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Amart Furniture QLD, Benowa

Amart Furniture QLD, Benowa

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Fantastic Customer Service

We bought a mattress at the Benowa store last week and were told it would be delivered by Friday. On Thursday we decided that we'd call and confirm as we had our other mattress being taken on the Friday and did not want to be without. Sharnee answered the phone and whilst the news wasn't good (mattress hadn't yet been allocated) - she didn't just palm us off and followed the delivery right through until the end. Sharnee went above and beyond to ensure the mattress came on time as promised and we're extremely pleased with the result. Nothing was too much trouble for her and she maintained an exemplary level of professionalism throughout the whole process.

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Worse lounge i ever bought

Purchased the eastern lounge recliner 3 years ago. Started completely falling apart a few months ago. It's only me and my husband using it so as it was on a 5 year warranty i expected them to at least fix it. They offered us an instore voucher for $250...that wont buy us a new lounge. Or fix this one. We are very disappointed with there after service its very unfair.

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Very quick delivery!

We went into the Benowa QLD store on a Saturday afternoon after we saw the Chrystelle bedroom suite online, order it & it was delivered 2 days later on the Monday!
Love the bedroom suite, it’s very good quality with soft closing drawers & looks much more expensive than the price. Only downer was it went on special a few weeks later for $300 less :( Oh well thems the breaks.
Great service by the store though - thanks.

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Terrible warranty for furniture

We purchased a holiday rental and fully furnished it at Super Amart. The purchase price was good and the style perfect for what we needed. It’s was about $15k for the full purchase.

In the 12 months after we had the outdoor metal dining chairs fade significantly (bright yellow to almost white) and the outdoor lounge and pool seats rust. The dining chairs were fully under cover, out of any direct sunlight and protected by weather at all times. All items had a 3 year warranty and were only 12 mths old.

When I contacted the store I was asked to send in photos which I did. I received a call back telling me the manager declined my warranty claim. The reason given was that the outdoor dining chairs were not inside (despite being displayed in the showroom as outdoor chairs). The reason given for the outdoor lounge and pool seats being rusted was “they are steel so when they get wet they will rust”. Again despite them being outdoor furniture.

It’s a shame as the overall quality of Super Amart seems good. having a 3 year warranty is completely useless if the warranty is denied and the service from the store manager is so poor.

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Warranty claim. Excellent

I had a problem with a lounge chair.Which Marty & Haley brownrigg ,working for leather doctor attended,assets the situation then reported to Amart. They then come to my home ,giving me details on what was to be done. Then addressed the chair on site. Then completed the job in quick ,promt fashion. My chair is now as good as new. Thanks for keeping me updated as progress was in motion. Customer satisfaction 10 out of 10.

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"Crystal" bonded leather sofa bed

I purchased a Crystal bonded leather sofa bed & chaise back in July 2012 from the Benowa store for $1300. In late 2013 I noticed the upholstery was cracking, particularly on the chaise. This sofa bed has probably been used 20 times over the past 5 years. I phoned Bundall at the time & was told the upholstery warranty was only 12 months so nothing they could do. During the week and again today I was told by 2 different Amart employees that the bonded leather was a terrible product..a mistake for Amart. I phoned Benowa again today & was told there was nothing they could do for me. I have now found a number of reviews on this particular lounge complaining of the same things. Does this not constitute a faulty product? $1300 for a couch that comes with a 10 year structural warranty...you would expect the upholstery to last longer than a couple of years particularly when it's not being used regularly.

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Worst company ever.

Worst company I've ever dealt with. Horrible quality furniture. Sure it's a bit cheaper than other furniture stores but there's a reason for that... it's all cheap and poorly made. Pretty much everything I ordered arrived damaged and it doesn't last at all. Had a lounge that lasted 7 months before peeling. I was offered to swap all the damaged goods over and over and over .. this went on for over a year. Staff were RUDE. Delivery guys were disgusting. Bad way to run a business. Save your money.. spend a bit more and get better quality. Don't even know how they stay in business. All I ever hear is negative feedback about super amart.. yet they don't seem to do anything about it. They Just want to take your $$$$$$.

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No After Sale service AT ALL!!!

Bought an Aurora 2.5 seater sofa and one of legs broken, sent Warranty Claim form in November 2016 and yet got no reply or any response from Super Amart. Now it has been 2 months so I called back to ask the reason for no reply, keep telling me we will call you back the next day but never did. Hopeless service, terrible quality, this will be my last time to shop at Super Amart.

