my contract or select a new offer. But the customer service agent that I talked today said alinta website has false information regarding moving houses where I have to select a new offer if I am moving to a new house even though I have another one year to get deal 43 benefit with alinta. Very unprofessional and confusing. The only reason i am with Alinta is the deal 43 offer that I am currently with. Alinta has advertise that when customer is moving they can continue the same contract or start a new one. Therefore I believe i can i continue the same contract when I am moving to a new house. Please do reply. Thanks

What is the 50 up club offer on power?
3 answers
Hi Russell! If you can let me know what State you are in I will be able to assist. Thanks, Tigi28% off useage + 20cents/ Kw input i thinksa

I was told by salesmen when they persuaded me to sign up too alinta energy that I can change back too my former provider if I’m not happy with out getting hit with exit fees or charges, is this true?
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Hi Duck! Yes this is true! We do not have any lock in contracts or exit fees. I have replied to your Review also, and sent you a pm, so I can speak with you further through there with any enquiries you may have :) Thanks, Tigi

How can i cancel my contract with Alinta?? my bill is over $300 more then the highest bill we ever had with our last energy company. They expect us to pay a bill we only got today within 2 weeks seriously not happy and now going to be broke
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So glad I put this review up! You never got to see the google reviews because they were quick to delete their account. I am just a normal guy but I advise you change power companies again & take it to current affair etc. no doubt they have a bunch of stories already. They need more regulation, this bulls@@t business should have never been allowed to even start their robbery here, taking moeny back to hong kong/ china!Hi! Thank you for getting in touch with us! I can definitely help help with your account issues and disconnection if you would like. I will send you a pm now to get more information regarding your account. Thanks, Tigi

I’ve just signed up with Slinta. I’ve just read these reviews. Should I be worried?
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Hi Vakerie! Thank you for asking the question! Welcome aboard to Alinta! We are so pleased to have you. Don't forget people are quick to write a negative review rather when they are happy and satisfied. We do have great feedback on a variety of platforms. We also received Can Star Blue's 5 star award for customer service in Queensland. I'm sure you will have a great experience with Alinta like majority of our loyal 1 million customers! Enjoy the discounts and welcome once again. Tigi

Hi I received a text saying Welcome to Alinta... I haven't joined. Is this a scam?
1 answer
Hi Rjc, Thank you for your Question. I would suggest giving Alinta Energy a call on 13 37 02 just to confirm your contact details aren't in our systems, they will be able to let you know as to why you received the text message. Please feel free to message us if you have any more worries or concerns. Have a great day Kez :)

I need to review my billing. Can anyone help me I tried calling customer service? They are No use at all. I’m getting random bills and not quarterly as I used to with other provider. I’m paying now double what I used to couple months ago.
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Hey Steve, would like to help - could you provide me your account information in a private message and I can have a look for you. Jay

I have just signed up with your company what is the solar rate? June
1 answer
Hi June, depends on your state - could you provide me your address in a private message and I can let you know. Jay

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