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Amazon is good.

I am fairly satisfied with Amazon AU. Although I did do an order and for some strange reason it didn't get delivered to me but trying to get a refund was a bit difficult due to the "live chat" and having to explain at least 5 times what the item was but they eventually understood. I don't like the way the sellers list an item for about a week or so then take the listing away, just about when you want to purchase it. Its fairly similar to Ebay and I buy from Ebay too. The refund process seems straight forward If you need to obtain a refund for whatever reason.

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Some good bargains at times. Prime membership affordable and worthwhile, esp. in WA

Although the range is not what it is in the US, it is not half bad. There are often some very good specials to be had. For those in WA, who normally have to wait over a week for goods shipped from Eastern States, the Prime membership means you can get things in a couple of days instead and Prime movies is a nice bonus. The prime membership is well priced, and more beneficial than, say, eBay Plus in my opinion (which restricts the range).

No issues with orders, except one order which was nowhere near as well packaged as it should have been. I contacted support, who responded very quickly and provided a satisfactory outcome and also took steps to prevent it from happening again for that particular product. Can't really ask for more.

Amazon is at the mercy of its carrier: what to do if you have a delivery issue

I do agree with the general comments regarding Australian Amazon as being the biggest flop of the century, but will focus on my specific experience. The 4 stars is for the speedy refund I was granted, not the shopping experience. I actually did find a camera for a great price so ordered it, all went smoothly - until the carrier Fastway claimed they'd left it at my front door (they hadn't). I've never had this experience before with any of the multitude of goods I've ordered from various companies and countries over the years. Fastway would not pick up their phones. I contacted Amazon who said to allow them 2 days to investigate. In the meantime, I found the deeply buried "Amazon A-Z guarantee Lost and Stolen Package" on Amazon's own site, and got in touch with NSW Fair Trading. FT said that the responsibility for missing goods was the seller's as they had made the contract with the carrier; in the event I got nowhere with Amazon, FT would pursue it for me. I contacted Amazon after 2 days and was not impressed to learn nothing had been done with my original query, however the 2nd girl was extremely helpful - especially when I said I wanted a refund quoting the A-Z guarantee! She organised one for me immediately. So what to do if the carrier claims it has delivered, but there is no parcel:
Phone Amazon and mention their A-Z guarantee straight away. This states you can get a refund for a missing parcel if there has been no proof of delivery (i.e you didn't sign for it). IF that doesn't work for any reason, file a case with Fair Trading and they will get your money back. You DO have rights as a consumer!

Excellent service

I have purchased a lot of products from amazon Australia site and have found them to be completely professional and have excellent customer service with seamless transactions sent something back and was refunded within two business days can’t fault this company

Not .com but getting better

Not the range I was used to at amazon.com, however now I get free postage by joining Prime, I use the global store and spend over $49 to gain the free international postage. I also have free use of 100,s of books and movies/TV series. Joining Prime has enhanced my amazon aus experience. There are still great bargains to be found, it just depends what you are looking for. Ara ladies boots $73 delivered. Cost to buy here would be over $300. 4 litres of OMO liquid $9.99, I would pay more than that for 1 litre. You just need to be able to take advantage of the offers when they are available.

Good but not great.

Been using them for the past month or so. Service and prices are good but no where near as what they're doing in the US.

Amazon are usually cooperate and courteous

I've only had 1 bad experience with Amazon, but generally speaking they're very cooperative and on the ball. They're very good when it comes to returns etc. Free delivery is not something you usually get elsewhere so that's good.

Top notch

Sadly I may not be able to buy from them for longer cut of the bloody gst , aus dollar going down too

Massive selection, excellent customer service and competitive prices!

Have spent thousands and thousands of $$ at Amazon. Why? They have a massive selection of items that ship to Australia, all the items have heaps of useful reviews and they do fast shipping. I have also found many items are actually cheaper than OZ retailers. What's not to like? Returns.. Posting items back to Amazon US costs a fortune, they do pay for it, but only 50% of the cost.

Amazon America rules especially for Kindle

I visit Amazon Store very often, sometimes daily, mostly to buy books.

I rarely buy books on paper any more unless I need them and they are not available in digital format. This being the case, and Kindle being a free app, I have buying an reading books on Kindle for many years at very affordable or cheap prices (and some of the classics for free). Most digital serious books in Amazon would cost you around 9-10 American.bucks, some academic ones included (these ones always tend to be most expensive, though). I have found many Kindle books being more expensive that the ones on paper, but this is not the rule but the exception..

