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Allans Music + Billy Hyde

Allans Music + Billy Hyde

Online store and Physical store
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No wonder your finished!

Like review below, i too was at Melbourne store on Christmas Eve the item i was looking for were piled in piles.I asked for assistance,only too be told ,No, flat no ,no help, customer service zero, wouldn't waste my time or $$$ at any of their music stores again EVER good-bye.

Advised to come back for full receipt - they then refused to issue one.

I purchased a $3000 guitar for my son on Xmas eve 2018.
I received a credit card receipt but they said to come back next week for a full receipt as they were too busy.
I went there today and they are now refusing to issue a proper receipt other than a generic handwritten receipt with no details of the company, claiming they are in Liquidation and the company doesn't exist anymore.
Basically, the owner is a 'Con' man.

Such a terrible service

I went in to check the guitars and wanted to try the gibson les paul studio. One of the guys said i have to wait as it is an admin thing. The other customer said i can take over to try it, but the staff scolded me that i took over without the customers permission. I told the staff off and said i do not want to buy it, then he said dont buy, leave the store because i am tearing the crap out of it.

Disappointed (extremely)

Initially ordered and paid for several items listed "in stock".
Allowing for estimated delivery time and more without advice to the contrary
from ABH, made contact and received usual excuses " problems with staff, then phone"
Not likely to receive order soon cancelled. Getting refund, same story!
Foolishly tried again with another order sometime later. Nothing's changed.

Absolutely pathetic! Ripped me off $4850.00

I received a message from one of the current staff there stating that removalist trucks rocked up and started loading goods into the back of the truck, they lost their jobs on the spot. Now, I was not informed about this and nor were they, so I am now proceeding my day with a large loss of $4850.00 on my lay-buys from a couple of drum kits through Allans Billy Hyde Windsor.
No phone lines are working across every store in the business, including Southport, Sydney (Alexandria), Brisbane, Melbourne and the others.

I feel utterly cheated and have lost further respect for the music industry. I do not think businesses would go into liquidation if they started being respectful to brand ambassadors and bringing different products whilst having smaller and cheaper spaces. The incompetence that was within that company is absolutely appalling.

I want my products paid up to pro-rata or a refund. Otherwise, I will find the owner.

terrible service never to there!

Purchased a digital piano and accessories. Paid for $130 for delivery. Then no show no phone call from the delivery.
Other musical retailers are much better--better price, free delivery and better service!

Terrible customer service, especially online.

Bought a guitar case online. It took 2 weeks to arrive only to find it not only banged up in transit but also cut incorrectly. I contact them and they ask me to send a photo which I did. They tell me it has been cut wrong, no kidding!

They then ask if I can bring it back to a store. Ummm no, there is a reason why I bought it online! One of the sales guys tells me they are very short staff at the moment, oh diddums, how is that my problem? I get onto the online sales manager who says she will arrange a courier which never happens. I have to threaten them with court for her to eventually give up after almost daily phone calls and she refunds the money and I get to keep the banged up, cut wrong case.

Never again will I trust these people. At least it was just a guitar case and not an expensive guitar.

Online Team went above and beyond!

I called up to enquire about an out of stock item, they quickly contacted the supplier and arranged to have drop shipped to my home in a week. Really lovely, didn't make me feel silly as a first time buyer and were willing to do research to answer my questions when they didn't know the answer themselves.

Scam online seller

Order placed on 2 Feb. Now I still got nothing. Not even a tracking info. Already ask PayPal intervention. They don't make response on their website. They don't answer phone calls. They dont reply my email. Just remember this. If you want to buy any musical instruments. Find another place!

Still hasn't delivered my purchase.

Ordered an amp from the online store one week ago and still no sign or tracking . They said they are changing delivery companies and I just have to wait. No updates, no tracking. This company must be avoided as they are really incompetent. Never again.

Purchased an item that wasn't in stock now I'm fighting to get my money back!

