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Amart Furniture QLD, MacGregor

Amart Furniture QLD, MacGregor

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6 months and sofa falling apart!!!

Product Description reads:

"Phoebe is upholstered in luxuriously textured linen fabric". "7 Year Guarantee"

After 6 months there is nothing luxurious about the state of this piece of furniture. The fabric is coming apart (pilling). Amart say this is normal for this type of fabric, why would you choose to sell something in your store than has such a poor quality rating?

7 year guarantee should cover this type of dreadful quality, the sofa looks 10 years old. Amart take some ownership and stop selling this time of rubbish to customers. This product should not be on the market, $1,500 wasted and I will not be returning to this sad excuse for a shop. I highly recommend people not to buy sofas from this store.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeYes
Store LocationMaroochydore

Selling an out of stock item

A few days ago, I ordered a dining table online and the site says that they have it in stock in Macgroger store. But, I called them several times and they told me that they havn`t it in stock. I think it is better for them to check the meaning of online store; when you havn`t an item in the stock you shouldnt sell it. Also, I contacted the site support team and they told that they cannnot help me. I have guests for this week and it seems that I have to serve them on the ground!!!Thanks SUPER Amart!!!

Shop LocationQLD, MacGregor

Poor quality bed frame, poor service

We purchased a bed and frame from MacGregor in a Buy 1, Get 1 50% off deal. The frame ended up being faulty in many places. When we went to return the frame for a new one, they didn't have any of the same models in stock. Naturally, we then wanted to exchange for another frame model of EQUAL value, but we were told deal was over and we had to pay the difference of the frame without the deal. This was all within the 30 day, quality and satisfaction "guarantee." We felt incredibly scammed.

Shop LocationQLD, MacGregor Bedding

The service lets them down everytime

Having purchased a lounge from these guys which had to be repaired due to a design flaw I was made to feel like I'm a pain in their ___. The sales staff have no idea about after sales service, no one at Super Amart appears to understand consumer law, and the repairs which were organised were substandard. In fact, three repairs in two years and I have pretty much given up. It's unfortunate because the lounge looked perfect, but I guess the lesson is to but quality once, rather than cheap imports again and again.

Shop LocationQLD, MacGregor

Received an old mattress base 2 weeks late after payment!!!

2 weeks ago, I ordered and payed for 2 different mattresses with their own base. Both mattresses and one of the respective base was delivered on time but the plastic cover was covered in dust and mold. In my opinion it wasn't a big deal as once I removed the plastic it was brand new. However, for my second base, I waited a total of two weeks for it to be delivered and was extremely disappointed to find out the mattress base was already used! The delivery men showed disgust as well as they helped move the base into my apartment as the legs of the base was dirty, chipped, scratched and old. I bought all the furniture during the EOFY sale and the staff who helped me was clueless about the furniture I wanted. Overall, I am extensively disconcerted as the service and product I received was appalling.

Shop LocationQLD, MacGregor

Discussing service n reception

Discusting customer service on sales floor n receptionist absolutely rude ppl never buy frm upper my Gravatt again.i shall buy strictly frm Harvey Norman good bye sups smart at mcgreggor

Shop LocationQLD, MacGregor

Super Amart's bad customers service delivery

I have very similar complaints about Super Amart in Kessels Rd Magreggor. We asked [name removed] the Chinese guy whom we bought the furnitures to write a note to deliver our bed in the m5between 9 & 11 AM because i beed to go to work from 12 to 4pm. He did, then i waited all morning for the product that we already paid full plus delivery charge. Now I decided to waited a little longer because the Manager [name removed] told me that I am on the second run. I asked to give me a ring 1 hour before they deliver but they rang 1:40pm to tell me that the product will be delivered between 3:30 & 5 pm. So, do they even care if the customers loose their job bcos of their not being punctual in delivery? So i rang again & said to [name removed] that maybe i won't buy anything again from Super Amart because of poor service & poor customers service & because of them not being punctual in delivery. So they just lost another good customer -Me.

