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Not just a dud - a SPECTACULAR dud!

The introduction of Amazon Australia has seen Australians ripped-off every which way.
Firstly, we were barred from purchasing from Amazon.com. Secondly, the range at Amazon Australia - if you'll pardon the expression - SUCKS big-time. Thirdly, the prices are a ridiculous.
I would give it zero stars if I could.
How about we just go back to the way things were before?

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Being an Amazon Prime member is basically useless - DO NOT be a prime member

I ordered two books from Amazon.com.au and I thought being a Prime member would have its advantages but was I was very sadly mistaken. The bones I got to pick with Amazon is really with their delivery considering that this company prides itself to be THE global standard when it comes to meeting and fulfilling order deliveries.

First, the website does not warn buyers that they don't deliver to Parcel Locker addresses, either that or their algorithm is off and not able to distinguish between a PL address and a regular address so that it can hand over the delivery to a courier service that can do this thing.

Second, they pass on incorrect/incomplete address to courier companies (in my case it was Fastway courier) despite the fact that I've clearly provided a complete address and can be easily validated in my order receipt.

Third, they don't deal with the courier company even if it was their mistake, I have to do their work for them and chase the courier company.

Fourth, even if the courier would accommodate re-delivery to a different address, Amazon will not have a bar of it and will not pass on this request to the courier company but instead would be very quick to just cancel your order so that you can place it again with a different address (Fastway, in this case would only do a re-delivery if it was requested through them by the seller).

So avoid ordering from Amazon.com.au and save yourself from grief, it's just not worth it.

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Product was misrepresented. Won't let me review their poor service because I didn't spend enough!

I ordered an arm/holder for my laptop so it could be suspended above the desk. The picture showed exactly what I wanted and the description matched the picture. When it came, only half the product was supplied - only the tray to hold the laptop but no arm or fixing bracket. When I tried to complain, Amazon reported I had not spent enough.
And I can't evidence my purchase because the invoice has to be downloaded from a link that doesn't work!

Amazon us or au who cares?

Personally, amazon in my opinion is a waste of time because of international postage rates.
A lot of the time before aussie GST got on board, sellers often and simply did not ship internationally; it was very hard to find a product that was posted internationally.
It was also annoying because I had to go a fair way through check out until I was presented with the shipping cost and it was at that point that I had to back out the process.
It also worked in other currencies that I could not be bothered converting.
Over all it was a laborious waste of time.

Why bother paying that when you can go to the book depository and get free shipping? more often than not you can find books on ebay with free shipping to.
I like to find underdog online book shops that do deals to, fish pond might be one to name.

I want to buy all of Andrew Turpins Joe Jonson books, book depository sells that lot for about 115.72 and amazon au sells them for 107.76, there it is, for the first time I am now considering buying from amazon au.

Ive not really ever seen any real benefit for buying from amazon and the worst thing is, you cant write reviews on amazon products. Reading reviews on amazon is actually the main reason I went to that site.

Now the reviews there have become overwhelming and I would prefer goodreads reviews.

I never did understand all the praise amazon got.

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The actual worst

lol remember when people thought that amazon coming to aus was gonna screw over the local market? It's complete trash. Way too expensive and I am furious that shipping from the US site has been blocked.


I applied for the online SELLER Application form late 2018 but didn't complete it with the intention of going back later as I didn't have photo ID with me at the time. Not only have I not sold on Amazon but now have no intention of doing so after the ordeal I have gone through. As of November 2018 Amazon have deducted 4 lots of fees from my account, the last amount was twice the fee amount!! I have since called Amazon 4 times with the promise of action in the form of a full refund. Currently I am writing this review whilst being on hold for 57 minutes to Amazon for someone to help me get a refund for the unauthorised amounts that have been deducted from my personal bank account. BEWARE!

Amazon Australia is always sufficiently different from the US version that it's next to useless

Amazon Prime doesn't have the shows that attract me to Prime as it is in the US. Amazon often pushes ads in my face that, when they do catch my interest, turn out to only apply to US customers. I'm sure Amazon is fine for US customers and users, but it's next to useless in Australia. Check it for bargains, if you like - just don't see it as the one-stop-shop it pretends to be.

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Dodgy third party sellers at amazon

I have recently had bad experiences with cancelling orders to Third Party Sellers at Amazon.
I had placed an order on a Saturday (seller - BUYGLOBAL) but on second thought, decided to cancel it within the hour. Standard e-mail from Amazon was to wait 2 biz days for reply from seller.
To my horrors, at around 11ish on Sunday night I got an email saying items have already been shipped. I couldn't believe any courier or postal service would be working on a Sunday nor shipped it out within the hour.
So, first thing on Monday morning, I contacted Amazon and told them it all looked dubious. Amazon managed to get them to cancel it. This was the second time this has happened to me.
The first time I was Not closely tracking my request for cancellation and it slipped past me and I am presently trying to return it for a refund (seller - Tempo International of WA).
Seems these third party sellers will ignore requests for cancellation just to push through the sale and hope customers give up the fight and swallow it.

If you cancel an order through the "problem with your order" channel, make sure you track it closely.

Double down, too and go directly to customer service for help to stop them from forcing through shipment.

Following part is added on 17-02-19......