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Update: I called back customer service the day after this review and got the same answer as "we will call you back when the spare part becomes available", but this time I said if I can't have a confirmed answer today, I wont hang up. Then the lady over the phone said will put me on hold to find the manager to solve the problem. After 10mins holding, something magic happened, suddenly the part is available, and they will send out the technician to help me fix it tomorrow and guess what, they gave me two spare parts just in case it breaks again. I have waited for two months for this unavailable part and suddenly becomes available in 10mins, it just shows the customer care department doesn't really care, they simple read notes from the last person and tell you "the notes says it is not available". I will definitely think twice before I step in Super Amart in future.

Not a free mattress

I was looking at a queen bed in Super A Mart last week and was happy to see this week it is being sold with a "free" queen size innerspring mattress. When I went in to the store to purchase I found the bed had risen in price by $100! So, no "free" mattress at all. The old price tag was still stuck to the bed under the new more expensive price tag.

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Hi there, We are very sorry to hear about your experience in store. I have sent you a private message requesting your details, so I can follow this up for you. Hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, Jess and the Super Amart Team

Worst customer service and no product help

Bed wouldn't go together as per the instructions. I then tried it the way I thought it should go. Neither worked. It is really hard to do on my own and having to redo it a few times without help was very hard. I rang and asked if they would come and help and they said no I needed to pay for it even though I believe it is the bed! I can't return it because it doesn't fit in my car and I can't afford to pay for someone to come and help me out it together. Very disappointed for my toddlers first bed!

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Hi Shiv, We are very sorry to hear that you have had troubles with your assembly! We would love to look into this a bit further for you if you wouldn't mind giving us a few more details? I will send you a message with the details we require. Looking forward to your response. Kind regards, Ali and the Online Service Team

AMart Furniture Bundall - Poor Service / No Follow up - Christopher Hirst Assistant Manager

After multiple emails / phone calls / promises from Store Manager - We are still waiting.

On the 26th March 2016 I purchased several items to the value of $5000.
Items didn't turn up so i made multiple phone calls and when they did turn up, some of the 6 different deliveries had damaged items.

Today is the 18/08/2016 (YES ALMOST SIX MONTHS LATER) and I am still waiting on cushions and a replacement TV Cabinet.

I have spent in excess of $30K with Super AMart over the years and I refuse to spend another cent with them and further more i will tell as many people as i can of the poor experience I have had.

Their sales person (Trisha) has lied to her manager and the manager (Christopher Hirst) obviously does not care at all. Today I am making a formal complaint to Fair Trading Queensland and to the Amart Head office

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Hi Brent, We are so very sorry to hear you're upset with your recent experience with us and apologise for any inconvenience. So that we can look further into this for you, could you please send an email to live.chat@superamart.com.au with your sales order number and best contact phone number? We hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, Tom and the Super Amart Team

Damaged Goods

I placed an order for the Majesty furniture Package around the 27th Jan 2016 to be delivered on the 29th Jan 2016.
The package was delivered to my new home and was the only furniture I had as the old stuff had been sold knowing this was coming.
2 boxes lamp table & buffet were both found to be damaged to the point they could not be assembled. I waited weeks for these to be replaced. I had to leave them in my lounge room floor in pieces.
I then realised once everything else was assembled there was some sort of damage to all the other pieces of furniture. Laminate peeling off and dents on corners.
The lamp table was replaced and the new one was also damaged.
Everything but the entertainment unit was replaced which I'm still waiting on months and months later.
The new table is also damaged and waiting to be replaced. So 3 months later I'm still waiting to have my complete package undamaged.
I have been told my super Amart they are waiting on a delivery which will not be into until the end of May.
I'm extremely disappointed and feel this is not how things should be when you purchase brand new goods. If I knew this would have been such a nightmare I would have brought second hand goods.
I expected to have a fully functional living area.
A beautiful living space for my new house.
I still don't have this and Super Amart have not made contact with me again to inform me of what's happening!
I feel like getting a full refund and taking my money else where to get what I expected in the first place, BRAND NEW FURNITURE.
I would carefully consider buying a package at super Amart and its caused me nothing but stress!
In saying this I have already made a complaint but this has not been acknowledge other than an automated message informing me it will be looked into which was weeks ago.

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Hi Nicole, We are so terribly sorry to hear about your most recent experience with is. I would like to sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you. I would love the opportunity to help try turn this around for you. So I can do that, could I please get you to provide us via email ( customer.care@superamart.com.au) your sales order number and store of purchase. Once this is done I can then investigate this issue further for you. If you have any further questions please include them on the email. Kind regards, Tom and The Super Amart Team


I bought a so called leather bonded or Indian leather modula couch for $1500, they wouldn't budge on the price, it wasn't on sale but I had been looking at couches all day and it was nearing closing time so I bought it as I needed a new couch desperately. 18 months later the "leather" started to peal. Now here I am 3 years down the track with a completely pealed and ruined couch that is barely even been sat upon, and have had to cover it from top to bottom in blankets. Never again Amart, I had been pre warned and boy should I have listened.

