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excellent company

Hello everyone I want to say that I am personally very happy with all suburbs strata and we never had a bad experienc with them,they are good company, we are over 13 years with them.

Thank you D...B..! We are delighted that you think so highly of us and have taken the time to share it. If you could let me know which if our team is the manager for your plan that would be great so I can pass on the praise. Regards GlennYes I can say..Kate is manager and she does professional her job..Thank you so much, she will be delighted.

Excellent strata managers

We have been for the past 30 year's with All Suburbs Strata and never had any problems with them. Very very happy with them and they service. I highly recommend this company.

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Hi Micky, Thank you very much for your great comments and appreciation. Our team strives to delight our clients and it is great to hear from happy customers such as yourself! Regards Glenn

Attentive, Professional

Our Strata has been managed by All Suburbs Strata Management since the beginning. Matt from ASSM is proactive, consultative and responsive to Strata matters. He calls back when he says he will. Additionally he has been professional, careful but firm with difficult situations involving tenants, and sought to offer good advice including the options available to the owners in respect of regulations, forward budget, services and accounts.

Good Service

I have been dealing with All Suburbs since 2014 and in every case they have been responsive and acting promptly.

Always following the rules and providing honest advice on various matters such as bathroom repairs, garage repairs, getting the best quotations, etc.

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Thank you Behrad for the great comments, the team are very appreciative of the positive feedback. Regards Glenn

Knowledgeable And Efficient Strata Management

Very happy with our choice of Strata Management; All Suburbs team are polite, courteous and easy to deal with. And always prompt with call backs; we're extremely happy with the Strata Management that ASSM provides since changing from a less than polite and efficient Strata company we had previously.

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Jenn, Thank you so much for the feedback, we sincerely appreciate it. I am delighted that you are happy with our service, please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any suggestions to make us better. Regards Glenn@assm.net.au


Great to deal with. Matt from All Suburbs is proactive and efficient in all of our dealings. He also provides great advice when regulatory changes come into play.

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Thank you Julian for taking the time to compliment our service, Matt will be delighted with the feedback. Regards Glenn

Best strata

I have had the privilege of having a very competent strata team for our investment property which I would/can recommend. We had a bad situation with a leaking roof some could say a water view in your lounge room. I contacted the builders several times but with no avail so I decided to let All suburbs strata taking control. Matthew our strata manager took control and had the roof fix and settle within months. Matt kept in contact with me via email's and phone calls throughout the process, he was polite and informative each time we spoke. Matt also suggested other implementations to cover said workmanship on our roof. In total we are extremely pleased with the out come and are thankfully to Matt and All suburbs for such professionalism that they have shown.

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Thank you so much for your comments Kim, the team really appreciates the feedback and I will definitely pass on that praise to Matt. All feedback helps us better serve you.

poor service

been with this company for ten years worst company we have ever dealt with showing favouritisim to executive committee members also no action taken against any complaints raised would not recommend this company to any prospective buyers

Dear Dennis, I am sorry that you decided to refuse my offer of assitance and rather in your reply email to me you chose to liken me to a dog, thankfully though one of the most friendly and intelligent breads. Regardless, I did look into recent history for the strata plan and understand that you, and possibly the owner of the property, have been unhappy with the decisions made by the Owners Corporation by the majority and in compliance with the laws that govern the strata plan. There is no certainly favoritism shown by our office toward members of the strata committee, we work for all owners. While I understand that the actual owner of the property no longer resides there, I would encourage her to attend the meetings of the owners corporation in future. I have also spoken with the strata manager responsible for the property and he is sensitive to the history of complaints and conflict. He will continue to work toward resolutions with an aim for all owners to be satisfied with the Owners Corporation decisions. Regards Glennthanks for your replythe owner of the property happens to be my wife we request a site inspection of the complex before general meeting to point out issues that can be raised as was requested to luisi on previous occasions with no success also if tenant of lot 10 continues to remove mail from letter boxes this is a criminal offence and we will have no hesitation in contacting police awaiting your reply as our lawyer loves going to court

