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Allied Pickfords WA, Welshpool (Home Removals Office)

Allied Pickfords WA, Welshpool (Home Removals Office)

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Just terrible

Allied Pickfords moved my household / shared 20ft container from Australia to Europe finally arriving in December 2018 . My stuff was stored in Perth WA , roughly 4 months . In the beginning of the process everything was fine but finally they almost doubled the price of the move, simply ignoring our existing contract .They simply offered me another contract . By that time I have been already back to Europe .Under this circumstances its very hard to find another company , I was just able to bring the new price a little bit down but the new price tag was still $2000 higher than the originally agreed one . On top of that they refused to send my dive tanks , not able to make a difference between a valve and a plastic dust cap . Without words . This problem was solved later but meant a lot of extra stress , very professional . Cant recommend this people .

Office LocationWA, Perth
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Hi Oesten, We regret to hear of your negative experience. So we can follow up with your concerns, can you please email through your name, contact details and job number (R/Plan) to customerservice@alliedpickfords.com.au. Regards, Allied Pickfords

Fantastic customer service

I have moved interstate and Allied Pickford and their wonderful staff made it possible with ease, with sincere sincere thanks!

Office LocationWA, Perth
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Hi Michelle, Thank you for the feedback. Glad to hear that your interstate move went well.

Terrible service. They are rushed and don't care!

We moved from Perth to Melbourne. 4 bed house. The packing was terrible. They are just rush rush rush. You cannot see what they are all doing and they don't ask anything after they start.
We had more paper packed than stuff. We had one large box that had 4 rolls of al foil, baking paper etc. in it, nothing else. There were so many boxes I couldn't believe it. And guess what you have to pay for them!!
All the stuff that wasn't in boxes were dirty or damaged. Seriously just about everything had some sort of scratch.
They are hopeless at putting stuff back together. Our TV was just placed back in its stand and not bolted in. It could have fallen on our 15m old. The desk had bolts stripped. No idea.
And you don't notice until after the storm and they lie and tell you to sign the paper work so they can leave.
They separated our stuff and it all came at different times.
The insurance is like pulling teeth.

Try someone else!!

Office LocationWA, Perth
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Hi Flash, We regret to hear of your negative experience. So we can follow up with your concerns, can you please email through your name, contact details and job number (R/Plan) to customerservice@alliedpickfords.com.au. Regards, Allied Pickfords

A disaster

Used AP from Perth to Sydney. They sent one man to pack an entire house - obviously as a cost-cutting measure. He raced through the job, and when half way through told us he didn't have the right materials or enough of them, and would come back the next day. When he came back the removal truck had already arrived. So he raced even faster. I suspected that the job was not going to be done properly when it came to a very delicate glass box, which I had specifically alerted AP to. They promised to provide special packing filler. On the day they didn't have any packing filler, so I had to provide a box of tissues to be used as packing material.

When we arrived in Sydney and we started to unpack we found that none of my rare books had been wrapped or packed carefully. An 1846 1st edition of leather-bound works of Francis Bacon had had the spine damaged and the label torn off. Many of the other rare books were damaged, dog-eared, crumpled, crushed etc. These books are irreplaceable. Many were signed by the authors, most of whom are now dead. I called [name removed] and sent her pictures of the damaged books. The next day she had not bothered to call me back. So I called AP head-office and demanded to speak to the CEO. I spoke to [name removed], and he indicated that the CEO does not deal with customers! So when the wheels come off, the CEO is too important to deal with customers! And we are only half-way through unpacking. The remainder of the potential damage is yet to be seen. We have had glassware smashed, and the fridge is not working.

When I spoke to [name removed] at AP head office, he said he would put me through to [name removed], operations manager in Perth, which went through to voicemail, and then cut-off. So I called back, actually got through to [name removed], and either the line cut-off, or he promptly hung-up. This is what happens when things go wrong with AP. [name removed], our contact, won't call - despite phone messages, emails and sms messages with photographs of the damage. [name removed], at head office, refuses to put anyone through to the CEO, because he or she is apparently so high and mighty they won't engage in anything 'customer facing'. [name removed] at the AP head office switchboard was not able to connect me to anyone at the Perth branch, and refused to put me through to anyone else.

When I called back now for the fourth time, and spoke to [name removed] again, he said that if no one is available to speak to me he was not prepared to escalate the matter beyond the Perth branch, and I would have to wait for them to call me back later. When I said I was not prepared to wait, and wanted the matter escalated, he said to me "that's not going to happen" and then hung up on me. Earlier when I said to him I insist that I be able to escalate this issue, and if no one is available in the Perth branch, I want to speak to the Perth branch manager's boss at head office, [name removed] said to me too bad, there's no one else available!

