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Allied Pickfords NSW, Pemulwuy (Home Removals Office)

Allied Pickfords NSW, Pemulwuy (Home Removals Office)

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Don’t recommend

Friendly staff but that’s about it. Were told 6-8 wks door to door & our container was still sitting in SYD on week 8. Took another 2 weeks before it arrived in AKL. Then customs wanted to go through our stuff so a further delay. Items finally arrived only to find everything in the boxes were a total mess. Some items were missing original labels & someone had hand written the numbers, some boxes had no number. We have gone through the majority of the boxes & it now seems like we are missing stuff too :(

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Hi Melanie, We regret to hear that you had a negative experience with your move. We would like to follow up with your concerns, so can you please email through your name, contact details and job number (R/Plan) to customerservice@alliedpickfords.com.au Regards, Allied Pickfords

Terrible Service - do not use this company~

Moved from US to Sydney Dec 6th. Shipment delivery was promised Jan 31st. Received shipment on Mar 27 after it was held to ransom for 2 weeks over a $5k customs charge, $2,800 of which was for detention charges which were caused by Allied returning the container to port late.
Allied Pickfords lied to me about the date of quarantine inspection to cover up the fact that the late container charges were caused by them and not a Govt agency. It wasn't until I got the Dept of Fair Trading involved that they admitted fault and deducted both the late detention charge plus the storage charge they seemingly prearranged to incur with the fumigators from the bill. They will use your goods as leverage to strong arm you into paying late charges levied on them. Packers either end were very pleasant to work with, issues were with both head office business practices. Allied International (US end) no better after trying to consolidate my shipment when I paid for single use then losing the other parties personal effects & finding them back at the SF warehouse. What a mess. I now have to go through the lengthy claim process to have my broken and missing items replaced. Have attached a photo of how some of my fragile items were delivered to me which pretty much sums up the whole awful experience.

Terrible service

Move from aus to uk
Damage to property in house
Damage to next doors garden
Agreed a delivery time and date then they say they want more money as the boat came in early.
No customer service at all. It's all about them. No give to the customer just take take take

Office LocationNSW, Sydney
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Hi Sad, We regret to hear of your negative experience with your delivery in the UK. So we can follow up with your concerns, can you please email through your name, contact details and job number (R/Plan) to customerservice@alliedpickfords.com.au. Regards, Allied Pickfords

Very pleased with the service

Moved our four bedroom home from Sydney to country NSW a four hour trip. Selling our previous home and buying our current home on the same day meant logistics had to be just right and Allied Pichfords did the job just right without a problem. We were very pleased with the team.

Office LocationNSW, Sydney
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Hi David, Thank you for your positive review! Great to hear that your move to the countryside went well and best wishes for your new home!

Beware of international moves

I used Allied for an international move from Australia to the US. Their U.S. partner - Schumacher - has been hugely frustrating to deal with. If you use Allied, beware of the other companies they contract at the destination, as quality can be quite poor.

Through Allied, I paid for delivery and unpacking service at my house in the US. However, upon arrival in the US, the Schumacher men refused to take the boxes upstairs, left them in the garage, and did not remove any of the packaging. After numerous follow-up calls, the delivery has still not been completed properly. Schumacher has promised 3 times now that they would re-send men to finish the delivery - but each time, no men arrive, and no calls are received. This poor service has resulted in countless wasted hours of my time. Delivery still has not been completed properly, and I have not been compensated for this poor experience.

Allied - please re-consider your partnership with Schumacher.

