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Do not ever, ever use this company, please, please, stay away from them. They will do and say anything to get out of
paying a claim. I have found them to be corrupt and dishonest. I cannot express how much stress they have caused me. They are ruthless and cunning. They send out engineers who always favor them. I had extensive water damage
from a leaking tap over a period of time. They blamed everything but the water leakage. They approved the very obvious items but I was left to fight for the rest and still fighting twelve months later. In the end they didn't even finish what they had approved, they left me with a section of flooring cut out in the hallway, plasterboard ripped out in the laundry, they ripped out the tiles in the hallway and left the hallway with timber flooring where they had cut out a section to pack the stumps, but they decided to offer me a few dollars and walked away, i did not accept the money, I wanted what I pay for in my policy.They are the most disgusting organization that's every existed. SHAME ON THEM!!!!!! I will fight them to the bitter end.
I am a mortgage broker and I will make sure that none of my clients ever experience what I experienced with them. They bullied me and never listened to a word I had to say, they were like recordings, always repeating the same things, just talking about them makes my blood boil. they have left me in turmoil. DISGUSTING

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Disgusted! Wasn't even with them for 6 months!

I signed up with Allianz in May of 2018 and the insurance begun when we moved house in June. I called them prior to moving in to ensure that they had my address updated. When I moved house I changed bank accounts and thought I'd changed all direct debits, turns out I hadn't. Despite having updated my address with them, they continued to send mail to my former address, then promptly cancelled my insurance altogether without so much as a phonecall or email despite them having emailed the PDS to me - said that my account wasn't configured for email correspondence! When I spoke to them today, they said I would have to back pay them to reactivate my account. Thing is - my home was not insured. They were under no legal obligation to honour any claim that would have been made during this time. I was asking them again and again - "Don't you think it would be common courtesy to provide more than one means of notification that your insurance was cancelled" - she could not give me a straight answer other than "We don't do that because we don't have enough staff". I am now looking around - thanks for showing your true colours Allianz prior to us ever having to make a claim!!

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Fence claim

I have been with Allianz more than 6 months which I bought it from NAB, tried my first claim for the fence and they wasted my 4-5 months and now they telling they will only pay for the damage section and will send a builder for review. This is the most terrible and horrific company I came across in my life, don't have the option to give nil star rating, otherwise would have given that too.

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Shonky. Beware.

I have insured my rental property with this company or a number of years. Recently our tenants did a runner and trashed our house leaving every inch of it damaged in some way. Flooring ruined, cabinets and doors damaged fly screens wrecked, tiles chipped, walls chipped electrical issues, filth everywhere. Allianz have refused all of our claim minus the smashed glass on my fireplace door and a broken garage door, the rest they claim (around 50 items) as carelessness/poor housekeeping and existing damage so is not covered. This is what $1200 plus $600 excess gets. Please please please stay away from this company.

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I live in a block of units. The exterior is covered by Body Corp. I insured the contents with Allianz only to find out when I checked the contents insurance that they had used a Canberra address I live in the same road in Toowoomba rang them and I was asked if I lived in Canberra. I have never lived there. They sent the renewal notice to my Toowoomba address and had the place insured in Canberra, I asked them cancel the insurance policy and went to another Queensland based
Insurance company. Never insure with ALLIANZ.

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Worst Insurance Company

Almost 15years been with Allianz. Worst Internal Dispute Resolution review. “We strive to do things the right way and keep our customers happy.” but Dispute Resolution Officers and customer service officers don't understand what that means or they don't care. There's no respect or empathy and always find a point to reject customer's concerns and they will waste your time and money. The worst insurer and do not recommend to anyone. Really disappointed.

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Bunch of THIEVES!!

Stay away, They will come up with every excuse under the sun not to fix or pay for damages. Worst company to deal with.