AP in an effort to cut corners provided ONE person to pack an entire house. It was obviously too much for one person, and the only way he could get the job done was (a) by rushing and (b) relying on me to provide packing materials. Now that I have had priceless books damaged, AP is nowhere to be found. They are NOT the careful movers. They are slipshod, unprofessional, and completely impervious to customer complaints. Their corporate culture is dismissive of their customers, and their customer service line is overtly contemptous. [name removed] refused even to reveal the name of his CEO. When I said to him I was going to blog this experience on-line his response was "go for it'.

I will continue to blog this experience, blow by blow.

Office LocationWA, Perth


Did not even consider any other companies. Moved furniture from London to Perth, then Perth to Sydney, absolutely no damage, all packed professionally. I made an error once with another move from Sydney to Perth using another company, lots of damage and unresolved issues, re insurance and reimbursements. Allied Pickfords are ( in my opinion ) far superior when dealing with your much treasured possessions.

Office LocationWA, Perth

morving intersate

I moved from Perth to melboune ,they were wonderfull even getting the car
sent over they made the move easy using Allied pickford made our move easy. They were prompt and very professional.

Office LocationWA, Perth

Fabulous from beginning to end!

We had a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home, and moved about 20km. Allied Pickford were fabulous from beginning to end. I was dreading moving day, but our crew worked like magic. Rory and Paul arrived right on time and had everything packed into the truck within 2 & a quarter hours! This included having to dismantle 2 beds! We were amazed. They had their truck unpacked in about an hour & a half. Everything was done with great care, & they were very obliging when we asked them to change the position of 2 pieces of furniture - we changed our minds. No damage to anything. It all went like clockwork. We couldn’t have been happier. Thank you so much Rory, Paul & all at Allied Pickford.

Office LocationWA, Perth
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Hi Jan, Glad to hear your Rory, Paul & the team helped make your move a success. We wish you the best in your new home. Regards Allied Pickfords

My Moving Experience was Stressless

I had Furniture moved/relocated from my 2 Bedroom Apartment
Distance of move was Mandurah to Geraldton
Pick up and Delivery were all on time
The removal boys at both ends were Excellent at there task
I Recommend highly Allied Pickfords for all Furniture removing

Office LocationWA, Perth
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Hello Birdman, Happy to hear your positive feedback in regards to your move! We wish you the best in your new home in Geraldton. Regards Allied Pickfords

Moved packages alright but no responsibility taken for damages

My family moved from regional city to metro city. It was a 4X2 house to 3X2 unit. Everything was settled fine and delivered on time. Uplift people came one early but when we look into it, we feel that they do not have the passion of work and very lazy in packing taking too much time. Did not bother to listen to our suggestions for packing of the furnitures. It results in breaking one of our bed frames where we suggested them to dismantle and pack which the guys don't agree or else we have give the owners manual. Delivery guys was very professional and give good care to handle the packages. Office response was very poor when contacted fro the damage telling the excuse that we did not had the insurance. We don't understand the point, it should be the responsibility of the movers to handle the packages of the clients not the clients. Why should the client should pay for the damage caused due to miss handling of the packages by movers. It looks like "movers will take the money and deliver to clients premises but the responsibility of the damages falls to client side even if the goods are miss handled by movers. It looks like the responsibility of care to goods moved fall to client who pay for the move. So have to clients take insurance so that movers can handle the goods as they like. Do not need to bother about the damages. It looks conning to us. All together we are 50% happy with the move. Also uplift people did not put enough care for the protection of the door channels which damaged the rails of the glass door while moving packages out of the house where we had to repair it and couple of flower vases broken and the artificial flowers were not packed properly causing them to bend and made unuseful again. Tried to talk to the company rep from the uplift point but he handballed the issues to others telling they no responsibility of any damage.

Office LocationWA, Perth
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Hello Geordin, we regret to hear about your negative experience with Allied Pickfords. If you would like to discuss further can you please provide your information via email to our National Service Delivery Manager - james.dickson@alliedpickfords.com.au so we can follow through on your comments. Regards, Allied Pickfords.

We won't move again without them!

Moving house is listed as one of the most stressful life events. Allied delivered a superb, careful service from start to finish and reduced our stress levels immesurably. They provided a fantastic price to pack then move a 4 bedroom home, store it and then redeliver, that represented excellent benefit for the cost. We would unhesitatingly reccomend their services.

Office LocationWA, Perth
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Hello Ctmerrick, thank you for your feedback, great to hear that the large move was a success. Best of luck to you and the family in your new home. Regards Allied Pickfords.


We relocated from WA to NZ. Everything was explained, on time from start to end and no hidden cost. Efficient time keepers, from the assessor, packers, loaders to the unloading. Nothing broken. Perth Melbourne & Tauranga co-ordinators keeping us informed. Arrived on time. What an AWESOME TEAM. Highly recommend Allied Pickfords.