Awesome company

This company is soo much better then our last was with our last company for over 20 years and nothing got done moved to this company at the beginning of this year and everything that need to be fixed barge Boards painting and child locks have all been done and the company's they sent out were fantastic this is one strata company to be proud of

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Dear SAR, Thank you so much for your kind comments, we really appreciate your support as we strive to delight our clients everyday. Comments like yours make the hard work and dedication worthwhile. Regards Glenn

Great service

We've been managed by Karen Luisi for a long time and she continues to give us great friendly and professional service. Would recommend her and All Suburbs Strata to anyone. Regards happy owner

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Thank you so much for your positive feedback. Our team strives to delight our customers and when we receive feedback like this it is great reward for all the effort. Regard Glenn glenn@assm.net.au

Great company good services.

Where can I start! Great company top helping at any time we need, I really recommend all suburbs strata I would like to special thank my building manager Kate she is very helpful at any time we need something to get done,and all the staff management at the office are really helpful at all times.
So I really appreciated all the work they have been putting for all the residents.
Nabel, Liverpool area.

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Dear Nabel, Thank you so much for the great feedback, we really appreciate it. Our team strives to do our best to satisfy our clients and we are delighted when we receive comments like yours. Our company was recently awarded the Outstanding Specialised Business and 2016 Business of the Year in the Local Business Awards as voted by our customers. Your feedback supports those awards, thank you so much for choosing to engage our services. Regards Glenn (glenn@assm.net.au)

NO management at all!!! Exetremely poor service!

I have dealt with this company for close to 10 years now! They never return calls, never reply to e-mails! Never fix problems.
I have been behind in my strata fees due to illness & even though it was voted at the Annual General meeting not to pursue action, they have! Also told me I could pay the fees off ... All these conversations were in front of 3 independent witnesses ... Yet I received a visit from the sherif today, delivering legal papers for court proceedings! I can't afford to pay in a lump sum & now they have added another $1000 because of legal fees!
I have paid my strata fees diligent for 7 years & gotten no service yet as soon as I am behind they move VERY quickly!!

Our team prides itself on providing our Owners Corporations with professional services and delivering excellent customer satisfaction, which entails religiously returning calls and emails. It would appear as though you are upset about the Owners Corporation taking debt recovery action against you. It is a difficult situation when one lot owner falls behind in their payments as Owners who pay their levies promptly are unfairly supporting those who do not pay their levies on time. Unpaid debts put pressure on the Owners Corporations' cash flow and often trigger the need for special levies. Decisive recovery action discourages owners from not paying their debts to the Owners Corporation. It is therefore important that overdue levies and other debts are pursued promptly and effectively. If you would like me to look into your particular situation I would be happy to do so, please email me glenn@assm.net.au, I look forward to hearing from you.No, I am upset at a culmination of MANY problems over the last 9 years ... Including an unrepaired shower for more than 12 months, CONSISTENT parking issues, sewage sitting in my backyard from having your chosen plumber drain another townhouse in the strata, requests & problems not ever being actioned AND the fact your representative acknowledged that it was voted NOT to take legal action! I was not notified that that agreement had changed & my e-mail in response to that was never answered! Nothing is ever done by ASSM unless it involves getting money! This is not about one particular incident ... It is the total of MANY incidents & this last one has been the straw that broke the camels back!As promised I am more than happy to look into any concerns that you may have, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Worst Strata ever: if only there was zero star selection

Issues never get resolved at all..problems remain problems forever. Fit for nothing managers and staff.. No call backs, no replies to emails, lost hope and faith if our issues ever get resolved..would never refer it to anyone.

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Good Morning Abhi, I am sorry to hear that you have been disappointed with your experience. Our team works hard to try to resolve issues between the parties involved and I will investigate why you feel you have been let down this time. I would appreciate if you could please email your details to glenn@assm.net.au so I can try to help resolve your problem. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards Glenn


Poor service. I once received a $17 fine without a reminder. I did not get the bill in the first place. Never returned my call after promised that they would. Very unhappy.

