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Amazon, good service but is it always true

Bought a variety of products, all have met description and not been anything but average to great. automatic prime subscription is a bit dodge

Tom Crazy Shopping Club Very Poor Customers Service.

Placed an order 4 a BIOFAMILY Infrared Lamp Heat Therapy Treatment IR Floor on the 12 Nov 2018.
Seller was tom crazy shopping club, emailed me that it has been shipped on the 12/11/2018.
On the 30 nov was told the product was lost in transit $ they've lost money at both sides, don't they have insurance on their goods? Then I was told there is 2 options that I could choose, send me a new product or a refund? Asked them 4 the brand name of the new product but was ignored, decided 2 get the refund as they don't have the gumption 2 give me the brand name of the product that they want 2 sell me. Never ever buying anything from tcsc ever again!!!!!!

Good To See

It's good to see that Amazon AU is moving to get its act together at last.

More volume, varity and better prices.

But not all!

Check each items price against the US site to make sure you are not over paying.

At least when it goes wrong you can get a refund

Recently was scammed by an online USA computer retailer www.newegg.com, There is no recourse and they have gone ghost, I did this because the same items where cheaper then on Amazon or Aussie retailers. The lesson learnt is that things can be much worse, Thanks to our predecessors for our retail protections. Your local retailer will also take returns and best of all they live in your town and are just down the road if it all goes pear shaped.

Order muck up

I bought 2 items online from amazon au.first is a set of Bluetooth ear buds for my Fitbit watch which arrived before the due date.second was an order for a NordicTrack C1650 treadmill which I received an invoice for but no payment taken out as they gave me a rough delivery date .so after getting a message on my amazon account saying they will let me know when the item is being shipped I waited for 9 days to wake this morning and think I should email them.on doing so I received an email to say this item is unavailable and we will give you a $5 credit to spend on you next purchase.why couldn’t they just say this in the first place.anyways I contacted proform au and the sales guy rang me.gave me a really good deal on the 1295I treadmill which I purchased straight away and is being shipped today and should arrive sometime Tuesday or Wednesday.as I’m self employed I loose money everyday I’m home so when it arrives in Adelaide the depot will contact me to make a time for delivery.i should have bought from this mob in the first place.does anyone want a $5 voucher...ha

Love / Hate it

I got my kindle in the shops, i absolutely Love it, but my husband has become unemployed, and while he is unemployed I cannot afford to buy eBooks, so I have to borrow from our local library, BUT Kindle do not allow you to read library books on their device in Australia, so I have to read on my phone.
I have been thinking about this and because of this, I will buy a tablet when my husband is re employed, it will be much more wider variety and choice for m reading.
Like I say I have always loved my Kindle but it is way too exclusive and there for not for me.

Was great, now mediocre. Very anti Australian.

My initial purchase from Amazon Australia was seamless, fast and very cheap. I couldn't rate it higher. I was a prime video subscriber and the conversion to Prime was just as easy (all with inadequate information about this process). I was all ready to enjoy prime and the upcoming prime day deals when the GST debacle occured and Amazon's poor handling of its collection. Suddenly cut off from a service I was using for years and left with a site where the prices were now heavily raised. Since then I have not found a deal that was worth the effort, and prime day came and went with nothing that was attractive. Amazon feels like a fishpond clone here. Amazing the FeeBay seems more affordable and reasonable.

My interest in the brand has drastically diminished. From excitement to (cut and past responses from their PR people)... Sorry, couldn't be bothered any more.

Amazon Australia, the good and the not so good

I have bought hundreds of movies, TV shows and books from Amazon sites in the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany and France. Now I have been forced to buy from Amazon Australia. The range is obviously not as comprehensive as in the USA and the UK, although Australia is competitive with Germany and France. The price for items available directly from Amazon Australia and US are usually competitive, while the prices from third parties vary wildly. The lack of a Your Lists options means anything you may consider buying in future needs to be added to your cart and then saved for later. If you want to pre-order an item that is available via Amazon US there is a pre-order price guarantee. Although this is not obvious I pre-rodered an item and was not charged.

An expensive clothing measurement fiasco

CIKRILAN Women's 3 in 1 Windproof Waterproof Breathable Coat Ladies Outdoor Sport Camping Jacket with Fleece Jacket (X-Large, Purple) Sold by: AUmansmoer $102.99
Return was requested What a joke Amazon I cannot return this item because it has been opened.Amazon Australia Size Chart is not Australian consumer friendly. A phone call was made to Amazon Australia before ordering and the operator couldn't help me with sizes. I did all the measurements as suggested. The measurements don't correlate for example the heights and kgs are wrong. I have ordered outdoor coats from the US Amazon Prime website and have had no problem with sizes, I had to open the item to see if it fitted me and it didn't. I contacted the seller who replied within two days.The seller suggested I make a gift of the coat and then buy another one at a reduced price. I requested a return so I could reorder another one. No reply. The delivery and quality of the coat were excellent.

