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Allianz - rude aggressive customer service

I had insurance with them in the previous year, on renewal they increased the price. It started off that I rang one week for them to get the price back down to the rate it had been previously. I suggested this could be done by reducing the sum that the house was insured for - because when I first got the insurance I the consultant I dealt with and I had jiggled the sum insured for to get the premium I wanted to pay that fitted in my budget. Today I cancelled my renewal for home contents insurance with them and got new insurance cheaper as well, after trying hard for two with Allianz to get them to do what I asked! First week I called and requested them to reduce the premium back to what it was, second week I spent 3 hours on one day trying to deal with the client contact centre. One consultant said to reduce the premium back to what it was i.e. to reduce or save $4.11 fortnightly, the figure the home was insured for would need to be altered from $350,000 to $ 270,00. In the end it did not matter as they kept on putting me on hold, then hung up on me, and even when I complained by email both to the Alliance complaints and the Managing Director, they still did nothing, just very lucky I was not trying to make a claim!

Insurance claim madeNo

Insurer will do EVERYTHING in its power to avoid paying claims...

This is the second time in a few years that Allianz has stalled, and basically pulled out every roadblock to avoid settling a loss claim. The first claim sometime back, we gave up on as Allianz would never make contact and just brushed us off and off, constantly asking for more and more information. Even after all info was provided, they would not make a determination, and kept us waiting and waiting. We finally said forgot it and purchased the lost goods. Should have at that point taken it to the FOS and lodged a formal complaint. Or I should have looked them up, here on ProductReview! Unmistakable that they received less than 2 stars, approx 1.7 stars from 126 reviews, so I’m guessing it’s not just with me.

Both claims were for under $20k, and nothing in excess per item. However they deemed this claim to be “special" and warranted be referred to their "National Investigation Unit". Which to me is just a massive stalling tactic once again. Even after meeting with tans outside independent investigator, they still require more. I think at some points when you provide everything they ask for, and immediately, they should either approve or deny a claim. But they won’t. They’ve even gone as far as pulling my credit report, which I will be absolutely contacted my solicitors and the FOS, as I’ve read all the PDS’s, and I am unable to find anywhere that they can pull a credit report. I could see perhaps if this was a multi-million dollar claim, and after obtaining my permission to gain such information, then maybe it would be no big deal. But because I cannot find anywhere that states they can invade ones privacy in such a way, it irks me to no end. I will never, ever give Allianz my business again.

And please be very careful, when signing up for branded insurance, such as 456insurance, or *** insurance and the like, because many of the off name insurance policies are underwritten by Allianz. Petplan was, and still has some policies underwritten by Allianz. Also please google “Allianz World War II" and read that info; and take that into condaideration when doing business with Allianz.

A company to avoid at ALL COSTS!

Insurance claim madeYes

Horrible experience house insurance

Not at all had storm damage and took for months to look at roof pouring in water. Then they would fix water damage but not roof!! Terrible company will never go with them again.

Insurance claim madeYes

Medical Insurance

ALLIANZ Insurance is the worst service I have ever received here in Australia. I cancelled my policy and after my cancellation they deduct the fortnightly amount from my account. I called them but they said we will not return that amount to you because it is not part of our policy. How rude and irresponsible it that! I cant believe I have paid for a service that I already cancelled just because it is part of their policy.
I will never ever get any service from them.

Insurance claim madeNo

Steer clear of Allianz

Took 4 months to have our claim settled! Extensive water damage through house from burst tap but Allianz tried to blame all damage on “pre-existing issues”. So much back and forth, so much undue stress, so many headaches dealing with this company. Will be cancelling my policy. I suggest steering clear from this company at all costs.

Insurance claim madeYes

Rubbish insurance company

The service is terrible leak in bathroom wall switch in bedroom black said send electrician straight away a week later then a plumber one later then two weeks later a builder to prove it so said over $10.000 damage have to get another quote a month later then two after that leave a message on phone saying you claim as been denied our customer service will ring you within 5 working days well 3 weeks now try ringing them they are hopeless can't talk about it only customer service can they never ring you pay insurance for years to get this rubbish but will fight on the claim should have been approved it was to expensive that's why they are now knocking it back what insurance not alliance

Insurance claim madeYes

Stay away from this company

My parents had booked to go on a cruise, however a week before the departure date, my grandfather passed away so naturally my parents could not go. We were so sure this would be cover by Allianz as there has been a death in the family. My grandfather has Alzheimer and died at the age of 93.