Office LocationNSW, Sydney
Hi Beth, We regret to hear of your negative experience with our International agent. So we can follow up with your concerns, can you please email through your contact details and job number (R/Plan) to customerservice@alliedpickfords.com.au. Regards, Allied PickfordsHi Beth, We have been in contact with Schumacher who have advised this has now been resolved. On behalf of both organisations we would like to apologies for the technical error that resulted in this delay. Regards, Allied Pickfords

Poor quality

I chose Allied because they have done great job when i sent my furniture from Dubai to sydney last year. But Last week we moved in Sydney and i had bad experience for their service and the team.
they are not professional removalist, rude, they said we wrap everything but they didn't wrap my 60 inch TV :( , one guy spit on the sink in front me :( , one of them asked me a glass of Jack daniels during moving!!!! :( they have sent medium truck and we did two round in rainy day and etc...
I paid 1700$ for 3 bedroom furnitures ( 9 hours job) and i have got very bad experience with them.

Office LocationNSW, Sydney
Hi Ardeshir, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review with us on Product Review. We regret to hear that your experience was a negative one, however as we have mentioned to you before, upon further investigation into your claims, we have determined that the behaviour of our staff does not fit the description that you have left us with. We have been advised that unnecessary hostility was shown towards our removalists as they tried to complete your move. It is important when moving homes, that you treat the removalists with respect, and that you trust that they will complete the job to the best of their ability. It is our understanding that our staff members were not treated with a level of respect that would allow them to complete their work and we have determined that given the circumstances that you provided our staff did their best to complete the work professionally and on time. We will, however, take your comments on board and speak to all of our staff to ensure that they are adhering to our community standards. Regards, Allied PickfordsQuality of job shall be consistance and should not related to customer bahaviour ....... First day Allied promise to do so many things but didnt. My advise : dont pay full amount of money first , review your contract , check other company also ...

A great service

At short notice I had to arrange a move for a relative. An enquiry led to a phone quote and follow-up email quote soon after. Then the situation changed, with more items to be moved and to two different addresses. I sent details by email and the next morning received a revised quote. Kym, the Move Manager, was most helpful throughout. The two removalists arrived on time (I was given an arrival time the day before) and were very accommodating and professional. This was the second time I had used Allied Pickfords and on each occasion I've found them to be very reliable.

Office LocationNSW, Sydney
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Hi Paul, Thank you for your feedback. Happy to hear that we were able to help you once again.

Stressful and unhelpful relocation

Moving the family house hold from NSW to SA was stressful right from the start. This was made worse by the unhelpful attitudes of the removalists, especially the team leader. After a few cursory questions, they went to work in a non-professional manner. They were loud, rude and essentially disrespectful with their remarks and comments. There was little genuine interest in our family situation and disregard in the actual process of moving. Several items were either left behind (without consulting us) or got damaged during the relocation from NSW to SA. We have moved interstate several times in the past and in comparison, the Allied Pickford crew of removalist was the worst with their team leader providing an undeniably disappointing and unhelpful customer service. My advice would be to save yourself the hassle by using a more professional crew of removalist.

Office LocationNSW, Sydney
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Hi JLML, We regret to hear of your negative experience. So we can follow up with your concerns, can you please email through your name, contact details and job number (R/Plan) to customerservice@alliedpickfords.com.au. Regards, Allied Pickfords

If you value your belonging don't use Allied Pickfords, they lost my whole shipment

I would not even give Allied Pickfords 1 star.

I shipped a box of personal effects from the UK to Sydney last December and it arrived safely at Australian customs around March this year. It was then collected by Allied Pickfords in Sydney, only to go “missing”.  After asking asking around their agents Allied Pickfords have given up trying to locate it and it’s now classed as lost.

Regrettably I didn’t take out insurance because these were mainly personal effects but they were priceless to me.  In this box was every photo I had ever taken, important documents, family keepsakes I had wanted to share with my children.

I entrusted the box to Allied Pickfords for safe delivery as they are supposedly ‘The Careful Movers’ and world-leaders in shipping.

I hope this review helps others and warns of using such an unprofessional company.

