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Dont sign up for this lying bullshitting company 0 stars

I wanted to watch the latest season of American Horror Story. So i done a search online to try and find which avenue to find the season. It came up saying i could watch all the seasons on Prime tv. So i decided to join up. As soon as i joined up and logged into the primetv website, there was not even a single series of AHS which is what i joined up for and was clearly mislead to believe. I cant even work out how to cancel my membership. It isn't normally this hard to do. I might have to go into the bank to do that. What a joke! I'm so dissapointed that this company would go so low to run a business like this. Straight up lying and dishonerable. Shame on you. I would have given no stars if that was an option

A nice extra with Amazon Prime membership, but not worth it as a standalone video service

I regularly buy books from Amazon. Until recently, I only bought books from the Amazon US store. However, the Amazon Australia store is much better now, and so I got an Amazon Prime membership to save on postage costs. At $4.99 per month, I feel the Amazon Prime membership pays for itself many times over in the money I save.

Note that an Amazon (Australia) Prime membership is on sale until next year, at which point the $4.99 goes up to $7 or $8 a month.

Now, for the Amazon Prime Video part - I feel that if you are joining just for Prime Video, it probably isn't worth it. Mind you, it still is a lot cheaper than most other streaming services, but then there isn't a whole lot of content, nor many latest releases. I did find a few Amazon Prime Originals that I liked, including the series "Homecoming", but I feel that Netflix offers a lot more, even if it is more expensive per month.

Should you join? If you are just looking for a streaming service, then probably not. But if you don't mind more "off-the-beaten-track" type movies and original shows, then maybe give Amazon Prime Video a look. If, on the other hand, you are like me, and you sign up to Amazon Prime for the savings in postage when buying from Amazon Australia, then Prime Video is a bonus, and definitely worth it. There are other benefits of an Amazon Prime membership as well.

Amazon prime do not join - too hard to cancel membership

I think it is unethical that is so easy to join and so difficult to find out how to cancel your membership. I tried previously and thought i mustn't be a member then was billed again so hard to look harder to cancel. Think twice before joining.

Ok for me

I have been on 1 month trial and stayed on as it is the cheapest and I always can find something to watch there. I tried Netflix before and got tired looking for something to watch. Admittedly, their app is not working as well as Netflix. Also it does not work with Chromecast, so I have to play the video on my PC and remotely control my PC from my smartphone to be able to watch it on my non smart TV. This is because I do not want to buy Amazon TV fire stick. Otherwise, it works well with my smart TV.


got the free amazon prime trial cancelled before the end date and then charge me when i contacted them they kept changing they story until i threatened them with the accc 40 mins and the worst thing is they dont have much content to watch keep away this is why amazon is one of the richest companies they steal and dont seem to care


I signed up for the free trial and am still getting charged even though I spent over half hour last month on online chat to them, received an email to say my account was closed. It is closed as I have no access to it on my TV - however, I was still charged this month again. I rang them today and still cannot get a resolution. Kept asking for my details over and over again and cannot confirm seeing a charge anywhere on my account. I can see a charge on my credit card statement though.

Charged for supposedly "free" trial

I signed up for the free trial, made sure to cancel before it expired, received an email saying I had successfully cancelled and would not be charged and STILL got charged! I am trying to resolve this with them right now but who knows what will happen. Just wanted to warn others - their customer service is almost impossible to find on their website. Disgusting company - I have purchased from Amazon before but will never do business with them again.


- When watching on PS3 it forces the audio into the highest audio format, meaning your reciever is unable to use prologic and the like.
- There are no user profiles.
- Doesn't tell you if a title is expiring soon.

Illegal activity

Amazing prime keep charging your card illegally. Do not join this service, they will keep debiting your card illegally after you cancel your membership

Terrible service and unorganised

I have cancelled my account 3 months ago but I am still being charged. Prime video free trial is a trap. they will charge you forever. even I don't have account to sign it to modify payment and anything else. there is no number to call.

Absolutely terrible

When we first joined everything seemed ok. But after a week we started to encounter very bad streaming issues that we weren't getting with Netflix or Stan. Then a lot of content suddenly became unavailable to us. In one instance it wanted to change us for the first episode in a shows season but not any ep after that! We tried hard to contact customer support but it just seemed futile. Disappointed that'll we'll miss man the the high castle and Grand tour, but to be honest this is such a bad product I'm happy not to be supporting it until they left their game and make it more Australian compatible.