Well! they found a way to wiggle out of paying the claim stating that they do not cover for people with an existing medical condition, ie Alzheimer. I argued with them stating that he also died of old age and how can they discriminate someone with a medical condition. He was 93 for God Sake!

Anyway, the claim took them nearly 2 months to process. They dragged it out by asking for more and more documents to prove that death was legitimate. What an insult!

After 2 months, Allianz wrote a long letter rejecting the claim.
Stay away from this company! They will try their best to not pay any claim.

Insurance claim madeYes

Find away to get out of claims

I would be very careful getting any insurance through alliance Insurance I have a onsite caravan with structure and contents insurance. I had a locked up box with 2 3week old stand up paddle boards locked up on my site. somebody had bolt cutters and cut locks and chains and stole $1800 worth of equipment. Alliance refused to pay as they said they should had been inside the annexe even though this is still my site, no different to something in your back yard. So if something gets stolen out off your backyard they can refuse it as it should be inside your house. So Mr Alliance, I had been with you for many years never late on a payment, you will be losing a lot more then me as I have cancelled both house and caravan insurance and gone with a more understanding insurance company that after hearing the story said they would pay no problems at all. Anyone thinking of insurance with alliance you should shop around and put some cases to them and get everything in writing cause if they can get out of paying they will.

Insurance claim madeYes

Online quote leads to annoying phones calls

After getting thew customary hike in premium with our then current insurer, which is for the privilege of staying with them for about 3 years, we thought 'no way' to their $200 p/a price hike and thought we'd shop around.
One company we sought a quote from was Allianz.
About 12 hours later, my second phone which I use for just such annoyances staring to ring for the first time in around 12 months.Low and behold, Allianz is the culprit after a quick search online.
As others have said ( read online elsewhere), if I had wanted to waste my time with a phone conversation I would have called Allianz or whomever.
I attained the quote I sought which was 'so so' at best, but now thanks to you jumping on me I wont insure with you Allianz, even if "THE HOUNDS OF HELL' come pounding on my door.
What kind of idiot allows themselves to be pressured into going with a company that has a pushy (American Style) attitude to attaining new customers? Goodness what would they be like to be insured by? Judging by what I read here horrible..!
So, NOT ME thats for sure..!! Bye Bye Allianz, You lost me before you got me..!!

Insurance claim madeNo

Will take your premiums but wont ever pay!

House was inundated by stormwater after record breaking rainfall. I live over 300 metres from the local creek and on the opposite side of the levy. I was under water 2 hours before the houses directly next to the creek and the creek never broke the levy. There was no mud in my home but the other side of the levy was thick sludge. My neighbour with NRMA got paid under stormwater but Allianz insist the creek is responsible and are saying I was flooded. Provided them with photos, eye witness accounts, resident statements to prove timing of inundation but they had made up their mind before even attending my property. They were rude, didn't return calls, hung up on my number. I know of 18 other families going through the same thing. Do not trust these people.

Insurance claim madeYes


Overall not satisfied with this insurer. We had a Bust water pipe that flooded our home and until this day a month later nothing has been done. They outsorce all there claims/works to Crawford & Company who are a dreadful mob. I am dealing with one young thug who is totally irresponsible and provides no communication to date. I will never use Allianz again and will be cancelling all of my policies next month and switching back to GIO. We always pay on time every year and to be treated this way as a customer is disgusting. The TV ads are misleading you certainly do not look after your customers in any way and to wash your hands with dumping offloading claims to Crawford and Co just confirms what a Lame company you people really are. Do not Use Allianz.

Insurance claim madeYes

Home and content insurance - these people are Fraud... just run away from them

Was a customer with them and never made a claim . Has an accident at home with my laptop n tried to claim and all these people do is make excuses and find loop holes. To start with they told me in content insurance i never mentioned Laptop. Than i was able to find that paperwork in which my laptop was mentioned which was 3 years back than they came up with other loop terms. At the end I would say please don't go with them . You will never get any claim from ALLIANZ

Insurance claim madeNo

Customer Service

I am actually very happy with Alianz. I made 2 claims so far. Both been dealed with promptly and payment was done immediately. Staff was supportive, friendly as well as professional.

