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Amazon ,,,,,well i spent a fair bit on amazon over the past few months and i must say ,now after looking back i could have bought most of it from the other sources for the same price or in some cases cheaper and received it quicker and and found better quality ...please people dont just jump onto amazon!!!!!shop around ...some of the goods are from countries which have a reputation for no quality hence my dissapointment with goods that failed and was past the time to return ..Sorry amazon but i only talk TRUTH always!!!!!

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Amazon Australia is always sufficiently different from the US version that it's next to useless

Amazon Prime doesn't have the shows that attract me to Prime as it is in the US. Amazon often pushes ads in my face that, when they do catch my interest, turn out to only apply to US customers. I'm sure Amazon is fine for US customers and users, but it's next to useless in Australia. Check it for bargains, if you like - just don't see it as the one-stop-shop it pretends to be.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
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Too expensive by a long shot.

I have made several attempts to make purchases on Amazon Australia over the last few months. The most recent was a new Fujifilm camera and crockery last week. In a word, they are expensive. In all cases I could buy for less instore or online in Australia. I purchased the camera instore in Newsted. The only plus they seem to have is taking you to the item you want, without showing you multiple irrelevant items.

Amazon's faulty payment system

My son ordered a Kindle book for me for Christmas. Amazon rejected his credit card twice, so we used my credit card instead, which worked immediately. Later Amazon decided to access my son's credit card as well, and charged the $14.99, plus the 40% Australian tax of $10.99 to my son. We accept the cost of the book and tax, but we do not accept that we have been charged twice for one book. I have written to Amazon's Facebook page three times about this, and they politely referred me to their returns and refunds page. I have received only one copy of the book, so it isn't that problem. Their problem pages do not cover incidents of Amazon's double dipping. It is a fault with Amazon's system, as they have no way of checking the transactions. I spent an hour on the telephone speaking to their (Indian?) call centre. The lass was polite, but so far Amazon still have done nothing to rectify the fault. I have now paid $40.97 for a $14.99 book. Not happy Jan.

very average delivery

I have ordered The Crown series 2 --I thought I was dealing with Amazon Australia and was surprised to find that it would take at least a month to deliver . So, firstly a good company would warn customers that the goods are coming from overseas and would be delivered by another company . If I'd known this at the beginning I would not have proceeded with the order . I paid the money in good faith and shortly after the order was placed I was told that the goods had been shipped . However, it was not until this point that I was told that delivery would be between 22.1.2019 and the 6.2.2019 . I suspect this email gives Amazon the authority to ''take my money '' even though I do not have the goods . It's now the 26th so we are heading towards being late for the shipment but I have no way of knowing because there is no tracking available . From reading other reviews I see that I'm not the only one complaining about a lack of tracking facilities . Eventually Amazon Australia will start breaking our consumer laws which are much stricter than those in America and the ACCC will investigate and then the fun will begin .

Not so good in Australia

I have been an Amazon customer on their USA & UK sites for over 15 years. Never had one problem. I have used their AU site a few times and have run into problems 80% of the time. Damaged goods and misrepresentations. Amazon held back on publishing one of my product review warnings (to alert potential purchasers) until all of the the remaining stock had been sold first. They use Australia Post who are really rough with your goods in transit. I have had to return so many goods that were received damaged. Whilst with their Prime subscription service you get free shipping on select items, it is not worth it with the inconvenience caused in having to return damaged goods. Their marketplace sellers are not scrutinised and freely misrepresent the products they sell. I was excited about Amazon's arrival in Australia, but have been left disappointed. I would recommend shopping around before committing to purchase on their site. Cannot understand why they cannot follow their USA & UK level of service.

Severe logistical problems

Despite Amazon prime, I'm now having to drive to the depot to pick up my Amazon ordered product, because Amazon failed to coordinate delivery. Furthermore the tracking has disappeared and indactes I have not made an order. Customer service promised to contact the courier to arrange for delivery that was never attempted (despite receiving an email from Amazon that delivery failed) however having just spoken to the courier they have no record of such. Terrible service and I'm having to pick up my order myself. Too many loopholes, not sags or confident to order from Amazon again. I hope the product itself is better than the service.

Price comparison re- 2nd hand book

I found the book (paperback) required easily on both US and Oz sites.

The US had several pages of candidates ranging from US$5 through $US50+ / per item or so. There were 17 new and abt 150 2nd hand.

Oz had 3 items - 2 new - 1 not new (yet undefined) - at AU$70 /item - free delivery. The US site claimed on front page to ship to Australia. Yet when I got to US checkout was refused delivery as I expected. The range of product in Oz was limited with no 2nd hand options.

OZ Amazon has some catching up to do ....I would have paid say AU$20 for a fair condition 2nd hand copy.

Mixed results

I've had very mixed results purchasing from Amazon AU. My first few order were successful, good price and quick delivery, however this has changed rapidly, I've had an order that did not ship despite Amazon stating the item was "on its way", the item was never delivered, which resulted in a refund and recently I've ordered items that have taken several days for the order status to change from ordered to shipped, again despite the Amazon AU site stating the item would ship the next day, and this has been for items fulfilled by Amazon in Australia. I've also found that Amazon pricing isn't very competitive. For a company that sells itself as being a logistic power house, my experience hasn't been very impressive. I personally find eBay to be a better place for purchasing online, a wider variety of products, competitive pricing, accurate shipping and delivery information and more established.