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Hi Angie, Thank you so much for leaving your feedback and I am so sorry to hear about your lounge. I would really like to look further into this, if I may? Can I please have you email all of your order details, including your phone number and last name, to customer.care@superamart.com.au so I can have a look at your order? I really do apologise again and look forward to having a closer look at this for you. Kind regards, Jess and the Super Amart TeamForget it, I made contact by telephone early in the piece and was more or less told bad luck. I no longer have invoice, no way of finding what date I bought it and I seriously cannot be bothered going through the motion of it all only to be disappointed when I have already been told too bad. Just won't ever recommend or buy from you again, and I mean ever.Hi Angie, I am terribly sorry about the delayed response. We can find your order via other means if you wish for us to still investigate this issue for you? If so send us an email to customer.care@superamart.com.au with your Full name and contact number. Kind regards, Tom and the Super Amart Team

Very poor quality furniture that falls apart

In the last 5 years I've furnished my house in Amart furniture, and had to refurnish it because of such poor quality products! Tables scratch too easily, chairs break, "genuine leather" lounges peel like bonded leather, wooden bed slates and lounge arms break, anti sag lounges and mattresses sag etc. Better quality furniture for the same price at Harvey Norman. Don't waste your money on cheap imported crap from Amart.

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Hi there, We're very sorry to hear that you've had a disappointing experience with us so far and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. We'd like to investigate this further and raise these issues with our management team. Can you please send an email to socialmedia@superamart.com.au detailing your full name, sales order number and contact number so we can follow this up for you? Thank you. Kind regards, The Super Amart TeamThe Manager (Chris) at Superamart Bundall advised me that a $2000+ "genuine leather" lounge only had 3 months warranty, so I wasn't entitled to a refund and had to either choose a new lounge or a store credit. Do you think Fair Trading would agree that a 3 month warranty is OK for a leather lounge you've advertised with a 5 year structural warranty?Hi there, I apologise for the delayed message. Sorry to hear that the store wasn't able to assist you further. I just wanted to touch base with you to see if this issue has since been resolved? If not and you would still like someone to follow up, please let us know by sending an email through to live.chat@superamart.com.au with your sales order number. Kind regards, Tom and the Super Amart Team

After Sales Service

I ordered a 3 piece lounge suite. Part was delivered boxed and new, but one seat was delivered fully assembled but not boxed. That one was ex floor display...
That was very bad.
The delivery people said I should have received a call to explain, but they didn't call me.

On speaking to the manager I was offered a big discount (and it was big) OR they would collect and I could re-choose another lounge suite which would be delivered when they collect the original. It was an end of line product so they had no other new option, otherwise they would have shipped out a new one.

I can't fault the end result for good service.

Mistakes and faults are everywhere. The Service received after the fault is what is really important.

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Hi Rob Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. We will pass this information onto the Benowa store. Kind regards The Social Media Team

Terrible service, not good products or staff

I bought a dining suits. 2 chairs out of 4 were not good, screws wouldn't go in. I came to to super Amart on Saturday morning to fix the chairs. The reception called someone from wear house to fix them. The guy from wear house told me that one was fixed, but one was not match the point of screw, so he replaced it to new one. When I came home, the chair which the guy told me to be done the fixing, one screw was missing. And the new chair which he replaced, 2 screws were missing from original packet, so I couldn't make it. I went back to the shop on Sunday morning, showed the reception and explained what was wrong those chairs and why I had to come back there. The reception didn't wanna do anything with it, she told me that I had to carry those chairs to the wear house by myself because screws were in the wear house. When I went to the wear house, the guy at wear house told me that I had to go back to the reception to get a paperwork(the reception didn't provide me any paper work in a first place). I had to go back to the reception again to get a bloody paperwork then again, I had to go back to the wear house to get it fixed. What a big mess!!! I told the reception I didn't have any time for this, then one male staff came and told me that I was upset was because outside was too hot. It is not why I was upset. Then they were giving me a brand new box, which means I have to make the chair by myself again!!! I asked them to make it for me, then they were charging me $20 for assembly. I had to go back to the reception AGAIN to negotiate not to pay assemble fee because the products were not good is not my fault, and I don't think I have to make the chairs all over again. Finally they agreed with no assemble fee they would charge me. Then they told me that they assemble the chair for me and deliver at lunch time, then never come. I had to call super Amart again at 1:30 pm to ask them when it's coming, they told me after 2pm. It's not lunch time, lunch time is from 12 am to 1 pm. They wasted my precious 2 hours on my day off. I went to the shop today and complained about the terrible service, then one male staff took some photo of myself and my car when I was going home from the shop. It was horrible experience ever. The most of staff are not friendly or nice. Anytime I asked them something, their attitude is not polite and so lazy. Never heard any apology from them. Last time I came to the shop to ask female staff to find some product, she told me that somewhere around there I could find, then she left me alone and sat on the sofa and started talking to the other customer. And products in an original packets, some parts are missing as usual. The other time, I bought a TV stand, some parts were missing then I had to go back to the shop again. When I bought a sofa and bed, some screws were missing, I had to go back to the shop. I have so many bad experience at the shop in Benowa, hope I don't have to deal with them never again.