Insurance claim madeYes

Lost my business

As a long time user of Allianz insurance, I was shocked when a legitimate claim was not honored.
A wall in my home was damaged in a severe storm this year. Water entered via a gap that was created by extreme hard rain. After waiting around 3 weeks their assessor attended for all of 10 minutes. He took a quick look at the wall inside and out and the damaged carpet and came to the conclusion that the damage was pre existing. He said he couldn't exactly say for sure where the water entered but still decided to say it was pre existing. I rejected his claims and was bounced around department to department for the next 3 months. Each correspondence taking over a week for response. Meanwhile the carpet was developing mold and mildew. In the end I could wait no longer and started getting quotes to repair at my own cost. Each builder that quoted said the wall needed to be opened up to find the entry point. The builder I hired removed the wall and found that indeed the damage was fresh and could well have been caused by the massive amount of rain on that area. There was no pre existing damage. I told Allianz that a registered builder came to that conclusion and they still stood by their builders 10 minute report. For the sake of $950 they lost a long time customer. I found many of their staff to be rude and often unprofessional. Many of my family and friends decided to switch out of Allianz too. They are great to deal with until you want to make a claim. AVOID AT ALL COSTS !!!

Insurance claim madeYes

Terrible time with them - They are obviously told to deny claims

I was advised Allianz home and contents was a good insurance policy. WE pay a lot as we have a large property. We had two storms hit in four days and water came through the ceiling in the bathroom and my 2 year olds bedroom. WE reported this straight away - but they failed to send someone to MAKE the roof safe. So when the next storm hit - we were up all night with water gushing through the roof. My husband had got up there to try to make it safe and lesson the impact with tarps. But was not good enough. We endured more damage with the ceilings falling in. When someone finally came - assessed the situation and then we heard three weeks later - our claim was denied due to one section of a healthy gutter being rusted. My issue is that their delay left us with more damage. I am very disappointed and will be moving insurers. I also work in the Television industry and will be talking to my colleagues about insurance scams like this. I thought I had made a good choice but obviously had not.

Insurance claim madeYes

Absolute Disgrace

How can they be allowed to operate in such a regulated environment??????
Those guys have no idea about customer service. Their website allows you to upload your data for a quote and at the end, it tells the customer that they can't provide a quote and this has to be referred Allianz. When one rings Allianz they are told that the transaction has to be referred to the underwriting department and there's no guarantee that the transaction will be approved. 24 Hours later still no insurance. Went to AAMI, insurance done within 30 minutes.

Insurance claim madeNo

Great product, great service

Insured my investment property with Allianz and never had to make a claim till recently. Tenants were absolute dogs and thrashed the place up and did a runner without paying rent for last couple of months. Call up Allianz and sent an inspector the following week. Inspector was very attentive and took note of every single item damaged. Received report from Allianz following week and agreed to fix all damages. Provided quote and everything was paid off in full including owed rent as per policy which was fantastic. Was already in a stressful situation seeing the house in such a filthy condition and all monies owing (not to mention mortgage which had to pay whilst damages being fixed) but Allianz made is a hassle free process and was very prompt in processing claim.

I strongly believe every insurer is the same when taking your money but their true value shows true when it come to a time when you have to make a claim. Then you can see the difference between the good and the bad and Allianz was excellent in service and customer support. It just took my mind off trying to fix as everything was taken care of by Allianz and their customer service team was very patient and respectful when listening to my questions as I was my first time putting any claim in. I even had a follow up call several months later to see how everything was going with the repairs and when informed all fix, they then closed the file. Signed up all my properties with them and have heard nasty stories about how insurers try to wriggle their way out when it come to claim time but happy to say Allianz was a step above the rest. Will not hesitate recommending them to anyone.

Insurance claim madeYes

Run Run Run

When a major storm hit I lodged a claim. An assessor inspected and said payment would be made. An email was sent confirming this. But then nothing. No replies to emails, roundabout responses when phoned. I lodged a formal complaint. A really bad experience. I have switched insurance companies and now pay 25% of what I previously paid. Check with Choice magazine you will find many good insurance providers. They impacted on 6 months of my life.