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5 months and still waiting

Been with them about 10 years, after some hail damage, we are now about 5 months later and still not completed, passed onto Crawford’s then storm build, both useless, neither have any answers or keep you in the loop, lucky to even get a reply. Will not be renewing insurance with Allianz, go with a cheaper insurer can’t be any worse.

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Stay away.

When you consider changing insurance companies their representatives will be so polite and friendly to keep you staying.

When you want to inquire a claim, they are cold and apathetic.

I wanted to be absolutely sure that I didn't miss any details on the policy regarding an underground burst pipe which resulted in a hole in the living room and inquired.

Ultimately after having gone through two representatives, both cold and apathetic, my inquiry (not even a claim) was rudely turned away after a heated phone call. They say they're trying helping you, but will deny all in the end.

Stay away.

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Be Careful they dont deliver what is promised

Price is good however.be careful they state one thing and when you go to make a claim they will not pay. Read your policy very carefully and ask questions before taking out your policy..

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Bunch of ... something

This company is a joke. I had a leakage on the garage roof almost two years ago Water damaged ceiling. It took them a long time to approve my claim. The first assessor came to see the damage saying that the ceiling gyprok should be replaced. It was possibly too much for them and after a long time they came with a different one who was possibly cheaper for them,. They patched it up somehow and painted terribly. Also, it was my fault I didn't maintain the roof. I have work related injury so going on the roof would be very risky. They found a roofer here in Adelaide and gave me a good quote to fix the problem. When I called him back, he avoided to come back. He must have given me a cheap qoute or he might realize that he should charge me more. As a long term customer, I was treated terribly. Don't go with them. Boycott them. Let them lose the business. I'm going with a different company. Can't get worse than Allianz.

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Go elsewhere

Would not recommend, they would not accept a rent default claim. Insisting I needed a court order/qcat hearing - I made claims in the past with other companies and they have never requested as such.

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Never again Would I consider Allianz as an Insurer

We had a shocking experience with Alliance, Our property was hit by lightning, we assume lightning struck the external TV Aerial, in the process it ruined almost every device that was plugged in the wall socket, We were referred to the loss adjusters, we were interviewed by a representative , it was an awe full exsperience , we felt as if we were thieves.
After much negotiation they agreed to settle for an amount below the cost of damaged items.
I would Not recommend Alliance to my worst enemy,
It was an Absolute Nightmare
Once Alliance settled I immediately cancelled my policy and decided to go with RACV.... much more professional and Honest. At the end of the day You Only get what you pay for. Trust me..... Steer Clear of Alliance

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26 Minutes to a foreign call centre just to get a quote!

We have several investment properties and were looking to transfer building insurance from our current insurer but, after 26 minutes to obtain ONE quote from the call centre we won't bother with Allianz! The foreign call centre were useless, very polite but useless. Having started the conversation by telling them I wanted a quote for building insurance I kept having to repeat the type of insurance I wanted and that no, I didn't have a reference number as it was the first time I was calling. I lost track of the number of times I had to repeat house numbers, postcodes and spell out names. When I questioned what was included in the cover the answers I received were contradictory leaving me with little faith and confidence in Allianz. If they have that much difficulty providing a quote what hope is there that their claims department is any better?

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Claim dealt with pretty efficiently

We bought the insurance through NAB and the premiums were always the cheapest when we compared each year.

Made 2 contents claims after burglaries. Dealt with very quickly. Seemed to make the poor loss adjuster do most of the work but when he recommended payouts they paid up. Loss adjuster very helpful and approachable. All over in about 3 months.

