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Warning to sellers looking to do Amazon FBA - Customer service from India is atrocious / farcical

A warning to all Aussie sellers thinking of doing Amazon FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) their customer service is some of the worst I've ever encountered in 20 years. Full of copy and paste messages, no regard for customer welfare, misuse of power such as closing cases, misreading of serious issues, ignoring requests for supervisors, blocking phone number so you can't call back, run like a dictatorship. I am reporting them to the relevant Australian dept that deal with these matters as they will not get away with atrocious 3rd world customer service.

So if you are wanting to partner up with Amazon, beware.....you may not get far when you need help (and you will)

Worst customer service.

Customer service has no idea what "service" means. Faulty kindle cable - offered to send new one using promotional credit, credit didn't apply, had to call to get a refund. Tried to use promotional credit then was charged because book wasn't fulfilled by Amazon even though you can't even see details of book except for a Buy Now button. Misleading, customer service wouldn't even be receptive to the feedback to improve UX.

No product received and no refund

I bought 2 fitness dvds. After the expected delivery time frame elapsed I contacted Amazon to be told that the dvds were unavailable. I have asked for a refund and after waiting 2 weeks have not received. Don't buy from Amazon unless you are happy to waste your money. I'm not buying from them again. Not happy at all

No order for xmas

Never received my order.
Recieved some on the 16th December
Then nothing. Checked tracking they say the 10 January never ordering anything here again.
$150 missing.
You say free postage but you want picking charges..rip off

Great Customer Service

I purchased a book on Amazon Australia earlier this week and purchased the priority delivery option to ensure delivery within 2 days. The book didn’t come for 3 days and this was very inconvenient as I had gone on holiday by then. I contacted Amazon Australia about this issue and was so surprised with how quickly they got back to me and with how reasonable they were with finding a solution. I felt that they were really trying to make sure their customers have good experiences with them. I will definitely be using Amazon Australia again.

Highly recommend

Fantastic deals and cheap shipping, especially when you’re a Prime customer. It’s worth paying the small monthly fee for the offers and free shipping. Items are always sent quickly. I bought heaps from the Black Friday sales and leading up to Christmas and it was always hassle free

Absalutely ridiculous, playing with religious sentiments under some directions.

Shame Shame Shame Shame Shame Shame shame shame Shame Shame Shame Shame shame Shame Shame shame Shame shame Shame Shme

Non existent customer service

Purchased two kids tablets online hadn't come after a week called customer service they said looks like order was on hold for some reason they would get back to me within 24 hours,three days later called again same thing someone will get back to you within 24 hours still waiting three days later with no contact.Will never buy off Amazon again.

Oh no we can't enable twitch prime on your account

Most frustrating and disappointing experience for the majority of December 2018. Made purchases and received goods on amazon prime but can not use provided credit card info for twitch prime membership. Tried all avenues including Amazon's tech instructions !

Not so good in Australia

I have been an Amazon customer on their USA & UK sites for over 15 years. Never had one problem. I have used their AU site a few times and have run into problems 80% of the time. Damaged goods and misrepresentations. Amazon held back on publishing one of my product review warnings (to alert potential purchasers) until all of the the remaining stock had been sold first. They use Australia Post who are really rough with your goods in transit. I have had to return so many goods that were received damaged. Whilst with their Prime subscription service you get free shipping on select items, it is not worth it with the inconvenience caused in having to return damaged goods. Their marketplace sellers are not scrutinised and freely misrepresent the products they sell. I was excited about Amazon's arrival in Australia, but have been left disappointed. I would recommend shopping around before committing to purchase on their site. Cannot understand why they cannot follow their USA & UK level of service.

I paid for it; where is it?! Non-contactable. Buyer BEWARE!

I had order a present from my kids, after taking my $91 and waiting the promised 2 weeks, had to log in to see that has been returned to sender, no reason, no update whether I will be refunded at least, no contact information. One could click around on the website is much they would like, but it would just bring back to the same place with a list of excuses and making you feels its my problem, not theirs. They are too big and important for you to contact with no message ability, no email, no phone number, nothing. Shopping on Amazon is a gamble.