Insurance claim madeYes

AVOID AVOID AVOID will delay delay and stonewall you to avoid paying

Had Allianz for house and contents insurance for quite a few years before having to make two claims, through the bank via the mortgage. My major claim was refused by letter 8 months after they were made aware of the building issue, after numerous calls, emails etc. I was told they would send a builder to inspect the damage but that never happened at all. I paid for my own special inspections and reports. Finally when they sent their letter they had key facts reported wrong. Customer Service was not good. Allianz's assessor was terrible,would go as far as to say almost 'shady' - did not do what they said they would do, would ignore my calls and emails etc. Wonder if the tactic is to delay delay delay so you give up and just get on with your own repairs. They caused me a lot of stress and in fact I was living with a dangerous building issue for 3 months but didn't know it because was waiting for Allianz to send in builder to assess damage (as they said they would). Considered going to the Ombudsman but decided I couldn't go through the stress of it. For the other claim two assessors came out and had differing views, in the end, we got the lesser payout and ended up completing the painting and other repairs ourselves because got fed up waiting months for Allianz to send tradies. Only when I threatened to go to the ombudsman did I receive a call and within 3 days was reimbursed for my expenses. I am changing insurer and cannot stress enough the multiple bad experiences I had with Allianz. Unfortunately it is only until you are in the process of making a claim that you really find out what the service level and claim process is like.

Insurance claim madeYes

Allianz won't pay up when you make a legitimate claim! Fraudsters & shonks! Don't waste your money.

So a storm occurred and water entered my apartment due to a hairline crack in the sealant, it damaged all my carpets and they decided that they won't cover it "due to a lack of maintenance" Yeah, because I am going to notice a hairline crack that won't ever show up until a storm or heavy rain occurs, the building is only 3 years old.

I've been paying for insurance with these guys for years! When I went to cancel, there was no attempt to stop me from going, just instant cancellation and I can kiss all that money I've paid them goodbye.

I've never claimed insurance in my life and would NOT recommend Allianz to anyone. Steer clear!!!

Insurance claim madeYes

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Questions & Answers

where is your shop near my home (2/28 Leila road Carnegie vic.)?
1 answer

Does Allianz cover cracks in fibreglass pool?
1 answer
Don't know, but something is sure. We've moved away from due to their restrictive approach with home insurances. AAMI was more adaptable.

How can the majority of reviews show the same outcome we experienced and then one absolutely over the top too good to be true fantastic, should I suggest fabricated review pops up in between. Who checks the validity of these reviews? What checks are made to ensure they are genuine and not the company fabricating great reviews. Very sus.
4 answers
Don't know but check the profits for Allianz says a lotI'm not sure if this question is in relation to my very good feedback on Alliance (which shows as the most recent 5 star review at the top of the page), but if so I can tell you it's real. I sent a copy of the payout details etc to Product Review to verify my review of them. The claims officer went through our policy very carefully and ensured they paid us on every possible clause they could. We DID have a TOTAL LOSS fire though. Sure we had to get a couple of quotes: one from a builder to rebuild the house, one from a plumber for a rainwater tank (part of their $5,000 eco contribution that was paid in addition), and one quote for the cost of debris removal. The only thing that took time, was us finding people to get quotes from. Everything from the Alliance side was actioned quickly and efficiently. Would I insure with them again? ABSOLUTELY. Also... prior to moving we had a small accident with the car, which is also insured with Alliance. Paid the excess and got the car fixed super easy with no hassle whatsoever. I've never had to claim on insurance before, yet within a 3 month period I had to make 3 claims! ALL have been great (the other one with Youi, whom I'm also about to give a good review to). Sorry you didn't have a good experience, but we really honestly did.Thanks for your feedback but we have found this company to be nothing but probems. You may have been the one and only very lucky winner for the year. This was not a big claim and they have been obstructive and argumentative. Its good to hear that our premiums actually pay claims, not just CEO bonuses, all be it very rarely. I'm sorry for loss and glad you did not have the same experience with this company as so many other victims. They are a terrible company if they pay out only one case in hundreds. I have taken my business elsewhere.


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