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overly priced

Checked Amazon Japan for Asics Gel-Kayano 24. priced at 9000yen =AU$90( or less with exchange rate). when I checked same shoes in Amazon Australia is $219.64. so there is price difference of almost $130!!. If I bought 10 pairs of shoes, then $1300 difference. I might as well go to Japan for holiday. No wonder Amazon CEO is rich, but not with my money though....Amazon Australia is VERY VERY EXPENSIVE.

Unfair Exchange

Set out to buy Xmas presents using Amazon for the first time...
Here an item for purchase on; amazon.com [USA] = $13.50 + Shipping $6.99 = $20.49. Website says they “Deliver to Australia” until you sign up and get to the checkout too discover - NOT!

Same item using; amazon.com.au [AUS] = $53.72 Free Delivery. What Type o' Fairy-dust are they thinking?
This does not equate fairly to currency exchange rates!? [$20.49USD = $27.9021AUD approx. to date 5/12/18]

[-] Unaffordable

Aussie Scam Tax - Thanks Amazon

Introducing the AUSSIE TAX - Amazon Australia simply forces the AU market to buy form the .com.au website and in doing so ensures everyone pays a higher price to fund their AU branch setup.

It should be illegal. But again big corporations do what they want.

Today the same item from the same vendor, was $1100AUD (after conversion) from Amazon.com - went to Amazon.com.au and it was $1400.

Lost my item and will not refund

So my order was supposed to arrive on 22 Nov but it is now 30 Nov. They said the parcel was lost in transit and will refund my order during the initial contact. But they did not update me on the progress for 5 days. Money down the drain. Would not deal with them ever again! Do not recommend!

AMAZON.com blocks you before you can do a negative review! Buyers beware! Petsafe Houndabout Dog Str

AMAZON.com (US site) blocks you before you can do a negative review! Buyers beware! Petsafe Houndabout Dog Stroller
I paid $600AUD on a Petsafe Houndabout Dog Stroller 3 years ago which I bought from Amazon.com. I bought it because it had a lifetime warranty on parts. I used the pram doing basic daily walks and two weeks ago one of the parts connecting the front wheel arm to the pram just exploded. I contacted Amazon, only to be told that I had to contact the manufacturer, Petsafe. I contacted Petsafe head office in US only to have my contact sent to Australia (where I live) and was then told because we do not sell those strollers in Australia, I have to pursue warranty from Amazon. I went back to Amazon & they wont help. I went back to Petsafe & they wont help. The lifetime warranty is obviously a lie. I tried to do a review on Amazon to warn other international buyers about my experience & AMAZON.COM blocked me from doing a review because it was going to be negative. BUYERS BEWARE as Amazon reviews do not represent the truth from customers who had experienced problems. I will be pursuing this with the US equivalent of our Australian Ombudsman as this is extremely poor customer service by both Petsafe.com & Amazon.com.

Amazone Prime Service is terrible service

Buy televisions 55” on amazone, used Amazone Prime Service, expecting item arrived 2 business days service but item never arrived on time. They setting up date and time item arrive but item never arrived without confirmation. Just terrible waiting all day with nothing.

Used To Be Good But Now You Can't Order Anything Good

I used to buy a few things from the Amazon US site as I loved the prices and the service I would receive as my packages would arrive in good time, but since the Australian version of Amazon started the whole thing has become an impossible joke. I tried to order something simple from the Amazon site and it turns out that the product was only located in the US but ok I'm still happy to buy it, however when I went into the checkout it wouldn't let me ship it to Australia! I then tried to order some shampoos and conditioners which mind you I had ordered before (again these products aren't available in Aus) but this time the prices had increased dramatically. I was now going to be charged $30AU per bottle + shipping whereas previously I would only pay $12-$15AU per bottle + shipping. I then went to iherb and managed to pay $10 per bottle and received free shipping!

As online customers we have become used to being able to find what we want for a good price and we expect it to be delivered in an acceptable time frame. I don't understand why Amazon has gone down this new path of making it so difficult for Australian customers to purchase products from the US. I would have thought them starting up an Australian operation would have made things easier for us to access the products we want to buy but in fact all they have done is restrict us. There are so many other options out there so all you have done is pushed your customers to other sites. If it was all due to the fact the Aus Government decided to introduce the GST to all overseas purchases well then that's just stupid as all you have to do is apply it at the checkout like you would shipping. Wake up to yourselves Amazon as you are missing out on a lot of potential revenue from this country!

Excellent service

The Amazon store is a breeze to navigate and is has a great range of products. The product I purchased was new and of good quality.

Amazon Australia Hopeless

First time user, ordered a book. After 3 weeks and the expected delivery time was missed, I followed up. The chat representative was not helpful. They indicated my credit card was declined as the credit had pasted its expiry, so added a current card and the order was accepted and then they pre authorised my new card for their premium membership service. The card is fine, so I ordered from Dymocks for same price. Amazon did not even attempted to reorder to check if they card was a issue, they continually told me to check with my bank. I would recommend to use Dymocks for books, eBay, Kogan or local retailers as they are far more efficient than Amazon. I would wait a couple of years before retrying Amazon in Australia until they can fix their customer service delivery and processes.