Somehow was signed up for this automatically...

Never signed up for this.. but was charged monthly either way. Impossible to navigate amazons website to find information regarding there video service to unsubscribe.

Why Raazi unavailable. Add new Bollywood movies

Cant watch Raazi why ? No good Bollywood movies. Add Raid,Race 3, more new Bollywood and true based stories in english

Can do so much better!!!

Its been about 2 months now! Their are mostly crape content, in general, and their content are mostly B, C and D films, even Bollywood Films are better on Netflix! Knowing the number of films and shows that exists, they can do so much better, even giving some of the others a run for their money. Knowing that today supposedly Amazon is number one...
For the price that I had paid, 2.99 US for 6 months can't complain. But still!!!
If you had a choice, at the end of the day Netflix wins hands down when compared to the others with their content.
I'll wait to see what happens in the up coming months.


Amazon prime Video is such a good streaming service has the beat price don’t have an issue in streaming any movies or tv shows awesome for the price I recommend people to join

Get’s old very quickly

I’m writing this review of Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service in comparison to the other account I have with Netflix, and focusing on my frustrations with the content. I work from home with clients in about 5 international time zones, so I was thrilled when Netflix established itself in Australia. It was great during those hours when I had to wait from the sun to rise in places like Berlin, as those times were no longer fraught with boredom. And for about 18 months that worked, but I ran out of content, because my rate of consumption out paced that rate that new titles were added. So last month when I recently discovered that Amazon Prime had come to Apple TV, I thought I had a new lease on the enjoyment I’d had previously.

So within the first week of starting the trail with Amazon Prime, I spotted a couple of great movies I had wanted to see but weren’t available on Netflix. After that Imdelced into the Amazon original tv series like, McMafia, Sneaky Pete, and Goliath which were all great. And there was also a German production, 4Blocks, which was easily on par with the all time greats, like GoT and Breaking Bad. But after a month the pickings wore thin very quickly. I thought Netflix was slow to add new content, but Amazon Prime is a painful trickle.

Both Netflix and Amazon Prime use their browsing interface to make it look like there’s more content than there actually is. They mostly do this by listing the same titles in different but overlapping categories, e.g. Original Romcoms are listed under Amazon Originals, romance, and comedies etc. The Australian versions of Netflix and Prime also have libraries smaller than those provided to their US customer base. So even though your paying a similar subscription rate to the US market, you get less for your dollar and you have to pay another 3rd party like iTunes to make up the shortfall.

The other practice I discovered that both platforms share, is that they both pad about 30% of their libraries with poor quality and cringeworthy content. I always thought this was kind of cheap, because this is the stuff that has flunked the grades at the box office, amongst the professional film critics, and everywhere else. I’m talking about the stuff that gets a 25% score on Rotten Tomatoes. There is one difference between Netflix and Amazon though, and I don’t know how they managed it, but Amazon Prime outdid Netflix In finding EVEN worse content like 16% on RottenTomatoes and 2/10mon IMDB.

If I had never subscribed to either of these platform before, I would have gone with Netflix. There’s just way more content and even if the percentage of the best content was less, you still have more to watch and even if you consume at a rate such as mine, you should still get many months of satisfaction. As for Amazon Prime, there’s just no real incentive to subscribe beyond a month for someone like myself, maybe two months for a more casual viewer, which is more than enough time to watch the handful of excellent titles they have on offer.

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I have cancelled my account 3 months ago, but I am still being charged monthly. There is no account to sign in and change the payment or cancel. Help me out please? there is no number to call for god sake
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I haven’t tried this but I do hope it helps you, due to your problem I won’t be signing up to Amazon Prime and I thank you for letting us know how difficult it is to opt out. You can end your Amazon Prime membership, or cancel your free trial to ensure it doesn't convert to a full Amazon Prime membership, in the Settings section of Your Account. To end your Amazon Prime membership or cancel your free trial: Go to Manage Prime Membership. Depending on whether you have a paid Amazon Prime membership or are on a free trial, do one of the following: To end a paid membership, click End membership and benefits, on the left-hand side of the page. Note: Paid members who haven't used their Amazon Prime benefits, including Free Delivery, Prime Video, Prime Music and Prime Reading will be eligible for a full refund. To cancel a free trial, click End Trial and Benefits, on the left-hand side of the page. Note: If you select End Trial and Benefits for your free trial, you'll receive benefits until your free trial period ends. Then your membership will cancel, and your payment card won't be charged.