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AMAZON - what a joke

Tried to buy a pair of goggles. Found what I wanted - but it was using a US seller. Said is ships to aus and said is was amazon prime. you can add to your cart but, you cant order more than 1 to get above the threshold for a delivery fee and if you only order 1 the charge an outrageous delivery charge.


Good working order. Fast processing. My son has had a good time playing with this toy loves it especially at night when all the lights are lit up

very average delivery

I have ordered The Crown series 2 --I thought I was dealing with Amazon Australia and was surprised to find that it would take at least a month to deliver . So, firstly a good company would warn customers that the goods are coming from overseas and would be delivered by another company . If I'd known this at the beginning I would not have proceeded with the order . I paid the money in good faith and shortly after the order was placed I was told that the goods had been shipped . However, it was not until this point that I was told that delivery would be between 22.1.2019 and the 6.2.2019 . I suspect this email gives Amazon the authority to ''take my money '' even though I do not have the goods . It's now the 26th so we are heading towards being late for the shipment but I have no way of knowing because there is no tracking available . From reading other reviews I see that I'm not the only one complaining about a lack of tracking facilities . Eventually Amazon Australia will start breaking our consumer laws which are much stricter than those in America and the ACCC will investigate and then the fun will begin .

How does this company still trades

Absolutely appaling cheaply run website with zero access to Customer Service.. I'm a seller and a buyer and have finally stopped trading on this absolute scam.. Not only are they known for stealing all your data for their own good but also treat you like a no body. The story goes on and on.

If you are smart, make your website and build your audience and brand and social media.. Don't make these monsters profit off your hard work.

Very annoyed will never use again total farce.

I was forced to buy a product from amazon Australia because amazon America wouldn't ship it here. Item was shipped from America 'supposedly' refused entry via customs. Tracking number was not traceable and the green line amazon shows still said it's coming . Now the item is out of stock. Item would not have been refused entry whole thing was a sham.

Truly hideous customer experience

I haven't received pre-order bonus codes for free DLC and AC6 BC via a physical copy of Ace Combat 7 for Xbox One pre-ordered 17/11/18, as per https://en.bandainamcoent.eu/ace-combat/news/pre-order-bonus-and-deluxe-edition-revealed-ace-combat-7-skies-unknown AND https://service-en.bandainamcoent.eu/app/detail/a_id/2369/p/7312 EVERYONE pre-ordering ANY Edition of the game for Xbox One, will receive the following bonuses:

-The playable F-104C: APRIL DLC
-Playable F-4E Phantom II aircraft
-3 popular aircraft skins from past titles (Su-37: Yellow 13, F-14D: Razgriz, F-15C: Pixy)
-ACE COMBAT 6® Fires of Liberation™ Full Game (backward compatibility)

I've sent multiple emails to Namco, spent hours across NUMEROUS chats and phone calls with amazon.com.au being told:

"the supplier didn't informed us about that," "we are clearly notified by the supplier as there wont be any digital copy or pre order codes being sent to any of the customers. If there was such thing we would have updated on website," "the manufacturer has not provided any codes relevant to this and we don't have any information regarding the codes," "get in touch with the manufactures regarding the codes to help you accordingly. Since we are from retail we don't any other information about the codes, if it was provided you would have received it with the item," "Amazon isn't providing any such codes," "when we provide any code it would be advertised on our website and for this game it wasn't advertised and hence we don't have any codes to be sent," "you have been told that Amazon would be able to provide these codes. Currently we do not have any codes."

There are NUMEROUS reported instances elsewhere that Amazon IS providing these codes via email, meanwhile Namco had this to say:

"Thank you for getting in touch with us. Regarding the pre-order bonuses for Ace Combat 7: Skies unknown, you need to redeem a code on the store in order to unlock the bonus content. The code is provided by e-mail from the retailer that supplied your copy of the game."

After multiple failed attempts at securing the pre-order bonus DLC code/s for Ace Combat 7 (which I am still to receive) I spoke previously with supervisor [name removed]/[name removed] after which my Prime Membership was "cancelled due to some error" by Amazon, now I was advised to purchase another subscription (which I did) whilst awaiting refund for my previous yearly subscription which was cancelled by Amazon for reasons I can only speculate, I decided to chase this up with another one of the Amazon Agents, [name removed] whom cancelled my Prime subscription AGAIN after [name removed]/[name removed] cancelled the first one yesterday, I was then transferred and after speaking with supervisor [name removed]/[name removed] I'm now out of pocket ~$120 until I get my refund for TWO Prime subscriptions and am no longer a Prime customer, AND STILL don't have my pre-order bonus DLC codes.

Automatically paid the items from my cart

Automatically paid the items from my cart , it takes more than half month to deliver so I am not intent to buy , but the system paid without notifications

Ordered groceries on Amazon. No delivery

I wanted to try Amazon Australia for groceries and ordered 4 non perishable items. The site indicated delivery in 1.5 days. I was impressed. Waited and waited, then a day after they were due for delivery, I checked the status and it said they were located in Mt Isa. I live in Brisbane which is several thousand km south of where my groceries were.

Contacted Australia post through a web form. Only automated response, and no other correspondence.