Rose Simmons

Shop LocationQLD, MacGregor
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Hi Rose, We are sorry to hear you're unhappy with our delivery service. We would like to investigate further if that's okay with you? If so, could you please supply us with your sales order number and contact phone number via message. We hope to hear back soon. Kind regards, Tom and the Super Amart Team

Flimsy material, unable to use

I purchased a chest of drawers (space saver 4 drawers) a few days ago. While expecting it to come assembled, it came flat packed. Fine, should be easy enough to assemble...how wrong I was. 6 hours later all I had to show for it was a few bruises from where the flimsy frame had fallen and multiple chipped pieces of wood rendering them unusable! Suggest not to purchase this product due to flimsy materials. And make it more obvious that flat pack assembly is required! The online service and delivery itself was good, just not impressed with the quality of the furniture and not being stated prior to purchase that the furniture came flat pack and not already assembled.

Shop LocationQLD, MacGregor
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Hi there, We are so sorry to hear about your experience. I have just sent you a personal message regarding this, requesting your order details to follow this up for you. I hope to hear from you very soon. Kind regards, Jess and the Super Amart Team


It has been just over two weeks since I paid for my goods. I would like to say thank you to the team in Macgregor for following up on my review and honouring the delivery of my goods today. I am very pleased with the delivery team too, very strong and professional. Thank you again.

Shop LocationQLD, MacGregor
Hi Phyl, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your review! We very much appreciate your feedback and will make sure the store is aware of how happy you are. Thank you again. Kind regards, Jess and the Super Amart TeamCheers for that

Didn't care less

I ordered on line in very early July its now the 18th August and I'm still waiting for a bed to sleep on I'm in a wheel chair and after 4 weeks I explained I'm sleeping on a lounge and asked them please is there anything else I can purchase from the store and they said they had nothing, I said surely you have something they attempted to deliver last week of cause whilst I was at a hospital appointment and I told them they said they would put safely around the back I got home nothing there. Calling them I begged to deliver anything and again they had nothing. Never never again. I'll go Amart.
So you guessed it I'm still waiting... near 8 weeks on.

Shop LocationQLD, MacGregor
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Hi there, We are sorry to hear there has been a delay on your order and apologise for the inconvenience. So we can investigate this further, could you please send an email to live.chat@superamart.com.au and supply us with your store of purchase, sales order number and best contact phone number? Kind regards, Tom and the Super Amart Team


Disgusting customer service and product quality. We purchased a dining table for delivery. I took time off work to wait for delivery. It was broken. I had to take another day off work for the replacement to be delivered because I was not able to choose a day for delivery. It was also broken. Two days off work, money and time lost. There was one left due to be delivered tomorrow, we were called to say it too is broken. No apologies no nothing. Cheap rubbish, just like the customer service. The only option we have been given is to wait and see if they can get a non broken one from another branch. Poor effort!!

Shop LocationQLD, MacGregor
Hi Lauren, We are so very sorry to hear about your order and the inconvenience caused. In order for us to look into this for you, can you please message us your sales order details, so we can follow this up? Looking forward to your message very soon. Kind regards, Jess and the Super Amart TeamWhy don't you take some initiative and message me? Or ask the store to pass on some information. Is there that many customers who have had 3 broken dining tables at that branch that you can't find out?

Not happy with the Billie Recliner

I bought 3+ 2 seater Billie Recliner in September 2015. In three months it started to make squeaky sound from two places. it get fixed after a complain. Unfortunately squeaky sound started to come from another and same place, again get fixed. After a while started to make sound again. Went to the store and talk about this getting fix process. There was the guy manager ( so called) he said this will be the 3rd and last time to be fix, then you gona have your money back . Then again someone came to fix in April and again it started to make sound in this month.
Went to the shop with some hope. But I found someone else ( a lady, manager). Told my getting fixed story, she said we can't give refund this and that......
And again my recyclener is going to get fix process. I don't know why did I buy this headache.
How you guys will feel if you come to my house as a guest and when you sat on the recyclener it will make squeaky sound.....

I've bought so many items from the super a Mart store but all of them last very long.

No happy at all with this product.

