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Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking

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I would be willing to give it another try and see how I go since Allen Carr has helped a lot of people. The book says that as soon as you finish it you will stop smoking, even if it takes you ten years to do it. I sat down by myself and read it all in one sitting. It made me want to quit and feel confident in making the decision to do it but I only lasted for a couple of days.
It was very informative about smoking and I felt that it made me understand my addiction a lot better.
I followed what it said but I didn't succeed in giving up smoking.


EASYWAY is not only the MOST effective method to stop smoking in existence, it should be the ONLY method promoted. Carr shatters the illusions that make us smoke in the first place. It's pure evil that drug companies promote NICOTINE patches and gum to cure addiction to nicotine. For those people who don't find success with the book, I sincerely pity them. The book is written is the most plain English you can find.

To succeed, you need:
1. EASYWAY book
2. An open mind (necessary to start to remove a lifetimes' brainwashing - Brainwashing is what keeps us addicted to nicotine)
3. A desire to stop smoking (seriously, what smoker has never made even a half-hearted attempt)

Sheer brilliance.
Everything! This book is sheer brilliance.


I actually bought the DVD, I did start reading the book but I then heard of the DVD, I must admit it took me a year to finally watch it!!! The DVD is only 60 minutes long, I did watch it with an open mind, but honestly I didn't think it would work, infact I thought I would be caught in the smoking trap for the rest of my life. As soon as I finished watching the DVD, that was it, no smoking at all. I have been smoking a pack a day for 16 years now, and have never really attempted to give up before, I had tried hypnotherapy but that didn't work. This DVD has seriously saved my life. Give it a go, I do hope it works for you.
It works


Of course this book got my attention because I only wish that I could quit smoking and have tried and failed several times before. It is not difficult reading and only took me a couple of hours. When I got to the end of I didn't smoke for about a day and then the cravings kicked in. I wanted to believe that this would work, but it didn't.
Provided some good motivation and information.
Did not actually make me quit smoking. The promise is frequently made you will give up smoking by the end of this book, all you have to do is read it.


what an absolute pile of rubbish, should of another pack of smokes . it was repetative and beliteling. to assume their words of wisdom can stop an addiction is beyond me.just the title should of tipped me off. another con praying on mans weaknessess. smoking is an addiction and should be treated as such with medical help not someone sprouting words. an easy read finished very quickly and no new information. a regergatation of everything a smoker has heard for years. dont waste your money, see a doctor, there are plenty of smoking aids out there to help those which lack the will power


okay i have not actually read this book as i am a non smoker, thank god! but a friend of mine smoked a pack a day, and asked for this book for christmas last year. okay the problem with her is she is not a reader in general so it was never going to work 100% with her. she did however say it was a great book. her result is that for the last year since reading she had given up for about 5 months straight and for the last 6 months has only smoked socially. still not great, but i think for an actual reader and someone with a little more willpower, it could actually work.
everything if you are committed.
nothing i don't think


I read the book three times and still have not given up smoking sadly.
First time: I read it in one evening, smoked my 'final' cigarette, went to bed, woke up, and went out and bought a packet of cigarettes...
Second time: I read it over a few days, hoping this would help the information sink in a bit better.....I lasted without a cigarette for 3 hours....
Third time: I had put the book away for a month and decided to read it again with a new found sense of optimism....this time I lasted a day.
I am sad this book has not helped me, it worked so well for my husband! I think I put too much hope into the book being a 'magical cure' for my smoking addicition, when really it comes down to common sense and a positive attitude.
Puts you in the right frame of mind to help you stop smokingEasy to readWorked for my husband
Didn't work for me, but has changed the way I think about smoking, and I still believe I will be able to beat my nicotine addiction!


This book has helped me in my quest to quit smoking. I take it everywhere with me and if i am feeling a moment of weakness, I open the book to any page and read a paragraph. He describes smoking in a way that I had never really thought of and I can honestly say that I will never smoke a cigarette again (I can't just thank this book though, I am also doing the champix medication). But this book is worth buying..Even if you don't quit first time around, it will no doubt help you to quit when you are actually ready to. And what does a book cost, $30.00 - thats 2 packs of smokes.
Easy to read, puts a different "spin" on smoking.


I brought this book in my quest to quit smoking a few years ago. Has it worked? It did for awhile ( 6 months a gave up for) but then after a few drinks one night with friends who smoked, I was back smoking again. I still pull it out every now and then and I will say that I don not smoke nearly as much as I used too. But really, its all common sense and will power to give up
puts smoking into a differnet perspective, easy to read, helps you get into the right frame of mind.
not much really, when it works

Not sure why but it works

Smoked for 30 years about 35 a day for last 15 years or so. Was 46 years old and thought maybe I should give up the smokes. Read the book, that's all I did, was read the book.

No patches, no substitutes, nothing at all.

That was just over 18 months ago.

Haven't had a cigarette since.
Easy to read and makes obvious sense.
Con was that I waited 30 years to read teh book.

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