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Amart Furniture QLD, Logan Central

Amart Furniture QLD, Logan Central

2.3 from 19 reviews

Service not so good

Store was great to navigate and easy to find what I wanted, very good range of furniture but the quality within the lounge suites are very poor, looks good but not good quality for the price I paid.
Excellent in store customer service but when you make claims and ring the main office they dont prioritise important issues unless you practically spell it out to them, It’s either bad communication or just lazy to not help the customer.
Just to let people know that you have consumer rights, because I searched my rights after having major issues from a lounge suite I purchased 4 years ago I got 2 lounge suite replacements and after being injured from the lounge suite I received a full refund. Check out Accc if you need advice or information on your rights and a consumer.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeYes
Product Appearance As advertised
Store LocationLogan Central

Ecellent collection...Good offers

Loved their collection. Wide range. Also loved the offers. I made really good deals there due to good bargains available. And even the shipping cost was affordable. Delivery was right on time. Th quality is also good.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Product Appearance As advertised
Store LocationLogan Central

Leather is not leather

Puchased 2 x black leather lounges. 1 year latter the leather fell apart. Called them to complain and they could not care less. The warranty was 1 month over the 12 months and they thought it was ok that $3500 worth of furniture was useless after 13 months. DO NOT BUY THE FROM THESE PEOPLE. This happened a few years ago. Since the we purchased a replacement from Harvey Norman and no issuse.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeYes
Store LocationLogan

AFFORDABLE Reliable Value for Money for our needs.

I have relied upon SuperAMART in QLD for the last 7 years for my family's basic furniture needs, bed frames, mattresses, lounges, outdoor furniture, kitchen tables etc and I must say that SuperAMART offers value for money. When you need to set up a rental house on the cheap, their service method is so easy... I just go online, make my order, then make my payment and wait for delivery so as we travel around a bit, I get brand new furniture for less in every rental home and match the furniture delivery day to the day we pick up keys and hey presto... An empty rental becomes a home instantly. Where there have been issues with damaged stock - SuperAMART have always rectified the situation quickly and easily. So I say... Thank you!

Shop LocationQLD, Logan Central

Terrible delivery and customer service from the store to "michelle m. at customer care"

Original purchase was no problem. Paid for delivery of king size silverwood bdrm suite and mattress. On delivery they forgot the bed rails and they had overtighten the straps in the truck and cracked the headboard. Driver says he will drop the rails in after work. No not good enough we want it now. We have to call the logan store in regards to the headboard. Annette tries to tell me it has to go to customer care and i wont get it today. I tell her i will not accept that. She palms me off to Michelle at "customer care". But all she wants to do is argue with me. 20 mins later after leaving me hanging on the phone for 10 she comes back and tells me they will deliver tomorrow. I give up and agree to this in which michelle slams the phone down in my ear. I try calling her back but she wont answer. Next day bedhead gets delivered so we go to put it together but one of the fittings on the bed rails is the wrong one. We again call logan store but sharni informs me they can't help but she calls Springwood who have the part. We ask logan to deliver it but they refuse. In the end i have to drive from my apartment in the city to my daughters at marsden to pick up the wrong part, drive to Springwood to swap the parts, drive back to marsden and then back into the city. Smart will take your money no problem but dont want to know about it when they stuffed up and have to fix it. At the least i want my delivery fee back.

Shop LocationQLD, Logan Central

Fake mattress

I bought a soft mattress worth $1700 when the the mattress was delivered to the house it was a different quality mattress it was a harder mattress
I am not happy with there quality and service
They look like scammers

Shop LocationQLD, Logan Central


Bought a TV Unit and it was missing parts and numbers were on the wrong pieces... No glue, holes weren’t drilled like it said it would be. Never shopping here again!!

Shop LocationQLD, Logan Central

not pleased with Delivery promise.

We were looking for a re-selection after a warranty claim. We were told that the new Lounge will be delivered in 2-3 days but once the admin lady found out that it is a claim she refused to give us any date. after couple of days when I called in to get a ETA she just told me that nothing less than 2 weeks. I got my friend to check in the truth and told him to go and select the same Lounge from store and get delivery time. Not surprised but he got 3 Days promise of delivery. I'm still waiting for a ETA but no definitive date but just tales of their incompetence. "we don't have Trucks" is what you get for an answer.