Insurance claim madeYes

correct Allianz is truly the best I can not recommend any other like them they have never refused

always met the agreement always paid the claim simply the best Allianz Helen boyes. I can't agree with any negative comments im truly happy satisfied customer

July 5th 2018 Update: Allianz why choose any other security you cant beat them

When i leave my home i know that uf anyone breaks in whilst im out i can relax knowing all my home plus contents is insured i put my money where i have confidence trust and knowledge i know by experience Allianz are there when they say they definately top rsting i wouldnt look anywhere else cheeky

Insurance claim madeYes
Allianz met me half way for a security fence after a dangerous dog almost mauled my young girl fortunately I managed to get her in the car and close the door in time I told Allianz of my intention to get a fence for security reasons they offered to pay half so i doubt if any other insurance company would do that my daughters Father is the one that recommended Allianz some twenty years ago I've been a happy customer for almost twenty years I pay for high insurance cover as they give you the best deal they are unbeatable there a bit like the JOHN HUGHES GROUP YOU PAY THE MONEY FOR THE BEST DEAL ALLIANZ NEVER LETS YOU DOWN CHEEKYmy side fence blew down after a storm Allianz gave me a choice to pay with a cheque the full amount of the quote or they would send a person to repair the damage all I needed was two quotes or I could choose someone that they recommended the end result was I chose the repairer for the fence although a gentleman from Allianz came to my property to take photos of the damaged fence and also to give me the two names of the repairers that they use and highly recommend Allianz gives you the choice and value for your money i go for an insurance company that backs up their word within two weeks the fence was repaired the cheque was received within 7 days as promised cheeky

over priced hard to make claims

we were paying 53 a fortnight made one claim 3000 for accidental spill on carpet that had to chase it for 3 weeks to get claim through..with a lot of back and forth..that came to Ombudsmen threats ..then we copped double 100 per fortnight renewal was requoted 100 per month..will never use them again !..

Insurance claim madeYes

Horrible customer service, assessment outsourced

Wish I read all the reviews before i joined.
Had been with Allianz for a long time, we had never made a single claim until there we noticed water mark on our ceiling one rainy evening and water seeping through the cornices. We filed a claim online and it took them 2 weeks to respond. An external assessor came and said they need another assessment from a building inspector. The guy spent less than 5 min on the roof and concluded it was an issue with the sealant. Declared it a maintenance issue, and Allianz would only pay for repainting the interior provided that i get my roof resealed at my own expense. My excess would have more than covered the cost of repainting the roof with change spare for Allianz to even make a profit out of.
I had 3 independent roof companies inspect the damage, all concluded that the leak was due to water overflowing past the flashing under heavy rain and not draining fast enough, definitely not a seal or maintenance issue.
It would cost me over 3k out of pocket to fix this all myself.
Not a lot considering my policy costs almost 1.5k a year.
My neighbor had the same issue, their insurer sent tradies in the day after the incident to put up a tarp or temporary coverage, and finalized their claim and fix within a month.
I am now 4 months out after i Lodge the claim, and this mob has provided no support or resolution, just a whole heap of pain and frustration.
I am definitely moving away from Allianz.
By the way … just to point out, unlike other companies who have tried to provide support and response to Reviews through their official accounts… Allianz have Not.
Again, another clear indication that they do care one little bit about their customers and feedback.

Insurance claim madeYes

Allianz - rude aggressive customer service

I had insurance with them in the previous year, on renewal they increased the price. It started off that I rang one week for them to get the price back down to the rate it had been previously. I suggested this could be done by reducing the sum that the house was insured for - because when I first got the insurance I the consultant I dealt with and I had jiggled the sum insured for to get the premium I wanted to pay that fitted in my budget. Today I cancelled my renewal for home contents insurance with them and got new insurance cheaper as well, after trying hard for two with Allianz to get them to do what I asked! First week I called and requested them to reduce the premium back to what it was, second week I spent 3 hours on one day trying to deal with the client contact centre. One consultant said to reduce the premium back to what it was i.e. to reduce or save $4.11 fortnightly, the figure the home was insured for would need to be altered from $350,000 to $ 270,00. In the end it did not matter as they kept on putting me on hold, then hung up on me, and even when I complained by email both to the Alliance complaints and the Managing Director, they still did nothing, just very lucky I was not trying to make a claim!

