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If I was to buy some furniture from you and I couldn't pay all at once, could I put a deposit down, then once I have access to some funds, can I pay the rest of the amount owing? I don't want to finance though?
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Ask the store you never get the answer by asking here

Do the leather lounges use fire retardant chemicals or any chemicals which result in off gassing .
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Do the leather lounges use fire retardant chemicals or any chemicals which result in off gassing.to get the correct information ask the store or contact the manufacturer

I assembled a desk that I bought from Amart, with three drawers. The top two smaller drawers engage with the rails and slid in OK, but the bottom large drawer will not slide in, as if too narrow for the width of the rails. I then assembled a filing cabinet with the same drawer arrange and the same problem, the large drawer will not properly engage with the rails. The desk is solid enough, but the filing cabinet does not seem rigid, seems like poor quality.
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You need to contact Amart or go in store they wont answer you here

Hi I just purchased one of your queen beds as a flat pack I thought trade school was hard but trying to assemble your flat pack bed is near impossible nothing fits nothing lines up not one corner is square the centre bar twist's when you try & screw it into the bedhead or the foot of the bed,the two timber supports where the slats sits half of the screws had'nt even been properly screwed in the two supports were so rough it looked as though it'd been cut with a steak knife you could'nt even run your hand down the timber without the risk of a reasonably large chunk of wood splintering in your hand.I had to re screw both sides & sand them as well none of this really bothers me as im a cabinet maker but when you pay top dollar & I mean top dollar for a few covered pieces of wood I/you would expect that it would go together for one & the finish on the raw timber would at least be sanded or the very least have the rough edges taken off this is really poor craftsmanship back in my day this would fail on so many levels it absolutely terrible how you can pay so much money for something & this is what you get.Is there a quality control as far as physically checking the product even the M8 screws that you provide are garbage the allen key is too long to do the job & the spanner well need I say anymore,this whole bed has to be stripped down & re position all of the brackets so as hopefully it might go together even if it does go together personally i'd give it 6months max before we start looking for a new one thats if I can assemble it first & if thats possible trying to keep it together from falling apart is another thing.. I'm really looking forward to hearng back from you & what your solution is to fixing this problem many thanks Steve..
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this is a public review forum Amart wont answer you here they dont monitor this site

We have just bought a bedroom suite and it does emit a very strong odour. Since we have had it my partner has had severe headaches, nausea and stomach cramps and I have had milder headaches. It is to the point where we have to sleep in another room. Can you please let me know, what are the chemicals we are smelling and what can be done about it?
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this is a public review forum Amart wont answer you here contact the store or manufacturer

What is plush leather?
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How do I remove a draw from the settler desk.
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I would like to know why my click sofa which arrived at 8 am this morning was not unpacked and set up for me. When you rang to advise me about the delivery I distinctly made a point of making sure it would be set up for me and the A mart staff member assured me it would. When the delivery man arrived he told me that the procedure is to just drop and go.. I am NOT HAPPY at all. I will be ringing you at 9am when your stores open.
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I'd say the sales person gave you incorrect info - The salesman for the lounge I purchased last week was very clear it was only drop and go. Apparently they used to do setup and packaging removal (quite some time ago) but the service was discontinued. The delivery men are from a freight company, not Amart. They are only interested in getting in and out as fast as possible. The box was slightly bigger than my doorway, but they tried to force it through anyway - now I'm looking at a door repaint.Yes you are right about that..and the outcome of your experience is to give you extra stress,work and more expense.Lucky you got it in writing.

Hi I have just picked up a rose bay double bed. When we put it together the slats won’t fit at the head. On measuring the rails at the head are 2 cm narrower then the rails are at the foot. Looks like the screw plates are wrongly positioned on the bed head. Any ideas? Thanks!
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hi i’m looking to buy curtains from amart and i’m having a look online but it doesn’t clarify if one curtain comes in a packet or 2?? can someone help me please
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If my lounge was bought about 2 years ago n the stitching has come undone n now split will it be replaced or fixed? I think it was called the Montana chase
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you need to contact Amart furniture this is not their web site. this is a review forum ie reviewing products & servicesWhy ask a review site rather than ask Amart directly?Oh sorry

Ice furniture...when you shut a drawer it reopens a little bit. Any solutions?
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Put some packers under front part of of the metal legs, as it needs backward fall, especially if against a wall with carpet as the back part of the legs will be sitting on the carpet spikes which will make the unit higher at the backI went to A Mart and the salesman showed me how to remove the drawer... only then I could remove the paper which had slipped behind and was stopping the door from closing properly. There are 2 catches( almost invisible) on each side of the drawer, one of which needs to be lifted, while the other needs to be pushed down ...simultaneously. Only then can the drawer be pulled out.