Shop LocationQLD, Logan Central
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Hi Nish, We are so sorry to hear you're upset with your recent experience in store and apologise for any inconvenience. So that we can look further into this for you, could you please send an email to live.chat@superamart.com.au, supplying us with your sales order number and contact phone number. Kind regards, Tom and the Super Amart Team

I am so pleased i chose super amart

My interaction with the super amart staff at logan central was nothing but posotive. Not to mention i recieved all my products by delivery at a reasonable price and in short time

Shop LocationQLD, Logan Central

2 Recliners fully failed in 9 months.,

I had 2 new recliners purchased from Amart 16 months ago, then resold to me. Both recliners failed in structure within 9 months. The company that sold them to me refused to give me details of where & whom they were purchased from so as I could claim warranty, as the company that sold them to me, still has not rectified or offered any reasonable solutions. Imagine my surprise when I saw the exact same recliners being sold by Amart in their last catologue. I rang my local Amart where they would have been purchased, & received confirmation they were the sole provider of these recliners. This brand is not sold by any other company other than Amart. Both recliners are still well under the 2 year warranty period. I was charged an exhorbant price for these recliners, only to find they are one of the cheapest Amart sells. They are unusable. If you extend the recliner, you have to tip it up on its back to push it back in, and if you attempt to sit in them, they are so twisted that you end up sitting sideways. I've had a Recliner Repair Person give an official inspection report, in which he states they are well below the Australian Standard of Manufacture. I have contacted my local Amart Store, spoke with a Manger, who did not want to know, showed no concern, and basically didn't give a damn. Amart, I will never ever even set my big toe within your doors again. I have bought form Amart previously, but I will not under any circumstances ever buy again. And please do not insult me by replying, we are sorry this has occurred, please contact us........

Shop LocationQLD, Logan Central

Spartacus Lounge Suite

Purchased August 2014 for $1799.90
Don't buy one!
I can't express how dissatisfied we are with this product. We have already had it fixed by the leather doctor. And with no luck with the store at this stage we have to wait for the leather doctor to come out again to reacess.
Now one recliner had its mechanisms fixed, however when you recline either recliner the foot rest only recline So far not up to were they should be.

The material is very loose in various sections of the both recliners and 3 seater (which you can't use as a reclining 3 seater as there is a gap in the middle) the head rest on both recliners and arms and seating area of the 3 seater.

Yes it's due to have some wear and tear however not to this extent at an early period of time. This was a large purchase for our family and will not last the 2 year fabric warranty or 5 year structural warranty. We are certainly not rough with the suite to make it wear so quickly.

Due to the ongoing trouble with this FAULTY product we are requesting a full refund or store credit.

Again I can not stress how dissatisfied we are.

Shop LocationQLD, Logan Central
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Hi Amanda, We are so terribly sorry for the issues you have been having with your Spartacus lounge suite. From what I can see we have already passed your particulars and issue onto the Store/Regional managers. Hopefully they will be in contact with you shortly to discuss this further with you. If we are able to assist with anything else, please don't hesitate to send us a message or email us at customer.care@superamart.com.au. Again we are so very sorry for this issue and any inconveniences this has caused you and your family. Kind regards, Tom and The Super Amart team.

posture slat bed

I bought a posture slat bed plus package from Amart 5 years ago paid over $ 2300 for it , the clips that hold the slats in have all disintegrated/brittle , so the slats fall on the floor , spoke to Amart about it they said has only 1 year warranty , after discussion with them they sent out two sets of clips neither set fit, advise them about that , again are told that it only has a 12 month warranty and my bed is 5 yrs old , and that those clips are no longer available , the bed is only 5 years old. I was told to get handyman to fix up with some wood by screwing it on and to look up handyman in white pages , again thinking I am an idiot by that comment as I am a woman. Why did they sell me a posture slat bed saying it was comfortable if now they are telling me screw wood on. Well in the end all that could be done was to get 2 sheets of thick ply and cut to size and put onto the base , a cost of $140 plus handyman 2 hrs to go and the get wood , measure and put on so out of pocket $200. Thankyou Amart for not telling me after 5 years I would not have a slat bed.I am a single woman weighing about 62 kgs , only sleep on one side of the bed , yet all the clips have disintegrated , how long would this have lasted if it was a married couple and heavier. By the way I spoke to sales person before I mentioned the broken clips to Amart and asked the question how long do these clips last on a cheaper bed and was told no prob with them.