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Hi Lan, I am disappointed that you have not had your problem resolved as yet. It is important to note that courtesy levy reminders are issued a month prior to the due date, but any levies overdue greater than 44 days past the due date receive another reminder and incur a reminder fee plus interest as charged by the Owners Corporation. I would be happy to look into your problem for you to understand what has happened. If you could please email me your strata plan number and lot number to glenn@assm.net.au I will help you. Regards Glenn

If I could give 0 stars, I would.

this strata company is the most horrendous company i have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. their focus on ridiculous issues in a building and completely overseeing bigger issues in the building is disgusting. got a problem tenant who is bothering everyone in the block with noise, damages, and illegal activity? they'll just send a couple of letters but not actually take action against them. But, got a few bits of mail left on the driveway? Stop everything and send 100 letters to every tenant threatening to evict everyone. Get real, all suburbs strata 'management'.

Their phone manner is rude, they are unwilling to speak to you, and their desk manner also leaves much to be desired... a smile would go a long way but you're most likely to walk into frowning, angry faces, and a bad attitude to match.

Save yourself the heartache and stress, DO NOT use this company. they are rude, slow, lazy, unsympathetic and have no sense of priority based on urgency of issues. Do yourself a favour and go with a different company. i wish my building's owner's corp would rally together and get rid of this company. Im supposed to feel less stressed knowing i have strata to help - wrong! I feel significantly more stressed because strata do nothing to help - they are not there to help you at all; they are actually part of the problem.

theyve been great at causing me significant stress though, so if high blood pressure is what youre looking for then go with this company.

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I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your comments. Please contact me glenn@assm.net.au and advise a number I can reach you on. I do not feel your comments represent the hard work and dedication to serving our clients, but I am sorry that you feel this way. Please note that strata managers do not evict anyone, so no letter from our office would represent that. Additionally, it is the Owners Corporation and on a day to day basis the Executive Committee who directs the actions that we take, it is not in our power to act without that direction.

Secure Online Access Portal. Great improvement.

I am on the Executive Committee (EC) of a 13 Lot Stratum at Macquarie Fields, NSW. An ASSM employee just walked me through and connected me to ASSM Secure Online Service Portal. This portal allows EC members to view the Owners Corporation account balance and transactions. The portal has a number of other functions that provide detailed information. Previously the EC relied on a hard copy quarterly financial report, which now we can view immediately. We are very satisfied with ASSM approach, service and their timely response on all matters.

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Thank you jophnkato46! We really appreciate the feedback and will keep working to enhance our systems and services to you. Regards Glenn

Lazy and unprofessional

Over the last 4 years I have experienced consistently poor service.
Liverpool office never call back. Poor phone manners. Poor customer service via phone and email. I want out!
When residents report damage they take too long to get the repairs underway, even when they require immediate attention.
No help with more sensitive matters. Too 'friendly' with executive committee... leads to insufficient action and poor management of my building.

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Dear Dissatisfied, It is surprising to read your comments as we take great pride in providing excellent service to our customers. I would be happy to discuss your specific issue with you and would appreciate if you could please email me at glenn@assm.net.au with the your details so I can call you. Regards Glenn

Really terrible service

From experience i can say they never send a reminder bill if you have missed your payment on the due date or did not receive the bill. They will let the penalties pile up and and just before your next bill is due, will send the bill with 10% penalty and $15 admin fee. (This has now happened on 2 occasions with these people). Contacting the person who replies here on the threads is of no use because he either doesn't reply to emails or throws my email as junk. Wondering if he can explain or justify the $15 admin fee. If you call their Liverpool office, their phone manners are not nice at all. I receive all my bills from other companies via email and these people are the only ones who don't want to send me bills through email and just want to make money of you by changing extras. Really bad service, avoid them and look for someone better.

Bad service, no reminders for bills sent, can't email bills, don't reply to emails or phone calls..etc etc etc.

