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Amart Furniture QLD, Morayfield

Amart Furniture QLD, Morayfield

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Lounge Suite poor quality

Purchased a linen look fabric lounge suite 6 months ago. Such poor quality, the fabric is all pilling, theres only 2 adults so light wear, but it looks awful in such a short time. Have emailed the store but they're not helpful at all. Also they sold us a completely useless smart care cleaning system, which is basically 2 spray bottles and a cloth for $200. Was under the impression you get your couch sprayed to protect it, but no you clean it yourself, if product doesnt work you then have to put in a claim, answer endless questions on a website that doesnt work. Emailed amart about this, totally unhelpful again. We will need to buy a new lounge in the not too distant future as this one is rubbish. Paid 1500 on special, full price would have been over 2000. A total rip off.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Bonded leather lounge ready for the dump

We called super a mart approx a year ago to inform them our lounge approx 2 years old at the time was flaking. Bonded leather. We were told they dont have 10 years warranty like real leather and they are notorious for flaking and that they no longer do the same bonded leather. It was too bad so sad for us. I have now been told to seek the ombudsman or fair trading. It's not fair to spend so much on a lounge and have thus happen.

Shop LocationQLD, Morayfield

No responsibility, no care

I bought a lounge, wasn’t given any instructions. When moving over 2 years later realised that the sofa mechanism had scratched my wooden floors. Contact Amart , apparently there were 4 feet to put on the lounge, here’s the grab they say if I had of put them on I would of realised that the other 4 feet were missing. Apparently all this is my fault, no replacement of a fault product, poor directions. The Diamond chaise lounge is complete rubbish, the front of sofa is collapsing, cushions don’t fit into recess as they should.

Shop LocationQLD, Morayfield

They cant find the stock in their own warehouse!

I waited 45 minutes while they searched around for the products I was sold only to be told they couldn't find them and I would have a 3 week wait while it was re ordered!! Cancelled my order and wont return.... what kind of business are you running here?

Shop LocationQLD, Morayfield


We purchased $4500 worth of furniture in November 2013.
Within this was a bonded leather corner lounge.
The lounge has been flaking for some time now. It is barely used. While at this point it doesn't look terrible, I am sick of having black flakes on the floor and on anyone who sits on it!
I'm disgusted that this seems to be happening on a huge scale and yet there is no acceptance of responsibility by Amart that they have sold defective products.
At the time of purchase I wanted a leather lounge. (Ive also got a leather lounge suite bought elsewhere that is 12 years old and still in perfect condition).
I was talked out of the leather and told that the bonded leather would last just as long for half the price. We were also talked into buying the cleaner in order to receive the fantastic warranty

Shop LocationQLD, Morayfield
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Where is the remainder of this review?

Horrible furniture, genuine leather is NOT genuine & the WORST customer service ever.

In early 2013 I purchased a 8 drawer unit with a glass top, now 3 out of the 8 drawers actually work where as the others the front pannel of each drawer has fallen off, we are unable to screw them back into place as the drawers structure is chipboard and have fallen apart completely, making it impossible to screw back into place.

Come to Septembet 2013 I spent $800 on a tv unit which now the drawers have also fallen apart... also purchased, A "Genuine Leather BRIX 3 Seater 1 ARM chaise which was $ 1499.95 with a 3 year leather warranty, 2.5 years into owning the couch the leather started peeling, I completed a warranty form and had it replaced with the same couch. Not even 8 months with this new couch, it has already started to peel again, when we phoned Morayfield Amart all they said was, 'Nothing can be done, your 3 year leather warranty expired 3 months ago' , and hung up.

This is an absolute joke, and they have no desire to try and rectify the issue.
After spending well over $5000.00 on furniture with Amart the only decent (and I say that lightly) product are the 2 $80.00 bar stools which are faux leather with no signs of peeling !!!!!

Shop LocationQLD, Morayfield
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Hi Fraser, We are so sorry to hear that you are upset with your goods! We would like to look further into this for you. Could you please send an email to live.chat@superamart.com.au with your sales order number and contact details. Kind regards, Tom and the Super Amart Team

Products good and competitively priced...Delivery charges exorbitant

Similar size parcel delivered 25 minutes from Morayfield Super A Mart $98 compared to Harvey Norman $35
Point 2- When shopping online, no provision for immediate freight charge, have to phone the shop for charges and then cannot pay the freight charge using Paypal

Shop LocationQLD, Morayfield
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Hi there, We are very sorry to hear that you are not completely happy with your experience and thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback. If you would like, we can have the Store Manager of Morayfield give you a call to discuss your experience? If you can please private message us your best contact number, we can arrange this for you. Kind regards, Jess and the Super Amart Team

Perfect customer service from Morayfield Super Amart

Morayfield Super Amart have been fantastic with us, back to purchase date 4yrs ago and still continue to do the very best they can, always with a positive can do attitude.
I've found the team there to be extremely polite, helpful and give you space to talk and think.