Office LocationWA, Perth
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Hello Bamm, Delightful to hear your positive feedback in regards to your international move! We wish you the best in your new home in NZ. Regards Allied Pickfords

Shocking unprofessionalism

My daughter works for a company that has to relocate its employees and they use Allied Pickfords. When she told me this I thought that was a good enough recommendation. What a disappointment and what damage to my goods.
We were relocating a whole house from Perth to the Gold Coast. On the day of the quotation and during the removal I sought repeated assurances that my prized piano would be safely delivered. I was repeatedly told there would be no problems. What lies! Not only was my piano badly damaged but pictures frames were smashed, bedside light were broken, book cases were damaged and things like a mattress topper were missing. To add insult to injury they told me I had to pay an extra $2000 to get my goods released, citing some clause about insurance. When I told them I had already paid the insurance which was nearly $3000 they told me I had to pay another $1000 odd to get my goods released from the depot. When I drew their attention to the original proposal and quote and asked them to point out where this extra insurance was entered they told me they were sorry but they had mistakenly omitted it. I was held at ransom for this extra payment. In other words, if you don't pay we can't release your goods.
I would not recommend these people to anyone. Their professionalism and competence is not what you would equate with a supposedly international company. Speaking to other people I would strongly recommend a smaller company and not an American based one like Allied Pickfords. A very depressing experience for me.

Office LocationWA, Perth
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Hi Ken, sorry to hear about your experience with Allied Pickfords. Can you please provide further information via email to our National Service Delivery Manager - james.dickson@alliedpickfords.com.au so we can follow through on your comments. Regards, Allied Pickfords.

Not happy with communication

Delivery staff were very organised and friendly.
However let down by office staff communication. After 9 phone calls including a call to central management, I had my boxes collected 1 month after delivery.

Office LocationWA, Perth
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Hello Maia. Thank you for providing feedback in regards to your move. We wish you and the family the best in your new home. Regards Allied Pickfords .

Professional and easy

Allied Pickfords packed and stored our belongings for over 2 years whilst we lived overseas. The packing and unpacking team were professional and were very careful moving our items. We did notice that a couple of items did get damaged during the move, however Allied Pickfords insurance company was very easy to deal with and all items were covered for either replacement value or repair. I would advise you to read the fine print details for electrical insurance as although I had no issues with my electrical items I did notice that my insurance policy for electrical degredation was not as comprehensive/inclusive as mechanical damage.

Office LocationWA, Perth
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Hello Courtney, Thank you for your feedback in regards to your recent move. We appreciate your time and wish you and your family the best in your new home. Regards Allied Pickfords

great service

I moved 4 rooms of my furniture, the guys had a small area to fill up with the furniture and then leave room for my car to fit as well. The two removalists were very professional in their manner, nothing was a problem, moved all my furniture with care, and wrapped and stored my furniture with no breakage and were in particular careful not to scratch my floor boards, I will use Allied Pickfords again and will recommend to others.

Office LocationWA, Perth
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Hello Sharon, We are happy the team provided such professional service moving your home goods. We wish you the best in your new home. Regards Allied Pickford

International Move Disaster - Avoid at all costs

WARNING: DO NOT USE ALLIED PICKFORDS: An international move from Dubai to Perth, 3 br apartment plus storage area. Close to 30 cubic metres. Pre-pack and uplift on the Dubai end was ok, but once the shipment arrived in Australia, troubles began. Allied Pickfords attempted to over-charge on storage costs, and it was only after numerous emails, phone calls and waving their own contract in their face did they agree to charge at the contracted rate. Delivery and unpack was a disaster. Allied Pickfords only allocated 4 hours to deliver and unpack close to 30 cubic metres of furniture and possessions. In the allocated time they were barely able to get the boxes into the house before they left without unpacking most of the shipment. When we complained to the removal coordinator later that day, she allocated 2 people for another 4 hours the next day. Again, this was not enough time and roughly 10% of the shipment remained unpacked. Worse was to come. We soon discovered that many things in our shipment had gone missing, many electronic devices, toolboxes, an entire box of clothes, and two expensive carpet rugs were rolled then folded in half before tightly boxing them. As you can imagine, keeping a carpet roll folded in half for any period of time will destroy it. To add insult to injury, when we compiled the insurance claim (Allied Pickfords in-house insurance), the claim amount was almost AUD $15,000. Their offer of settlement was $178. That's correct, no typo there, claimed $15,000, offer of settlement $178. Their reasons for denial of claims were laughable, literally. Needless to say we are challenging their offer, and will be lodging formal complaints with APRA, FOS and Consumer Protection. To summarise...having done over 15 removals in my life, I have a good basis on which to form an accurate opinion on a removalists performance, and Allied Pickfords were without a doubt, the WORST experience of my life, by a considerable margin. They are NOT RECOMMENDED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

