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Alpha Robotics Australia

Alpha Robotics Australia

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I Clebo - Buyer Beware

I have never been so disappointed as I have with this machine.

From the beginning we have had issues with the machine, which Alpha Robotics tried to repair however it didn't ever seem to make a difference for long. I had indicated to ARA that I believed the machine was a lemon very early on however excuses continued to be made about the complexity of the machine and tried to make repairs until I stopped contacting ARA in 2014.

I believe I have been lucky to get 3 months out of the machine. ARA indicated when I told them over the phone that they didn't believe me that I have hardly used the machine and I contribute that to my slackness in getting in touch with them.

I really wanted to believe the issues may have been related to the carpet pieces that I had in the garage (our temporary residence). I stopped using it in the garage and didn't try and use it until we moved over into our new house. Unfortunately the same issues occurred.

When the machine is running I am having to follow the machine to attend to the E5 fault every few minutes, this has been the case since the machine was about 3 months old, then again about 2 weeks after they repaired it the last time.

Review of Alpha Robotics - IClebo Smart

I purchased an IClebo Smart a couple of months ago off Alpha Robotics. I had done my research and read all the reviews (including the infamous one) but after talking to [name removed] from Alpha Robotics and finding out more about the product I thought I would give them a go. The hardest part was choosing which machine as they all sounded great.

I picked the IClebo Smart. I had a rocky start getting used to the machine ( I'm technologically impaired, TV remote controls still leave me bewildered) but with the helpful assistance of [name removed] from Alpha Robotics I finally managed to get my machine working the way it was intended and I love it. The customer support is fantastic. Just like any machine it requires cleaning once in a while especially if someone in your household has long hair same as a normal vacuum in that aspect.

I love my IClebo Smart.

I still vacuum weekly with my Wertheim but my IClebo saves the hassle of lugging the Wertheim out of the cupboard every day. My IClebo is brilliant I simply press the on button select mode and away he goes and if something has "upset him" (My IClebo) he lets me know and it is easy to resolve.

There are many pro's about this machine, its efficient, its sturdy, Good Quality, it reasonably priced, I found it easy to clean, and vacuums wonderfully I found once you've gotten used to using it, it can just potter around the house and return to its base when it's ready.

The only cons I can think of are on occasion he has gotten stuck between two pieces of furniture but it’s rare and normally resolved by shifting something slightly, one other thing is that I did find on occasion that if the floor is wet or slippery (tiles) that on occasion his wheels may make a vibration noise when turning, this happened to me but may not happen to everyone, I shifted house and haven't had an issue since. At the time I contacted [name removed] straight away and he helped me to resolve the issue he was incredibly helpful.

I am very glad I purchased from Alpha Robotics the customer service is brilliant and the product is fantastic. Will suggest to others. My friends are envious of my IClebo (I have named him Giles my little helper)
Great Customer Service, Fantastic Product, Helpful Staff, Good Communication. Product is Easy to Use, Reasonably Priced, Efficient, Reliable, Sturdy and Good Quality
Occasionally Gets Stuck between furniture,

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