I usually buy my books, Kindle or not, by using "Buy with a click" button. You just press the button, and voila --. Easy and dangerous. If the book is digital, is delivered to your device/s immediately and a confirmation sale email is sent to your mail box. If you buy a hard copy book, the process is the same, but your order takes a while to be processed and dispatched. The process of fulfilling the order is not immediate, even if the book is in stock, so you have a sort of natural cooling period to cancel your order if you decide so.

Delivery times of paper books I have bought in the past are around 15 business days, but varies from product to product.

In the past, I have bought books that were very expensive in Australia at half the price from Amazon America, same book, same edition, same everything. And that is despite the high fees. That is worth the wait, the price of books in Australia being so abusive.

Unfortunately, Australians cannot buy some of the mp3 music and albums, at the ridiculous prices Americans buy them. They just tell you that you cannot buy that product from your part of the world. The same happens with some fashion brands and items, which are sold in Australia way more expensive, sometimes three times more expensive. Unless you have an American address to redirect your purchases, you won;t be able to buy any. It sucks!

With regards to Amazon Australia.... that is an Amazing Mutant, because it is a replica of Amazon USA minus the good things.The only good thing is that you can pay in Australian Dollars, saving in currency conversion fees. That is it! The volume and variety of books, for example, is way reduced. If you have magazine subscriptions and move your account to the Australian site your subscription will be cancelled. Isn't that sound nonsense? Why opening that sort of Amazon? Probably because Australian retailers want to keep their rip off polices untouched and abuse us every day.

If you are new to Amazon and are making your first purchase, you might find that the system can be a bit annoying demanding your VISA to be verified, something that I recommend anybody doing before ordering anything, just in case. Most online retailers do not require this any more and Amazon might not, but they did when I started buying from them.

I found Amazon Customer system in the past kind, very well organised, but robotic and very frustrating despite them wanting to help. The good thing is that only required their help once in the last 15 years.

I would like us to have something like Amazon in Australia. It is not just the books. It is everything!

Long-time customer, generally very happy

I've been ordering regularly from Amazon for the past 4 years with great results on the whole. Even with postage costs, many toys, games, books and DVDs still work out significantly cheaper ordered direct from them. I now order almost all gifts from Amazon.
Generally, they dispatch orders very promptly and the items arrive well within the time frame provided. With books and DVDs you can select a slower (cheaper) form of post and I find they generally arrive within a couple of weeks. For toys and games they don't offer the slower form of post, but only two expedited types for a higher price. I generally pick the slower of these to save cost and it arrives well within the week. A couple of times I've needed something urgently and used the fastest shipping - I ordered a book on a Friday afternoon and it was at my door in Sydney on Monday morning.
TIP - I've learnt not to mix books and DVDs in with toy / game orders (unless I really have to) because the toy / game shipping rates make the books and DVDs in the same package cost more to send.
Recently I had an issue with Amazon changing an estimated arrival date without giving me a chance to cancel. I complained to the online customer service (it's real-time contact, like you're on the phone with them except by email) and they looked into it and apologised and explained something had gone wrong and refunded half my shipping costs, which was an okay outcome for me.
Another time I was having trouble cancelling an order and I also did the online chat customer service. The service rep immediately fixed the trouble so that I could cancel the order there and then.
My only issue is that quite a lot of toys and games (in particular) are not available to ship to Australia. From my experience these are items that are not stocked by Amazon (they *seem* to send anything they stock to Australia- I could be wrong) but items that are stocked by some other merchant and then shipped by Amazon. But it's quite limiting and annoying.
TIP - you can use various companies in the US to receive these items on your behalf and send them on to Australia. I've done this with one such company but I don't recommend them so won't mention them right now.
Unfortunately, I've not so far found any Australian online retailer for toys / books / DVDs who matches Amazon for reliability and price.
Sometimes I use Amazon.co.uk, mainly for UK-published books and DVDs which are cheaper through them, but I find toys are very expensive to buy from the UK.
Quick, excellent prices, reliable, great immediate online customer service, reasonable shipping rates
Some items not available for delivery to Australia

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Hello - this is a problem, but I would never order from fishpond as a solution. Read my review of fishpond (by clicking on my name here) - and the other 430 "terrible" reviews they have earned on this site. Fishpond used to be good, but now I wouldn't go near them.

Great online shop, not so great restictions

Bought a lot of stuff from Amazon through the years and usually the stock is available, shipping reliable and on time and pricing, well pricing is usually around half of what's available in Australia. The only downside that a lot of the brands have restrictions against shipping to Australia which must be related to local importers and wholesalers rather than the shop not willing to post over here but other than that, love them!
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