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Allied Pickfords QLD, Richlands (Home Removals Office)

Allied Pickfords QLD, Richlands (Home Removals Office)

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Absolutely fabulous - I could not hope for better.

My house was a three bedroom high set Queenslander. My possessions are going to be stored with Allied in Richlands and then shipped to NSW when we find a house.
The move started and finished on time. I just want to say here that the boys packing, Chris, Lee and Geoff were absolutely fantastic and I will sing Allied Pickford’s praises to everyone I speak to. Then Josh, Godfrey, Te and Andrew who loaded the possessions onto the trucks were unbelievable as well. I must not forget Dean Robson who has been so helpful to us and I did speak to John who put the team together. We were delighted with your service. I would not hesitate to use Allied Pickfords again and recommend them to all.

Very good end to end service

We were moving contents of a 3 bedroom house from NSW to QLD. We got a number of quotations, however we found Allied Pickford initial sales contact very efficient and professional and although they were not the least expensive decided to go with them. We received numerous contacts from the pickup coordinator right up to pickup day which was reassuring. pickup was on time and the crew were very friendly and professional. We received followup calls prior to delivery which was also on time. Again the crew were friendly and professional. After unpacking all the cartons we called Allied Pickford to pickup the empty cartons and they did so in the timeframe they had originally advised. We were very happy with the overall end to end service.

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Hi Alan, Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We are glad that we were able to help with your move to from NSW to QLD and wish you all the best for your new home. Allied Pickfords

Do yourself a favour, never use Allied Pickfords

So let us start out by saying I have used Allied Pickfords before, on a number of occasions actually over the last 20 years including an overseas move. This being the case, I only approached Allied Pickfords for a large move from Brisbane back to Sydney. It was never going to be easy, not with eight people in tow. My in-laws live with us so it makes it more complex. Having used then numerous times before I not only expected a level of care but from prior experience had seen this in action before.

The representative was punctual and actually went through our entire house on two separate occasions to ensure our volumes were correct and everything was catered for. We were assured not once, but twice, that all couches would be wrapped in plastic, that TV's and computers would also be wrapped, that my in-laws furniture and boxes would have a colored sticker attached so that they were easily identified. They even arrange for the containers to be packed in a certain order to ensure when it arrived onsite we could unload into the garage the items that needed storing and the main items would go to the house. My wife's major concern was labeling of boxes as we had arranged for Allied Pickfords to pack for us, and we were assured that all boxes would be clearly marked and labelled.

So the big day arrived, we moved out and the packers moved in. Lets's be honest, moving is stressful and with the reassurances we had received we have no reason to think it could and would go horribly wrong.

So the house got packed and duly loaded into the containers for the train journey to Sydney.

Then the surprises began. Our journey to Sydney involved us driving down, and we had luckily left the trailer behind to take with us. It was lucky because we found a mirror on the wall, not to mention other bits and pieces left behind. At this stage I wasn't overly fussed, given the volume you have to expect one or two items to get missed, although I am not sure how you miss not one but two mirrors.

So in between this, we take out insurance with Allied Pickfords totaling approx $6,000. Big tip, DO NOT TAKE OUT INSURANCE. It is the biggest con job out there, and my lesson has now been learnt as you will yourself learn further down.

So arrival day comes around in Sydney, and bang on time the trucks arrive to deliver our goods. This is unfortunately where the positive experience ends and the nightmare starts.

1) None of the main couches are wrapped, instead they are simply covered in a blanket and each one (and every item of furniture for that matter) has this white tracking sticker on it which we still cannot get off.
2) The containers are not packed in any order, no clue as to whether they were meant to go inside or the garage. Still sorting it out four weeks later.
3) None of the boxes for my in-laws had a colored sticker to identify them, everything at this point is a complete mess.
4) The boxes are labelled, with words like Misc, Tub, Stuff, etc. We eventually found our shoes in a box labelled Misc, really! All packing appears to have been completely random with no way to determine what really came from where.
5) The inventory sheets with the box numbers doesn't match the items in the boxes. Absolutely waste of time.
6) The TV's are safely packed from what we can tell, pity they packed the stands for the said TV's in 1 of the 220 boxes and didn't label them! Eventually found the last one this weekend, in a box labelled hallway and nothing else. Tip guys, writing TV stand on the outside would have saved hours of unpacking!!!
7) Discovered our Apple Mac PC marked as hard-drive, on its side in a box with ZERO packaging. No protection and guess what, it does not work.
8) We still have not found basic items such as hairdryers, washing powder, etc four week on.