Shop LocationQLD, Logan Central
Hi Teresa, We are so sorry to hear about the slats on your bed and your experience so far. If we could, we would like to take a closer look at your order for you. Can we please have you either email us at customer.care@superamart.com.au or message us your sales order details/phone number? We are so sorry again and look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, Jess and the Super Amart TeamHi again Teresa, Just following up to see if you would like me to look into this for you? If you would, can you please message us your details, so we may have a look at your sales order? Thank you. Kind regards, Jess and the Super Amart Team

Poor Quility of lounge, Regarding Mack lounges

I brought a Mack suite around 18 months ago and about 6 months ago I had to pull the legs off it and sit it right on the ground for the reason being the front wood panel that your legs hang over had dropped on one side. I took a look to see why and found the wood is very thin and weak and no wounder its done that. So apart from that and the stitching fraying in places. It's a very poorly made lounge that in my opinion shouldn't be sold period.

My son split his drink this morning over the lounge and that's when I had a proper look under it and seen how poorly made and structural sound it really is. You would hope anything you buy has a decent life span but I think I am just better of throwing the 3 seater out which would only leave me with the 2 seater.

I have bought a lot of things over the years from Amart and generally haven't had too much of a drama with anything. Heck I buy lounges more often because I get board and want something different all the time.

Maybe that's why they only give 12 months warranty on items like this, Something common perhaps. I don't really know.

Just disappointed really. I'll try and not let this hinder my future shopping at Amart but it will always be on my mind. People my say you get what you pay for but too me it's not the case its more, it should have a decent life span. Heck remember when we were kids lounges back then lasted for ever and that's with jumping all over them.

Shop LocationQLD, Logan Central
Hi Jamie, Thank you for your feedback and we're so sorry to hear about your Mack 3 seater. If you could please send an email with your sales order, full name and contact number through to socialmedia@superamart.com.au we can have a further look into this for you. Kind regards, The Super Amart TeamDone.Well tried and keeps coming back failed ? copied and pasted it ?

Never buy bonded leather couch from super amart

Never buy bonded leather couch from super amart.. We bought a bonded leather couch from super amart 3.5 yrs back and within 2.5 yrs the skin started pealing , dispite using protection it still peals. My parents bought a similar couch at a similar time and has the same problem. we contacted them, the response was they cant do anything about it and the warranty does not cover it. This is very disappointing and bad experience. We just moved in to a new house and are planning to buy new furniture, we definitely know where not to go.

Shop LocationQLD, Logan Central
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Hi Priya, We're very sorry to hear that you're having trouble with your lounge! Can you please send us an email detailing your full name, sales order number and phone number so we can investigate this further? You can reach us at socialmedia@superamart.com.au. Thank you, and we apologise for any inconvenience. Kind Regards, The Super Amart Team

Majesty Dining Suite

My husband and I purchased the majesty furniture pack, one of the dining chairs broke while my husband was sitting on it, and it turns out that there was a safety recall on the seats, so the manager at Logan Central said he'd replace them, but we'd have to pay the difference, which was fine. We then received the replacement chairs and was guaranteed 100% safety on the chairs.. Its been 2 weeks and one of the chairs just snapped again understand myself. We weigh 75 & 90 kilos so its not our weight. Cannot wait to hear the store response!

Shop LocationQLD, Logan Central
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Hi Mandi, Thanks again for your feedback and for bringing this to our attention. I've responded to your message made to us via Facebook and look forward to reaching a suitable resolution for you. Kind Regards, Hannah & the Super Amart Team

Warrenty - What a joke. Fair trading here i come.

I purchased a lounge suite in 2012 which was bonded leather. It lasted approximately 1.5 years before it started peeling off. I placed a warranty claim and received a credit for that lounge suite. I decided to purchase a REAL leather sofa as per the sales person advice it wont peel, and is much stronger. He lead me to believe I had a 10 year warranty on the sofa and saying if my toddler decided to cut it or stab it will be covered. He failed to mention that the 10 year warranty does not include leather. 1.5 years after using my new $1600 sofa it is now peeling, I rang to inform super amart ( I was very annoyed as this is happening again) and they said sorry you have no warranty on leather as you already out of the two year warranty from the original lounge suite in 2012. Its a totally different product, so my new lounge suite I purchased in fact came with ZERO warranty on the leather to start with. They are telling me they cannot help me at all because I have no warranty but as a consumer guarantee they really should be finding a solution. ( they did mention because I did not purchase the cleaning product their sales man tried to sell me for an additional $200) that it would void the warranty anyway. The sales man laughed at the time and said don't worry it doesn't affect the warranty just buy a good leather cleaner from the shops for much cheaper. I spoke to the manager today and found her very rude and not understanding at all, she was very smug.