Shop LocationQLD, MacGregor
Hi Sarita, We are so sorry to hear about your recliner and the inconvenience caused. We would like to have a look into this for you, if we can? Can you please either message or email us your sales order/contact number to live.chat@superamart.com.au We will then be able to have a closer look at your order. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, Jess and the Super Amart TeamSales order 300 - 289752Thank you. I will look into this for you now and get back to you as soon as I can. Kind regards, Jess and the Super Amart Team

Extra Insurance

I had purchased a bonded leather corner lounge in 2013 and when we were paying for it the salesman asked if we would like extra insurance put on it for around $200. He even said it covers it if the kids slab it with a knife. Of course we said we would get the extra insurance. Anyway the leather has started to peel and just called up to use the extra insurance and apparently the extra insurance/warranty was from the cleaner the gave us and you had to fill in a form that was inside the box. This was not mentioned to us at all upon purchasing so why would I even look for a form in the box of cleaner. I was told and believed I was paying for insurance but it was a warranty card in a box of cleaning product. I think this is just low and cheeky and they just give you curtain information at the time to sell it.

Shop LocationQLD, MacGregor
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Hi David, We're very sorry to hear that you feel let down by the information provided by our team and sincerely apologise for any miscommunication or confusion. I'd like to see what we can do to assist you further with this. Can you please send through your full name, sales order number and preferred contact number to socialmedia@superamart.com.au so I can follow this up with the team at MacGregor? Thank you, and we apologise for any inconvenience. Kind Regards, Hannah & the Super Amart Team

Peeling Bonded Leater Sofa

I bought black bonded leather 3 seater, 2 seater and an Arm Chair from Super Amart, MacGregor Store in October 2012 for $1,200. Just after the two year period the leather suddenly started cracking, peeling, flaking even though I've looked after it very well. The peeling gets caught on our clothes and over the floor every time we sit on the couch. We are embarrassed for visitors to sit on the sofa when they come to visit us and covered it with a blanket.
I am sure any customer who pay so much money for a sofa expect more than 4 years of use. I have read other people's reviews on these bonded leather couches from super amart and I am sure I will also get the same reply from Super amart store “sorry it's out of warranty and nothing can be done about it”. We are extremely disappointed and never going back to Amart.

Shop LocationQLD, MacGregor
Hi George, We can completely understand your frustration and apologise for any inconvenience caused. I'd love the opportunity to investigate your situation further to see what we can do to assist you. Would it be possible to please send through and email to socialmedia@superamart.com.au with your full name, sales order number and preferred contact number so I can follow this up with the team at MacGregor? Thank you. Kind Regards, Hannah & the Super Amart TeamHi Hannah, I have sent the details you requested to the socialmedia@superamart.com.au. Regards, GeorgeHi George, Sorry, I can't seem to see any emails from you? Would you mind resending that one through? Thanks so much. Kind Regards, Hannah & the Super Amart Team

Excellent service but issues with furniture.

I recently bought a Stratten swivel desk from Super Amart MacGregor in Brisbane. The sales assistant who served me was very friendly and helpful as were all the staff I dealt with. Once home and unpacking the item I discovered that both the instructions and fixings were missing, I rang the store immediately and spoke to a very helpful person who offered to email the instructions to me and arrange for the fixing to be sent out within a few days. As promised, they both arrived. On checking through the list of parts I discovered that there were 2 pieces in the box that were not on the parts list or mentioned anywhere in the instructions (these pieces were necessary to connect to desk to the book shelf component).

I rang the store and questioned this and was told that the design had changed and that these parts were not required on new models of this item, that is why they were not in the instructions. Assembling the unit was easy and straight forward, however when attempting to move the shelving component some of the fixings failed and it came apart, fortunately the damage was only minor, I was able to get it back together and you would never know. As for the 2 extra pieces, they were necessary for the construction of the unit and despite no mention in the instructions it was easy to work out where they fitted in. In conclusion, I cannot fault the service I received from the staff I dealt with in person and over the phone however I am not entirely happy with the quality of the product I purchased considering what I paid for it.

