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Avoid At All Costs

This place does not know the meaning of service or repair. 3 times I have had to take my phone there and guess what...still not fixed. Not going back there ever again. They say they will call or text when phone is ready to be picked up but they don't. Quite simply, there service and repairs is crap. As I said....AVOID AT ALL COSTS....especially going by others reviews too.


After experiencing some trouble getting my phone repaired, and spending time contacting the store, the store owner directly contacted me arranging for a free replacement screen upon hearing about the struggles I experienced.

Absolute garbage, do not deserve to be in business..

Just try and call them...Had a Samsung android brought from dick smith fail...screen freeze. returned to dick smith, had it replaced after just over a week old. Had the same problem with the replacement. These lying mongrels told me it was water damaged...rubbish totally impossible unless they were selling water damaged phones. They will not answer their phones. Sit on hold for literally hours and then get hung up on... I'm going in to see them myself on behalf of my 18 yr old daughter. either way this will not be a good out come for them...It will cost them a refund if they are smart...a lot more if they are not !

So far Not so good!

Quoted $360 for job a week before I took it in then changed to $379! Still not ready after week & half, told a week! Sydney repair centre $300 flat same job! Samsung investigating.

Don't trust their workmanship or warranty

Sent to their Stepney SA store an iPad to repair broken screen. On return noticed screen did not sit flush and touchpad did not work properly. Returned it and they said there was a crack under the glass and that I must have dropped it again. Well, it hadn't even been used since picking it up! Their workmanship is poor, they blame the customer and don't honour their warranty. Go elsewhere even if it may cost a bit more.

Stay Away

Sent phone to get screen replaced came back within a week.
Once I got it the phone would not power on, so sent it back they said the PCB board is damaged Alltech technicians fault
this was February 3 months.

Now mid May I still have nothing.

Won't reply to emails.

I when I call they give me no information.

Very bad service and screw your device even more.

Not very competent repairers

Took my iPhone to Digimob & tried to explain to the counter staff what my problem was but they really didn't want to listen. They told me that they would do a software update even when I told them that this had already been tried without success. I left my phone with them & was told when I picked it up that it was unrepairable but they couldn't tell me what was actually wrong with it. I expected that they had the technology to test the phone & identify at least whether it was a software or hardware problem & explain why it could not be repaired. My assumption is that they only want to do simple repairs that are quick turnover & profitable, e.g. screen & battery replacements & simple software updates. I wouldn't class them as true technicians & I'm not even sure if they actually opened the phone to check what the actual problem was. Whilst I was waiting at the counter both when I dropped my phone off & when I picked it up there were other customers having similar problems. One lady was being told there was nothing wrong with her phone & she was getting the run around by counter staff who couldn't tell her what had actually been done to the phone. Another gentleman was being told that they didn't really know what was wrong with his phone. All in all I would think twice about using these 'lightweights' of the phone repair business or at least ask what they are capable of repairing before leaving your phone with them.

Samsung note3

Dala very helpful , even though my query about trying to recover a lost file could not be resolved,, Dala helped to update my phone & advise on other useful applications to use to help back up my phone. Thank you.

Very Very Very Bad Service

I drop my Samsung Galaxy S5 for damage repair on 9th of March 2016. They charge me $45 for the quote and told me it will be fixed in day or two and also send me email about the total expenses on the same day. I didn't receive any email until I rang back and ask for my mobile. The lady name [name removed] Administration Manager told me I will send again and it will we fixed by 11th of March 2016. I didn't heard from them. I rang the same lady told me it will be fixed by the date 13th or 14th of March 2016. Then again no response from them on that day. I rang again, she told me all the repairs take two to three weeks time to fix by technician and it definitely be fixed by 21st of March or 22nd of March 2016. I am so desperate, frustrate now by their service. I hope they repair my mobile.
[contact information removed]

Great, Quick And Reliable Service, Highly Recommended

Fixed my phone while I waited and put my phone back in to a warranty state. Thank you so much Alltech team! :)

Terrible service that does more damage to your device than what you took it in for.

If you want to live a tech-free life, by all means give your device to Digimob/Alltech to repair. You might, MIGHT get it back after a month - don't expect to hear from them in the meantime - '48 hours' response is very VERY flexible in their vocabulary, and when they say "the part will be in tomorrow and it'll be done within a day following that", yes, you can expect that to mean it'll be another two weeks. When you do eventually get it back, you should expect that they haven't actually checked whether they caused other issues whilst repairing the original fault. And the best news? Yes, you can expect to take it back for those issues and in turn get even more faults caused by them when you get it back after another three or four weeks. Joy! 10 weeks it took - and guess what I'm left with... a refund, and a phone in a worse state than when I first took it.

Don't bother taking your device here - you may think it's easier and quicker than posting it to somewhere else, or doing it yourself, but it really isn't. Do yourself a favour and find somewhere else in another state.