Shop LocationQLD, Logan Central
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Hi Kylie, Thanks again for your feedback. We're in the process of seeing what we can do to assist you with this following your comment left on Facebook and hope to reach a suitable solution soon. If you have any further concerns, please don't hesitate to shoot an email through to socialmedia@superamart.com.au. We apologise again for any inconvenience. Kind Regards, Hannah & the Super Amart Team

"Leather" couch not what it seems

We purchased a 3 seater and 2 seater black leather couch around 3 or 4 years ago. We were led to believe the whole thing was leather but it turns out the sides must be bonded leather, and poor quality at that.
The sides are literally falling apart and our 1 year old baby often ends up with bits of black couch remnants in her mouth which is of great concern for her health but also makes the couch look worse by the day.
We will likely have to throw the couches away for these reasons. Incredibly disappointing and a waste of money!!!

Shop LocationQLD, Logan Central
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Hi Julia, We're so sorry to hear about this and sincerely apologise for your experience. Would it be possible to please let me know your full name, sales order number and best contact number in an email to socialmedia@superamart.com.au so I can follow this up with the team at Logan ASAP and see what we can do to assist you? Thank you very much for your feedback, and we hope to hear from you soon. Kind Regards, Hannah & the Super Amart Team

Super A-Mart Sensation!

Well, I have to say, that if I had read this review page before going to Super A-Mart, I probably would have bought elsewhere.

My brother-in-law had fitted his house out with Super A-Mart stuff, and we just went there on his recommendation. He had warned us about delays he had experienced so we decided to order 6 weeks out.

We had gone to Mt Gravatt first, and pretty much chose what we liked there and then however we felt pressured by the sales people there, and did not like the fact that you have to deal with different sales people for different areas.

The following week we went to Logan Central. Matching King bedroom suite, lounge cabinets and tables and dining suite, and a new lounge suite.

Everything was ordered almost 2 months out from delivery. We had not found a property at that stage but you do not pay for 'on tick-interest free' stuff until it's delivered, and we also purchased extra stuff with cash. Our salesman was awesome! He checked the availability of absolutely everything, and we planned delivery to occur AFTER the ETA date of the mattress, (which was the longest wait). Our sales guy kept us updated with delivery schedules, and when we secured a property, we gave just over a weeks notice of our new address.

I wanted everything delivered on the same day, a Saturday. We required 4 different trucks, because different warehouses hold different stock.

All delivery windows were notified to us prior to the day, and the first one arrived on the dot. All delivery people were professional, and helpful, and placed each item in the room it was going to stay in. It was like clock work, and no shortages, and no obvious damage. Brilliant!

As we unpacked the items, we discovered later in the day that the headboard had a small crack in it. Our sales guy rang that afternoon to make sure we had received everything, and that we were happy, and when we told him of the damage, he organised for it to be swapped at a time that suited us, which was the following Saturday.

That delivery arrived (again, dead on time), and the two guys helped me swap the headboard over, and took away the damaged one.

Our experience with Super A-Mart was sensational. I could not fault them on any level. We are so happy with our Settler range, and our beautiful bed, and lounge suit. Even my BBQ, which took 3 of us 2 hours to assemble is amazing. With such a large order, I was worried that we would be short delivered, or that parts would be missing. I also thought I would be spending weeks assembling everything but there was minimal assembly required.

We have sent two of our friends into Logan Central, and they have both gone to our sales guy.

My advice, is give yourself as much time as possible. Choose and secure your furniture well in advance, and plan delivery with your sales person. Let them know you do not want to be mucked around, and let them advise you on lead times based on the information they can get out of the computer. Allow time to do this. It is worth it. Check every item's availability, and then make an informed decision about when to plan your delivery. Stay in touch. Keep going back regularly and getting a feel for the items you are buying. If you are not happy with your sales person, get another. It makes it easier when you just 'click'.

I can not speak highly enough of the store, (Logan Central), the furniture quality, the value, the staff (especially, but not confined to our sales guy!), and the delivery teams. Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

Thank you Super A-Mart. We love our new home, and you helped us make it so.

Quality, Value, Customer Service! AAAA++++++

Shop LocationQLD, Logan Central
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Hi MrG2Umofo. We are very happy to hear about the experience you received at our Logan Central store! We will be passing this feedback on.

Replacement lounge Suite

Emailed the Logan super amart store reguarding our vancouver lounge suite. Had it for two years and it was bubbling and peeling all over. They were so quick to reply to me, sent me some forms to fill out. Recevied a phone call the next day saying we could go in to choose a replacement lounge suite. I was so impressed with how helpful and understanding they were in store.
Awesome customer service in store. Friendly,

Shop LocationQLD, Logan Central
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Thank you for your feedback and we are glad that you were happy with the service you received in the end. Enjoy your new items. Thanks

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