Shop LocationQLD, MacGregor
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Hi Stephen, Thanks very much for taking the time to provide your feedback. We're pleased to hear that you were happy with the service received from our staff, but apologise for your experience with the item you purchased. Would it be possible to please send through your full name and sales order number in an email to socialmedia@superamart.com.au so I can follow this issue up with the team at MacGregor? I've also passed on your feedback to our Quality Control Team to ensure this is reviewed. Thank you, and we apologise again for any inconvenience. Kind Regards, Hannah & the Super Amart Team

The worst customer service in Australia

The staffs are terrible. I experienced the worst customer service in superamart! The staffs are so unfriendly and rude to customers.
I was watching the furniture in store, and then the staffs keep rushing me to make a decision. I entered to the store at 5pm that day, the store closed at 7pm. I firstly looked around the sofa section and mark it down what I want, then I went to outdoor and bedroom area, after 1 hour, I went back to sofa section , then there is a guy staff said, "you guys come here two hours ago! " I ignored what he said, then make a order. In the whole process, the staffs just keep rushing me, ask me pay immediately. I made the order in bedroom section, but the staff from bedroom section asked me to pay in the sofa section together. So I did, I have them the invoice from bedroom section, then they just said "why don't you pay it in bedroom section?" It is two different department. I was so confused. The systems are so disorganization, the staffs are so rude!! Also, the delivery department system are also bad! i don't understand why they cannot confirm the time one day before they deliver the furniture. It makes customers so hard to schedule their time. It's just waste my time to sit a whole day at home for waiting the furniture. I spent $1500 in the furniture but I get the worst customer service!

Shop LocationQLD, MacGregor
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Hi Virginia, Thank you for providing your feedback and we're very sorry to hear of your experience in-store. I've received your comments via our Feedback app and I've sent you a response via email. I've also followed this up with management at MacGregor today. You can expect someone to be in touch as soon as possible to have a chat and see what we might be able to do to find a suitable resolution for you. Again, we apologise for any inconvenience. Kind Regards, Hannah & the Super Amart Team

Too many complaints about Flaking/Peeling Bonded Leather Sofas. Take responsibility NOW Super A-Mart

I am embarrassed that I have to give this review about flaking peeling leather sofa a star to be able to post this!

My husband went to Macgregor Super Amart furniture store today on Kessels road, he wanted help with addressing the now peeling and flaking Leather on our Gallery corner suite sofa with chaise, we have looked after it, have no pets and its not in a heavy traffic area, I now discover this may all be why we have 4 years of use until its started flaking and peeling. For $1,400 I expect more than 4 years of use. I really do not consider this to be fair wear and tear, this product was not fit for the purpose it was sold for and was not of suitable merchantable quality.

The response my husband reported to me by the manager was not one a store with a reputable reputation would be proud of, basically accusing him of being a liar when he stated it had been looked after. This led me to wonder why so defensive and unpleasant response?

I am blown away by the few minutes of research I have carried out, it took me less than an hour in which time I found that in less than a one month period the following complaints on this site alone stating the SAME complaint time and again.

January 13 2015 wrote `Wasted $1000 hard earned cash`
January 10 2015 wrote `I am so sad`
January 22 2015 wrote `Poor very Poor`
January 22 2015 wrote `Terrible three seat sofa with chaise lounge` Macgregor store
January 20 2015 wrote `Lease than 3 years old and a total eyesore`
January 17 2015 wrote `Disappointed`
January 15 2015 wrote `Depends what you buy...`
January 7 2015 wrote `Terrible Sofas and even worse customer service. Dont buy bonded leather!`
January 4 2015 wrote `5 pieces of furniture all flaking`
December 30 2014 `Leather sofa is flaking - today I learn its not real leather` etc., this is a selection easily cross referenced by dates and title, there are lots more......

What are we all referring to? Yes our flaking peeling bonded leather sofa`s sold to this author as being more durable and enduring than leather alone because the leather had additional backing!

What are you actually doing The Super A-Mart Team to help all these people and now myself the author to address the sub standard furniture your stores have sold us all and many more customers who have not had the confidence to address you with their complaint?

How will the Super A-Mart Team resolve this?