Office LocationWA, Perth
Hello Dan, Sorry to hear about your recent negative experience with Allied Pickfords. Can you please provide your details via email to our National Service Delivery Manager - james.dickson@alliedpickfords.com.au so we can follow through on your comments. Thanks Allied Pickfords.For those you following this thread, do not be fooled by the above comment purporting to demonstrate that Allied Pickfords cares about clients. I did indeed reply to the email as provided above, but no reply to the email I sent, and no phone call. Very typical of how this company treats clients. Avoid at all costs.For those still considering Allied Pickfords, It has now been three long months and still no resolution to the insurance claim. They know as a consumer you have little option but to go to court for resolution, which is no problem for them, but major expense and risk to you as an individual. They prey on this. Do yourself a favour, and avoid unscupulous operators such as Allied Pickfords. It will undoubtedly save you a lot of heartache after your move.

Highly efficient

A full house move from Perth to Melbourne
Very efficient, quick, easy and less expensive than expected. Everyone was super polite and helpful. A big stress saver!

Office LocationWA, Perth
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Hello Muma, Happy to hear that your move with Allied Pickfords was a success. We wish you the best in your new home in Melbourne. Regards Allied Pickfords

Professional but very slow and expensive

Moved a few items 6 hours drive. Took two an a half weeks! Couldn't believe it, especially since when the quote was given it seemed like it would be 2-3 days. Very disappointed, expected more since you pay a premium. Communication was poor too, could only get info on delivery date from chasing them up. The actual workers are good but definitely wouldn't recommend them if you are in any sort of rush.

Office LocationWA, Perth
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Hello Stuart, On behalf of Allied Pickford’s we regret to hear of your experience with your move. For us to follow up can you please email our National Service Delivery Manager - james.dickson@alliedpickfords.com.au with your details and so we can follow through on your comments.

Allied Pickfords provided a fast, effective, safe and professional move for me and my family.

3 bedroom townhouse, plus a 3mx3mx3m storage unit moved to new house
Short distance move, only 1.5km, but care and attention to detail was amazing.
Adhered to all agreed times. Removalists took breaks at appropriate times
Great care was taken with all of our furniture and pre packed boxes as well as items that were packed for us.
We took out insurance and it was very reasonably priced. Paperwork took a little while to complete.
The removalist experience was painless.

Office LocationWA, Perth
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Hello D H, Great to hear your positive feedback in regards to your move and the attention of detail by our staff. We wish you the best in your new home. Regards Allied Pickfords

Felt cheated

1. The movers damaged 1 of my book shelf at the pick-up point. They said they lightly pushed it, and it broke. We did not pursue this damage with them.

2. Movers removed the big slab of mirror from our chest of drawers at pick-up point. During the insertion process at the delivery point, the movers broke the mirror. Immediately we called the office, who told us to take a photo of the broken mirror and send her an email of the incident the same day. She also told us to get a quotation for the replacement of the mirror, and email to her the quotation. In the meantime, she instructed us to pay the delivery charges, which was in the form of cash as opted by us, per the invoice written by one of the movers. Separately he called up his office and told us the same instructions as what office staff had told us, and said that Allied Pickfords would pay for the replacement of the mirror. We trusted Allied Pickfords and did all that we were told. The mover also wrote and signed on the invoice that Allied Pickfords will pay for the replacement. We took a photo of this invoice which was also emailed to them.

On the next working day, when we did not receive any updates from Allied Pickfords, we called up again. They said that they are not going to pay for the replacement. We asked to speak to the manager, and he repeated that Allied Pickfords would not pay for the replacement and he slammed down the phone. We called again, and she also slammed down the phone.

We felt so cheated because they blatantly lied to us that they would pay for the replacement. It was in good faith that we believed Allied Pickfords because of its reputation, and paid up the delivery charges in full, and expecting them to be true to their words. We are so disappointed with this horrendous service that cost us a book shelf and our beautiful chest of drawers mirror.

3. The 2 movers took their time to pack and load onto the truck. Very obvious that they were dragging the time to cause us to pay more for the service. Very frustrating to see how they work. Unprofessional and no trade ethics at all.

Office LocationWA, Perth
Hello TSL. We appreciate you alerting us to your negative experience as this is certainly not the impression Allied Pickfords ever intends to leave our customers with. For us to follow up can you please email our National Service Delivery Manager - james.dickson@alliedpickfords.com.au with your details and so we can follow through on your comments.Wrote to james.dickson@alliedpickfords.com.au on 11 April, but no reply yet.James wrote to me and compensated me, so I let the matter rest.

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