I contacted Amazon Australia and they responded with a sincere sounding email to say they were sorry and that they were on it and that they would organise for the items to be shipped straight away no matter the cost.

That was a number of days ago and the items are still stuck in Mt Isa.

I recommend anyone looking at purchasing groceries to stick to Woolies or coles for online delivery.

Waited two weeks so far to be able to login to my account

So I wanted to buy a book a couple of weeks ago for my kindle account, and after putting my payment details in (which are saved to my phone so I know are correct) I was locked out and every time I tried to reset my password it would not work. I called them three times the first week, each time the person told me someone would contact me, and they never did. The third person ([name removed]) obviously was annoyed I was frustrated and told me to be patient. which I was for another week and a half.
Called again and I was raging. Just want to buy a book for Christ’s sake! How does it take two weeks to log into an account?? Why is nobody contacting me?? Lady assured me someone would contact me and my problem would be resolved. I honestly knew she was talking bullocks, I even said “I know nobody is going to contact me” and she did not assist me beyond that. Going to request to speak to a manager, don’t know if it will help. I’m just beyond annoyed at this point. What a waste of time

Truly First Class

Amazon Au supplier received my faulty drone for assessment at 3.20 pm yesterday, by 5.30 pm I had a full refund credited to my Amazon Au account. They did not even bother getting assessment from the manufacturer. My word was enough.
Two months prior and another faulty same brand of drone, Amazon not only gave me a full refund (based on my report) BEFORE returning the product plus on request they credited a further sum to match the new higher replacement price!

Fast Shipping

I got my products on time and delivery was fast it was in nice packaging and I was happy with my orders

Amazon, good service but is it always true

Bought a variety of products, all have met description and not been anything but average to great. automatic prime subscription is a bit dodge

Couldn't deliver the item

I purchased an item through Amazon, expected delivery date was 31 DEC 2018, Toll company couldnot deliver the package, first time they said it was addressed mistake, I called their customer service, they apologized and said they could not deliver because of the pressure during Christmas days. They promised to deliver it within 3 business days and informed me to expect a delivery, three days later I found a " sorry we missed you"note from toll, I never got a call or contact from Toll delivery. I called customer service and offered to pick up the package myself from anywhere in Sydney, but they said they don't have a specific location for pickup, as a result, I requested Toll to return the package to Amazon .

I have been Amazon customer for more than 10 years ( in USA, UAE, and Qatar), the service was excellent, however, the service in Australia is very bad, please choose your local partners carefully.

Superb Service and Quality Products

As a former, but deeply disappointed eBay customer, I thought to try out Amazon to purchase some items. I did so and was very positively surprised by the excellent customer service, the quality of the products and quick service. I also was happy that I was not forced to pay by the double dipping PayPal. My VISA Debit card was accepted without any difficulty and no third party account (PayPal) was involved in the transaction. One of the items I ordered I did not like and unlike on eBay there was no hassle to return the parcel and I received a refund very quickly. Compared to eBay where it was cumbersome to get a refund and only after countless time phoning, Amazon was courteous and instantly refunded the price. With great pleasure and after often getting annoyed, I cancelled my eBay account and decided to stay with the quick and helpful service of Amazon.

They are Thieves!!!

Ordered and paid for a product 05/12/2018. Given a two week arrival time. Never arrived. Checked delivery status. Updated to a week later. Never arrived. Checked delivery status. Package appears lost asked to wait a few more days. Complaint lodged 04/01/2019 one month after order. Refund promised. Result additional charges to my credit card and no refund. This is common theft. Never, ever even contemplate visiting their scam website.

Best customer service

Bought a slow cooker recently from them - there was a slight defect with the product as it seems to leak liquid when using it to cook. Painless refund process.

Best customer service in years

Cannot recommend amazon enough!! I made multiple orders for Christmas presents, and my orders were received quickly and were exactly what I ordered, I had one bad purchase through a third party on amazon and amazon were so quick to deal with my complaint and refund my money completely even though the error was through no fault of their own!


I've been trying to get this weird USB adapter I cant get anywhere else from amazon australia for MONTHS, but the order keeps getting cancelled for no reason. IT SUCKS, and i hate its my only option

RIP Amazon AU _ pathetic service!!!

Item was not delivered even after paying for express delivery. I gave a second chance to deliver and still it was not delivered. RIP Amazon Australia

Amazon Amazon Amazon......

Hey Mr. BEZOS, Do you really know what is happening in your business ....... Don't be fooled by Amazon's level of customer service, I recently (27 Nov.2018) purchased (and paid for) a Bosch Laser Measure and they sent me a rating survey, when I rated them low because I had not yet received my laser measure, they wrote me back as follows......
" Thank you for submitting a customer review on Amazon. After carefully reviewing your submission, your review could not be posted to the website. While we appreciate your time and comments, reviews must adhere to the following guidelines: http://www.amazon.com/review-guidelines"
So only positive feedback should be measured....Realllyyyy.......Amazon is blatantly suppressing critical feedback to improve their feedback rating.....C'mon mr.Bezos, mr. Bezos, mr.Bezos, do you realise what is really happening inside AMAZON...........

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