Review would be great if i hadn't been sent the wrong colour phone

I Purchased a phone from Amazon.com and the shipping was great, the tracking of the shipping was also great, the ease of checking updates on order via my Amazon account was also great. Unfortunately i was sent the wrong colour phone. As i live in Australia and i ordered a product that didn't ship to Australia i had to ship via shopmate, which was fine but the issue is returning the device to Amazon. The return process if i lived in america appears to be easy but as i live in Australia it was too hard and would have cost me to return. Although i appreciate that i have caused my self issues with the return (Which i decided was to hard). I would have expected Amazon to get a phone colour correct. I Will however happily order from them again as i wouldn't expect the same mistake to be made again.


Whilst it may be slightly cheaper to buy on-line it makes returning items extremely time consuming and difficult. I was recently asked to take a video of a product which I was having immense trouble assembling. Once assembled with the help of my husband, the item worked for a very limited time. If I had bought this item from say a large department store, I could return it personally without having to go to the trouble of making a video. A refund would be given immediately and the problem resolved. I have now boxed the item and posted it back to the seller. Do I receive a refund - who knows?

check return postage and refunds policy before you buy outsourced items

Buyer beware. Bought shoes through the amazon aust website, first purchase, and rarely shop online though I do buy E books for kindle. Shoes were outsourced through third party company but they were too large. I have to pay return postage but if i had of bought directly through outsourced company website, free return postage. Very disappointed but should have checked the return policy before I made a purchase. The delivery of goods was very fast and the response from Amazon marketing was swift.


I would like someone from Amazon to tell me why there is such a price discrepancy between Amazon USA and Amazon Australia. For example a book I wanted to buy "Luther and Katharina" by Jody Hedlund is $1.99 on the USA site of Amazon and $15.99 on the Australian site which I buy from living in Australia. Why is this so, I can understand adding on to the price the exchange rate but why have a sale on Amazon USA and discriminate against us in Australia. And this is not the first time, it happens lots, but this time it annoyed me enough to complain.

Good player, but very slow

I really like the Amazon player compared with Netflix- a lot of information, trivia, details on actors, etc. The big knocks are that it is very slow in Australia- a problem I don't experience with Netflix. A lot of buffering that impacts my viewing experience. Some shows Netflix does not have, but you often need a subscription to other channels like HBO, Showtime, etc. to view shows. Middling performance, with speed being the big issue.

Excellent range, great prices, horrible shipping costs

The only reason I would ever want to live in the USA is for Amazon. They are that good in regards to their product range and prices.

The one thing that I absolutely despise about Amazon is their awful, awful, awful shipping costs. We can all agree that a video game, a dvd and a bluray are essentially the same thing, right? Not according to Amazon! A DVD will set you back roughly $6.00 shipping. A video game almost $12.00. Want to add a bookmark to your order? That'll be another $6 on top of the $12 for your video games (this actually happend to me). A book will set you back $11.00 shipping, despite Amazon owning the Book Depository, which offer free shipping. But the most baffling thing, and the thing that annoys me more than anything is, is that they do offer cheap shipping on others things. I purchased a Royal Doulton Bulldog, about the size of an orage + a Funko Pop Vinyl figure. Total shipping cost for both was $8.53 AUD. These two items weigh considerably more than a video game, also cost more, yet was $3.50 cheaper for two items.

I have contacted Amazon customer service many times about this issue with how they calculate shipping and not one of them could explain to me how they come up with their shipping costs to Australia. I question whether this is nothing more than trying to make a bit extra on top, but the best thing they could do for the international customer is offer flat rate shipping, much like Iherb, which has flat rate shipping to Australia for $4.00 if you spend over a certain amount. Why they can't do this, I don't know, but it would make me have a more positive view towards Amazon.

Great range - however a lot of stock not available to Australia?

I've started to buy more and more stock online for the reason that Australian retailers are inflating their prices far higher than needed. Its typical that Aussie retailers are just getting greedier and greedier every year and I got sick of it about two years ago.

I've used Amazon since late 2011 and purchased things like Pelican Cases, CD's, Maglite's and Maglite upgrades and never had an issue with the service or delivery or packaging. Most have been quick and packaged very well!

My biggest gripe is that most of the products eg: Washer Punches that you make tap seal washers are not available to Australia as the edge is 'sharp' WTF? Anything with an edge is not available? This is a real big let down personally and terrible let down from Amazon.com!!

Anyhow, I've tried to find the other things that I need on eBay - however constantly find that the quality is not as good or as cheap?
easily navigable online store, interesting and cheaper products than eBay and large variety
Many items are not available to Australia - which limits variety and wastes time!

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