After several e-m back & forth, both agreed to cancel and refund. They had given the excuse that the orders were processed electronically and could not be cancelled (meaning they have no control)).....virtually saying No cancellation allowed. That was not stated on their sale listing!! Moreover that's Unfair Trading.

Their usual first solution was that I can return them. Small as they mabe, but that's effectively escalating my costs....That's aggravated damages!


Useless, Why is there even an Australian site?

Says 'shipped to Australia' until you checkout where it informs you 'we dont ship to Australia' I hope they never take off in Aus, but then again with rising population you can always sell junk to the masses.

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Amazon does not want to hear from you.

I have just spent 2 hours going around in circles online, trying to find out how to contact Amazon about a product problem that does not fit the options given in their (so called) Help/Contact Us pages.
To deliberately make communication so difficult shows appaulling contempt for customers and they have lost my business forever.

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I am amazed to have received an email from Amazon with a link that puts me in touch with my product Seller. "Amazed" because I was given no indication that any of my various attempts to contact Amazon had succeeded. An acknowledgement would have spared me a lot of stress.. Thank you to Product Review for providing this service and I resolve to consult the Community before any purchasing decision from now on.

what a shambles

Ordered Jan 23 stated delivery Jan 29 then later an e-m saying Feb 1. Feb 1 nothing then another e-m saying Feb 4. Then you get another e-m saying on Feb 6 delivered and signed for. An address in Melbourne and I am in Sydney. I tried to contact them but failed. Eventually someone wrote and said it was delivered and we have a sig. I guess I will never see the goods but this morning I get an e-m saying that they are refunding my money. Great but that doesn't get the goods to me. They claim that the system does not allow them to resend the order. What a great job Amazon

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amazon.com.au is useless

I was a regular user of amazon.com Sadly after moving to Australia I keep having to use this amazon.com.au I have tried purchasing an item and it could never trigger shipping. Contacted customer services and they respond”please cancel and reorder as it didn’t trigger shipping” for your inconvenience, we will give you a voucher of $15 which will automatically be applied to your next purchase. I have now had to cancel and reorder 4 times and still can’t trigger shipping. As for the voucher for inconvenience, it was a lie. Also the prices through this site is ridiculously high if you had to pay for shipping. Customer services doesn’t even understand what you are requesting. Get your act together Amazon.com.au!!!!

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Deliberately Hopeless

I inadvertently ordered two of the items I wanted. I followed the instructions on the Amazon Australia website to sent a cancellation request to the item supplier, who promptly responded with a message to direct my request to Amazon - ie going in circles. to contact Amazon Australia Customer Service is $2.50 a minute via a 1902 number! After more than an hour of searching I could not find how to cancel the extra item. The items shipped while I was still searching although I sent a further two emails to the supplier explaining the situation! I have found a link to return items which I shall do when I receive them and source what I want elsewhere.

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Too expensive by a long shot.

I have made several attempts to make purchases on Amazon Australia over the last few months. The most recent was a new Fujifilm camera and crockery last week. In a word, they are expensive. In all cases I could buy for less instore or online in Australia. I purchased the camera instore in Newsted. The only plus they seem to have is taking you to the item you want, without showing you multiple irrelevant items.

Restriction of trade

Bought plenty of things from Amazon UK as it was value for money, Since Amazon AU opened, they misuse their market power by forcing Australian consumers to buy from their Australians site at grossly inflated prices. Recently during black friday sales prior to Christmas Amazon advertised through the media they were relaxing these restrictions, but after trying to purchase something online today from Amazon UK, I see that restriction of trade is still very much in place. Will refuse to ever buy from Amazon.

Poor service

I've tried to buy numerous items from Amazon that claim are in stock and ship to Australia and each time I have to chase up amazon to be told either the item isn't in stock or doesn't ship to Australia. I don't know why they bothered to open in Australia if they couldn't provide the service. How they are the biggest company in the world is beyond me. What an absolute waste. Don't bother.

Amazon's faulty payment system

My son ordered a Kindle book for me for Christmas. Amazon rejected his credit card twice, so we used my credit card instead, which worked immediately. Later Amazon decided to access my son's credit card as well, and charged the $14.99, plus the 40% Australian tax of $10.99 to my son. We accept the cost of the book and tax, but we do not accept that we have been charged twice for one book. I have written to Amazon's Facebook page three times about this, and they politely referred me to their returns and refunds page. I have received only one copy of the book, so it isn't that problem. Their problem pages do not cover incidents of Amazon's double dipping. It is a fault with Amazon's system, as they have no way of checking the transactions. I spent an hour on the telephone speaking to their (Indian?) call centre. The lass was polite, but so far Amazon still have done nothing to rectify the fault. I have now paid $40.97 for a $14.99 book. Not happy Jan.

yer dont buy from amazon australia

amazon australia is a rip off and a scam, everything is overpriced beyond belief, something that cost 12 dollars on amazon us is 74 bucks on amazon au, get real.

Price discrepancy

Looked on Amazon UK and cd cost £4.99 plus postage but they would not post to Australia so I looked on Amazon. au and cd price was $26.99 Very disappointing

Annoying poor packaging, item came damaged

Everything was perfect until I received my book. It came in a cardboard box, no padding or protection so the book came heavily dented in the spine. I was even paying for Amazon Prime at that time. Very disappointed, returned the item and cancelled membership.

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