Never Again

Recently used Amazon Au to buy a few DVD'S. Took my payment and card details then nothing. Logged back into my account shows no items purchased. Then after 2 weeks later my card shows a payment taken by Amazon AU. So I log back into my account shows no purchases. i will never purchase from them again..dodgy dodgy dodgy..

Now using Fastway to “deliver”, so expect to have to collect your order from a depot 30km away that’

Pricing on the website is not particularly competitive, but some items are cheaper here than elsewhere. But your chances of actually receiving anything you buy is small, as Fastway will either lose your parcel or not deliver it and force you to drive to their depot to collect it.

Extremely slow and only average prices

I signed up with Amazon and bought a product - Stone Benchtop Power Cleaner - from an Australian based company - that ships directly itself. It has been over a week and my purchased product is still not marked as dispatched. I emailed the company about this using the Amazon site and have had zero reply after more than 3 business days. Not even sure what has happened. No communication from the company at all. Will not be using Amazon again, first and last time. Will be returning to my usual reliable site of eBay from now on where I have never experienced these sorts of delays or issues.

Not The Best Prices!

Too expensive. Everything i looked at was far more expensive on Amazon.com.au than just about any other online retailer i compared it to. I thought Amazon were 'supposed' to be the best prices online. No, it seems the opposite here in Australia. I would buy products from there if (if) they were cheaper, but again, i am yet to find that product that is! Maybe over the years it will get better - maybe.


Was looking for a Rega turntable speed regulator motor. Amazon’s price was up to $1200. Brought a new one from a Melbourne audio specialist store for $450. Have used the USA and UK stores before and found them fantastic. Since we are now limited to the Australian site only it has been very disappointing. Have even deleted their app now as I won’t use Amazon Australia

Australian Sticks With Amazon USA

I'll be objective and start by saying that I shop a lot on Amazon and have done for a fair while now, but I speak of Amazon USA not the new Aussie one. There's a reason why and that is the range, designer labels and price, even when converted to AUD is about 40% cheaper than here. I'll state also here I have no vested interest in speaking about any retail outlet, so I write this unbiasedly.
To go shop in the USA whether it be Amazon or any store over there who doesn't ship Internationally firstly you need an address there, secondly you need a forwarding company. The forwarding company gives you a suite in their premises with a number and you use their US address, hence any US store will ship it to there, forwarding company handle the paperwork, GST and put it on airfreight for you at a competitive rate and down it comes.

When I first started buying my stuff in the States which I did because the prices and simply because the brands, styles, sizes, choices etc just are not available here because of the cost to retailers to ship down the Australia.

Forwarding I used firstly (I still have a suite there) was MyUS in Sarasota FL but I switched to USGoBuy in Portland OR, who allow me to consolidate for 60 days. I can purchase things I want from all over America and when I've got a load they put everything in my suite in one box instead of sending them one by one and saves me heaps in shipping and airfreight, you have a choice of economy (8-12 days shipping time) through to priority (3-5 days) but that costs.
I have all my goods from Amazon USA shipped directly to Portland and most times it's free shipping to Oregon anyway.

In summary; I think Amazon here has a long way to go and they may improve as time goes on only time will tell, However the difference between Amazon (Australia) at this time and Amazon (USA) is a very LONG country mile and interspersed with pure daylight, so my Amazon shopping for the foreseeable future will remain in the United States of America.


I brought blouse from Amazon Australia when it didn't fit I had to send it back to Amazon USA cost more than half the cost of the refund Amazon was at fault as there size guide was not correct

Ok price but slow delivery

Found they had a blood pressure monitor for $35 less than Harvey Norman and shipped via Australia post, so decided to order online.

However communication was non existent. They only sent the thing on the day they had promised it would be delivered.

Bloody not good enough, they are a joke. Ebay sellers are far more reliable.

More than DOUBLE USA AMAZON payed for item at Aus Amazon

Old gringo cowboy boots would be considered a luxury item by any standard. They're my achilles heel - i so love them, i have 5 pairs. Amazon USA was my go-2 online store to purchase these; they cost $300-$550 with freight usually around $20! AMAZON AUS have a tiny crap selection of Old Gringo and are charging $1200 a pair. Jesus wept and so did I. i honestly expected nothing less than outrageous prices compared to US Amazon

I have had the Amazon USA account for 15 years and truly, i feel like i have been dropped like a bag of trash. I didn't count the $’s i have spent with them, but i was happy to pay because of the most incredible selection of goods on earth. Not to mention the great freight costs. Aus Amazon WILL NEVER STOCK 1% of the variety of merchandise the US company has. The world outside aus was always there yet aus stores have had virtually no selection of products for years. Amazon Aus will be no different.

Essential to understand terms and conditions

I bought online. Make certain to read the Terms and Conditions. I was attracted by an emblazoned ad for 10% off. That particular ad has now disappeared but there are others similar online now. I did not get any discount. Seems I had to spend just under $80 (my order was $65). My second purchase was $56.90, same problem but ALSO would not have qualified if it was over the $79. Reason - “items should be sold and fulfilled by Amazon”. My purchase was from Amazon. com. au, the supplier is number 4 in Amazon.com.au top sellers, but NOT considered as being fulfilled by Amazon. Buyer BEWARE.

Disappointed, will never use again.

I ordered 2 items which were both 'in stock' last Thursday. Today is Tuesday and my order is still awaiting shipment. This is the 2nd time I have experienced this long wait for an order from Amazon AUS and I will not use them again.
I have never experienced any delivery issues with the e ?Amazon USA site, so why is the local Amazon such a disgrac
Stay away, their service is appalling.

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