Shop LocationQLD, MacGregor
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Hi Caron, I have received your email and sent through a reply also. I am currently investigating your situation with the store and regional managers to see what we can do. I will get back to you as soon as possible, via email, with an update. We're very sorry for the inconvenience caused. Kind Regards, Hannah & The Super Amart Team

Terrible three seat sofa with chaise lounge

I bought a dark brown color leather look sofa in 2011 from super amart mcgregaor. Only two adults at home, no pets no children at home. I am carefully looking after the sofa with leather protection products! However, at the beginning of last year, all the leather is peeling off. I tried my best to save our sofa, covering with blanket, very randomly sitting on it. Feels like it is only left in our living room for presentation. BUT STILL, it continuesly peeled off and became totally unusable. Now I have to throw it to the rubbish but have to wait for the kerbside collection day. It is not just unusable, but also leave the mess everywhere in the house. I felt terrible everyday when i saw this sofa. It is so embarrassing and disappointed with this product. To be honest, I bought most of my furniture at super amart when I bought the house. I won't go back again due to this sofa. All I want now is get rid of this product from my house!!!!

Shop LocationQLD, MacGregor
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Hi Christine, We're very sorry for your experience and apologise for any inconvenience caused. I'd like to look into your situation further if I may? Are you able to please send through your full name, sales order number and best contact number to socialmedia@superamart.com.au so I can follow this up for you? Again, we're sorry for any inconvenience caused. Kind Regards, Hannah & The Super A-Mart Team

Wasted $1000 hard earned dollars on sofas I can't even sit on!

In 2011 I purchased 2 Waterford Bonded Leather sofas from Super Amart MacGregor, I am now about to transport them to the dump. This is ridiculous! Whilst I expected some wear and tear, I did not ever think that after such a short time they would be completely useless.

The two sofas were purchased to be placed in a 'sitting' area in our house. The sitting area barely gets used and the sofas structurally are in perfect condition because they've barely been used. About 12 - 18mths ago, we noticed that the upholstery began to crack and peel and since then it has continued to deteriorate to the point where it can no longer be sat on. I have been covering the sofas with blankets and cushions because we can't afford to replace them and I am so embarrassed by their condition. I have to take them to the dump now as they are constantly dropping black dust on my living room carpet and pieces of black bonded leather are being found all over our home.

Last year when the damage became unbearable I called to talk to the Warranty area and was told that as it was out of warranty (12mths - 2 years for upholstery), there was no help they could provide. I was told that they needed to be cared for with a leather care product. After I advised that I did purchase and use the leather care product on these sofas to the Manufacturer's instructions, I was told there was no further help that could be provided. I have a leather corner suite (purchased from Super Amart) in another area of my house that we have had for 8 years and it hasn't got a stitch out of place so I am pretty gutted that these sofas have just fallen apart like this.

Whilst I understand that warranties are limited and wear and tear can contribute to the deterioration of a product, I would have expected that they would provide us with a little more comfort for some time to come. Further, there has hardly been any 'wear' on these sofas so I am baffled at how they have just managed to fall apart like this.

I am bitterly disappointed as I have been a long and loyal customer of Amart and have probably spent in excess of $10,000 buying furniture and have otherwise been really happy with their products. I think I'll be spending more money buying furniture elsewhere in the future.

Shop LocationQLD, MacGregor
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Hi Angela, We're very sorry to hear that you've had problems with your sofas and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. I'd like to investigate your situation further if I may? Are you able to please send through your full name, sales order number and your preferred contact number to socialmedia@superamart.com.au so I can follow this up with the team at MacGregor? Kind Regards, Hannah & The Super A-Mart Team

Dissapointed-Misleading advertising!

Today my pregnant partner and I went into Super A-Mart McGregor with the intent of buying a dining table, we found the perfect one for us, an August 7piece Dining set, and it was tagged on sale at $399! When we approached a sales man to buy the set he informed us that the sale price wasn't actually for this product but for a smaller table. We were confused as the price was on this particular table in store and it didn't say anything about a table size on the sale tag, he went on to tell us that another sales person must have put the sale price tag on this 1800 table when it should have gone on a smaller 1500 table which they had none in stock of.

We asked to see the manager and she told us the same thing that she couldn't give us the table at the sale price it was advertised on the table in the shop at because it was below cost price for them and was quite rude about it.
I'm pretty sure this is misleading/false advertising and is not legal. If a price is on a certain product don't they have to oblige and sell it to the customer for the price that is on the product?
We would still be happy to pay for the table if it was sold to us at the sale price that was attached to it.

Shop LocationQLD, MacGregor
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Hi. Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear about your experience and have forwarded your feedback onto the Store, Regional and Operations Manager for their review. Regards, Super A-Mart Team

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