Shop LocationQLD, Benowa

Still waiting - no contact no follow up....hopeless

Am still waiting for King Tango Suite , matress and additional sideboard ... Different story each time I call now sleeping on old matress on floor . Was told prior to Christmas when purchased 3weeks delivery....now no idea - no help no communication.....I do not want another style of suite - we chose this one for a reason....Benowa store assured us bed was available from Warana store...I asked if I could have the display stock to hurry things along but was told no as current model...which I believe it is now not!!

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Hi Mandy, We're so sorry to hear this and thank you for getting in touch with your feedback. Are you able to please send through your sales order number and preferred contact number to socialmedia@superamart.com.au so I can investigate your situation further? We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. Kind Regards, Hannah & The Super Amart Team

Very poor customer service experience

We put a furniture package on lay-by whilst our new home was been built. We we're called multiple times by Super A-Mart and told that all of our items were in stock and ready to be delivered as soon as our house was ready. When we received our delivery last month a couple of the items were damaged and our entertainment unit wasn't delivered. After phoning the store multiple times we were finally informed that our range has been discontinued and our entertainment unit was sold to someone else so we weren't going to get one. Our damaged items can't be repaired or replaced, only discounted or returned and refunded. When our delivery was arranged the staff would have known our entertainment unit was never going to be delivered but still didn't tell us. The lack of consideration in the actions of the Super A-Mart staff throughout this process is unacceptable!. Based on our experience to this point I would not recommend buying from this company.

Shop LocationQLD, Benowa
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Hi Steph, We're so sorry to hear of your experience and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused. I would like to investigate the details of your order and see what we can do. Are you able to please send through your full name, sales order number and the store of purchase to socialmedia@superamart.com.au so I can follow this up for you? Again, we're very sorry for any inconvenience. Kind Regards, Hannah & The Super A-Mart Team

Unbelievable service.....Irene at Benowa Qld

We bought a whole house full of furniture in 2 brief visits to Super A Mart Benowa (Gold Coast). Irene, the sales consultant who helped us, was the most positive and helpful customer service person I've ever met - and I've met a lot. My husband and I (retired professionals) were moving house after having sold not only our home but the furniture within it, so the task of completely refurnishing (with taste) a new home was huge. Irene never balked. She was amazing. Talked us out of pieces that would not have suited and guided us to what would. She was incredible. Furniture was of good quality for the price too, but without the service provided by Irene, the experience would not have been so memorable. Thanks Super A Mart. Irene deserves a medal.

Shop LocationQLD, Benowa
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Hi Lorraine, thank you for your feedback! We're so pleased Irene was able to help you deck out your new place, and have passed your comments on to our Benowa store. We hope you enjoy your new furniture and good luck at your new house! Kind Regards, Hannah & The Super A-Mart Team

return policy

Ordered 2 space saver modules for my daughters wardrobe and mine,so excited to pick them up. Unfortunately we only measured height and width of our wardrobe space and not depth.Luckily we read the dimensions on the boxes before unpacking them,as after re checking our measurements we realised they were too large. I rang the Benowa store and was told I couldn't get my money back,even though they were unopened and in perfect condition. Is this normal policy, I am hoping when I return them that I can find a similar product, only smaller in depth.If this isn't possible and there is nothing in store I wish to buy,what happens then.

Shop LocationQLD, Benowa
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Hi, We're sorry to hear your wardrobe spacesaver doesn't fit! Are you able to please send through your full name and sales order number to socialmedia@superamart.com.au so I can follow this up with our Benowa store? Kind Regards, Hannah & The Super A-Mart Team

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