Amazon cant be trusted

I bought a food processor from amazon a few months back,
Amazon shipped it fast. However price went down after a few weeks on amazon. I asked the customer care to price match but the said I have to send it back and buy a new one. Not worth the hassle but I wouldnt have expected amazon to ask that.
So i posted the line on amazon in the product review of the product. However the review was rejected. I was shocked. Having used amazon in other countries I thought it was little bit trustworthy. I should be allowed to say my experience especially However they didnt. After this experience I dont think Amazon or its product reviews can be trusted especially by me.
Just my 2 cents

Better then Ebay

When Amazon originally dropped in Australia I could confess I wasn't a big fan. Overpriced and low in stock. A few months later and looking for Christmas presents I've fallen in love with the site. I was so use to Ebay and it's terrible service such as poor packaging that left the product damaged or waiting for a package that was being shipped from around the corner for months. Amazon cares with its packaging. The product usually coming in a box and the item being wrapped in protective material. Amazon Prime is awesome. I of course started off with the trial and with free delivery of products in Australia it's been incredibly cheap and I would receive the item 2-3 days later.

The site is still growing and it'll eventually start to match the US but in comparison think of how far Netflix Australia has developed.

Price comparison re- 2nd hand book

I found the book (paperback) required easily on both US and Oz sites.

The US had several pages of candidates ranging from US$5 through $US50+ / per item or so. There were 17 new and abt 150 2nd hand.

Oz had 3 items - 2 new - 1 not new (yet undefined) - at AU$70 /item - free delivery. The US site claimed on front page to ship to Australia. Yet when I got to US checkout was refused delivery as I expected. The range of product in Oz was limited with no 2nd hand options.

OZ Amazon has some catching up to do ....I would have paid say AU$20 for a fair condition 2nd hand copy.

Australian's are ignored as they can't work out the GST

I get emails from Amazon, some how their Algorithms have worked out I've been looking at something. You get almost all the way through the sale and then they say, Sorry we won't deliver to Australia. Amazon learn some manners

A simple order became a nightmare

Tried to purchase some hardware. First order went through without a problem.
Then got email stating send the information below to our secure fax line at +6567220329:
-- A copy of your statement for your Visa ending in XX.
Who has a fax machine these days and what right has amazon has insist seeing my bank statement. After numerous calls the phone operators (1800 571 894)could not resolve the problem. First and last time I am using amazon.com.au

Buying from Amazon in Australia is a joke

I understand that Amazon decided to give the middle finger to the Australian government over the whole GST collection debacle. The problem now is not that i cant get items from Amazon US. It is that when i log into Amazon au i go to buy an item it says plainly in the box on the right that it ships to Australia. Then at checkout it tells me that because im in Australia the item cant be shipped to me What is the point of Amazon AU if it directs to items in the US still? Might as well stick a jpg of a middle finger on the site.

Will not be using Amazon again.

At least when it goes wrong you can get a refund

Recently was scammed by an online USA computer retailer www.newegg.com, There is no recourse and they have gone ghost, I did this because the same items where cheaper then on Amazon or Aussie retailers. The lesson learnt is that things can be much worse, Thanks to our predecessors for our retail protections. Your local retailer will also take returns and best of all they live in your town and are just down the road if it all goes pear shaped.

Failed to deliver Item - told to reorder!!

Redirected our mail without our permission, when i pointed out that was theft because we'd paid for the item, was given a refund and told to reorder it. Pre-order game arriving 2 weeks after release? Yea, will not be ordering anything physical from them again.

Pre-order Fallout 76 from Amazon (by Amazon): 3rd Nov
Game release: 14th Nov
Game shipped: 16th Nov (WTH already)
Game est delivery: 20th Nov
Call Amazon because we've not got the game: 23rd Nov
Told it's being sent back, given refund, told to reorder.
Priority Shipping Est Delivery of I order today: 21st Nov (2 weeks after release).
What a joke. Did not reorder, will buy elsewhere and pay the extra to actually receive my item.

Brilliant, convenient, fast, reliable

When Amazon first arrived in Australia I was sceptical. Now I'm a fan. They don't always have the best pricing, so do your homework, as you would with ANY purchase. Delivery is always super fast, if I order on a Friday afternoon I usually have the product by Tuesday morning. I'm a prime member too which gives access to Prime Video, Twitch Prime, and Amazon Prime. I think Amazon arriving in Australia has shaken up the retail market and after a slow start they have upped their game.


Joined Amazon Australia yesterday to purchase $3,000 computer. Order confirmation received. Next email “your account can’t be verified, account locked” fax details to ...... Rang customer service 4 times gave bank phone number. 3am same email. Rang customer service this morning, person answering phone said they would process payment. Not really wanting to give foreigner person I don’t know my details but did stupidly, card number expiry date including pin on back and also wanted to know my customer number. Text from bank someone in India using card. Wow AMAZON AUSTRALIA. And no one to contact other than person I gave my card details to.

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Amazon Australia locked my account then unlocked my account so I stupidly ordered the same computer AGAIN after receiving a new credit card (after they hacked my first one) they then sent email comfirming order and AGAIN promptly locked my account. I can unlock my account by faxing my bank statements to a Singapore fax number 6567220329 or call their Philippines “AUSTRALIA” contact number 1800571894. After over 20 calls they will not help I officially give up it is impossible to deal with these morons. Why “PRETEND” to be in Australia when you are in the Philippines and want people to fax bank statements to Singapore. There is nothing Australia about “ AMAZON AUSTRALIA” dealing with these Morons has been one of the worst most frustrating experiences EVER. If you value your mental health DO NOT deal with these idiots.

Worst service ever

I tried making a purchase on amazon.com.au and was charged twice, heavily effecting my budget for the week. I called customer service and they said that the second charge was a pre-authorization charge which made sense so I kept an eye out for one of the charges to be refunded. After that they took their time to ship it out (I don't know how they expect something to arrive at the earliest the day after it's sent). To finish things off they ended up refunding both charges and then double charging me a second time.

Stay away from Amazon Australia, it is a poorly run service.

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