Dear Jan2170, We take pride in providing excellent service to our customers and I would like to discuss your comments with you and resolve any issue that you have had, therefore please contact me at our office on 9600 7000 or by email glenn@assm.net.au. You have said that I do not reply to emails, that is just not correct, I reply to all emails and return any message that has been left for me. You have said that we will not issue levy notices by email, that is not correct, you have the choice of whether to receive them by email or post - I would be happy to resend you the request form which has been distributed to all owners. Levies due for the upcoming year are advised in writing to each lot owner following the determination at the AGM. A courtesy levy notice is issued around 1 month prior to the due date. A reminder notice is not issued by our office until around 45 days past the levy due date. Any late notice fee or interest charged by the Owners Corporation is in accordance with the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996 and our agreement with the Owners Corporation. But as I said, I would be delighted to discuss this with you further and I look forward to your call. Regards, GlennDear Janardhan, I was happy to be able to fully resolve this issue for you and am glad that you have registered to have your levy notices sent by email. You are more than welcome to contact me anytime if I can be of assistance. Regards Glenn

Good people

Our block is located in cronulla and we changed to these people just over 18 months ago because the last manager we were with was not helpful and charged us to get out of bed in the morning. since the change these guys have been great. quick to respond quick to help and don't charge us the world

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Dear Andrew, Thank you very much for your comments. Our team works very hard to provide our Owners Corporations with a professional service and we strive to deliver excellent customer satisfaction. We don't always hear from happy clients such as yourself, so we really appreciate that you have taken the time to let us know how we are doing. If you ever have any suggestions on how we can do an even better job, please do not hesitate to contact me - glenn@assm.net.au

All Suburbs Strata Management

I can only speak from my experiences with All Suburbs. We have been with them for a number of years and have found their service excellent. The last time we had a car smash though our brick fence destroying it, a garden shed and adjoining fence. The damage was substantial. They handled the job with professionalism and promptness. I would like to give a special mention to Henry Nguyen, he was always available, coordinated the work/contractors The job done by the various contractors was excellent.
The professionalism, standard of work and the timely manner for completion.

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Dear Bernie, Thank you very much for your kind comments. We strive to deliver an outstanding professional service to our Owners Corporation members and it is excellent to hear from someone like yourself who is satisfied with our efforts. I will pass on your specific recognition to Henry, he will be delighted. Once again, thank you for taking the time. Regards Glenn

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Questions & Answers

It blows my mind how you are still in business? We live in Fair Water Gardens Estate, I think we should change the Name of the Estate to Andrew and Igors concentration camp , Also the Strata Company name should change to No Suburbs Strata Management !!
No answers

Hi Planning to buy a property, linked with ASSM. Based on reviews it is apparent to me, when there are some expenditure ASSM is fast and helpful, but when when it is just matter of implementation of law ASSM is slow and hesitant and rude in handling telephone manner. How can I be assured they are great in service?
1 answer
Hello Saima, Thank you for the opportunity to provide you a response to your query. As you would understand, reviews can be very useful for the consumer, however often the whole story is not always portrayed. Our office deals with thousands of clients each month and we take pride in the service that we provide to them. Our role as strata managers is to take direction from and assist in enforcing the decisions and rules that the Owners Corporation has determined, in compliance with the laws that govern strata living. At times this does put us in the middle between an individual and the Owners Corporation. You will see that on reviews posted we always respond to a review (Good or Bad) and in circumstances where there is an issue, we will always attempt to resolve the matter as soon as possible. Unfortunately in the majority of circumstances when I respond to a review, I rarely receive a response back nor any further information to assist with rectifying the issue, of which the customer has brought to my attention. We are a family operated business and we have been operating for over 35 years, we pride ourselves on all aspects of customer service. We are a company that believes in building strong relationships with all of our clients and our business continues to grow on the back of these principles. Owners Corporations make their own choice to employ our services to assist them in administering the strata plan in accordance with the agreement we sign with them. In the event that a rare occurrence occurs where they are not happy, then we work to resolve the issue. I understand that businesses can always state how wonderful they are, but either myself or one of our team are always happy to discuss any concerns over the phone or in person. I hope this assist you. Regards, Glenn

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