I attempted to purchase the KRK 8S Studio Subwoofer thanks to a 'deal' posted on a popular bargain hunting site I'm quite fond of.
The online shopping experience was quick and easy. The transaction was processed and I received multiple notifications from the seller confirming the purchase.
The next business day I was informed that there was no stock available and I had one of three options - Get one of two sets of headphones (totally unrelated to my purchase) or get a refund. I responded immediately asking for a refund.
Since then (Over 10 days ago) I have been requesting my money back and have had to raise a payment dispute.

This is the third and last time I will bother with this company.

Receipt of damaged goods

I ordered a guitar online. Just over a week later it was available for pick up. Drove it home and looked closer at the box. It states it's a different model and a lefty-thought it was strange and worried I'd ordered or received the wrong guitar. Open it up to find all the protective wrapping is just sitting there not protecting at all but merely scrunched up at the bottom of the box. So it's clear it's been opened before. It's the right guitar though so that's something. Pull the guitar out only to find the neck is cracked, almost in half. Completely destroyed.
So my broken guitar arrived in the wrong box which kinda makes me think it is not new but maybe a display model? I've no idea.
Eventually got onto someone and told the store has another one ready to go, so why I waited a week for a smashed one I still don't know.



Absolutely abysmal transaction from start to finish - I strongly advise avoiding using the Allans Online service.

- Didn't receive a confirmation email
- Item wasn't in stock despite what their website said - I only found this out by inquiring after several days of no correspondence
- Offered a cheaper substitute product (which I accepted)
- Still waiting for a refund for the difference a week later.

Never again - I went down this route to hopefully get what I was after quickly - BIG MISTAKE

dont shop online store

Requested a specific delivery day, they failed to pass this message onto Star Track. Star track were also terrible...Complete lack of communication between their company and their courier....delivery ultimately took 11 days! staff were empathetic although had no control over their outsourced courier...wont shop their again.

Couldn't be bothered

Went in there to buy a new amp at Alexandria store in Sydney. Guy that helped me couldn't have been more disinterested and unhelpful. Lucky I researched it myself...I knew more about the amps than he did. On top of that he watched me struggle to get it out the front door to my car and didn't help by holding the door open. Won't be back. Very disappointed.


Useless.... utterly useless.... needed to get some stuff for a gig and rang them at 4:30 and asked them to hold the doors until 5:03 which is when our gps told us we were going to be there. When we got there they were just shutting the doors and would not reopen. When I said I would talk to the manager I would speak to him about closing times and keeping customers I was told to go away. Haven't got one good thing to say about the company.

Awful customer service

Awful customer service, and no drum sticks stock at all.
I asked about if they had more drum sticks at the front desk to a guy how was playing guitar instead of attending customers, and he just move his head saying no, didn't even spoke!!! what a freaking clown's , they should fire them all!.
I'm never coming back to that place.

Terrible customer service

Went into the Underwood store to ask something about a guitar. The 2 sales people at the front desk were not exactly savvy when I asked them some basic questions. The girl was friendly but very timid and tried to help but when I asked if her colleague might know he stared at me like he was brain dead. She quickly informed me that "he was their drum guy", this apparently equates to not being able to perform basic human functions such as speaking or blinking. Perhaps they should give these kind of jobs to people who might actually know something about instruments and have better customer skills. I won't be returning to this store in the future.

Would never return

The customer service in this store is appalling, it's as if you've put them out by entering the store. They are so extremely rude when they do eventually bother speaking to you... the service provided was seriously disgraceful ruined my day and I would never return. There's another music shop just down the street...go there instead!

Absolutley disgracefull service at Blackburn Billy Hyde

When you are purchasing a guitar, what do you want to do? take it through the ringer and make sure it sounds right for the music style that you play? yes of course. Yesterday on the 5th of March 2015 I was trying to do exactly that and used a capo to play the songs I usually play.

This was immediately frowned upon by staff at the Blackburn store I was told (not asked nicely) to take the capo off. In that moment the store lost my business that day and now for the rest of my musical life.

It is a shame because I have received good service in the past here, there are some lovely people who work at the store but March the 5th was a let down to this system.

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