REF: PF71253843

Office LocationNSW, Sydney

Delighted to have our 40 foot container arrive to Ireland from Australia with our household contents

Deciding on which company to carry out our move was difficult. Competition is tight and alot of the Sydney quotes were similar. Tilly in Allied Pickford was very confident and had years of experience I felt safe going with Tilly as I felt she would deal with any concerns down the track for me. Thankfully everything went smoothly and our container arrived in a week earlier. We where happy everything arrived in Ireland just as it was back in Sydney. Im so glad to have brought my car and all the paper work was managed very well. Thank you to all in Allied pickford who helped in this process.

Office LocationNSW, Sydney
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Hi Deirdre, Glad to hear of your positive experience, and hope you enjoy your new home in Ireland.

Great service from start to finish

We moved the contents of a 2 bedroom house interstate. Everything worked like clockwork. I could not fault the service from our initial dealings with the Moving Consultant

Office LocationNSW, Sydney
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Hi Mark, Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear that your interstate move went well.

Excellent team. They make the move very easy from start to finish!

Our move involved storage for 2 months as we were going overseas for a while. They handled everything smoothly and painless for us.

Strongly recommend them.

Office LocationNSW, Sydney
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Hi Mauricio, Thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear everything went well.

Great moving experience

We downsized from a 5 bedroom house to a 3 bedroom apartment nearby and this involved sending some furniture to storage for future use by our children but also moving a large number of boxes of books, clothes, kitchen items to the new apartment. The Allied-Pickford guys were great - friendly and professional. They packed up the whole house in one day and took furniture to storage, then returned the next day to take the rest to the apartment. Everything went smoothly and exactly to schedule.

Office LocationNSW, Sydney

Hopeless - too many things "lost in transit"

Recommend a few things;
1.) NEVER label what is your boxes, on the boxes (if you label contents of boxes, some boxes are likely to "disappear in transit")
2.) Put your own lock on the container (If not securely locked, some boxes are likely to "disappear in transit")
3.) Number every item and check all are loaded and again check them at the destination as they are unloaded (If you do not check at both ends, you may find some of your goods have "disappeared in transit")
4.) In summary, do not trust Allied Pickfords at either end to pack and deliver all of your goods.
Cannot give this firm even one star.
Simple move from Sydney to Sunshine Coast and they just could deliver not everything as they should have.

July 2nd 2018 Update: Lost goods. Apathetic company.
It is disappointing that a company which is SUPPOSED to be reputable can be so efficient in losing goods on a simple household move from Sydney to Gold Coast. Never use Allied Pickford again, nor will recommend them to anyone else. No response to initial complaint.

December 20th 2018 Update: TERRIBLE
Sydney to Maroochydore - 2 BR apartment to house.
Undoubtably the worst experience possible. Goods stolen exceed the cost of the move and the company is completely unresponsive to provide any assistance or offer any compensation. A horrible company with no ethics and totally lacking in customer service. Do not use this ALLIED PICKFORDS.

December 26th 2018 Update: Expensive mistake
Will never use or recommend Aliied Pickfords. Not relaible. Small apartment ot 4BR house. Way too much lost. Cost to replace lost/ stolen goods exceeeded the cost of the move.

February 13th 2019 update: Exceptionally poor
Simple move - 2Br apartment to 4Br house; Sydney to Sunshine Coast. The cost of the move was far exceeded by the cost of the replacement of the goods lost/ stolen by Allied Pickfords. This company is EXCEPTIONAL at providing TERRIBLE service and LOSING OR STEALING your valuable household goods.
One star rating is being very generous.

Over $4,000 belongings stolen. Branch manager in Sydney completely silent and apathetic. It would seem Allied Pickfords motto should be... "We will steal whatever we want." Do not use Allied Pickfords.Allied Pickfords - a useless mob of thieves from start to finish. Go elsewhare.Horrible company. Dishonest, unreliable, unethical, unprofessional, apathetic. Go elsewhere.

Great Service

I had only a couple of days to move and Allied Pickfords were able to accommodate quote and confirm that day - we moved a 3 bedroom duplex with 2 guys who were just amazing and I felt very comfortable with all my possessions and had peace of mind that it would all be done with care and it was - very easy to deal with and a great long hard working day was done by all.