Well Done Morayfield Super Amart!!
You should be proud of your customer service and prompt, polite work

Shop LocationQLD, Morayfield
Hi Aly, Thanks so much for your feedback! I'll pass your kind words onto the team at Morayfield to let them know.Thanks!!

Rude staff

I walked in to buy a recliner identical to one I had helped a friend pick up on the weekend. The recliner is a heavily soiled item and will require me cleaning it prior to use as it obviously had a small child on it with food and shoes! It didn't have a price on it so needed to know if it was sold and if the price was the same as it was 4 days ago ($249)!
I was absolutely ignore by all staff members in store so walked up to a staff member and asked for assistance. She came down said "I know exactly what it is" went to the computer and said "it's an $800 recliner so it's selling for $450" and then she walked away!!!!!! I then attempted to find another staff member to assist me and there was no one on the floor...this was 11.30am!
Returned to the store at 2.30pm hoping to find a staff member to help me and was completely ignored by the 2 floor staff for the half hour I wAs there. I then rang the store manager who asked me to provide my friends details as, like everyone else in store, didn't know what the chair was called and when I refused to disclose other people's personal information he guessed what the chair was and came up with a price that was $50 higher than the chair was on Saturday and discounted the higher price for the rubbish service I had encountered! The whole process was disgusting and if I treated customers in the same way I was treated yesterday and judged on what I think they can spend, I wouldn't have a business to open!!!

Shop LocationQLD, Morayfield
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Hi Rebecca, Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. We're so sorry for your experience and for any inconvenience caused. We take feedback like this seriously and I'd very much like the opportunity to follow this up and see what we might be able to do to assist you. Would it be possible to please send an email through to socialmedia@superamart.com.au including the store you're full name and contact number, and the store you've been dealing with? Kind Regards, Hannah & The Super Amart Team

Told too bad

Purchased new lounge approx. 12 weeks ago that was faulty..like many pieces I have purchased on previous occasions..decided to pay a bit more ($1100) and go with something a bit better quality..Received replacement lounge last week and ever so annoyingly it is in this weeks catalogue for $400 less!! Super Amart staff just simply said it's too bad- the have no idea of what & when something will be on sale..really annoyed as it's not just small change!

Shop LocationQLD, Morayfield
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Hi Kelly, Thank you for your feedback. We're very sorry to hear about your experience and apologise for any inconvenience caused. Would it be possible to please send through your full name, sales order number and the store you've been in touch with to socialmedia@superamart.com.au so I can investigate this further and see if we can find a suitable solution for you? Kind Regards, Hannah & The Super Amart Team

Faulty Recliners

I purchased off Super A-Mart 2 Azzura recliner chairs in November 2012 in which had a footrest fault within the 5 year warranty period in April 2014. They would not repair and offered a swap (with a cash difference) for another pair of Samson recliners which we agreed to and received/swapped. These Samson chairs as of today 23 March 2015 have been repaired 3 times since on: 23/09/2014, 12/12/2014 and 23/03/2014. They are still under warranty but the managers I have dealt with at the store of purchase have flatly refused to a refund or any liability as of the second repair and stated they have, I Quote: Been repairing these chairs out of goodwill only and they aren't responsible. Well I have been in contact with the ACCC who stated that I have a good case if I need to take it further but I would like to settle this little dispute reasonably without going to those lengths. Very disappointed so far.

Shop LocationQLD, Morayfield
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Hi Jim, Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with your feedback and we're, of course, very sorry for your experience and apologise for the inconvenience caused. Are you able to please send me some additional details so I can investigate this further? If you could please send through your full name, sales order number and the store you've been dealing with to socialmedia@superamart.com.au, I will be sure to follow this up asap for you and see what we can do to reach a suitable solution. Kind Regards, Hannah & The Super Amart Team

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Do the leather lounges use fire retardant chemicals or any chemicals which result in off gassing .
2 answers
Do the leather lounges use fire retardant chemicals or any chemicals which result in off gassing.to get the correct information ask the store or contact the manufacturer


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