Then the delayed impact:-

So this weekend we go to do the garden, pull out the line trimmer, fill the fuel and go to start. Wonder why I have petrol all over my hands (important bit here, PETROL). Ahh, that makes sense. When they packed it in the container, they placed spades on top of it which have sliced the fuel lines completely in half, un-repairable. So, get hold of insurance to whom we paid $6,000 through Allied Pickfords. What a joke, firstly they tell me the replacement model I supplied is not identical (they now know more than Bunnings apparently) to the petrol line trimmer that I have and sent me a link to a cheap electric line trimmer instead with the words that it is under the $100 excess and therefore not covered. Yes, you are correct electric line trimmers do not have petrol tanks but the insurance company sure thinks petrol will work in an electric line trimmer!

Then I discover the Apple Mac is not covered because we didn't tick the box for mechanical cover. So the insurance company are now IT specialists as well who knows how computer hardware works (bearing in mind I have worked in the industry for 26 years).

UPDATE: After objecting, the insurance company has now agreed to pay $99 towards a new line trimmer. Just not worth the fight over the Apple Mac.

Despite attempts to raise these issues with senior management, we have been completely ignored by Allied Pickfords. We are scheduled to move again at the end of this year, and whilst it is absolutely your choice who you want to use, I can assure you that we will never ever use Allied Pickfords again for any of our future moves, which is pretty sad actually after a 20 year history..

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane
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Hi RogerG, We regret to hear of your negative experience with your move from Brisbane to Sydney. We strive to deliver a high standard of service on every move and we are sorry that we were unable to do so on this occasion. Please note that we are investigating your concerns and will respond to you privately pending the results of our investigation. Kind regards, Allied Pickfords

Repeat clients and will use again!

Very happy with cost, availability, care taken and the crew were really great! They did the hardest stuff in a fraction of the time we possibly could for a short distance move! Will be using them again due to amazing service, they were happy to do a small job like ours, very easy to book and available on short notice +++++

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane
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Hi Kerris, Glad to hear that your move went well. Best of luck in your new home!

Book them - you won't regret it!

In the last 2 years Allied Pickford moved my entire house contents and car from Perth, WA to Auckland, NZ to Brisbane, QLD and I could not recommend them more highly. Every point of contact from start to finish was friendly, professional and very helpful during a time that is typically a little stressful.

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane

Professional service from start to finish

Moved home contents 1,300 km to new apartment plus held some in storage until needed 8 months later. Helpful friendly staff.

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane

Just Easy!

We had to move from Brisbane to Central Queensland for work purposes, and with a 3 bedroom house full of stuff, 2 kids under 5, 2 dogs and a bird to move, it was nice to know that the packing and moving of our household goods was all taken care of by Allied Pickfords. They did their initial survey, provided a quote and worked with me to get my consignment in under budget, and even arranged relocation of our second car. Pick up and delivery were on time, and they even came back a few days later to collect the empty boxes and packing paper. Excellent service!

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane
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Hello Leanne, Delightful to hear your positive feedback in regards to your move! We wish you the best in your new home in Central Queensland. Regards Allied Pickfords

Great experience, helpful and caring and accommodating

Our home was 4 bedrooms, from Brisbane to Adelaide, all done with care. We also used Ceva and Jetpets and they were fabulous too. Great communication by them all.