Office LocationNSW, Sydney

Upstairs to downstairs!!

My move was an internal move ie; furniture moved from upstairs rooms to downstairs rooms and also a few pieces which were held in storage for a few weeks and then moved to the Central Coast and the far North Coast. The guys doing the move were great and extremely patient and helpful as some of the furniture was difficult to manage down the spiral staircase. I would used Allied Pickfords again.

Office LocationNSW, Sydney


I would absolutely not recommend Allied Pickfords Australia or UK.
All our furniture was packed very badly and with no care at all. Allied Pickfords in Australia were understaffed and inexperienced. They had packed bedding in with shoes and computers that weren't packed with any protective packaging whatsoever. The packers in the UK were shocked upon opening all the boxes and couldn't believe it themselves.
We are still waiting for the insurance company to sort out their reports and are not willing to replace our bed and mattress but have it repaired instead which the bed manufacturing company have said is impossible to do!
I have communicated all of this to the managers of both countries and have been offered a mere $AU150 compensation for our troubles which is just a joke frankly! By offering this compensation, they are basically admitting they are at fault but not willing to pay for all the real stress this has caused my family!
They have not replied to my last 5 emails after this and have chosen to ignore my concerns.
We only chose them because they had offices in both countries but this has proven no help whatsoever as they keep blaming the other one and will not take responsibility for their very poor service.
The only person who could do their job properly was the salesperson who came round initially and sold us an amazing package which of course they didn't live up to from the minute we signed the contract. This has caused us incredible stress and worry and would definitely NOT RECOMMEND Allied to anyone who is moving internationally.

January 6th 2018 Update: Do not use SIRVA- the insurance company for Allied Pickfords

We moved from Sydney Australia to Cambridge UK and the insurance company SIRVA we had to use with our removal company Allied Pickfords are not willing to take responsibility for the poor packing, incompetent packers and low quality packaging used. SIRVA will not pay for damages and breakages caused by the company they represent. They were very keen to sign us up for insurance but will not follow through with the promises made when signing the contract. I have written to many managers both in the UK and Australia and have not heard anything worthwhile and this issue has been going on for the last 6 months! This has been very stressful for us and the last thing we needed to deal with when we've just moved to a new country.
Not happy with SIRVA and honestly recommend you don't use them but take out your own insurance and do not even consider Allied PIckfords for your international move!

Office LocationNSW, Sydney

Mysteriously missing items - Western Sydney

Unfortunately our experience was not great at all. We are a business and hired Allied Pickfords trusting their commercial experience but following the move things went "missing" mysteriously. Due to lack of evidence we could not pursue, but we will not be using these services in future nor recommending them to anyone.

Office LocationNSW, Sydney
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Hello Anonymous, we regret to hear about your negative experience with Allied Pickfords. Can you provide further information so we can follow through on your comments via email to our National Service Delivery Manager - james.dickson@alliedpickfords.com.au. Regards, Allied Pickfords.

Good decent service

I had to move interstate from qld to nsw and selected allied as suggested by friends
Good packers but would love if they categorise and name inventory properly like wat items in box
I would use them again but will be little prepared next time good customer service throughout really liked the way they followed up

Office LocationNSW, Sydney
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Hello Sagar, thank you for the feedback, good luck with your new home. Regards Allied Pickfords.

Great Shipping Company

I have used this company many times for moving, shipping my goods from one state to another, as well as from one country to another. I have found them to be reasonably priced, fantastic at making sure goods are safe for travel, no breakages, and have my goods reach me in the appropriate time frame. I would not use any other company but this. There are some un-trust worthy shipping companies around, and I have been bitten by one, never again. You will be pleased to use this company.

Office LocationNSW, Sydney
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Hello Suzanne, Thank you for using our services again and great to hear about you positive moving experience with Allied Pickfords. We wish you the best in your new home. Regards Allied Pickfords

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