You don’t have to put recliners together do you?
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I din't buy a recliner sofa..it's always better to ask them if they will just deliver furniture or even fix them or not..can't just assume they are going to fix..some furniture shops offer deliver and fixing comes with it, but some don't fix and don't tell you..Yes have to put backs on lounges and feet too, extra charge if you want the delivery guys to do it for youYes, backs will need to be fitted (basically just sliding it in position until it clicks)- pretty easy, but mine required two people to get things lined up.

Anyone have reviews for the Spartacus modular lounge please??
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Very soft but supportive lounge with 10 year guarentee, comes in light grey and dark grey and it's all oversized for superior comfort

Really disappointed. Picked out a couch the I wanted from Amart, being restricted to a particular size and lucky it had just gone on sale. So went into store only to be told that they don't have any, neither does any other store and we could order one but delivery wouldn't be till end April (4mth wait). It was discontinued, but then brought back again. Also there was one available but in Shepparton and no they won't organise for store transfer. Question - how can you put a sale discount on products that are being discontinued and no one can access??? Even with demand - a 4 month wait???
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Hi I just recieved my Settler 7 Piece Dining Setting..The table was easy to assemble other than a tight fitting on one of the screws..However the chairs are another thing.. Followed the instructions right up to putting the seat on but it seems the timber screws are not long enough.. I measured them and they are what the manual says they are supposed to be.. Can someone help please??
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Unfortunately you may need a drill called a spade bit that can be bought from Bunnings Warehouse for several dollars, along with portable electric drill sold separately where battery pack and charger must also be purchased - all up looking at $100 or more. The spade bit simply shaves the screw hole in the chair as it spins as you press on and off repeatedly the trigger on the electric drill, so that the screw can move closer as you screw it in place with allen keyThe timber screws go into a routed out or counter sunk hole in the side frame of chair so screw head is already sunk 25mm in framework to give you more than enough screw to go into actual seat no predrilling is needed but you'll need a battery drill to put the 4 timber screws in Just make sure the bigger holes are on the bottom of the chair so the screws fit through and you won't need a drill at all.

Has anybody bought the Castle Leather three seater and two seater set?
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Yes, it looks nice but I am having issues with sagging cushions in one of the couches already unfortunately. The store has been helpful so far in organising for someone to come and assess it so I will see what comes of it.

Has anyone purchased a floor stock item (lounge) and been told they cannot pick it up until they have something to fill it’s spot? So we have fully paid for it & now it is sitting there on the floor for everyone to sit/jump on & potentially get damaged? Working in retail myself this doesn’t seem right to me yet the staff will not acknowledge my questions
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I have done the same and it is to be delivered tomorrow. I also work in retail and when I said I wanted to inspect it before paying in full they were horrified as if it never happens. I was told “ it’s safer on the floor than in our warehouse” I’m sorry but what type of warehouse do you have. Shall see what it’s like tomorrow. I will never buy there again.Thanks for your reply. After speaking with their customer service online, the lady said it should be taken that same day so she contacted the regional manager and he told them to hand it over ASAP. I also will never again buy from them. I work in retail as well selling baby furniture, and if something is purchased as floor stock it is either taken then and there or it is wrapped and stored out back safely until they can pick it up. Amart is More concerned with an empty space on their floor then keeping their customers happyIf you have paid for it you own it and can take it whenever you like. They cannot tell you that you cant if you've already paid.

Hi we bought a dining lounge package from Amart 3weeks ago with the dining table still to be delivered.We have just noticed that the sale this weekend has the same package $600 cheaper. Are we entitled to a refund since we paid a lot more only 3 weeks ago.
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Yes, you are. If the products haven’t been delivered, you can ask for the cheaper price available. Not sure if they’ll refund the remaining value or give you as credit.No don't think you can do that. You can't return it saying it's faulty or you changed your mind then get the same item.No as you finalised your sale in full already, ie a completed tax invoice that can't be edited.. Don't want to sound rude but it's the same as wanting a partial refund on on your steak you bought from Coles as it went on sale a week after you bought it at full price, IMO Amarts pricings seem to change now every few weeks to compete with online stores and other companies sales of similar products, as long as you didn't pay full price be happy with the deal you got on that week, hope you understand where I'm coming from

My husband and I are looking at getting the phoebe 2 seater and armchair couches from Amart. We bought a couch a few years ago from Focus On furniture and it stains from water and anything so it is impossible to clean. We don't want to make the same mistake so we are wanting to see if anyone has the Pheobe lounges or any other material couches from Amart and what their experience has been? We were also looking at paying the extra $160 for the smart care with 5 year guarantee but not to sure how great they'd be?
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Be careful my sons lounge is 7 months old and is rubbish. It stains with water dont buy snart care it does not cover youBe careful my sons lounge is 7 months old and is rubbish. It stains with water dont buy snart care it does not cover youDon’t buy it. Started pilling after a week and they won’t replace it.

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