Insurance claim madeNo

Insurer will do EVERYTHING in its power to avoid paying claims...

This is the second time in a few years that Allianz has stalled, and basically pulled out every roadblock to avoid settling a loss claim. The first claim sometime back, we gave up on as Allianz would never make contact and just brushed us off and off, constantly asking for more and more information. Even after all info was provided, they would not make a determination, and kept us waiting and waiting. We finally said forgot it and purchased the lost goods. Should have at that point taken it to the FOS and lodged a formal complaint. Or I should have looked them up, here on ProductReview! Unmistakable that they received less than 2 stars, approx 1.7 stars from 126 reviews, so I’m guessing it’s not just with me.

Both claims were for under $20k, and nothing in excess per item. However they deemed this claim to be “special" and warranted be referred to their "National Investigation Unit". Which to me is just a massive stalling tactic once again. Even after meeting with tans outside independent investigator, they still require more. I think at some points when you provide everything they ask for, and immediately, they should either approve or deny a claim. But they won’t. They’ve even gone as far as pulling my credit report, which I will be absolutely contacted my solicitors and the FOS, as I’ve read all the PDS’s, and I am unable to find anywhere that they can pull a credit report. I could see perhaps if this was a multi-million dollar claim, and after obtaining my permission to gain such information, then maybe it would be no big deal. But because I cannot find anywhere that states they can invade ones privacy in such a way, it irks me to no end. I will never, ever give Allianz my business again.

And please be very careful, when signing up for branded insurance, such as 456insurance, or *** insurance and the like, because many of the off name insurance policies are underwritten by Allianz. Petplan was, and still has some policies underwritten by Allianz. Also please google “Allianz World War II" and read that info; and take that into condaideration when doing business with Allianz.

A company to avoid at ALL COSTS!

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Questions & Answers

Does Allianz cover cracks in fibreglass pool?
1 answer
Don't know, but something is sure. We've moved away from due to their restrictive approach with home insurances. AAMI was more adaptable.

How can the majority of reviews show the same outcome we experienced and then one absolutely over the top too good to be true fantastic, should I suggest fabricated review pops up in between. Who checks the validity of these reviews? What checks are made to ensure they are genuine and not the company fabricating great reviews. Very sus.
4 answers
Don't know but check the profits for Allianz says a lotI'm not sure if this question is in relation to my very good feedback on Alliance (which shows as the most recent 5 star review at the top of the page), but if so I can tell you it's real. I sent a copy of the payout details etc to Product Review to verify my review of them. The claims officer went through our policy very carefully and ensured they paid us on every possible clause they could. We DID have a TOTAL LOSS fire though. Sure we had to get a couple of quotes: one from a builder to rebuild the house, one from a plumber for a rainwater tank (part of their $5,000 eco contribution that was paid in addition), and one quote for the cost of debris removal. The only thing that took time, was us finding people to get quotes from. Everything from the Alliance side was actioned quickly and efficiently. Would I insure with them again? ABSOLUTELY. Also... prior to moving we had a small accident with the car, which is also insured with Alliance. Paid the excess and got the car fixed super easy with no hassle whatsoever. I've never had to claim on insurance before, yet within a 3 month period I had to make 3 claims! ALL have been great (the other one with Youi, whom I'm also about to give a good review to). Sorry you didn't have a good experience, but we really honestly did.Thanks for your feedback but we have found this company to be nothing but probems. You may have been the one and only very lucky winner for the year. This was not a big claim and they have been obstructive and argumentative. Its good to hear that our premiums actually pay claims, not just CEO bonuses, all be it very rarely. I'm sorry for loss and glad you did not have the same experience with this company as so many other victims. They are a terrible company if they pay out only one case in hundreds. I have taken my business elsewhere.

Is stolen cash from the home covered?
1 answer
Sorry, I don't know, best you check their Policy terms & conditions on line. Pretty ordinary when claims are sought , need to keep this in mind.