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane
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Hello Lyn, Delightful to hear your positive feedback in regards to your move! We wish you the best in your new home in Adelaide. Regards Allied Pickfords

Excellent Outcome

* 4 bedroom, a number of sheds and a lot of kitchen stuff
* I would classify it as over a long distance
* Exactly on time...to the last minute

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane
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Hi Bob, Nice to hear your positive feedback in regards to your move. We wish you the best in your new home. Regards Allied Pickfords

Exception Service

Allied Pickfords moved the contents of my 3 bedroom townhouse and my car from Brisbane to Melbourne with incredible efficiency and professionalism. From my initial contact i felt like a valued customer and nothing was too much trouble. The teamwork on moving and delivery days was exceptional. Chris packed my kitchen and some of my more delicate items which helped enormously - and no breakages

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane
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Hi Bron, Nice to hear your positive feedback in regards to your move. We wish you the best in your new home in Melbourne. Regards Allied Pickfords

It all went smoothly

I relocated from Brisbane to Hobart and couldn't fault Allied Pickfords. They were very helpful, efficient, on time and careful with my furniture and belongings. It all ran to schedule and without incident.

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane
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Hello Susie Pleasing to hear your positive feedback in regards to your move! We wish you the best in your new home in Hobart. Regards Allied Pickfords

"Lost" my family heirloom - 250kg pianola

Besides the 250kg pianola being "lost", probably no more than 15 boxes and some other smaller items. One might ask how an international award winning storage company "loses" a pianola. After $14,000 in storage payments over 10 years, all they can offer is a poultry nominal compensation for a 250kg pianola that has been in my family for over 50 years and passed down the generations. Irreplaceable. Lost. Hurt. I cannot possibly recommend Allied Pickfords in any shape or form.

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane

Disappointed in what is supposedly a top tier removalist

We chose a fixed price move with Allied to move the contents of our 2 bedroom unit a few suburbs across town. We were happy to pay for a premium service for the peace of mind that we would be looked after. The quoting process was good however we were contacted 2 days prior to the move and told they had to change the start time from 7am to 1pm which would have caused significant disruption to our plans. We pushed back and were able to keep to the original time.

Move day:
The team turned up on time and were very fast loading and unloading. However it turned out that this was at the expense of taking due care. The fridge door had 7 or 8 dents and many other pieces of furniture had small marks. Insurance is an option of course however unless several items were significantly damaged the high additional cost would not be worth it.
We identified the fridge damage to the very amiable leading hand who had a form especially for this purpose and he duly recorded it. We also communicated this to the estimator afterwards and followed up some time later. It was all to no avail and we ended up just buying a new fridge.

Comparing our experience with others who used "second tier" removalists and the price they paid it appears we paid a significant premium for a significantly worse service.

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane
Hello Winno, We are sorry to hear about your negative experience with Allied Pickfords. Can you please provide your details via email to our National Service Delivery Manager - james.dickson@alliedpickfords.com.au so we can follow through on your comments. Thanks Allied Pickfords.Hi AP. I'm not posting this to try and get a resolution for us - that opportunity has passed. It's to provide information for others and to encourage you to review your processes for dealing with issues like this when they occur and handle them proactively, not only after they appear in a public forum.Goodness, an awful lot of people who have never written a review before for this site have felt compelled to sign up in order to give Allied Pickfords a 5 star review! Hmmm, fake reviews perhaps? Product Review - you're fast losing credibility as a trusted source.


I moved from a 2 bedroom unit in Brisbane to a smaller 2 bedroom unit in Cairns, so it was a long distance move.
The upload from Brisbane started and was complete on the date I was given and as it was such a long distance move the delivery was open ended to a certain point. I was given a time frame and was pleased that I was contacted very quickly Allied and given a delivery date at the earlier end of the time frame.

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane
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Hi Jen. Thank you for your feedback regarding the move with Allied Pickfords. We wish you the best in your new home. Regards Allied Pickfords.

The Not-So-Careful Movers

My retired parents recently (unfortunately?) hired Allied Pickfords to move their 3 bedroom house from Brisbane to Hobart. When the furniture arrived at it's destination, the timber dining table was absolutely scratched to bits & will need sanding down & revarnishing - it would appear that it wasn't wrapped properly & had other items moved around on top of it. Ok, you're probably thinking that could happen, right? But then... the entertainment unit had ALL EIGHT LEGS completely broken off... how does that even happen?? The timber bookcase also had all the top mouldings smashed off...

We obviously made a complaint. We received a two sentence response saying they would investigate. That was SEVEN weeks ago... guess they're being very thorough?