Avoid dealing with, they are thefts and have no manner of business as they dont even have a contact

They dont even deserve to be in business in Australia as they RIP you off, no customer service or even a call centre in Australia, they try to drag you in by saying we will contact you within 2 business days, unfortunately no action was done by them for months, had to cancel my account as they are a waste of time.

Tom Crazy Shopping Club Very Poor Customers Service.

Placed an order 4 a BIOFAMILY Infrared Lamp Heat Therapy Treatment IR Floor on the 12 Nov 2018.
Seller was tom crazy shopping club, emailed me that it has been shipped on the 12/11/2018.
On the 30 nov was told the product was lost in transit $ they've lost money at both sides, don't they have insurance on their goods? Then I was told there is 2 options that I could choose, send me a new product or a refund? Asked them 4 the brand name of the new product but was ignored, decided 2 get the refund as they don't have the gumption 2 give me the brand name of the product that they want 2 sell me. Never ever buying anything from tcsc ever again!!!!!!

Good To See

It's good to see that Amazon AU is moving to get its act together at last.

More volume, varity and better prices.

But not all!

Check each items price against the US site to make sure you are not over paying.

Crap delivery

"Guaranteed delivery" by Friday. Not a word. Then finally an email on Saturday, you will have it by 8pm... When your whole business model depends on efficient delivery, expecting people to adopt Amazon Prime for quick delivery, the least you can do is get the delivery right. The whole order process I was bombarded with "guaranteed delivery by Friday with Amazon Prime". So furious. I get one day is not a big deal but I needed it for Saturday and simply wouldn't have bothered if it wasn't going to be here, would have sourced it somewhere else. Again, when something is your core business, get it right!!

Amazon australia pricing crazy $13,000 for a pack of coat hangers

Go to www.amazon.com.au type into search box any item you might like, say in this case "coat hangers" and the sort by "Price high to low" RHS near top of page. Check out the results - what a joke. Try another "turtle" Papier-Mache Turtle $12,500. In fact try typing anything in search box and sort by "Price high to low" judge for yourself. Amazon cant even maintain a sensible website.

Shipping time from US to AU pretty quick

I ended up buying two Kipling bags one from Amazon Au and one from Amazon US. However both were to shipped from the USA. I was very disappointed with searching and pre-ordering processes on the websites, specifically from US one as it doesn’t show until the end that item can’t be posted to AU. However if the same item is available on AU website it can be posted but there is quite a price difference even though I have US website set to convert the amount to AU$. Anyways my Kipling bags that were ordered on Black Friday arrived today; almost a week earlier than ETA. I am quite happy and pleased with the bags and shipping times for sure.

Severe logistical problems

Despite Amazon prime, I'm now having to drive to the depot to pick up my Amazon ordered product, because Amazon failed to coordinate delivery. Furthermore the tracking has disappeared and indactes I have not made an order. Customer service promised to contact the courier to arrange for delivery that was never attempted (despite receiving an email from Amazon that delivery failed) however having just spoken to the courier they have no record of such. Terrible service and I'm having to pick up my order myself. Too many loopholes, not sags or confident to order from Amazon again. I hope the product itself is better than the service.

Service is so good and I think you should definitely try it.

On last black friday,. I have bought so many items and most of them arrived on Monday.. Then due to some issue with a postal service they were unable to deliver my ps4, on Tuesday when I contacted them. They were willing to send me another one and made it priority shipping and gave me a 10$ coupon as well. Also the price was what I paid on black friday deals price. Also i returned some ps4 games because I found them cheaper elsewhere and they were happy to refund me for those as well. So I think you should definitely try them. Also don't forget to use cashrewards to save some more money.

Wish amazon australia never happened...

Most of the items i would buy from the US were here within a week or so and cheapet, but after the launch of amazon australia looks like i can hardly buy anything now from the US. Getting forced to use AU one and the stuff on there either isnt there or is treble the price.

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