Dear Alltech Phone Repairs

I am writing to complain about your poor service quality and failed to keep your warranty commitments. On 2nd October 2015, I brought my phone to your shop for repair, I paid a $45 initial diagnosing cost. On 13/10/2015, I came to pick up my phone and paid $85 repair cost. I was told that you cover 3 months warranty for your service. My phone stopped working after 1 day. I brought the phone back the second time and picked up on 13/11/2015, and again it stopped working after 2 days. I brought the phone back for the third time and picked up on 26/11/2015. When I came to pick up, I was told that you can't repair it. I saw my phone had a crack on the screen that wasn't there before, I asked the receptionist about it and she said that it was cracked before. I was so shocked by her response because I thought you are a trust worthy and reputable company. I was shocked because I cannot believe you can make things up to avoid responsibilities. Your receptionist wasn’t interested in talking to me after this point and ignored my protest. I am so disappointed and angry with your poor customer service.

When I asked your staff for the refund because you failed to repair the phone, I was told that "no refund given". This is a breach of contract. I am entitled to get my repair cost back and should be compensated for the cracked screen that happened while you had the phone.

I have consulted the Office to Business and Consumer Affairs and was advised to write this letter to you. I expect to receive a response from you within 7 days from the date of this letter. If I don't receive a satisfactory response from you, I will initiate my formal complaint process through the Office of Business and Consumer Affairs.

Alltech/Digimob Mobile Phone Repair - a tale of multiple failures with a happy conclusion

I own an HTC Desire HD mobile phone. Yes, I know it's an older model now, but it has served me well for many years as I've taken very good care of it. One day it mysteriously wouldn't charge any more, nor would I get a connection with the PC via the USB cable. After a bit of internet research it was plain the USB connection board had a fault and needed replacing.

Now being an older phone, it proved a little difficult to find someone who would repair it. After some hunting around on line I came up with Digimob as they were just down the road from my workplace; or so I thought. After a short walk to the advertised address, I discovered they'd moved. Drats. The upside, they'd pick up and drop off my phone from my office.

Great! Just go to the website, create a login and follow the bouncing ball...NOT! The website did not work as intended in several browsers I tried. Try as I might I could not log a job. I ended up having to call them to create the job and to pick up the phone. The price was good, the pick/delivery included and it would only take 2-3 days according to the verbal quote I was given. OK, here's my phone guys. Courier picks it up, Digimob create a job, I wait a few days and...NOTHING. No email, no phone call, Nada.

I decide to be patient and wait a few days more. So now it's been a week since they received my phone. Still no news, so I send them an email as to what's happening. Oh, they said, it'll take a week or so to get the required part(s) as the phone is so old and parts hard to come by. Well thanks very much for keeping me in the loop I replied. You could have have told me. You know my phone number and email address...Sorry they say. so I patiently wait another week...still nothing...Another week goes by (that's 4 weeks now on a 2-3 day quote where I stated the phones brand and model number), and still NOTHING.

I sent another email asking for an explanation and suddenly, lo and behold, the part coincidentally just arrived and the phone will be ready the next day. Great! But wait, not so fast...Next day I get an email, phone fixed, please pay and collect your phone. You guessed it, I had to pay on line using their website which DOESN'T WORK! AND they wanted to charge me for the courier to drop off the phone even though their website said it's free delivery! I complain at this via email and get a $15 discount for the courier. Oh well, better than nothing. they owe me for being so patient... I ring them to pay as there just was no other way (I'm not sending my credit card details out via an email thank you very much) and the phone arrives the very same day.

So, from my tale you can plainly see there were plenty of failures, but it did work out in the end.

In summary:
If you have an old(er) mobile phone, be prepared for a long wait. Don't expect any communication from this company, you'll have to chase them up. If you're in a hurry - forget it. Go somewhere else.
Oh, and their website STILL DOESN'T WORK!

Fast, professional service

My husband's iphone had not been charging properly, then just went dead. I took it in to Alltech on Payneham Rd Stepney (They are also known as Digimob) on Saturday 13th Sept at 1pm. left it with the receptionist for a 24 hr free quote. They rang on Monday morning to say what was wrong and gave the price of $95 to repair and replace parts. It was ready by 5pm on Tuesday. I received a detailed list of what was done and a 6 month warranty on parts and repairs. I'm very happy with the service and have already recommended them to others.

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Questions & Answers

Is this www.alltech.com.au I just brought an VGA Adapter for my PC and they have ripped me right off. Is this the same place you are talking about as their Logo seems to have changed? Thanks in advance for your time.
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Yes it is 100 per cent.... These are the guys I got my stuff from..It is located on Stepney Rd https://digimob.com.au/ I have used them several times and always got good service. They trade as Digimob and Alltech and do mobile devices repairs. Last job they did for a warranty job on a Samsung tablet was done on time and perfectly. I can only state what I have experienced with them on several occasions.

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