The fact that our furniture was damaged so extremely was their fault & carelessness: the fact that we used contents insurance - which didn't cover separate individual items, is our fault! The cost to cover individual items was enormous - their insurance, plus the contents insurance that they already pay as pensioners.

The worst part was the absolute lack of concern and customer service. Just a few more dollars in the bank for them, another number.

Would not recommend at all.

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane
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Hello, We are apologetic about your recent experience with Allied Pickfords. Can you please provide your details via email to our National Service Delivery Manager - james.dickson@alliedpickfords.com.au so we can follow through on your comments and provide a response to your matter. Thanks Allied Pickfords.

Interstate move - Internationally wrapped leather sofa damaged!!!

We recently moved interstate from Sydney to Brisbane (2 b/r apartments). We obtained two quotes from Grace and Allied Pickfords. We specifically advised that our most valued furniture was our leather sofa which was purchased only 4 months ago. We picked Allied because sales consultant advised us that their international wrap was superior than Grace's protection wrap.

We also bought insurance specifically for the sofa. Notes about the sofa were all over the instructions to the removalist.

Unfortunately, the sofa was still damaged with a hole in the sofa and a chipped wood draw (part of the sofa). Removalist seems to just want to get off work and tried to rush through the move (they were also late by 1 hour!), which is probably why it was damaged (even if it was wrapped!).

We are now going through the insurance process and it is very costly to replace as the furniture store does not have a presence in our state, hopefully the full amount will be provided.

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane
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Hi Law. We are sorry to hear about your recent negative experience with Allied Pickfords. For us to follow up can you please email our National Service Delivery Manager - james.dickson@alliedpickfords.com.au with your details and so we can follow through on your comments. Thanks Allied Pickfords.

Absoultely awful! No communication and overcharge you because you have no other options

Moved a three bedroom household from New Zealand to Australia. Allied Pickfords are the worst movers ever. Got stuff dirty leaving NZ so it got held up in Australia and we had to pay extra for it to be cleaned (after we had cleaned it in NZ!). Then hold your storage which you have to pay a huge amount for and have no choice. Do not use them.

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane
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Dear Angryone, On behalf of Allied Pickford’s we regret to hear of your experience with your move. For us to follow up can you please email our National Service Delivery Manager - james.dickson@alliedpickfords.com.au with your details and so we can follow through on your comments. Regards Allied Pickfords.

Great Service

Moved from Brisbane to Korea.

Mostly I needed my kitchen utensil, as there are not a lot of things available here, or it is really expensive, I have been living here for 15 years, and after finally moving into our dream house, I decided to bring my things with me, as they have been sitting unused.

Emails and inquires were always quickly answered and delivery was when requested.

Thank you Allied Pickfords

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane
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Hello Deb. Delightful to hear your positive feedback in regards to your move! We wish you the best in your new home in Korea. Regards Allied Pickfords

Great smooth move

We moved a 4 bedroom home (plus our son's numerous items of furniture for storage with us until he moves out of home) interstate from Brisbane to Newcastle.
We were able to choose the pack up, pick up and unload dates and they were all done exactly as required. The lady who came to quote was very helpful, reassuring and very friendly. The pack up and unload teams were particularly helpful and friendly. Pick up team did damage a TV unit door and did not tell us...
All settled into our new home now and have good feelings about the move - Allied Pickfords did a great job and I would be happy to recommend them to anyone else who is moving.

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane
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Hello Erica H, great to hear about your positive moving experience with Allied Pickfords. We wish you the best in your new home. Regards Allied Pickfords

Reasonable performance & support

This was our second move within 15 months, we arranged for quotes from a couple of removalists before proceeding. Allied Pickfords were negotiable and flexible to deal with, including changing the dates for the uplift twice to suit our needs. Delivery date was as advised, and unloading crew were prompt and thorough at ensuring that all the items were ticked off. 36m3 container load from Brisbane to Cairns.

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane
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Hello Jared, thankyou for choosing Allied Pickfords again with your recent move. We wish you and your family the best in Cairns. Regards Allied Pickfords.

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